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Note: Some event(s) may have been pulled of the Pay Per View market for some reasons or it may have been moved to another month at the CCW's expense.

Month Event Brand
January Bound For Glory Retribution!
February Victory Road Salvation!
March Taboo Tuesday Retribution!
April Hard Justice Salvation!
May Fully Loaded Retribution!
Invasion Joint
June Destination X Joint
King of the Ring Salvation!
July One Night Stand Joint
Bad Blood Retribution!
August Insurrextion Joint
September Final Resolution Salvation!
October Rebellion Joint
November Armageddon Joint
December Turning Point Retribution!

This is a chronological list of pay-per-views that are/were/will be promoted by Christian Championship Wrestling (CCW). Each month, CCW holds one or two annual pay-per-view events. One event is usually three hours long and features six to twelve matches. Pay-per-view events are a big part of the revenue stream for CCW.


It is a commonly held misconception that the first CCW pay-per-view event was April 30, 2006's Night of the Champions, but, in July of 2006, CCW started 1 of 4 new ppv's called One Night Stand, then Insurrection in August, then Rebellion in October, finally with Armageddon in November, and all in the same year. In December of 2006, CCW announce that they had sealed a deal for 13 pay-per-view events for every year until the end of 2008. With this deal in place, Night of the Champions has been moved to network television for free.

Brand Extension

In June of 2006, CCW had split into 2 brands, Retribution and Salvation. CCW had Night of the Champions (and pay-per-view) they allowed both Retribution and Salvation to compete on the same show until the end of 2007. At the beginning of 2008, CCW is making Retribution and Salvation take 4 pay-per-view events, with 1 wild pay-per-view event, and 4 shows being neutral grounded shows.

Year By Year Events

Current CCW Pay Per View Events

Month 2006 2007 2008
January Bound For Glory Bound For Glory
February Victory Road Victory Road
March Taboo Tuesday Taboo Tuesday
April Hard Justice Hard Justice
May Fully Loaded Fully Loaded
June Destination X
King of the Ring King of the Ring
July One Night Stand One Night Stand One Night Stand
Bad Blood Bad Blood
August Insurrextion Insurrextion Insurrextion
September Final Resolution Final Resolution
October Rebellion Rebellion Rebellion
November Armageddon Armageddon Armageddon
December Turning Point Turning Point

Non Pay Per View Events

Supercard Year(s) Active
Night of the Champions April 30, 2006 - December 13, 2008

Past CCW Pay Per View Events

Pay-Per-View Brand Years Note
One Night Stand Christian Championship Wrestling 2006 1st of 4 Pay Per View trial events
Insurrextion Christian Championship Wrestling 2006 2nd of 4 Pay Per View trial events
Rebellion Christian Championship Wrestling 2006 3rd of 4 Pay Per View trial events
Armageddon Christian Championship Wrestling 2006 Last of 4 Pay Per View trial events

Upcoming Pay-Per-Views

Please note: All Pay-Per-Views are now held on Saturdays with Night of the Champions. This will continue until noted otherwise. In 2008, Retribution! has won the right to earn the extra pay-per-event whereas next year Salvation! will get the honors.

Date Event Brand Venue and City
July 26, 2008 Bad Blood Retribution! Riverwalk Amphitheater in Montgomery, Alabama
August 30, 208 Insurrextion Joint Reliant Astrodome in Houston, Texas
September 27, 2008 Final Resolution Salvation! Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island
October 25, 2008 Rebellion Joint Cow Palace in San Francisco, California
November 22, 2008 Armageddon Joint Staples Center in Los Angeles, California
December 20, 2008 Turning Point Retribution! Thomas and Mac Center in Las Vegas, Nevada