Lock Wrestling Federation
Federation Name Lock Wrestling Federation
Abbreviation LWF
Weekly shows Monday Warzone
Major PPV Lockmania (March)
Time open April 2001 - March 2005, December 2007 - Present
Owner Lock
Commentators Mister Mav, Covert Jay
Federation type Hybrid
Pay-per-views Monthly

Lock Wrestling Federation is a wrestling federation which opened in April 2001 and reopened in December 2007, created and run by Lock. There is currently one weekly show, Monday Warzone, or in the case of post-PPV weeks, Thursday Lockdown.


The Lock Wrestling Federation began recruiting members in April of 2001. It's first show was April 9, 2001, a special broadcast entitled the Elite 8 Tournament, featuring an eight man tournament to crown the first LWF Champion. The eventual winner was Iceman, who won the title in the main event when he defeated Phoenix with the help of Lock, the LWF 0wner and leader of the Regime. In March of 2005, due to a reduced roster, LWF closed down. It reopened over two and a half years later on December 3, 2007, with the first new Pay-Per-View being Renewal on December 23, 2007.

History of the Lock Wrestling Federation

Titles, Achievements, & PPVs

Title Wrestler Date Won Event Previous Wrestler
LWF World Championship Red Fusion 03/21/10 Lockmania VI Derick Felix
LWF Cross-Hemisphere Championship Travis Pierce 03/21/10 Lockmania VI The Big Time
LWF Tag Team Championship The Brick City Boyz 02/01/10 Warzone The Metal Militia
LWF Havok Championship Kyle Tacker 03/21/10 Lockmania VI Jason Grant
LWF Piercing Championship Travis Pierce 01/22/09 Lockdown Alan Fernandez
Achievement Wrestler Date Won Event Previous Wrestler
Massive Melee Winner Triple M 01/24/10 Massive Melee Phoenix
Lord of the Ring Darius Jermaine 06/21/09 Lord of the Ring John Russo
Outlast Champion Donovan Hastings 11/22/09 Outlast Darius Jermaine

Annual LWF Awards

Triple Crown Winners

Grand Slam Winners

Big Three Winners

Pay Per Views
Month PPV
January Massive Melee
Februay Maximum Carnage
March Lockmania
April Maul
May Resurrection
June Lord of the Ring
July Revolution
August Meltdown
September Vengeance
October Day of Reckoning
November Outlast
December Betrayal

LWF Monthly Events

Past Championships


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LWF Broadcasters

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Notable Inactive Roster

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