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Logan is an e-wrestler that is currently with the WCF. Not to be confused with "The Heavy Metal Machine" Logan, who made his debut in 1997.


"Three Piece Logan" debuted into the wrestling scene in late 1999, but never seen any true success until he dropped the "Three Piece" act debuting into WCF in mid 2000. Since then, Logan has shared a very successful career with WCF, and numerous federations. He's been in a number of federations, but is most known for his reputation in Wrestling Championship Federation (WCF). Logan is WCF's true icon. The self dubbed Face of Treachery has popularized the phrase, "Shut Up!" over the course of his career. Whether he’s loved or hated, Logan is always there for WCF. He also still wrestles present day, and over the past few years he hasn't ventured off to any other wrestling promotions, staying true to his WCF. Logan shares years of accomplishments, memories, feuds, and so on with WCF. It's his home.

The Connector

Logan’s Connector is a very effective maneuver. Logan catches his opponent in a sleeper hold. Logan then jumps in the air and flips over his opponents shoulder while still applying the hold. The end result is Logan snapping his opponent’s neck violently forward while landing in a sitting position.

Before The WCF Legacy

Before Logan ever became affiliated with (WCF), there was NWA. The small time unknown federation that only enjoyed a month or two of success. Logan debuted in NWA in late 1999, and enjoyed a short stay there till early 2000. He debuted under the name "Three Piece Logan", this part of Logan's history isn't really worth mentioning. The place was more of training grounds for Logan.

WCF (2000)


The first WCF probably lasted a good three months, and Logan was there for a big portion of that time. Logan's first match was against one of NCW's top superstars, Jax, who recently just signed with WCF when NCW went under. It was a number one contender match for the United States championship, and Logan surprised WCF by defeating him. The rookie had beat the veteran, and now Logan was scheduled for a United States title shot at the PPV against another number one contender who would later win a contenders match that night. After that night of Saturday Slam, the PPV match was set. Logan versus Metal Angel in a steel cage for the United States championship. It was a deep grudge match, as Logan HATED The Bloody }{awks whom was lead by Hellz Angel. Metal Angel was more of an pupil to Hellz, and Logan was dead set on destroying him. The match between Logan, and Metal Angel was just before the main event.. which was WCF's first War where Mace won the first ever WCF world championship. That night, Logan was victorious, and beat Metal Angel winning the US championship. But the very next week, Logan handed the US title to Metal Angel, and sought out for bigger fish to fry. Logan's heart was in the world title, and that's what he was shooting for but WCF then sadly closed down. Logan remained undefeated in the first WCF at a short 5-0 record.

XWA (2000)

XWA, a federation that lasted like three weeks. The smallest of small time, and Logan found quick success upon entering XWA. In his first match, he was surprisingly awarded a shot at the XWA title. Logan easily won it, due to the opponent no showing (not RPing). The next week, Logan found himself in another title opportunity. Titles in XWA were being thrown around week, after week, and if you didn't have a title it was sad. Logan teamed with some no namers, and beat some no namers. That's about it for this federation, nothing really important. Logan looks at it as wasted time.

WCF v2 (2001)


WCF reopened just a year later, and a second War match was held. Logan was dominate throughout the match, pinning the most superstars, and then it finally come down to two people in the ring. Logan, and Hellz Angel. Logan's archenemies. Hellz Angel, and Logan hated each other ever since Logan stepped foot in WCF. It was a great battle, trading off, going back, and fourth before Hellz Angel got his win over Logan. Hellz Angel won The War II, and the WCF world heavy weight championship. This enlarged Logan's hate for Hellz Angel, and he was dead set for Revenge. The very next week owner Seth Lerch booked one of the biggest main events in WCF history up at the point, he put all of the top WCF stars in a fatal four way dance against one another. Hellz Angel versus Steve Carr vs Logan vs Mace. Logan was injured badly during the match thanks to a Hellz Face (Hellz Angel's finisher) onto a steel chair. The match ended in DQ, and Hellz Angel held onto his world title. Soon after that, WCF closed yet again.

High Impact Wrestling (2001)


After the closure of the second (WCF), there was High Impact Wrestling (HIW). A federation not affiliated with (WCF). Logan ventured off alone from the (WCF) family, and this is when he found HIW. Logan faced his biggest challenges yet in his career upon being a part of HIW. Before we go in depth with Logan's career in HIW, we will share a few awards that Logan was celebrated with while on ship with HIW. Monthly awards were handed out every month, and in September 2001, Logan did rather well.

September 2001

Big Impact Award- Nomad Nomad remains undefeated after HIW's first month. On the first night, Nomad gained the High Impact Championship, and since, he has pulled off victories over many formidable opponents in tons of dangerous matches.

Shooting Star Award- Red Dawg When HIW got rolling, I admit that I didn't see Red Dawg at where he is today. Red Dawg impressed the pants off of Big Poppa, and his heart and effort have shot him up to the number one contendership position at the High Impact Title.

Best Promo Award- "A Day at the Old Ballgame" by Nomad Nomad, who was forced to take the HIW staff to a baseball game to make up for his previously harsh treatment towards them, offers some commentary as the White Sox beat the Cleveland Indians.

Innovation Award- Logan What happens when a wrestler already with a split personality is multiplied by twenty? I still have no idea, but it's crazy.

Most Underrated Award- Natural Born Killer Week in and week out, NBK contributes. Even though his record doesn't look to shining, the HIW staff has seen the light of NBK inside the ring, and although he's a madman, HIW loves his hard working attitude and take no prisoners personality.

Catchphrase Award- "Shut Up" by Logan It's annoying as hell, but it's worked it's way into my everyday conversations.

Feud Award- Logan and Mr. Rage It all started with an innocent little insult..."Mr. Ugly." Throughout the course of the month, things got more heated and complicated.

Before being awarded, Logan came to HIW with one intention in mind. Winning. Logan was booked in HIW's first show which was titled "Sunday Night Suicide", and suicide it was. The talent in HIW was far more experienced then Logan, and his former co-workers in the WCF family. The first show decided whom the High Impact Champion would be, and everyone had a chance to prove themselves. A tournament was held throughout the night, and winners of the single matches would go to the main event to participate in a huge six man ladder match for the belt. Logan won his contender match that night against a star named Jimmy James.

Jimmy James can’t believe it either. He pulls Logan up and knocks him back down with a spinning heel kick. Logan just gets right back up. Jimmy tries a short arm clothesline, but Logan catches his arm. Logan starts punching away at Jimmy James. He knocks Jimmy James into the corner. Logan turns around completely while signaling for something. Logan faces Jimmy again and does a backflip, but while he’s doing the backflip, he kicks Jimmy James in the chin. Jimmy starts to fall forward, but Logan runs after him. Logan catches him in a front facelock, but since he was running, he goes with his momentum and spins around Logan while springboarding off the ropes into a full tornado. Logan again has Jimmy James in a front facelock, and he hits a snap suplex. Logan signals for the end. Logan picks Jimmy James up, spins him around, and puts him in a sleeper hold. Logan jumps in the air and flips over his opponent. Logan lands in a sitting position while Jimmy’s neck is pulled violently forward. Logan just hit the Connector on Jimmy James! Logan goes for the pin. One... Two... Three!

During the promos Logan cut leading up to that show, he seemed to spark some heat in one of HIW's most hyped stars, Mr. Rage. Rage responded on the show, and acknowledged how much Logan got under his skin.

BIG POPPA: Well, cheer up, and stop breaking stuff. I have to pay for all this.

MR. RAGE: I can’t help it. Logan won! I hate that guy! Did you hear what he called me? He called me Mr. Ugly! I can’t wait to get my hands on him in that ladder match, and mark my words, I guarantee to all of Mr. Rage’s fans that I will!

BIG POPPA: Really? If it makes you feel any better, I think you’re a strapping young chap. You know, there are a lot of women out in the audience who ‘wanna be raged.’ Anyway, good luck out there tonight.

MR. RAGE: Thanks, boss!

That sparked the feud between Logan, and Mr. Rage which came to be a memorial one in HIW. Shortly after that, HIW was ready for it's first main event which featured Logan, Fortune, Kachel, Big Richie The Hammer, Dimitri Duncan, and Nomad. Mr. Rage lost his singles match, and didn't make it to the main event. The main event was filled with many bumps, and surprises throughout the night. But just as Logan thought he was going do the impossible, and win the HIW title.. things had a way of going wrong.

Logan is back up on the ladder in front of the announce table. He jumps off of the top and moves towards the ring! Logan hits a missile dropkick on Fortune’s back! The force of the dropkick knocks the ladder backwards. Dimitri Duncan falls off of the ladder and gets tangled in the ropes by his leg. Dimitri’s hanging upside down! Fortune falls with his stomach hitting the top rope, and he flips to the outside! Nomad may be showing signs of life, but Logan is the only man up, and Logan is going to go up even higher! Logan sets the ladder up in the middle of the ring and slowly starts climbing.

DON WEST: Logan has it! Logan has it!

Logan takes his time. He’s halfway up.

BRUCE BAY: What’s this? Someone’s hightailing it down the ramp! It’s Mr. Rage!

DON WEST: Logan does not see Mr. Rage!

Mr. Rage runs down the ramp, heavily bandaged, and stomps on Nomad. Rage then slides under the bottom rope and starts climbing the ladder backwards underneath Logan! Logan is near the top, but Mr. Rage is right under him. Logan finally notices Mr. Rage, and Logan sends a stiff boot to Mr. Rage’s head. Mr. Rage keeps his balance and climbs up! Logan doesn’t have enough strength left to deliver another boot, and Mr. Rage slides under Logan and puts Logan on his shoulders in position for the Rage-O-Bomb! Mr. Rage jumps off the ladder and Rage-O-Bombs Logan to the mat!

DON WEST: I can’t believe this! Logan may have had this coming to him, but not like this! Not tonight!

Mr. Rage slides out of the ring, and simultaneously, Nomad crawls into the ring. Nomad slowly ascends the ladder rung by rung. Nobody else is even close. Nomad is at the top, and he grabs the High Impact Title! Nomad is the first High Impact Champion!

And that marked the feud between Mr. Rage, and Logan. Mr. Rage had cost Logan his title match, and this lead to interesting events.

Suicide 2

The next Sunday, during a promo Big Poppa (HIW Owner) Logan came out from underneath the ring, and gave Big Poppa a Connector. He then said two words that would change his career.

LOGAN: .......Shut up!

Logan drops the microphone and walks back up the ramp as the crowd showers him with boos.

DON WEST: Can you believe Logan, folks? Logan just hit the Connector on Big Poppa, his boss, and walked away!

The phrase "SHUT UP" became famous in HIW, and therefor boosted Logan's ego in HIW. He became one of the big players. Later that night Big Poppa booked Logan against Mr. Rage, and Shocker. Logan was beat down throughout the match, and near the end was pinned by Mr. Rage. Big Poppa then soon made an appearance, and gave Logan a pile driver onto a chair leaving Logan bloodied. Revenge was soon to come.

Eruption (PPV)

Logan made his return, after taking a week off due to injuries, and again interrupts Big Poppa while he was in the ring making an announcement.

Big Poppa is interrupted as Logan’s entrance music begins to play. Logan comes out onto the stage with Big Poppa. Logan is also holding a microphone. The fans are booing him profusely.

DON WEST: Logan’s back, folks! Things are about to explode!

LOGAN: Cut my music. Cut it! Shut up!

Logan’s music stops.

LOGAN: Alright, Big Poppa, I’ve got a score to settle with you and Mr. Rage, but first I’d like to thank these fans for their warm welcome back.

The crowd boos even louder.

LOGAN: Shut up!

BIG POPPA: I’m glad to have you back. How’s your head doing, Logan?

LOGAN: What did you just call me?

BIG POPPA: I called you...LOGAN!


BIG POPPA: Calm down, Logan. Now I know you’re going to think twice before laying your hands on me again because it’s obvious that you want something, and it’s obvious that I’m the guy that can give it to you.

LOGAN: I want to be in the main event tonight between Nomad and Mr. Rage!

BIG POPPA: This may seem pretty SURPRISING, but Logan, you’ve got it. Tonight, you’ll be in the main event with Mr. Rage and Nomad.

LOGAN: What?

DON WEST: I don’t think Logan expected to get what he wanted so easily.

LOGAN: So I’m going to be in the High Impact Title Match tonight?

BIG POPPA: Damn straight. Now you got what you want, but there’s something I need to talk to you about in private.

LOGAN: Anything you need to say to me, you can say to me right here, right now.

BIG POPPA: Yeah, I can, but I won’t, because I’m Big Poppa and I can do whatever I want. Besides, it’s a surprise!

Big Poppa's surprised was later to be found out, and Logan was in fact going to be in the High Impact title main event. But as an official. Logan was to referee the match. Logan showed up in his ref attire, and of coursed got involved with the match. Mr. Rage was fighting Nomad for the High Impact title, and Logan attacked Mr. Rage during the match. After getting the revenge he sought to get, Logan left the match, and Nomad went on to win it defending his title. Logan was pleased, as he cost Mr. Rage the match just as Mr. Rage cost Logan the title match against Nomad a month before.

Suicide 3

The Sunday Night Suicide following the PPV, and fake Logan's were born. A big group of people dressed to impersonate Logan suddenly were found at Logan's side, and a deadly alliance was about to be formed. Logan's group of "Logan's" interfered in Brad Daddy's match, helping him get the win. Brad Daddy stands over Brad ‘The One True’ Revolution and begins taunting him. Daddy slaps the Revolution across the face. Daddy gets out of the ring and stands on the apron. He surveys the crowd, but he doesn’t notice that inside the ring, Brad Revolution is up. Revolution runs at Brad Daddy and knocks him off of the apron with a running double axehandle. Revolution slides out of the ring and starts stomping on Brad Daddy. All of the sudden, the fake Logans in the front row all jump the guard rail and attack Brad Revolution. BRUCE BAY: What the hell? The fake Logans are just interfering at random.

DON WEST: This doesn’t look random. This looks premeditated.

The fake Logans all hold up Brad ‘The One True’ Revolution, and Brad Daddy gets up. Brad Daddy runs over to the timekeepers table and grabs the ring bell as the Logans pull Brad Revolution over towards Brad Daddy. Brad Daddy clocks Brad Revolution with the ring bell, and Brad Daddy and the fake Logans leave to the back.

BRUCE BAY: I don’t get it. What do you think Brad ‘The One True’ Revolution did to piss off the fake Logans?

DON WEST: I don’t think he did anything, but the question is, what do the fake Logans have to do with Brad Daddy?

This attack of the fake Logan's left many people clueless, and why did they come to the aid of Brad Daddy? We found out more later that night backstage in an interview.

The scene changes to a locker room in the back of the arena. ‘The Sensei’ Lucy Lipps is standing with a microphone as the twenty fake Logans are lined up around the walls.

THE SENSEI: I must’ve died and gone to Heaven! Twenty Logans.

Lucy looks back and forth at the Logan’s licking her lips.

THE SENSEI: I wonder if all twenty of them will fit at once. It’ll be like those clowns in the little car at the circus.

The Logans all look frightened. Lucy snaps back into reality.

THE SENSEI: Alright, which one of you is the real Logan?

FAKE LOGAN 14: He’s not in here.

FAKE LOGAN 6: Yeah, I don’t know where the real Logan is, but the real Butch is supposed to come here any second.

THE SENSEI: I like it butch!

Lucy snaps back into reality again.

THE SENSEI: I meant that I like Butch. He’s a good wrestler.

FAKE LOGAN 9: Yeah, Butch is my favorite wrestler.

FAKE LOGAN 15: He’s my favorite wrestler too!

All the fake Logan’s begin to agree that Butch is their favorite wrestler.

THE SENSEI: I don’t have forever. Where’s Logan?

FAKE LOGAN 4: He’s going down to the ring.

FAKE LOGAN 11: Yeah, he’s got a match.

All of the sudden the door opens, and in walks...Brad Daddy.

THE SENSEI: Hello, Brad Daddy, I was looking for Logan, but since you’re here, do you mind if I fantasize about your big black balls?

BRAD DADDY: What in da hell are you talking bout beyotch?

THE SENSEI: You heard my question, but I’ll repeat it one more time. What exactly happened earlier when the fake Logans helped you decimate Brad ‘The One True’ Revolution after your match?

BRAD DADDY: It’s like dis. Brad Daddy and Logan are down wit each other now. We’ve formed an alliance, and with the two most powerful men in da wrestling world on da same side, there ain’t nobody dat’s gonna be able to stop dis.

So there it was, Brad Daddy, and Logan had formed an alliance. Logan went on to the main event that same night to face off in a huge TLC match against Mr. Rage, and Big Poppa. This time Logan was victorious, defeating the very respected Big Poppa whom use to be a successful wrestler before owning HIW. And, till this day Logan is only one of a hand full of men to say that he defeated Big Poppa.

Logan is up. Logan is standing on the table with the chair, and Logan shoves the top of the chair right into Big Poppa’s crotch. Big Poppa hunches over on top of the ladder, and Logan starts climbing the side of the ladder that’s farthest from the table. Logan gets to the rung before the top on that side. Logan puts Big Poppa in a sleeper hold. Logan then flips over Big Poppa’s shoulder and hits the Connecter from the ladder right through the table! Both men are out!


BRUCE BAY: He did indeed do that, and he did all of that to the man who writes his paychecks.

Logan slowly drapes an arm over Big Poppa. One...Two...Three!

MITUIN PATEL: The winner of this contest is Logan!


Suicide 4

(I realized that using stuff from the results archive of HIW is really taking up a lot of space on this site, so I'm just going start summarizing things from now on. If you'd like to see the results from HIW please visit

Logan was becoming a star in HIW, forming an alliance with Brad Daddy which was known only as "Da Sickness". Logan was one of HIW's unique personalities. There was also another rising star in HIW, whom went by the name of Red Dawg. Logan, and Red Dawg fought that night in one of the most brutal matches ever witnessed in HIW. It was called a glass match. The chairs were glass, the tables were glass, and any weapon you could think of was glass. In the end, Brad Daddy came to the aid of his partner, and Logan was victorious getting a big win over Red Dawg. This match was also a qualifying match to the lord of the extreme tournament which would be held later at the PPV.

Suicide 5

Brad Daddy went on to win his qualifying match this night, advancing himself in the lord of extreme tournament. That night, Logan wrestled in a three way dance parking lot brawl match against Skye Jameson (future HIW manager), and Dimitri Duncan. In the end, Logan gives Duncan a Connector on top of a limo whom lands on top of Skye. Logan pins them both at the same time, winning the match. The limo was later found out to be Nomad's. Logan then dubbed himself as "Face of Treachery", and that era was born.

Logan raises his arm in victory as Duncan and Jameson both slowly roll off the limo and limp back into the arena. Logan walks up to the camera and grabs a microphone from the cameraman while still on top of the limo. Logan begins to speak.

LOGAN: The face of treachery has come out on top ahead. Speaking of a head, did you see when Skye Jameson tried to lay Logan in a lip lock? She didn’t? Shut up. Yes she did. I said shut up! As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I’ve beaten Skye Jameson and Dimitri Duncan, and now there’s one more bastard I’ve got to beat, and that’s Nomad! The thing is, though, I can’t beat him tonight. I have to talk some sense into him because the man is crazy. Did you say I was crazy too? Shut up! I’m not crazy, you’re crazy! Nomad, get out here!

Come to find out, Nomad was in the limo all along, and came out wrecking Logan's body on top of the limo with his finisher.

Suicide 6

Tonight partner versus partner was going to happen. 'Da Sickness', Logan, and Brad Daddy going head to head in a flames match. Whoever won advance in the lord of the extreme tournament. Logan furthered his name "Face of Treachery" that night by turning his back on Brad Daddy, and burying him in a dumpster of burning trash. Logan then went backstage, and as the fake Logan's went to celebrate Logan beat them all down with a lead pipe. By this time, Big Poppa had been banded from HIW in a match held a few weeks before. In seem weird stipulation, Big Poppa won the HIW title from Nomad, but then was forced out of HIW. This met that the HIW title was no longer in HIW, and Nomad was the only one with the power of bringing Big Poppa back. Only as The Face of Treachery could, Logan schemed a plan with Nomad, and Nomad bought into it.

NOMAD: What is it?

LOGAN: This plan is so ingenious, it’ll prove why they call me the face of treachery! I am the face of treachery! I am Lord Butch! I have a plan that will make Big Poppa wish he never messed with either of us!

NOMAD: What the hell is your plan?

LOGAN: I’ll tell you my plan, Nomad, but these jackass fans don’t deserve to hear it, so I’ll tell you my plan in private.

Logan's mastermind plan had went into effect, and all along it was just a plan formed by Big Poppa, and Logan himself. By now, Logan, and Big Poppa had become on good terms. Logan wanted the HIW title back in HIW, and the only way for that to happen was by Nomad bringing Big Poppa. Also that night, a wrestler by the name of Cade Sydal won a match advancing him in the lord of the extreme tournament.

Lord of The Extreme (PPV)

That night, Nomad would lose to Cade Sydal in a finals tournament match to lord of the extreme. This put Cade Sydal in the main event for the title to face whom ever else was going to win their final match tonight. In Logan's finals match, he was set to face an mystery opponent. The mystery opponent no showed, and Logan advance to the main event. However, Logan's plan was still in effect.

NOMAD: Last week, Logan came up with a plan that would go into effect tonight. This plan would bring the High Impact Title back to HIW while keeping me as the dominant man here. To bring back the High Impact Title, however, we had to bring back the High Impact Champion. Therefore, from this moment forth, I am reinstating Big Poppa. The crowd starts cheering wildly.

DON WEST: Oh my, God! This is amazing!

NOMAD: I’m reinstating him for what I guarantee will be one night only! You see, all we need him here for tonight is the High Impact Title. I’ve taken it upon myself to coerce Big Poppa into somehow adding the High Impact Title to be among the rewards granted to the winner of the Lord of the Extreme Tournament, and once I find out what kind of matches I’ll be fighting in, I’ll have more details, but I want it to be that the winner of the High Impact Title will have to take it from right around the damn waist of Big Poppa himself. Speaking of Big Poppa, Logan, why don’t you unzip that body bag and show the world what we’ve done to him.

Logan unzips the body bag, and he pulls Big Poppa out of it! Logan stands Poppa up so that everyone can see that his face is extremely battered and bruised. Poppa’s busted open, and his hands are cuffed behind his back. The HIW Title is around Big Poppa’s waist, but not for long. Logan takes the title off and starts stomping Big Poppa back down into the body bag. Logan closes the body bag and stands Poppa up inside the body bag. Logan wraps the High Impact Title around the body bag.

NOMAD: You see, the problem is that I can’t get rid of Big Poppa for good unless he’s not the champion. Therefore, if either Logan or I win the High Impact Title, I have the power to remove Big Poppa from HIW for good! As of right now, Big Poppa is reinstated until either Logan or I win the title tonight!

The fans boo as Nomad drops the microphone. Nomad leaves the ring, and Logan drags Big Poppa out of the ring in the body bag.

Logan went on to fight Cade Sydal in the main event in a hell in a cell, whomever could climb to the top of the cage, and unstrap the world title off of Big Poppa first would win. However, Logan lost this match, but his plan was a success.

BIG POPPA: Then again, we’ve always worked in a group of four, so I’m proud to introduce to you the newest member of Total F’n Anarchy...LOGAN!

Big Poppa reaches down and helps Logan up. All of the sudden, ‘She Mourns a Lengthening Shadow’ by Cradle of Filth begins to play. Nomad walks out onto the stage with a microphone. He appears extremely angry!

BRUCE BAY: This is the third different entrance theme Nomad’s come out here to today!

NOMAD: Logan, you lied to me! All along, you went behind my back! I can’t blame you though, Logan. You’re just a mindless pawn. I have to blame someone with the actual brainpower to put together such an intricate plan. I have to blame Big Poppa. Poppa, you’re back, but I’m going to make you wish you had nothing to do with High Impact Wrestling. How about next week on Suicide, we have ourselves a rematch for the High Impact Title!

Big Poppa was never in the body bag, it was just an impostor that Big Poppa, and Logan had secretly set up all along. Big Poppa joins forces with Logan, and The Total F'n Anarchy is formed which consisted of Big Poppa, Logan, G-Man, and Meanstreak. Logan goes face for the first time in his career.

Suicide 7

The Main Event for Fatal Feast is announced, three of HIW's biggest stars all fighting for the vacated High Impact title. Nomad, Red Dawg, and Logan. That night Logan wrestles multiple times, first defeating Scott Fontaine, and second losing to HIW's new rising star Scott Caustic in a chairs match due to interference from Nomad.

DON WEST: He was able to get the win over Fontaine, but Logan could not beat two Scotts in one night, and Scott ‘The Icon’ Caustic, the Silverweight Champion, is still undefeated with help from Nomad.

After the match, Scott Caustic's manger talks Scott into apologizing to Logan after Scott hit Logan with a cheap chair shot after the match.

SCOTT CAUSTIC: Logan, I realize that it was very unsportsmanlike of me to hit you with the chair after our match. I just had not realized that the bell had rung to end the match. DON WEST: What a liar! This guy’s full of himself!

SCOTT CAUSTIC: I realize now that I had already singlehandedly beat your ass and made you tap, and I just wanted to say that I’m sor...

Logan kicks Scott Caustic in the stomach! Logan spins Caustic around and gives him a Connector! Logan grabs the microphone as Scott Caustic slides out of the ring.

LOGAN: Are you sorry? Yes, you’re sorry? No, you’re not sorry? You’re sorry you came back out here? Take you’re sorry ass and...SHUT UP!

Logan drops the microphone as the fans cheer. Logan leaves the ring. The scene switches backstage where Tony Brown is with Red Dawg.

Suicide 8

Big Poppa awards Logan to be Commissioner for a day.

BIG POPPA: Hey, Logan. How’s everything going as Commissioner? LOGAN: Did I hear you correctly? Did you just call me Logan?

BIG POPPA: Yeah, that’s your name, right?

LOGAN: How many times do I have to tell you? My name is Butch. No, it’s Lord Butch. No, it’s...COMMISSIONER Logan.

BIG POPPA: Alright, Commissioner Logan. How’s everything going as Commissioner?

LOGAN: It’s going good. I’m making some important decisions. Now I’m drafting up a very important document. I need to concentrate.

BIG POPPA: Sounds interesting. Can I see what you’ve got so far?

LOGAN: No, it’s a top secret document.

BIG POPPA: You may be the Commissioner, but I still own HIW. You can show me.

LOGAN: No, it’s so top secret even I shouldn’t be looking at it.

BIG POPPA: Show me!

Hesitantly, Logan lifts up his paper, and he exposes that all he’s been doing is drawing pictures.

BIG POPPA: What the hell is that?

LOGAN: What am I supposed to do as Commissioner?

BIG POPPA: No, I mean that it looks like a deformed donkey.

LOGAN: Can’t you see? It’s a dog, dammit!

BIG POPPA: Why does it have five legs?

LOGAN: It doesn’t. One of them is a tail. Never mind that. Just give me some ideas as to what I’m supposed to do as Commissioner.

Logan's stint as commissioner is a disaster. But, after a match with Dark Pope, and Skye Jameson the Dark Pope tries to attack Skye. Logan runs down to the aid of Skye, and a new relationship begins between the two.

The Dark Pope reaches into his bag of items, and as he digs through to find his weapon of choice, Logan runs out to the ring. Logan stomps on the Dark Pope’s back and the Dark Pope’s head becomes engulfed in the bag. Logan pulls the Dark Pope up and all of the Dark Pope’s toys begin falling all over the place. Logan grabs the Dark Pope in a sleeper hold with his head in the bag and flips over him with a Connector! The Dark Pope then helps Skye Jameson up. Skye gets up and wraps her arms around Logan, and the two of them kiss!

BRUCE BAY: This is unfair! Logan is the luckiest man alive!

DON WEST: It looks like there’s some kind of relationship between Logan and Skye Jameson!

BRUCE BAY: Good eye, Don! At least we know you have the mental acumen to pass elementary school!

DON WEST: In the words of that man in the ring, shut up.

BRUCE BAY: I guess Skye Jameson prefers jumbo hot dogs of treachery to love muscles.

Later that night, Logan again defeats Scott Fontaine, and Skye Jameson attends ringside. Skye Jameson was also the most successful women's wrestler to ever grace the ring of HIW. In that same night, Logan speeds off in a car chase, and presumes he's chasing Nomad. But Nomad was in the arena all this time, and kidnaps Skye Jameson. He demands three wishes from Big Poppa, and if granted these wishes he will release Skye Jameson. Big Poppa gives in, and grants Nomad his three wishes. Skye is released unharmed.

Fatal Feast (PPV)

In the biggest High Impact Wrestling face off, Logan, and Red Dawg fight it out again. This time, for the HIW title. The match was originally scheduled to be Logan versus Red Dawg versus Nomad, but with Nomad's three wishes he excluded himself from the match, and said he could have a title shot at any time he wanted. Logan, and Red Dawg compete in the biggest match in HIW history. In the end, after numerous kick outs, Red Dawg defeats Logan, and retains his HIW title. After the match, Nomad's third, and final wish is revealed. Big Poppa puts his microphone up to his lips. BIG POPPA: As much as there’s visible tension between Red Dawg and myself, Red Dawg is the High Impact Champion, and he deserves to be the High Impact Champion. I would’ve loved to see Logan win, because I know how much Logan wanted the title, but to give credit where credit’s due, Red Dawg is an impressive champion. Red Dawg, right now, is a better champion than Nomad ever was. Red Dawg, even now, is a better person than Nomad. As much as I can see that Red Dawg’s expanding ego is inevitably on a collision course with mine, that’s not what I was talking about.

Big Poppa bends down and helps Logan up. Logan’s body is limp, and Big Poppa leans Logan against the ropes. A sad and angry look crosses over Big Poppa’s face.

BIG POPPA: Logan, Nomad made his third wish.

Big Poppa pauses. He looks very angry about what the wish is.

BIG POPPA: Binding Nomad’s third wish, you’re banned from High Impact Wrestling until Nomad decides you can come back.


BIG POPPA: I’m sorry, Logan.

Big Poppa realizes that Logan is too out of it to even hear a word Big Poppa is saying. Big Poppa grabs Logan and puts him down on the mat. Big Poppa then leaves the ring and scoops Logan up from inside it. Big Poppa shoulders Logan and carries Logan’s barely conscious body back up the entrance ramp where a concerned Skye Jameson is waiting. The three of them disappear behind the entrance curtain as the scene fades out.

In conclusion to that, the HIW sadly shut it's doors the very next week. Later in 2002, Big Poppa ran another promotion called FBW. It was a family fed to the Triad. Logan only went on a few weeks, and soon retired from wrestling for Big Poppa. But then Big Poppa held a ceremony, and awarded Logan the HIW Hall of Fame, along with the title naming Logan the LAST ever High Impact Wrestling champion.

WCF v3 (2002)


WCF opens it's doors again, and this era of WCF marks The Treachery era. It's no lie, Logan was far more better now than he was in the previous WCF. His stay in HIW changed Logan more than ever, and now Logan was heading into the days of his prime. At this point in Logan's career, Logan had never won the WCF title. Though he came damn close in WCF v2, he just never accomplished this goal. But The Treachery era was soon to begin in WCF, and it would change WCF as we knew it forever. WCF traditionally opened with a War, this being the third one. Logan had lost The War a year before, being the last one eliminated. Logan survived through The War all the way up to the end, where the last man left was Seth Lerch, the owner of WCF.

The War III

Seth Lerch is standing, looking at Logan. Logan struggles to get up, and Lerch smirks at him. Once Logan is standing, he notices that Lerch is the only one left. They stare each other down, and Rage watches both of them. Zack Davis: These two men do have a lot of history with each other, and this is very could cut the tension with a butterknife.

Shannan Lerch: I want to see Seth cut Logan with a butterknife! I want too see Seth win this damn match! Logan is kinda cute and all, but..

Lerch and Logan approach, not taking their eyes off one another. It looks like Lerch is going to make the first move! He swings at Logan, but misses...and falls down.

Zack Davis: Lerch fell, what happened?

Logan pins Seth, and Rage counts. 1, 2, 3...


The bell rings, and Logan raises his arms in victory!

Zack Davis: I don't believe this...this is the highpoint of Logans career. He has worked his ass off, and waited years for this Title. He's done it. But what happened to Lerch? And why did Rage do what he did?

Lerch is standing back up...and grabs Logans hand. Rage grabs Logans other hand, and they raise it into the air. The fans boo, because they know they just witnessed the biggest swerve in WCF History.

Zack Davis: What is happening? Are Seth Lerch and Logan...friends?

Seth Lerch takes the mic, as the crowd throws trash into the ring.

Seth Lerch: Your WCF World Champion, Logan!

And that marks the first alliance of Seth Lerch, and Logan which would later be known as The Team of Treachery.

Saturday Slam

Now Logan was the champion of WCF, and aligned himself with one of his most hated enemies.. Seth Lerch. They called themselves "T.o.T", Team of Treachery. That night Logan defended his title against Hellz Angel, a man that Logan has hated ever since WCF first began two years ago. Hellz Angel, and Logan fought in a steel cage in the main event with Logan's title on the line. Also that night, Logan interfered in Cyrus's match helping him win the WCF hardcore title. Seth Lerch later announced that Cyrus was joining the T.o.T. The match ended in no contest, when Hellz Angel's buddies interfered, and then Creeping Death interfered attacking Hellz Angel. It was a big mess, but Logan holds onto his WCF world title.

Wednesday Night

Seth Lerch announces a big main event for the next Slam, a match to decide the tag team titles. The teams consist of Logan/Cyrus, Hellz Angel/Mad Dog, G Funk/Outcast, and Creeping Deah with a partner of his choice. Rumors start that NCW superstar, and Creeping Death's former tag team partner is to be returning tonight. The rumors are revealed to be true, when Logan, and Creeping Death face off in WCF's first TLC match.

Kyle Steel: OH MY GOD!

Zack Davis: It's Rick f'n Mad!

Rick Mad is in the ring! Creeping Death catches Logans foot, and spins him around to face Mad. Mad kicks Logan in the gut and does the Mad DDT, which is a Jumping Evenflow DDT! Creeping Death and Rick high five each other, and then C.D. pins Logan. The ref goes to count. 1... 2... NO!! Somehow Logan has managed to kick out!

Kyle Steel: Amazing strength by Logan, how he is able to kick out is beyond me...I'm in shock Rick Mad is here though. For those of you that don't know, Creeping Death and Rick Mad were the NCW Tag Team Champions..

Rick throws Cyrus out of the ring, and drags him to the back, leaving Creeping Death and Logan alone. Creeping Death sets up yet another Table, and sets a chair on top of it. Rick Mad suddenly runs back into the arena, carrying Damien, C.D.s 20 foot ladder! Rick rolls it into the ring, and C.D. smiles evilly. Rick begins walking back out, to a huge pop. C.D. places Logan on the Table, and begins climbing the ladder. Logan rolls off, and climbs up the ladder himself, on the other side. They both reach the top at the same time, and start throwing punches at each other..and Logan manages to jump over the ladder, to Creeping Deaths side, and does The Connector!! The Connector sends Creeping Death 20 feet down, onto the Chair, which breaks the Table in two!!

Zack Davis: Oh...My...God.

Creeping Death is out, and Logan crawls on top of him. 1. 2. 3. The match is over.

Kyle Steel: The most brutal, hardcore match in WCF History has come to an end, with Logan winning. I am thoroughly impressed with both men.

Saturday Slam 2

The huge tag team title match is tonight, the main event! Creeping Death now has a parnter in Rick Mad, and there is a special stipulation tonight. If someone pins either Logan, or Hellz Angel then that will enlist their name into the main event at the PPV. The match was already set as Hellz Angel versus Logan, but it would then become a three way if one of them was pinned tonight in the big tag team title match.

Creeping Death turns to Hellz Angel, kicks him, and executes the Blizzard of Ozz move...onto Logan! Hellz rolls out of the ring, and C.D. picks up Logan. Rick gets into the ring, and hands C.D. a chair. Rick starts the MadPlex, holding Logan high in the air with the Hanging Suplex part of the move. Creeping Death climbs the turnbuckle, with the chair, and as Rick brings Logan down, C.D. jumps off and lands with the Mecca Toadsplash! Zack Davis: They call that the Mecca ToadPlex, and that is their finisher.

Creeping Death throws the chair out of the ring, and pins Logan. None of the other participants know what's going on, as the ref counts. 1. 2. 3.

Zack Davis: Creeping Death and Rick Mad are the WCF Tag Team Champions! Not only that, but Creeping Death will move on to face Logan and Hellz Angel in the WCF Blast main event!

Shannan Lerch: And, maybe you didn't realize this, Zack... but Logan just got pinned.

So there it was, Creeping Death had pinned Logan which would further him into the main event at Blast, but he also won the tag team titles for himself, and Rick Mad.

Wednesday Night 2

That next week, Creeping Death defeated Logan's T.o.T mate, Cyrus. Logan comes out after Creeping Death's victory, and gets a little revenge.

Zack Davis: Creeping Death has won the match!

Out of nowhere, though, Logan appears. Creeping Death doesn't notice, and Logan delivers the Connector!! Rick gets in the ring, and Logan gets out. Logan backs away, smiling at Creeping Death, as Rick runs into the arena. Logan sees Rick coming, and runs through the crowd instead of past Rick. Cyrus is just getting up in the ring, and Rick does the Mad DDT to him out of anger. He then turns to Creeping Death, and tries to revive him..

Zack Davis: God damn Logan, he wasn't even supposed to be here tonight!

Saturday Slam 3

Logan no shows in a match against Darkside claiming that Darkside wasn't in his league. Cyrus takes Logan's place defeating Darkside, and after the match Logan decides to show up.

Suddenly Forever by Kid Rock plays, and Logan runs out from the back! Logan and Cyrus both stomp on Darkside, and the fans boo loudly. Cyrus picks Darkside up, and Logan hits him with the Connector.

Shannan Lerch: Logan is back!

Forever plays again, and Cyrus and Logan walk out together. Logan gives the finger to the fans, and yells at them to Shut Up!

Zack Davis: Logan is such a coward, he waited for Cyrus to win until he came out.. and wouldn't even take this match himself. Oh well..

Later that night, Logan becomes upset with some of the remarks that people have made about him lately. So he issues a challenge to ANYONE in WCF.

Seth Lerch: I want you all to remember... each and every one of you.. that the Team of Treachery still has control of this federation. You may have forgotten, but, this is your reminder... Now, a lot of you may be wondering where Logan is. I've decided to let him leave work early, but I understand that he is in the parking lot, and wants to talk.

The Jumbotron comes to life. Logan is standing outside in a parking lot, as expected, and its dark outside. Logan wears army pants, black boots, a Shut Up shirt, a black jacket over it and the WCF title over his shoulder. He leans against the side of a limo, the crowd in the arena sees the Jumbotron and they burst into boos.

Logan: SHUT UP!

The crowd boos even louder.

Logan: I've been gone about a week now, but this Wednesday. I will make my return, and I will make it with this WCF title. Now, Creep Deathing and Hellz your momma. You won't be cut out in this deal because you two boudles got a shot at this title come Blast, which is close. But to prove to everyone of you boudles in WCF that whine over and over, people like Epic. Complaing about "their" WCF champion, claiming I don't have what it takes to hold my glory, that I don't have what it takes to be called WCF champion, and that I shouldn't be the WCF champion. Well, if anyone feels that way...then this Wednesday why don't you take a step into my ring, take a step up my ladder and come into my level. The first three to challenge me this Wednesday besides Creeping Death and Hellz gets a shot at this WCF title. You don't think I have what it takes? Oh, I will show you I have what it takes. It has taken me two long years to get this WCF title, and when I finally get it, I get put down by all the other boudles, and I shouldn't be "their" champion, they want a new leader. Well, that will not happen. No one will own this title but me! Not Hellz! Not Creep! Not Rick Mad! Not the return of that boudle Mike Taylor! No one! Creeping Death, last pinning me.

Logan looks down laughing a bit.

Logan: That's the closet you will ever come to being the WCF champion! So any boudles that don't believe in the face of treachery, the WCF champion, people like Epic, Spark Man, the whole damn roster! Then this Wednesday...the first three that step up...well, see you all Wednesday.

Logan glares at the camera then walks off as the scene fades out, and back to Lerch and the T.O.T.

Seth Lerch: Haha, good job, Logan. He needs a tune up before Blast, so Wednesday, he's going to participate in that Handicapped match.. Now that is what I call a Champion of Champions!!

The people boo.. they hate Logan, and don't think he's any kind of Champion, much less a "Champion of Champions".

Wednesday Night 3

Only two people accepted Logan's challenge for his world title, and a mystery man by the name of Tower took in a third spot. So it was set. Epic, Assassin, and The Tower versus Logan for his world title in a handicap match. But, Logan had an alley in The Tower, and it was just another plan from The Face of Treachery.

Assasin and Tower are both in the ring, but Tower turns to Assasin and does the Annihilation!! He takes off his mask, and is revealed to be Cyrus!! Zack Davis: Dammit, Logan, dammit!! That was the plan all along!! DAMMIT!

Epic can't take the pain anymore, and taps out. Logan has retained his Title, thanks to Cyrus! Cyrus and Logan beat down on Assasin and Epic, and throw them out of the ring as Forever plays over the loudspeakers, and Lerch gets into the ring, smiling. Epic and Assasin are heading to the back, when Hellz Angel appears!

Kyle Steel: What the hell.. What is he doing here!?

He attacks Epic and Assasin! The Team of Treachery is still too self absorbed in the ring to notice them, though. Hellz has a black bat, and pounds on both Assasin and Epic. Epic manages to crawl away, but Assasin isn't as lucky. Hellz continues to pound on Assasin with the bat, and then Suplexes him on the steel ramp. The T.O.T. finally notices Hellz now, and a look of fear comes over their faces. They run into the crowd, each leaving a different way.

Zack Davis: The entire Team of Treachery are all cowards.. But what the hell is Hellz Angel doing!?

So Logan defeats Epic, retaining his title just before Blast.

Blast (PPV)

That night an unknown by the name of Butch joined the Team of Treachery, and his intentions for joining were later to be revealed next week. Butch, and Seth Lerch interfere during the main event, and "accidentally" hit Logan with a double chair shot. Logan is out for the rest of the match.

Logan stomps on Hellz, and then lifts him up as Lerch and Butch get into the ring. Creeping Death is beginning to stand as well. Logan puts Hellz in a Sleeperhold.. Shannan Lerch: He's getting ready to do the Connector!

Lerch and Butch swing their chairs at C.D., trying to do a Double Chair Shot, but C.D. ducks, and the chairs hit Logan instead!! Logan is knocked out completely, and falls to the ground. Lerch and Butch look shocked at what they've just done, and they roll out of the ring to check on Logan. Hellz turns to C.D. and kicks him in the gut, then does the Needle Head! He pins. 1.. 2.. 3!!!


Kyle Steel: ...I don't believe this.

Shannan Lerch: NO!!!!!

Hellz Angels Death March plays again, as he is handed the World Title. He rolls out of the ring, holding the Title, and smiling his sadistic smile. C.D. lowers his head, and begins walking to the back as well.. The only men that remain are Logan, Butch, and Seth Lerch. Logan looks at both men.. And simply walks away, leaving.

Zack Davis: I don't believe that Hellz Angel has won.. And I don't believe that Lerch and Butch cost Logan the Title.. This is unbelievable. We're out of time, though, so I'll see you at Saturday Slam.

Logan's biggest arch enemy in WCF won his world title, and didn't even pin him but still took the world title away from him. Someone was going pay, and Logan was looking at Seth Lerch.

Saturday Slam 4

Logan sought revenge, and calls out Seth Lerch to get it. Logan beats Seth Lerch down, by the Team of Treachery comes to the aid of Seth. Logan fights them off as much as he can, but is over powered. Seth Lerch then announces that it was a plan all along to screw Logan out of his world title, and then disbands the T.o.T renaming it "The New Era". The treachery era comes to an end, and this sparks the vicious feud between Logan/Lerch that will continue over WCF for the years to come.

Logan drops the microphone and punches Seth Lerch right in the face. Zack Davis: Right hands by Logan!

'Shannan Lerch: NO!

Logan gives Seth Lerch right hands all the way to the corner of a turnbuckle, Seth Lerch falls down from the right hands sitting down and Logan starts stomping mudholes in Seth as the crowd is going crazy cheering. Butch comes up and grabs Logans arm, Logan stops stomping mudholes and looks down at Butch's hand on his arm.

Zack Davis: It seems Butch is trying to reason with him, take him out of it.

Logan looks down then his head pops up and right hands to Butch!

Zack Davis: Now Logan is beating up Butch!

Logan punches him and punches him with hard right hands, Butch falls down and Logan starts stomping a mudhole in him. Cyrus runs out, he slides into the ring but Logan turns around and knocks Cyrus down with a right hand.

Zack Davis: Logan has snapped!

Cyrus gets up again and Logan knocks him right back down with a right hand, Cyrus gets up, Logan goes for another right hand by Cyrus blocks it and starts punching Logan. Logan and Cyrus are exchanging punches but Logan has got the upperhand and punches Cyrus right out of the ring. Logan goes back to stomping a mudhole in Seth, Butch gets up and hits Logan from behind. Logan turns around and Butch is pounding on him. But somehow Logan grabs Butch from the legs taking him down and giving him right hands, Rage runs out. Logan doesn't notice Rage, Logan keeps pounding away at Butch. Seth Lerch gets up, Logan turns around and starts giving right hands to Rage, Logan is not facing Seth Lerch as he throws right hands to the face of Rage. Seth Lerch comes up behind Logan giving him a low blow! Cyrus slides into the ring and Logan is stumbling around, Cyrus gives Logan a Total Annihilation!


Cyrus starts talking trash to the laid out Logan, Cyrus picks him up but Logan spears him down giving him right hands.

Zack Davis: Logan is still fighting right after that Total Annihilation! This is unbelievable!

Shannan Lerch: .........

Butch, Rage, and Seth Lerch gang up on Logan punching him down to the ground as the crowd boos. They stomp away at Logan, Rage and Butch hold Logan up, wait, whats this! Seth Lerch is outside the ring getting a chair, Cyrus also crawls outside the ring grabbing a chair. Cyrus and Seth Lerch get in the ring with the chairs, and they smack Logan with a double chair shot. Rage and Butch let go of Logan and Logan falls down to his knees but doesn't go down!

Zack Davis: Logan will not go down! Right after a double chair shot!

Cyrus and Seth Lerch stare at each other in shock, so they give him another double chair shot, Logan falls down laying there eyes closed.

Shannan Lerch: There we go Seth! If first ya don't succeed, chair shot again!

Zack Davis: Logan does not deserve this!

Seth Lerch grabs a microphone and stands over Logan as the crowd boos. Junkyard Justice comes out from the crowd next, and has a lead pipe. He hits Logan in the head with the pipe, adding even more insult to injury. Lerch smirks, as the entire T.O.T. stands in the ring.

Seth Lerch: Logan.. you disgust me... and I hereby declare that you are no longer part of the Team of Treachery.. In fact, the Team of Treachery is no more.

The crowd gasps, and cheers.

Seth Lerch: I welcome you, fans, to.. The New Era. Seth Lerch. Rage. Junkyard Justice. Cyrus. Katie. Butch. These men, are the New Era.

Zack Davis: A new stable.. the New Era.. and Logan isn't a part of it.

Seth Lerch: These men OWN YOU, Logan. You know how I said earlier, that at Blast, that chairshot was accidental? I lied. That was on purpous.. From day one, I lured you in to this stable, JUST TO SCREW YOU OVER! I've never liked you.. in fact, I hate you, Logan.

The crowd boos loudly at Lerch, who smiles, and takes all the hatred in..

Seth Lerch: Get this maggot out of MY ring.

Junkyard Justice and Cyrus throw Logan out of the ring, and Lerch laughs. Logan is still unconscious.

Seth Lerch: Now, more about tonights show... First of all, G Funk Kid against Butch has been canceled. Butch, you're too important for this match, G Funk is nothing to you. In place of this match, I have a little idea of my own.. Heh. My boys, Rage and Butch, against Logan.. and Hellz Angel.

Zack Davis: What the hell.. Logan is not only unconscious, but he and Hellz Angel won't be able to co-exist! Seth Lerch knows that.

Shannan Lerch: Duh.. That's his plan..

Seth Lerch: Haha, I guess you better come back to the land of the living, Logan, before it's time for your match. My guys'l see you soon.

Sad but True hits again, and the New Era gets out of the ring. They stomp at Logan as they leave, and then walk to the back to a chorus of boos. As soon as they are backstage.. Logan begins to get up. The fans cheer loudly as Logan, former WCF champion, stands up after the beating he took.

Zack Davis: Any other man would be in an ambulance right now.. Logan is amazing. I have a newfound respect for that man. And so do the fans.

Later that night, Logan teams with Hellz Angel to take on Rage, and Butch. Logan, and Hellz actually co-exist somewhat, and win the match. WCF closes, for it's third time.

WCF v4 (2003-2004)


Coming soon. Here is what to expect.

-Logan defeats the new WCF champion the very next week in a non title match, after new War winner, and champion Gravedigger challenges Logan.

-The Team of Treachery reforms.

-Logan goes face! (for a short time)

-Logan wins the WCF title for a second time.

-Logan wins the United States title for a second time.

-Logan wins the Television title for the first time.

-Logan wins the Tag Team titles for the first time, with PC Cradle.

-Logan is inducted into the Hall of Fame.

-Logan wins wrestler of the year award at Slammys.

-Logan has a vicious feud with Seth Lerch.

-And more..!

WCF v5 (2005)


Coming soon. Here is what to expect.

-Logan, and Epic clash on top of a cage after The War Games match which ends in Logan losing, and Epic becomes WCF champion.

-A month later Logan defeats Epic one on one, to become a three time WCF champion.

-Rick Mad defeats Logan for the world title.

-Logan gets fired!

WCF v6 (2006-2007)


Coming soon. Here is what to expect.

-Logan wins the sixth War, beating Dake Ken to win the WCF title a fourth time becoming the only two time War winner, and only four time WCF champion. (breaking his old WCF record of three world WCF championship wins.)

-Logan losing his title to Reckless Jack, in a three way dance with Creeping Death.

-Classic Reckless Jack/Logan matches to take place throughout the year.

-Logan goes one on one with WCF champion Torture in one of the most controversial WCF matches ever.

-The Team of Treachery reforms.

-Logan goes one on one with Jack of Blades at WCF's biggest PPV of the year "One" and loses.

-Logan wins the tag team titles for a second time, but this time with Jack of Blades.

-A dazed zombie like Madd Dogg returns forming somewhat of a weird alliance with Logan, Logan keeps him around anyway, as nowadays Logan isn't really doing too much in WCF. He's quickly heading into his days of retirement, only wrestling every now, and then. The eight year battle in WCF has began to take it's toll on Logan.

-WCF closes.

nCw (2007)

Even though Logan wasn't on the ship of WCF when it sunk, being absent the last two months of WCF's life.. this still however left Logan with nowhere to go. Former WCF mate Davey Boone contacted Logan, and shortly after that, Logan joins nCw with hopes of a new future in wrestling.

Logan didn't find anything for himself in nCw, it just didn't feel right. WCF had left a permanent mark on Logan. Only a few days after joining the newly assembled nCw, Logan quits, and disappears from the wrestling scene altogether.

WCF (2009-Present)


Returning to the wrestling scene after a year hiatus, the once feared man known as the Face of Treachery reduced himself, or better said.. enlarged himself to an overweight hotdog fueled washed up. His return to the sport is driven only by gaining funds to support his habit of eating hotdog's.

-Logan defeats Brad Kane to win the U.S. Championship for a third time.

-Logan stops eating hotdog's and sheds a few needed pounds.

-Jack of Blades and Logan reunite to form a short lived ToT.

-Logan defeats Havoc to win the U.S. Championship for a fourth time.

-Logan defeats Seth Lerch to win the U.S. Championship for a fifth time.

-Logan participates in WCF's eighth War, the thirty man match narrows down between Slickie T and Logan. Logan becomes the last man eliminated. Slickie T wins the War.

-Logan, again, participates in the following years WCF War (9th). And, much like last years, the match boils down to Slickie T and Logan. This time, however, Logan proves successful, winning his third overall War and fifth WCF World Championship.

-Logan is severely injured by Jay Price, forcing him to take time off.

-After five long months, Logan makes his return to WCF, defeating Jay Price at XIII.

Career Highlights

  • Wrestling Championship Federation: United States Champion (x1) 2000
  • High Impact Wrestling: World Champion (x1) 2001
  • Wrestling Championship Federation: War Runner-Up (x1) 2001
  • Wrestling Championship Federation: War Winner (x1) 2002
  • Wrestling Championship Federation: World Champion (x1) 2002
  • Wrestling Championship Federation: United States Champion (x2) 2003
  • Wrestling Championship Federation: International Champion (x1) 2003
  • Wrestling Championship Federation: Television Champion (x1) 2003
  • Wrestling Championship Federation: World Champion (x2) 2003
  • Wrestling Championship Federation: Tag Team Champion (x1) (w/ PC Cradle) 2004
  • Wrestling Championship Federation: World Champion (x3) 2005
  • Wrestling Championship Federation: War Winner (x2) 2006
  • Wrestling Championship Federation: World Champion (x4) 2006
  • Wrestling Championship Federation: Tag Team Champion (x2) (w/ Jack of Blades) 2007
  • Wrestling Championship Federation: United States Champion (x3) 2009
  • Wrestling Championship Federation: United States Champion (x4) 2009
  • Wrestling Championship Federation: United States Champion (x5) 2009
  • Wrestling Championship Federation: War Runner-Up (x2) 2009
  • Wrestling Championship Federation: War Winner (x3) 2010
  • Wrestling Championship Federation: World Champion (x5) 2010

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