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King of the Immortals
“Immortal” by Athena
It All Ends...
Promotion Immortals of Wrestling
Date October 12th, 2007
Venue Wembley Stadium
City Wembley, England
Pay-per-view chronology
Path to Immortality King of the Immortals Summer Fallout II
King of the Immortals chronology
N/A King of the Immortals King of the Immortals II

King of the Immortals was the fourth PPV event in IOW history, and presented as the biggest. It featured the culmination of the Leroy/Dante feud that started at the very first PPV event Summer Fallout. Also, Twist and Josh Outland squared off in a grudge match as Tha Doctor and Mailman went head to head in a Detroit Death Match. Kim Robinson took on Azriel with Lydia Frost as the Special Guest referee and the King of the Immortals Tournament came to a close with the Semi-Final and Final Rounds.


  • Mr. Pink def. Johnny Manowar to advance in the King of the Immortals Tournament!
    • Pink took the victory with the Pink Driver.
  • Dean Brody def. Buzz Buchan
    • Brody connected with the Rope Elevated Cutter for the victory
  • Alex Phenomenon def. The Buck to advance in the King of the Immortals Tournament!
    • Alex Phenomenon rolled Buck up as Buck attempted the Buck Stops Here.
  • Azriel def. Kimberley Robinson
    • Azriel took the win with the Shadows from Hell
      • Lydia Frost assisted in the victory, hitting Robinson with her patented Frost Bite.
        • Lydia Frost served as the Special Guest Referee for the match.
          • After the match, IOW Make up girl Jasmine Thyme made her way to ringside to comfort Robinson. Kim instead nailed Thyme with the Cookie Cutter.
  • Tha Doctor def. Mailman in a Detroit Death Match!
    • Tha Dcotor took the victory when Mailman was unable to answer the ten count following a shoe shot to the head and The Cure.
      • Melissa Chambers tried to intervene during the match, however she suffered The Prescription as a result.
  • Alex Phenomenon def. Mr. Pink to win the King of the Immortals Tournament!
    • Alex Phenomenon utilized yet another roll up to defeat Mr. Pink.
  • Team Dante def. Team Leroy in an Eight Man Tag Match!
    • Dante and Kai Sears were the surviving members of their team, last eliminating Daz.
      • Tomohiro Matsuda eliminated himself, after turning on Daz and leaving him for Dante and Sears to take care of.

King of the Immortals Tournament

  Round 1
Rounds 1 & 2
     The Buck & Manowar Pin  
 The Buck & Manowar Pin        Daz & Matsuda   1px
     Mr. Pink Pin  
 Demise & Phoenix    
     Johnny Manowar   1px
 Buchan & Brody
   Daz & Matsuda Pin  
       Mr. Pink
     Alex Phenomenon Pin
   Silva & Mauler Pin   1px
 Daniels & Doom   1px
     Alex Phenomenon Pin
 Pink & Phenomenon Pin  
     The Buck  
 Hawk & Mo Chang the Heeb      Pink & Phenomenon Pin
       Silva & Mauler  


  • King of the Immortals marked the end of the King of the Immortals Tournament
  • King of the Immortals is the only IOW PPV in which no IOW Titles are defended.

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