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Insane Killa Wolf
Image of Insane Killa Wolf
Real name Hank Salmons
Ring Names Insane, Killa Wolf, The Wolf, Wolf
Height 5'6.
Weight 144 lbs.
Date of birth 10/04/1988
Place of birth Sedalia, Missouri
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Resides Sedalia, Missouri
Billed from Sedalia, Missouri
Trainer N/A
E.E w2k
Online championship Wrestling


Handled by xXMobLifexX
Win/Loss Record E.E 3-2-0 SEF 3-3-0 W2K 1-1-0
Debut May 2009.
Retired N.a

Early life

  • He was born and raise in a town call Sedalia, Missouri where he started to watch wrestling when he was five years old. He use to get into a lot of trouble through his school times starting all the way back to middle school where he was forced to go to Juvenile for a little bit. As Killa Wolf would grow up he started to wrestle with his friends opening a company call Sedalia kids wrestling winning the Sedalia title five times and also hold the tag titles two times with his long time friend 123 kid beating the kids in the area. Wolf started to get older and got tired of playing kid wrestling and wanted to enter in to big companies like Ring of Honor and IWA Mid south. Only problem was Wolf was still getting into trouble going court and had back fines being in debt one thousand dollars getting caught with weed, trespassing, and yes even stealing from stores. It would take Wolf time to get a job and stop acting like he was a thug and get his life on the right path. So he decide to stop what he was doing, and go to jail to do time serve for every charge he did. Wolf was ready to leave Sedalia and do what he dream to do. He started to travel over the states to look for independent companies. He decide he didn't want go into Ring of Honor or even IWA Mid-south. He saw SEF was a great company to go and he signs an open contract with them. He wasn't done yet. He sees Euphotic Entertainment in San Diego was just opening and about start out like Total Nonstop Action Wrestling did. Wolf wanted to be part of that for sure so Wolf signs an open contract with Euphotic Entertainment.

Professional Wrestling

  • He sign an open contract with Showstoppa Extreme Federation and Euphotic Entertainment


  • Sedalia Missouri Kids Wrestling
  • Sedalia champion.
  • Euphotic Entertainment
  • Underground championship.
  • MoM Gold Medallist.
  • MoM Bronze Medallist.
  • The first record setting fashion for quickest pin.

Wrestler Info

  • Commonly Used Moves
  • Samoan driver Front powerslam, sometimes from off of the ring apron into a table
  • Brainbuster High-angle belly to back suplex
  • Frog splash
  • Springboard moonsault
  • Muta lock with dual chickenwings
  • Advanced Moves
  • Rolling fireman's carry slam, sometimes from off the ring apron into a table
  • T-Bone suplex Flapjack, sometimes into a chair or a ladder
  • Sitout suplex slam
  • Double underhook piledriver
  • Somersault seated senton
  • Sunset flip superbomb
  • Trademark Moves
  • Killa Landin(Back to back double underhook piledriver, sometimes from the second rope
  • Killa Brake(Pumphandle Death Valley Driver)
  • Finisher
  • The Insane Description/Setup Of Finisher

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