Justin Sane
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Height 6'1
Weight 295 lbs
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Place of birth Staten Island, NY
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Resides Staten Island, NY
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Debut August 2005
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Justin Sane is a professional wrestler currently active on the WWE Damage Inc. roster as part of the RAW Brand, . He is in no way a rip off of "Justin Credible", in fact, he pwns Justin Credible unbelievably.

Wrestling Career

TNA -vs- WWE Pride & Sacrifice

Just recently he signed a deal with the TNA, and hopes to bring his success amongst the most famous and skilled workers in the world today. Already he has made an impact, and is the current WCW Heavyweight Champion and TNA Tag Champion with Jake Skate.

WWE Damage Inc.

After TNA vs. WWE was ended, Justin went to the new company, WWE Damage Inc. He signed a contracct to the RAW Brand, and, his first match was announced, against K-Fed.

Personal Life

At the tender age of 16 Justin Terwiliger Saneskowitz was molested by Disco Inferno, this coincides with his need to beat on tards.


TNA -vs- WWE Pride & Sacrifice

WCW Heavyweight Champion (1 time, current)

TNA Tag Team Champion(1 time, current with Jake Skate)

World Wrestling Alliance

X-Division Champion (1 time) Tag Team Champion (2 Time) - with Shadow

WWE Regeneration

World Heavyweight Champion (1 time)

Mixed Tag Team Champion (1 time) - with Mickie James

In Wrestling

Signiture and finishing moves

That's Justin Sane! (Somersault Legsweep)
Consequence - Elevated Cradle Neckbraker
German SuplexReverse DDT
Fireman's Carry
Rolling Thunder off Top Rope
Running Clothesline
Multiple Leg Drops (3 or 4)
Arm Drag
Arm Dragon Screw

Theme Songs

"Why cant we be friends" by War


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