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The King of the Mountain Match is a match exclusive to Christian Championship Wrestling. It consists of 5 competitors competing for the CCW World Heavyweight Champion or the CCW World Champion. The matchup is similar to a ladder match, but is considered backwards (as you have to hang the belt instead of retrieving it) in nature.

Match Format

The five competitors in the match start out as "ineligible" to win. In order to earn eligibility, a wrestler must score a pinfall or submission on an opponent, which will allow them to retrieve the belt and attempt to hang it by climbing one of the available ladders and utilizing the hook suspended above the ring.

The opponent who is pinned or submitted is forced to spend 2 minutes in a "penalty box" cage. In the event that a wrestler is currently in the cage when another is forced to spend time there, both men are left in the cage, often resulting in the two fighting inside the cage or forming some sort of partnership.

The Christian Championship Wrestling official maintains control of the belt and circles the ring, staying out of the way of the action as much as possible. When a wrestler wishes to hang the belt, he must retrieve it from the official. Once the belt is in play, any other wrestler who is eligible may attempt to steal the belt and hang it. Once the belt has been dropped and no wrestler is attempting to hang it, a referee returns the belt to the official.