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"The Genesis of Genius" Justin Rose
Given Name Justin Wade Rose
Height 6 feet 4 inches
Weight 239 pounds
Birth Date February 15, 1979
Hometown Cumberland, MD Flag of the United States.png
Current Status Inactive/Retired
Wrestling Style Technical, High Flyer
Finishing Moves "The Closer", "The Rosevine"
Trained By Richard DeLounge
Current Federation N/A

Justin Rose (born on February 15, 1979) is a former American Professional Wrestler who most recently operated Alpha Entertainment out of Dallas, Texas. His most recent stint as an active grappler was for Simcoe County Championship Wrestling, an independently run regional fed out of Ontario, Canada. He is well known for his time with the Revolution Wrestling Federation [‘’RWF’’] where alongside his brother, Myke Adams and his close friend, Becky DeLounge, he etched his name in the RWF’s fans hearts and minds forever. His more grounded ring technique and caring, yet determined personality made him a main stay and long time RWF fan favorite. But as of 2008 until recently he has become more bitter over his short career, a busted up knee, that caused early retirement. He plays off these emotions as he uses it as fuel to make the lives hell for just about each and every competitor save Aaron Blaize, on SCCW's roster. As of June 21, 2010... Rose had a change of heart... Not wanting his two young children to grow up and see him as this villain each Monday night. His change in mood caused a vicious attack from Aaron Blaize, topped off by a superkick from Myke Adams... Rose's future now returns to the ring as a competitor... Being released from his spot as SCCW Head of Operations, he joined the active roster and formed a tag team with Colton Monroe. The two targeted Ascended Supremacy, the current SCCW Heritage tag team champions, but Supremacy re-injured Justin's leg. And by the time he returned to action, Colton had made a singles push for the Heavyweight championship... Most recently Justin had seemed to lose his mind on SCCW programming, but in reality got tired of being mis-used and under appreciated. He asked for a release and played his exit out with the insanity storyline... Before it has come out that he is indeed fine, and has given up on grappling inside the ring to go after his second love in this sport... RUNNING a program. Alexander Kraven's Alpha Entertainment has locked up Rose in a long term deal as their General Manager. Taking in his extensive wrestling knowledge, and welcoming the Genesis in with open arms. After Alex Kraven wrote more "checks than his ass could cover" so to speak, Alpha folded shortly after it's inception. Rose decided he'd had enough of the professional aspect of the business and reopened a grappling school he started long ago. Since 2011's Fall he's been primarily working in Maryland at his school. He recently [June 2014] signed on as an agent/manager of his younger sibling Myke Adams in Boardwalk Wrestling. But being around the 'action' again jarred Rose into contacting Alexander Kraven, and his bank. He made the move to purchase sole ownership of Alpha Entertainment, and succeeded. He embarked on what he called "Alpha 2.0" using funds he saved from his years of professional wrestling, mainly his income from RWF from 2000-2005. He had his money quadrupled, and after a major accident behind the scenes involving his wife Danine, and their two children... Rose took his earnings and decided on a permanent retirement from the business. He maintains contact with his younger half sibling, Myke Adams who is currently a member of Fight One wrestlings' active roster. If Justin ever returns to the business either as an active competitor, manager or even higher in the front offices somewhere remains a possibility. He has been known by those close to him to comment on how hard it is to walk away from pro-wrestling, no matter how obvious it appears to be the right choice for him at this juncture in his life.


Childhood into Adulthood

Born on the day after Valentine's in February 1979, Justin was the oldest of two brothers. His younger brother Myke was in fact a half brother, same mother different Fathers. Justin's father George Rose had died in a freak accident two years earlier and Myke's father, Michael Adams had become Justin's stepfather. The first two years were rocky at best, their father a drunk came home every night and literally beat the -insert choice word- out of their mother, Lorena. After years of the abuse she had enough and one day she left little two and half year old Myke with Justin and packed her things up. She never kissed them goodbye and walked out, when Michael returned home that night he tore their home apart. Furious he didn't know what to do, the next few days he never returned to work and sobered up, even taking the two young brothers to a public playground. Myke could barely walk at this point and Justin helped him around. Eventually the brothers got carried away playing and never realized that their father had left them there. Rain began to pour and lightning struck, a crying Myke was hurried under a jungle gym by the calmer, yet frightened Justin. There they sit, soaking and sobbing until a car came screeching to a stop nearby. A rugged man and his wife hurried to the young boys and gathered them into their car. As they drove on he introduced himself as Richard DeLounge, and his wife Cheryl. Justin held onto his dripping wet little brother as they pulled up to the local orphanage. The brothers were dropped off and Richard and Cheryl left, years passed and somehow, maybe by mistake the two brothers were split up. Richard did come back and adopted Justin, but Myke had somehow been moved out of state. A now 8 year old Justin begged Richard and Cheryl to find his brother. After a long, hard search they did.

Myke and Justin each kept their respective last names, Richard happened to be a successful wrestling promoter. The two boys grew up around the ring, meeting local and nation wide legends. They had as normal a life as any two adopted children could. During Justin's senior year of high school and Myke's freshman, Cheryl got extremely sick and later died from a tumor in her brain. Justin was devastated but used the pain to fuel his decision to become a professional wrestler. Richard began training Justin as the two fueled themselves by the pain of their loss. Myke however got quiet, and stowed away by himself, drawing, painting, playing guitar, whatever he could do from his room. Three years passed and Justin was already on the Indy circuit while Myke had never given wrestling a second thought. Richard introduced the brothers to his close friend's daughter, she was a year older than Myke, her name Danine Preston. Justin and Danine would grow a nice flame for one another, but it was also Danine who convinced Myke one afternoon to climb into the sparing ring with his older brother. Justin gave Myke a thumping he would never forget, full of stiff knife edge chops, harsh take downs and just brutal suplexes. Myke loved every minute of it, he was hooked. So with the help of his brother and his foster father, Myke slowly gained more and more knowledge of the ring. Justin and Richard tried to convince Myke to not take so many risk, but every time he was in that ring he ran at full throttle and gained a real liking to the top turnbuckle. A year later Justin was offered a contract by the ACWO's president "Dangerous" Danny Firestarter, he accepted and left with Richard to begin his ACWO career under face paint and a gimmick. His gimmick was Grimskull, he did dark promos for matches and never spoke much. Myke kept training and starting looking for Indy bookers to work for. He finally started getting calls after a brutal ladder match with Indy star RaGe. Myke worked the Indy circuit for a few months until Justin convinced Danny Firestarter to come and watch him. Firestarter was impressed, he offered to give Myke an ACWO contract, but only if he donned a gimmick to match up with his brother's. There the tandem of Grimskull and Snake~Eyes was born and Justin was on his way to a career full of highs, and unfortunately many lows.

Wrestling career

Atlantic Coast Wrestling Organization -ACWO- (1999)

  • Justin entered his first federation, the ACWO with a head of steam. Wearing a blend of face paint and a mask, skull like in nature, he gave very gloom filled and dark, gritty promos. His matches were highly raved, he used a nice blend of technical maneuvers and innovative suplexes and grapples.
  • As Grimskull, he quietly climbed ACWO's ranks and was on his way up when his younger brother entered the fed as Snake~Eyes. They were both entered into the King's Cup tournament. Justin however, as Grimskull, was knocked out of the first round and injured by ACWO mega star Apocalypse. The next few rounds didn't mean much to him, he was forced to watch as Myke (Snake~Eyes) worked his way through ACWO's hopefuls and made it to the final round against none other than Apocalypse.
  • Justin showed up as Grimskull at ringside to support Snake~Eyes, the match was a long drawn out affair, Apocalypse man handled Myke, he even tried de-masking him on a few occasions. But no matter what he hit him with, Myke refused to submit or be pinned. Apocalypse grew angry and tired and started ranting and raving, Myke gathered up what courage and strength he had left and in the next few minutes of the match etched his way right into ACWO stardom. He drilled Apocalypse with high risk, high octane dropkicks and body blocks. Working the big man down to his knees before nearly decapitating him with a shining wizard like kick. Justin, in his Grimskull get up and all shouted from ring side for Myke to cover, but the crowd wanted more. They wanted the Striking Distance. Myke hopped to the top rope and slowly stood up, peering down at the fallen Apocalypse and then paint brushing himself over the fallen barbarian with a dazzling Swanton Bomb. The crowd seemed so loud it shook the arena as Myke got the cover for three.

Justin in his ACWO get up as Grimskull.

  • Apollo was disgusted with his loss to Myke, and left the ACWO the next night, Myke was excited as hell to be champion but also almost ashamed he had to don a mask in order to compete. He got Justin and they confronted Firestarter about losing the gimmicks and letting them show who they were and what they were about. You know creative freedom. Firestarter was not happy to say the least and he made sure Justin's knee stayed injured. At the next show Myke was defending the World title against Apocalypse, Justin was shown backstage in a heap of pain. No Grimskull get up, just his street clothing, Firestarter had paid "Humanity" Mike Fallwell and the Druids to bust Justin up good. Watching this on the tron infuriated Myke, but nearly cost him the match. One in which he escaped due to interference by the Druids. They destroyed Snake~Eyes, ripped the mask from Myke's head and battered him with chair shot after chair shot.
  • Justin wasn't anywhere to be found, he was home recovery from a knee surgery that would later plague his career. Myke was forced to defend the Hardcore title and wrestle non-title Heavyweight bouts every show. He somehow endured and managed to escape victorious every time, that was until the last show before his big show down with Fallwell. Myke was lined up to wrestle "Jagermeister" for his Hardcore title in parking lot brawl and then wrestle Apocalypse in a non-title "weight room" showdown. During the Hardcore title defense, Myke got the best of Jager and went to the top rope ready to fly down with the Swanton. Fallwell showed up and with distraction from his Druids he busted a bottle of jagermeister over Myke's head. The concussion set in and Myke crumbled to the mat, he was no longer Snake~Eyes but a mess of what once was. Jager got the cover and took Myke's Hardcore championship.
  • Myke was on the shelf now, as was Justin, it had only been a few months since he joined the ACWO and he already had doubts about the pro wrestling game. Justin's knee healed and he convinced Myke to go at Firestarter one more time. With only two months left on their ACWO contracts they showed up wearing a more trademark Adams and Rose look and pounded the Druids during one of their infamous ranting segment. They gave a speech ACWO never forgot and challenged the Druids reigning tag champions to a title match. Adams and Rose's challenge was accepted and they won in high flying A&R fashion. They held onto the tag titles for the remaining two months they were in ACWO, fans loved them, Firestarter hated them. Refusing to play on the gimmicks he wanted them to he didn't renew their contracts and they never returned his tag title straps. But something good did come from the whole ACWO ordeal, Revolution Wrestling President Brian Slack had seen their work and alongside his Vice President they were highly interested in Adams and Rose. Slack made them an offer, stating the RWF needed something fresh, something new, some people to shake the pot a bit. Adams and Rose accepted and on New Year's Eve 1999 one of the RWF's greatest tag teams did more than shook the pot, they took it and ran with the thing!

Revolution Wrestling Federation -RWF- (2000-2005)

  • It was the turn of the millennium when Justin made his RWF debut alongside his brother Myke. Asked by Brian Slack to shake things up they made a quick alliance with RWF resident "outlaw" Marcus Torn and helped him get the jump on the RWF's main stay stable, the UnHoly Alliance. Thus Partners in Crime was born. But it was short lived, Adams and Rose didn't used any gimmicks or catchy names at first it was simply Adams and Rose. They won their first match with ease, laying to waste a low card RWF tag team. Their second match Brian Slack decided to give his tag champions a scare and lined them up with A&R. To everyone's surprise, Myke and Justin beat the champs (Darkness) in a stairway to heaven match for the titles. Two matches in and they were champions already. Marcus Torn and a few others didn't like the ease of their title shot and victory. A cloud of harsh criticism fell on A&R, but they didn't care they defended and won each week, week in and week out for months. Torn had left them high and dry right after their title win, but karma got him when Brian Slack awarded him a match with RWF World champion, the undefeated Nightstalker. Nightstalker ended Torn's career, or so everyone believed. The team Darkness had good friends in Krypt and Morg, two brother convinced A&R was stealing their spotlight.
  • Named Army of Darkness, they challenged the champs and Adams and Rose beat them three straight weeks in a row, by the end of the feud Krypt and Morg were left embarrassed and Krypt's long time girlfriend had left to join Adams and Rose's side. They continued their onslaught of the RWF tag ranks, winning and winning some more. An undefeated streak ensued and they defended the tag straps every week, twice during pay per view weeks. Justin eventually defeated Sinister to become the RWF Pro champion, a title he held for the next two months to come. Gathering the body count and enemies to boot, A&R continued to climb the ranks, Justin lost his Pro title to BarbWire Brian McKinley just a few days before they were scheduled to face their hardest challenge to date. The UnHoly Alliance sent RWF legends Drake Macon and Destruction at A&R.

Justin with his brother, Myke and their foster father Richard DeLounge after winning their first RWF tag championships.

  • During the pay per view event Justin was jumped by a masked man, his knee battered with a lead pipe just hours before their big title defense. The match came and Myke ended up wrestling the most part, Justin's knee hurting badly, the match went back and fourth, Macon and Destruction worked Rose's knee every chance they got. But Myke kept bailing A&R out of trouble. The match finally reached its climax and neither team seemed to be up on the other, Macon went for an exhausted backdrop on Myke, but Adams' foot nailed the ref in the chin, knocking him down and out. As both Macon and Adams lay on the canvas, the masked man who attacked Justin showed up and entered the ring, Destruction charged in as well as Justin. Rose managed to nail a GunBlade on Destruction, but the masked man clubbed Rose upside the head with his lead pipe. Rose was out, Myke started to stir but the masked man never let him stand, pounding Myke into the mat with his pipe.
  • The man rolled Macon over Myke before shaking the ref and sliding from the ring, as the referee made the three count and ended Adams and Rose's reign as champions as well as their undefeated streak the mask man pulled off his mask to reveal Marcus Torn. As the bells rung, the entire UnHoly Alliance entered the ring, Marcus Torn now an apparent member, they kicked and beat on the fallen Adams and Rose. The aftermath, Justin and Myke were furious and went seeking Brian Slack's help, Justin's knee busted up again and both warrior's pride hurting. Slack offered no console and even laughed at the situation. Justin and Myke walked out of the RWF that night. Refusing to return called from VP Dan or President Slack for weeks.
  • Watching the RWF from a distance as Justin tried getting his knee back in shape, Richard DeLounge and Danine Preston decided to get involved. They talked the brothers into returning to the RWF and even joined them as co-managers. The new Adams and Rose didn't even aim for any titles or glory, instead they found good reliable allies in Rob Dracup and RWF odd ball "The Blob". The newly revamped Adams and Rose did far better with Richard DeLounge and Danine's direction at ringside and they battled it out with UnHoly Alliance in and out of the ring for months. Finally their big chance had come, the still undefeated Nightstalker had revealed himself to be the masked UA member Destruction. One half of the tag champs with Drake Macon. Even better Brain Slack announced a 7 man tango tag titles match, competitors from 7 different tag team would enter a battle royal and the winner's team would be declared champions. Adams and Rose didn't have to choose who would represent them as Slack also announced the main event World title match. Myke Adams would challenge the undefeated Nightstalker for the World title.
  • Ad mist controversy Macon won the tango by pinning Krypt of the Army of Darkness. Justin was furious, but Richard and Danine kept him focused and he supported Myke as Myke faced the biggest challenge of his career. The match with Nightstalker was an RWF classic, Myke got swung around, slammed, beaten and battered and still managed to somehow drop the giant Nightstalker and land his Swanton Bomb for the three count and his first of three RWF World championships! No one believed it, not the UnHoly Alliance, not even Myke and Justin! Adams wasn't ready for a single's career, and after much delegation with Justin, Danine and Richard. Adams forfeited the title, they called out RWF on the sleazy finishes to tag title matches with UA and eventually walked out on the RWF for the second time.
  • This time RWF didn't call, instead Brian Slack burned their contracts and banned them from the RWF for good. Justin took the time away from the ring to date and eventually marry Danine. Myke kept playing guitar, he kept getting calls from his girlfriend of the time, Angelene. Their relationship crumbled, he career at RWF came first. But after a few months of rest and relaxation they got a call from RWF offices. The crowd's had chanted for them for months now and Slack offered them another shot, this time he promised no more controversy in the tag ranks. So they gave it another go with RWF, but shortly after their return Richard DeLounge had a sudden heart attack and passed on. Adams and Rose had built a decent friendship with the RWF tag team 2xBytch and the girls, alongside Danine, tried and tried to comfort the brothers. The loss of their father turned them in a different direction. Almost gimmick like, they entered the ring through a ring of fire on the entrance stage, wearing dark clothing with their hair wetted and hanging messy in their faces.
  • This new A&R went on a mean winning streak before they finally lost another shot at the tag titles, returning home Rebecca DeLounge showed up at their place. She was Richard's niece that he hadn't seen since before he adopted the brothers. Becky introduced herself and explained how she had been doing Indy wrestling work for her father, Richard's brother. She stayed with the brothers and Danine. Her presence made their friends 2xBytch alittle jealous and they quit talking to Adams and Rose. Myke and Becky were instantly attracted to one another and their flame kept growing over the next few months. Adams and Rose dropped the fire and black, returning to their electric and vibrant selves! The RWF crowd loved it and they started climbing the ranks again.

Justin cracks his famed Gunblade on Adam Majors in his final RWF match, as Suicidal Youth he defended the tag straps with Myke against Adam Majors and Deja Sku.

  • Never getting many title shots, a years time went by and the team was still on top, a rival federation had begun an invasion, the WIWF. They were converting RWF stars to their side, Adams and Rose behind the scene friends Ryan Kilmore and Sexton Hardcastle jumped to WIWF and earned the RWF tag titles. Furious by this Brian Slack asked A&R to bring the titles home. Tension had been mounting between Myke and Justin with a few losses they had suffered in the weeks building to their tag title shot. The match went well, both teams battled back and fourth until Justin hit a desperation GunBlade but was unable to pint. Instead of making the pin, Myke went to the top to try a Swanton, Ryan Kilmore ended up shoving Myke off the top where he crashed through the announce table. Kilmore then delivered his finisher to Justin and made the pin.
  • Rose was furious over the loss and he and Myke argued over the next two weeks, when the WIWF was in the ring attacking some RWF stars, Myke and Justin came out to stop the attack. Justin was armed with a steel chair, Myke had nothing. As they got closer to the ring the crowd gasp in shock when Justin belted Myke from behind with the chair. Myke was left down and out by his own brother as Justin joined the WIWF and formed the Triad with Hardcastle and Kilmore. Myke and Justin had a heated feud for the next few weeks, having several brutal matches. The final being a number one contender for the Heavyweight championship match. A week before the match, Becky and Danine left Myke to help the WIWF. Alone and hurting, RWF diva Dallas Star took interest in Myke and guided him through Justin for number one contendership of the RWF World title.
  • Disgusted in losing to his younger brother, Justin disappeared from the RWF as did Danine and Becky. Justin eventually returned during the final RWF years and they won the Tag titles again, Justin's return was short lived as they lost the title ad mist controversy and he left RWF and the pro wrestling game forever. He started and continues to run a wrestling school in Maryland. Justin did however make a small appearance for (Central Ontario Pro Wrestling)...
  • Note: This isn't the exact RWF history, I spent years handling Justin there (actually it was my real life brother for the most part), that is the more exciting beginning and such. I will add more as I remember. Thank you!

Central Ontario Pro Wrestling -COPW- (Partial Involvement through 2005 & 2006)

  • Justin enjoyed his time with a wrestling school he had started. Myke on the other hand had agreed to terms with Central Ontario Pro, and was set to make his debut as the mystery tag partner for Ryan "Omega" Reed.
  • Rose's re-emergence a few months down the road, Myke turning on Ryan and aligning with the Alpha Males (Guy Kadon, Jen Blackhart and Chris Champion), Justin tried convincing Myke of the "bad" things Alpha Males were doing, yet Myke wouldn't listen. Justin's knee prevented him from doing anything so he enlisted the help of their old friend, a former NYPD S.W.A.T. team member, Jaden Michaels. During this time, Myke made a stride at the Heavyweight title, losing to the champion, Patrick McCarthy. This only made Adams more angry, as McCarthy seemed to have an answer for everything the Alpha Males tried. Finally having enough of Justin and Jaden's attempts to convince him to leave the "Males"... Myke challenged Jaden to a wild match.
  • Myke was injured, and after his full recovery, Michaels and Rose never showed up on Central Ontario Pro again.

The middle of the road (2006- Late 2008)

  • Concentrated on his personal life, spending most of his free time with his real life wife, Danine Preston (Rose) and they had two children during this time, Rose also focused on his wrestling school. Two RWF friends, Tyrone Jordan and Daniel Scott (later used in Becky/Myke scenarios) helped him with the school.
  • Eventually after a few years of taking it easy, he felt his knee had finally became 100%, after multiple surgeries and tons of rehab. He agreed to terms with Indy Wrestling X, after much deliberation with his wife, Danine. Suicidal Youth was reformed.

Independent Wrestling X -IWX- (Fall 2008- Early 2009)

  • IWX would prove be the place where Myke and Justin's tie in the ring was finally severed for good...

Justin talks with IWX's crowd after his turn on Myke, and alliance with Aaron Blaize.

Leaving the ring with Becky DeLounge after she saved him from a Swanton Bomb by his brother in their final IWX contest. Rose lost the match via a D/Q, but left his brother injured and alone in the ring.

  • Coming into IWX, Rose reunited with his younger brother, Myke Adams. Rose had thought he was finally ready to compete again, his knee healthy. They were re-dubbed the Suicidal Youth and took on the BROs, Ian and Greg at IWX's first Monday Night Warzone. Adams and Rose made quick work of the BROs, mainly due to Ian and Greg's grievances with backstage management. The match was forced and Adams and Rose held nothing back.
  • Next they would defeat the Infection's leader Samuel Hessingstock and his personal body guard, Ryan Fitzgerald in tag action. During this time the IWX was running a points system for a chance to be crowned its World champion, (ironically both Adams and Rose would finish in a tie atop the points brackets) Justin gave his all to IWX, even with his knee acting back up after only his third match back in the ring.
  • Gaining the attention of another former UCW star, Aaron Blaze. Aaron and Justin would go into a very heated feud, or so they had every one fooled, leading up the Rags to Riches tournaments final week. A week Myke would never forget however as Justin turned on him for the chance to be World champion and the stage was set for a showdown at IWX's first super card, Honorbound.
  • Justin, faced Aaron Blaize and Myke Adams in a triple threat to crown the new champion, a match Blaize would win. And the heat between Aaron and Myke only grew hotter as Justin joined forces with Blaize to form "the Dynasty" alongside their Russian body guard, Jonathan Pane. Myke's back up in this whole ordeal would come from Samuel Hessingstock.
  • Justin's friendship and respect for Aaron Blaize only grew stronger as they pretty much commanded IWX's ranks up until IWX's owner Ace Static sold out the company, just before a Survival of the Sickest four on four tag match was slated to happen. One that would have teamed his brother, Myke Adams alongside his friend Samuel Hessingstock, as well as IWX's most feared female competitor Jane Doe, and Simcoe's famed Damian Darkside to take on Justin, Aaron Blaize and their choice partners. His brief time there forged quite a void between the brothers, but both went their separate ways, as Myke's high school girlfriend Meglyn had come back into his life after Dallas had left him high and dry during the first few weeks of IWX's opening.
  • IWX closed down, and Justin left wrestling behind again. Focusing his time on Danine and their family once again, his school was going strong, and it wasn't until he received a call from Canada that he'd return to action...

Simcoe County Championship Wrestling -SCCW- (June 2009- July 2010)

Suicidal Youth face off after Monday Night Aggression ends, Justin was just unmasked as GRiM.

Justin makes an entrance at SCCW's MNA after announcing himself as the owner, Jim Diamond's personal Representative!

Justin is confronted backstage by SCCW Heavyweight champion, The Suicidal Superman, Myke Adams @ SCCW Monday Night Aggression Sept. 14th 2009!

Justin announced a tag team match, reforming Suicidal Youth to take on "Grim" and Paul Cain on MNA 9/28/09 after hitting the Machine with a steel chair before he could attack Rose's brother, Myke Adams.

Justin looking down on his fallen brother after joining the new Syndicate and once again "betraying" Adams on SCCW's MNA 9/28/09!

  • Justin would return to Canada, a place he had left as the victim to Myke's run as an egotistical, he tried burying the hatchet with Myke, becoming Adams' manager. After going off in a promo before Myke's first match back against Chris Champion, the brother's relationship soured again and they were at ends once more.
  • Rose left Simcoe again, but he returned weeks later as a masked man, attacking his younger brother, not a single person knowing it was him... Justin attacked Myke as GRiM after his second match with Jen Blackhart, in a turn of events that would taunt Adams for the next few weeks. He got into a blood feud with his younger brother, even facing him twice, once in a match that saw Myke beat him, before the mask was shed and Justin took the chance to attack Myke from behind, still in his GRiM get up.
  • This whole ordeal lead to a ladder match, a brutal one too, one in which Myke defended his spot in the Brawl and beat Justin as this masked man, dubbed GRiM, Justin was unmasked after being twisted in the rungs of a ladder! Shocked and hurt that Rose would even show up here, Myke hurried backstage, where a memory lost Samuel Hessingstock approached him. Myke didn't say much to Hessingstock and stormed out of the arena, only one week before the Brawl was to happen.
  • Justin Rose disappeared for the next few weeks, finally he showed up again on Monday Night Aggression the week after the Brawl and proclaimed to be the new personal Representative of Jim Diamond, SCCW's owner. Rose told Myke he was the one making the friends face each other, and they did. In one of SCCW's best matches since its re-emergence. Unlike the first time they met, this match was won by Myke. The match was back and fourth and all out, Adams getting the final say with his wild Suicide Star DDT.
  • Furious about Myke and Sam's show of respect afterward, Justin Rose booked Myke and Sam on opposite teams for this week's Aggression, pitting Myke with a partner in Alexander Steele and Sam in Sydney LaRoux. After this Monday's show, Rose suspended Adams for one week from Simcoe's Monday Night Aggression for boycotting his tag match alongside friend Samuel Hessingstock, and Sydney LaRoux. He placed Hessingstock against an old foe in Greg Venom and forced Sydney to defend her All Barrie Championship against Sharlene Berger and Kirsta Lewis. Only time will tell how much more and farther Rose will go as Simcoe's Representative, showing a strong disdain for anyone who the crowd gets behind. Rose is taking his bitterness over his career ending knee problems on any and everyone he can.
  • With Myke showing up at the (08/24/09) MNA anyhow, Justin arrived just as GRiM left a burning picture of Myke's girlfriend Meglyn on Adams' locker door. Justin ordered his personal security to escort Myke from the arena, Adams staring Justin down as he was lead away. Justin then showed up after Samuel Hessingstock's and Greg Venom's match up, proclaiming to Sam he had a surprise for him later in the night and he was forcing Sam to bring an old fan favorite to SCCW, The Scorpion's Den!
  • After the main event of MNA (08/24/09) Justin made his way out yet again and taunted the losing former All Barrie champion, Sydney LaRoux after she had just suffered a title loss to Kirsta Lewis. Justin also taunting his wreathing ex-girlfriend from his RWF days, Sharlene Berger. Before Samuel Hessingstock made his way out, only Justin's big shocker came right in after, attacking Sam and Syd from behind was Justin's good friend and stable mate from Indy Wrestling X, Aaron Blaize!!! Aaron and Justin laid waste to Samuel and Sydney before leaving the arena together, now the question remains... How will Rose's younger brother, and Sam's best friend, Myke Adams respond to obviously being suspended in order to make sure he couldn't stop Rose and Blaize from their assault on Hessingstock? Things are looking to get really heated in the coming weeks...
  • At MNA (08-31-09) Justin made two appearances, one to taunt Samuel Hessingstock. And the other to announce he was forcing his younger brother, Myke Adams to defend his SCCW Heavyweight championship the following week against Chris Champion. Justin made it clear he was no longer "toying" with his brother and it appears he is set to make Myke's reign as Simcoe champion as short as possible.
  • (09-07-09) Justin only made a brief appearance @ SCCW's MNA. He came out and claimed to have no part in the ongoing mental and psychical confrontations of his younger brother, Myke Adams with the mysterious "Grim" persona. Adams came down to confront Rose, only Justin and the new man dressed as Grim attacked Adams, the Grim character using Myke's very own "Egoshredder" to knock him down and out, only a few matches away from his first defense as SCCW Heavyweight champion. This was Justin's most brief appearance since taking the reigns as Jim Diamond's own personal representative.
  • (09-14-09) Justin made only brief appearances again, first hitting Samuel Hessingstock as he fled to ringside, attempting to assist Sydney LaRoux as Aaron Blaize attacked her after their match up. Justin hit Sam with a chair, busting his forehead open before only moments later being confronted by his younger brother, Myke Adams. Justin and Myke spoke briefly before Justin claimed to have no part in the whole Grim situation the SCCW heavyweight champ was currently involved with. Justin said he would prove this to Myke... Justin was also assaulted later in the show by Patrick McCarthy, having his head slammed into Jim Diamond, SCCW's Owner's door way.
  • (09-21-09) Justin made a more dominate appearance at SCCW's MNA on September 21. First he was attacked backstage with a chair by "Grim" only to have a brief interview like deal with Anita Naylor before storming off. He later came out after his younger brother's, Myke Adams' match against the Machine. As the Machine attempted to attack Myke after, Adams beat him, with a chair. Justin ran to the ring, showing his bad knee was working rather well before he snagged the chair from Machine, and pretended to be there to attack Myke only to turn the chair on Machine and hit the fallen "hero" upside his shoulder. Machine exited the ring, Justin then announced he was "tired" of Grim's games and that Suicidal Youth would be reborn the following week, and if even for only that week... They would face Grim and Paul Cain on Monday Night Aggression. Justin left ringside arguing with his younger brother.
  • (09-28-09) With his brother, Myke Adams not at ease with the sudden reformation of SuicidalYouth, Justin finally regained his brother's trust at the start of Simcoe's Monday Night Aggression on 9/28/09 when he was confronted at the show's start in the men's restroom by one of their opponents for the night Paul Cain and his personal body guard Damien Kahn. Myke intervened an attack by these two, saving Justin and proclaiming his uncertain thoughts had been laid to rest. However as the match begun, Myke stood up tall, going toe to toe with Cain, then Grim and even both of them before finally needing a tag from Rose. The crowd in shock now as Justin had once again fooled Myke as well as Simcoe's fans as he moved his hand away from Myke's tag, entering the ring and attacking the referee before helping "GRiM" and Paul Cain attack Myke. Kirsta Lewis ran down looking like she was making a save for Myke only to moments later level the SCCW Heavyweight champion with a nasty superkick to a chair, busting his face open. As the bleeding Myke was then hit one after the other by Paul, Justin and even Grim's finishing moves. Grim however unmask to reveal Myke's opponent for his SCCW title at War Games, Galactix!!! The group continued assaulting Myke until, Greg Venom and Patrick McCarthy made the save. Leaving Myke beaten and hurt on the canvas, Justin's reformation of Suicidal Youth now an obvious ploy to assist Galactix in trying to gain an advantage over Myke going into War Games. No one knows the extent of the damage suffered to Myke, but he has already been lined up for the first edition of SCCW MNA in October to team alongside McCarthy and Venom to take on three of the new Syndicate members, Paul Cain, Kirsta Lewis and Galactix!
  • (10-05-09) Justin made his first appearance on SCCW's MNA backstage, after everyone saw a brutalized Alexander Steele, the current Barbaric champion, destroyed and laid out in a pile of broken table and such. Justin announced the upcoming super show, War Games and said he was giving the Barbaric title to a real "barbarian". He made jokes about SCCW's backstage interviewer, Anita Naylor and handed the title to Paul Cain's right hand man, Damien Kahn. Justin would show back up during the main event, costing the Syndicate a potential win as he charged the ring alongside Damien Kahn as Myke Adams & Greg Venom had started to take control of the match. Patrick McCarthy, Myke and Venom won the match by DQ as Rose and Kahn attacked them in the ring. Scarlett Willis showed up to try and help her friends, only she was side swiped by Damion Darkside! Justin announcing Darkside as a member of team Syndicate for War Games. At that point he said he'd introduce the rightful Barbaric champion and fourth member of team Syndicate for War Games... Jay Jerzey! Jerzey walked out with the Barbaric title and stared McCarthy down as the show ended. Giving the Syndicate the upper hand on Simcoe's "heroes" once again!
  • (10-12-09) Justin Rose had zero involvement with Simcoe's Monday Night Aggression, using his week off to travel home and visit with his (non-kayfabe) wife and children, who remain in Cumberland, Maryland. He will be making travel plans and coming back for the next MNA on October 19, 2009. The final Monday Night show before SCCW's War Games super show.
  • (10-19-09) Justin Rose returned from his week off, only making two small appearances. The first he was in the Syndicate locker area when Galactix discovered Myke Adams' title was missing. Later he made his second brief showing after the main event, announcing Level One as the fifth member of Team Syndicate for War Games.
  • (10-26-09) Rose didn't do much @ War Games in the ring, showing up with Paul Cain & Kirsta Lewis early in the show, behind the scenes he was not pleased with the outcome of Galactix's title match with his brother Myke Adams. Signing the next Monday Night Aggression with blood on his mind, he lined Myke against Patrick McCarthy. As well as placing McCarthy's tag partner and love interest, Scarlett Willis, into a match with Paul Cain. With rumors about Jim Diamond being under the weather health wise, just how much of the Simoce reigns will Rose take, and how will he push them into the Syndicate's favor.
  • (11-02-09) Justin showed up in a show opening Syndicate promo, and really spent most of the night dodging Jay Jerzey, after Jerzey confronted him about an issue involving the SCCW Barbaric title. The only other thing Rose really did in the night was break up a scuffle between Myke Adams and Galactix. Not looking pleased, he has placed Galactix against Patrick McCarthy and Myke Adams against Rose's own good friend, Aaron Blaize. With Blaize and Myke both being champions, the match has been dubbed, champ versus champ. But is sanctioned as non-title. With things growing for the Syndicate, Justin is sure to have future plans of pushing his close friend, Galactix back into a Heavyweight title match with the Suicidal Superman Myke Adams sometime soon.
  • (11-09-09) Justin was all through MNA in Simcoe, at first he was confronted by an angry Jay Jerzey once more. Trying to convey to Jerzey that he was, at least in Rose's opinion the rightful Barbaric champion, Jerzey left in anger once again. After that Justin helped Paul Cain and Kirsta Lewis win a tag match against Bruno Germanotta and Dexter Somers. And confronting Galactix and his younger brother Myke Adams backstage as Galactix and the other Syndicate members bullied the SCCW Heavyweight champion, Myke. Justin sent Galactix off in frustration only to tell his younger sibling he would be sorry when he finally unleashed Galactix upon him. Then after the main event match between Justin's good friend, Aaron Blaize and his brother, Myke Adams was ended due to an attack from Galactix and Kirsta Lewis, Rose came out heated and broke them up only to announce he was placing them into a cage match the following week for the Heavyweight title... Stating this way his friend, Galactix, could prove he was rightful champ without the chance of any interference.

Justin being stared down by his younger brother before the caged main event on SCCW's MNA 11/16/09!

  • (11-16-09) Justin would start the show in agony, being assaulted in his office by a livid, Jay Jerzey. He was confronted shortly after by his brother, SCCW Heavyweight champion, Myke Adams. Justin didn't look too pleased the rest of the show either, keeping any and everyone away from Galactix. And prepping his chosen contender to take Myke out in the main event. With his head bandaged, Justin showed up again after the tag match between his friends, Paul Cain and Kirsta Lewis against Chris Champion and Alexander Steele. They would all turn on Steele, beating him to the mat before Myke came out, hurting from an attack by Aaron Blaize early in the night, Myke fought off Justin and the Syndicate. Saving Alexander, before they all headed backstage. Justin came back out again after Malicia Savage's match with Sydney Laroux, when confronted by Paul Cain and Kirsta Lewis, Malicia demanded a lumberjack match with Kirsta. Only to have Justin shoot it down and book her against Kirsta, but in a tag match with Chris Champion and Malicia's partner, the absent Mike Sinclaire. Sinclaire would show up however and chase the Syndicate from the ring, before Galactix and Damien Kahn showed up, outnumbered, Sinclaire, Savage and Henrik left the ring with the Syndicate following backstage. Justin made his final appearance before the main event, claiming he would personally over look the cage match with four riot guarded security personnel. Using the guards to their advantage, Justin and his friend and fellow Syndicate member, Galactix finally for the Heavyweight title from Myke, Galactix winning the cage match in shady fashion. Angered now over Jerzey's attack, Rose has booked him to face Myke Adams, the former Simcoe champion has got to be in bad shape after the attacks during Aggression... Time will tell what other sick things Justin thinks up by next week.
  • (11-23-09) Justin wasn't super active on this edition of MNA. He lead the Syndicate to the ring and gave a brand new styled Heavyweight title to his closest friend at the moment, Galactix. The new heavyweight champion spoke to the crowd a bit as the show opened. Later Rose was seen backstage with Chris Champion and Max Money, when they were ambushed in a lounge. Justin hurried out looking for back up as a wreathing Chris Champion was helped by Max Money. Alexander Steele and Myke Adams turned out to be the attackers, as they ambushed Money while Justin was gone. When Rose returned with the entire Syndicate they saw Money down now with Champion, angered they helped up their friends. This was his only involvement on the show.
  • (11-30-09) Rose made only one appearance at SCCW's Monday Night Aggression, coming out after the tag match between Styled Fusion, (Myke Adams & Sydney Meleoli-Laroux) against the SCCW tag champions, Malicia Savage & Mike Sinclaire. Savage and her friend Henrik had just brutalized Sinclaire. Justin came out to strip them of their tag titles and announce a small tag team tournament to crown new champions. He encountered resistance from Savage and Henrik, only to do nothing as they were almost instantly drop kicked from the ring by Myke Adams, and Sydney LaRoux. Rose left the ring with the tag titles... And wasn't on the show before or after.
  • (12-07-09) Justin was only seen once, and it was a brief segment involving Kirsta Lewis being toyed with by Alexander Steele, and Myke Adams. Other than this he had no involvement with SCCW's MNA on this night.
  • (12-14-09) Justin was seen at the start of SCCW's MNA were he got into a small argument with Aaron Blaize before being choked by his close friend. After Aaron left, Rose was confronted by SCCW's new diva, Lauri Verne. The two had a small conversation which lead to the dismantling of Kirsta Lewis in the ring later that night. Other than that, it is unclear of Rose's mind set with the departure of Paul Cain, the beat down of Kirsta Lewis and the hit or miss team mentality of Chris Champion and Galactix. Sources close to him, say Justin has big plans for the Syndicate at Atonement, one is left to wonder just what that means...
  • (12-21-09) Justin was pretty involved @ SCCW's year ending super card, Atonement. First he came out during the Barbaric title free for all. Ordering the final two competitors out of the starting 11, Myke Adams, and Joseph Cole to use weapons after the two had cleaned the ring of all objects. They rejected, saluting Rose with their middle fingers. Enraged he left ring side only to make a booming return after his Syndicate brother, Galactix had just lost the Heavyweight title to Scarlett Willis. Rose ended the Syndicate with a brutal assault on Galactix and Willis, his help came from Chris Champion, Lauri Verne, and Aaron Blaize. It was here that Blaize and Rose announced that Simcoe was being unleashed a new Dynasty. And one has to think this will only be better and stronger than Blaize and Rose's IWX Dynasty. With brute power in Chris Champion, amazing talent from Lauri Verne, and sadistic will from Aaron Blaize. Justin may finally have what he was looking for when the Syndicate was born... with Paul Cain and Kirsta Lewis gone, Galactix is left alone... And only 2010 knows just how far Rose, Blaize and Dynasty will push the envelope.
  • (01-11-10) Justin was pretty involved @ SCCW's year 2010's first Monday Night Aggression. As the show started off he interrupted Heavyweight champion, Scarlett Willis alongside his Dynasty allies, Lauri Verne, Chris Champion, and Aaron Blaize. After some hounding of Willis' new styled title belt, Justin announced that the main event would team her (the champ) alongside the man she took the title from, Galactix and that they would face, Chris Champion & Lauri Verne. Justin would also do some color commentary during Aaron Blaize's match against Alexander Steele, he would last be seen in a confrontation between himself and Myke Adams, who... After having his match against Joseph Cole disrupted by Blaize had gotten SCCW's championship committee to order a title match the following week between Cole and Blaize. Justin was livid over the news, and was last seen calling up Aaron.
  • (01-18-10) Justin was pretty involved @ Monday Night Aggression, first trying to sway the Scarlett and Chris Champion match in Chris' favor, only to have the final decision reversed in Willis' honor. Later he would try to turn the tides during Aaron Blaize's All Barrie title defense against Joseph Cole. Only to have his younger half brother, Myke Adams make a save of sorts and cost Blaize the title. A fuming Blaize and Rose stormed from ringside as Cole and Adams celebrated taking Blaize's championship from Dynasty's grip. Rose would come out after the Main Event caged chaos for the new SCCW Welterweight title, as Jay Jerzey joined Dynasty, he gave a brief speech for hustling from ringside. Only to collide with Myke Adams in the rear parking area not even five minutes later. Justin would go on to assault his younger sibling before snatching up his long time girlfriend, Becky DeLounge. During the attack, Aaron Blaize was near and also grabbed up Becky and Myke's child, Ian. Together, Rose and Blaize left Myke in a bloody mess on the unforgiving ground, they sped off with both Becky and Ian in their grasp...
  • (01-25-10) Justin showed up early this week, trying to keep the Unholy Trinity from leaving for NeWA with SCCW's tag championships. He was shoved aside however, as Dexter Somers and Joshua Baker made a hasty retreat with the prize tag straps of Simcoe. A furious Rose giving chase... Later in the show Justin was much more at ease as he approached his office, only his brother, Myke Adams was inside wrecking the place. Adams had been beaten earlier in the night by Lauri Verne, after Aaron Blaize and Rose had come to the entrance with Ian and Becky in hand and threatened Adams, before Blaize told Myke he would have to obey him in order to keep them safe. Justin and Myke got into a heated conversation about betrayal and family, when Dynasty approached (minus Blaize). Cautious, Myke simply told Justin is he wanted them as his family then it was his "funeral". Justin would get slapped by Myke after comments about their dead mother, but ended this confrontation announcing a Barbaric title match the following week between Adams and Blaize. MNA ended shortly afterward, (the Main Event match between Blaize/Galactix took place first) with Blaize calling Myke to the ring as Justin brought Ian out to the entrance again, unable to do anything, Myke looked crushed as Blaize and Rose exited the arena to a sea of boos and giant smiles over their faces.
  • (02-01-10) Justin showed up early, making a small announcement about Unholy Trinity and their future as SCCW tag team champions. Later he would help his good friend, Aaron Blaize in the main event Barbaric title match against Myke Adams by restraining Becky and Ian DeLounge at ringside, thus allowing Blaize to use them as leverage to force Justin's younger brother, Myke, into taking a forced punt kick. Blaize left as Barbaric champion, and Myke was last seen passed out on the entrance aisle. What type of plans will the diabolical duo of Blaize and Rose come up with this week on MNA? Only tuning in to SCCW's massive Monday Night hit will tell...
  • (02-08-10) Rose made his entrance early on MNA, making some waves with Lauri Verne in regards to SCCW Heavyweight champion,Scarlett Willis. As well as attempting to strip UnHoly Trinity of the Heritage Tag championships. His attempt was halted as he got word they did NOT have to defend at SCCW's MNA, Rose left ring side vowing to bring the tag straps back to Simcoe one way or another. Even later in the show, after the Main Event Welterweight title match, in which fellow Dynasty member Jay Jerzey lost the Welterweight title, and was drug off by UnHoly Trinity... Justin came out after his younger brother, Myke Adams stormed the ring looking ready to attack a stunned Riflewilly. This was a shock seeing as Adams had been punted in the skull one week prior by Aaron Blaize. No violence ensued... but Adams declared he was using his rematch clause to face Blaize again... Anyone knowing Rose, knows he will not let this happen... No matter how low, or far he has to go to ensure it.
  • (02-15-10) Justin was rather involved, getting a small piece in with Dynasty early on in the show. Showing unity amongst themselves for their "common" cause, minus Chris Champion. Who showed a small bit of disarray. Later Rose was phoned by the championship committee and forced to give Myke Adams a Barbaric title rematch against Aaron Blaize. Rose would later give Adams a paper with demands, as well as show up after the Main Event to help Lauri Verne and Aaron Blaize attack Chris Champion, officially dumping him from Dynasty. Angered, Rose has booked the next MNA to cause waves, teaming enemies, and even getting involved himself in a handicapped match where he and Lauri Verne shall team against Scarlett Willis...
  • (02-22-10) Rose was involved in a handi-capped match on February 22's MNA alongside Lauri Verne against the SCCW Heavyweight champion, Scarlett Willis. Early in the night he sent word to SCCW fans and wrestlers via Johnny Wilkins in the booth, that the SCCW Heritage tag titles where back in SCCW, and in his very own office. Rose stated he wouldn't let them out of his sight and they would need "pried from his cold dead fingers". His handi-capped match started well, but as he gripped Willis, Verne looked for her trademark kick, the Best Kick Ever, Willis moved and Justin took the hit! Willis then knocked Verne from the ring and got the pin fall on Rose. Livid he signed a Heavyweight title match the following week, Verne against Willis as the MNA Main Event. As the 22nd's MNA closed, we saw a shot of Rose's office and he was busted up and hurting, the Heritage tag straps gone... God only knows now how far this will push Rose, and who he will take his obvious frustrations out on.
  • (03-01-10) Justin was heavily involved on March 1 edition of SCCW Monday Night Aggression, as total control over operations was handed to him by SCCW Owner, Jim Diamond. Rose, along with his friends in Dynasty Aaron Blaize & Lauri Verne, ruled the show. They busted up lower card competitors such as Electro, Natasha, and Rex Masters. But also made their power known to major draws to SCCW, Myke Adams, Scarlett Willis, and others. After the display of power they gave on Monday, how will the roster react... How will Simcoe move forward with Justin having what he has always wanted... POWER.
  • (03/08/10) Justin was decently involved on SCCW‘s March 8 MNA. Getting the tag straps back from UnHoly Trinity, as well as bringing Becky Delounge out by force to ringside during the main event Barbaric submission match between his brother, Myke Adams and best friend, Aaron Blaize. Justin also gave word to Joseph Cole that he would rematch against Chris Bond for the Legacy championship, but that if they battled outside a ring before this rematch they were both suspended and the title would be 'his'.
  • (’’03/15/10‘’) Justin had more of a backstage hand in SCCW‘s MNA on March 15th, only playing a pivotal role on camera after the Main Event, declaring the Main Event for the following MNA would be good friends, Scarlett Willis and Myke Adams, after Adams had stormed out and tried to assist Willis from an attack by Lauri Verne during Willis‘ match against Aaron Blaize. He was also in the ring during Adams’ confrontation with Rose’s personal security, as Myke tried getting at Blaize, ending a Dynasty ring promo before it started. And also confronted Michael Thunder about Lauri Verne backstage…
  • (’’03/22/10‘’) Justin was majorally involved with SCCW's March 22nd MNA. Taking more control from Jim Diamond, he not only had an altercation with Samuel Hessingstock, and Chris Stern. But he played a key role in the show's opening and finish. Lord knows what the future holds for SCCW as Rose slowly creeps over more and more power behind the scenes in Barrie. He has signed a tag match between his good friends, Aaron Blaize & Lauri Verne against Myke Adams & Scarlett Willis for the final MNA before SCCW's first super card of 2010... Blaize of Glory. With the sun's heat already burning between these four, Justin's match may turn into a back fire if none of the four can even make it the following week to BOG... Justin also has plans for finding new Heritage tag champions, and other ideas he will have in play for BOG. If this show goes off without a problem, could SCCW be seeing Diamond exit completely, and turn control over his promotion to the devil himself...
  • (’’03/29/10‘’) Justin showed up quite a few times on MNA, on this night he helped Dynasty set up Myke Adams and Scarlett Willis for an attack, as well as signed the Legacy title match at Blaize of Glory into a best of three falls match. Joseph Cole and Chris Bond's spat looking to go up in flames over this! Flames of destruction. Justin would later even help out Lauri Verne and Aaron Blaize during the main event tag match against Adams and Willis. He ended up chasing a freightened Becky Delounge backstage...
  • (04/05/10) Justin started off SCCW's Blaize of Glory Super show by changing the opening bout from a Six Pack challenge into a Fatal Four way. He wasn't seen again until the show's climax when he came out to assist a hurting Aaron Blaize after Blaize had just lost his Barbaric championship to Myke Adams.
  • (04/19/10) MNA's return to SCCW airwaves after the Blaize of Glory, took place. And Justin Rose used his leverage as the Head of all Operations within Simcoe to revamp the Studio A where the shows took place. During the first event in the revamped arena, Rose kept himself very, VERY, busy. He was first seen backstage with his fellow Dynasty member, a close friend Lauri Verne. The two were talking about Myke Adams before Justin noticed the camera and slammed the door on it. He later scheduled a match between Ladainian Harper and Justin Giomazzo with the winner set to face Riflewilly in a Riflewilly's challenge match. He added in the stip that Rifle himself would referee this contest. Even later he came down to announce some things and was cut off by a returning Paul Cain!!! Rose's former Syndicate friend cut Rose down and finally ended up shell shocking Justin with a nasty kick! Cain left Rose in the ring, floored. Justin was last seen after the Main Event, as Myke Adams looked to finish Scarlett Willis off post contest... Rose emerged with Aaron Blaize. And Dynasty shocked everyone yet again... As Adams and Blaize got face to face, everyone expected a fist fight before Myke simply left his friend, Willis, to the viper. He meet up with Justin as the two brothers left ring side and allowed Aaron to beat on an already fallen SCCW Heavyweight champion.
  • (’’04/26/10‘’) Justin was all through SCCW‘s edition of MNA, first showing up with Myke Adams and Lauri Verne, as the two destroyed the Mullet City Mayors. Nothing was cleared about how Adams ‘hooked‘ up with Rose & Verne after the hell they had put him through for Months before SCCW‘s Blaize of Glory arena event. Later on Rose would be seen multiple more times, seen talking with an angry Chris Bond before sending him off. And once again as he was confronted by former Syndicate stable mate, Paul Cain. The two had a heated exchange before Cain left a furious Rose in his office. This was his final appearance on the show for this night…
  • (05/03/10) Justin took part in a quite a few things on the first edition of MNA during May 2010. First firing Paul Cain, a former stable mate in the Syndicate. Rose would later sign a three on three tag team match, and be seen worried over the where abouts of Lauri Verne. Justin would show up a few matches later, calling off a tag match between Scarlett Willis & Alexander Steele against Myke Adams & Lauri Verne. Stating that Verne & Adams had been in a car wreck. Even later in the show, Rose was seen shocked in his office... Myke Adams had shown up and tossed his Barbaric title onto Rose's desk. The brothers argued, with Adams stating that 'he quit' before Rose signed a Loser Leaves Simcoe match between Myke, and Alexander Steele. Adams didn't seem to care, and when Rose questioned him for a third time about Verne... Adams super kicked Justin in the face! The last thing we saw of Justin on this MNA was him lying in a heap of pain along the corridor backstage...
  • (05/10/10) Justin was seen a few times on the May 10th edition of SCCW's Monday Night Aggression. First he confronted his younger brother, Myke Adams and tried to get him to sign a contract for release in a Loser Leaves Simcoe match Adams was to partake in later in the night. Rose claimed that Alexander Steele had already signed it... Adams rejected with force, hitting Justin in the face and wrecking his office. Rose was seen again after this, as Paul Cain appeared within the crowd. After being fired by Rose the prior week, Justin came out and claimed if Cain wanted to be in SCCW so bad, he could start at the bottom... The crowd was stoked, Rose left. He was last seen after the Loser Leaves Simcoe match, Adams and Steele had wrestled to a time limit draw... Justin came out and stated neither man could leave. Rose was then side kicked by his brother, this making it two weeks going he stared down an Egoshredder superkick! Steele and Adams assaulted Rose's personal guard before Rose made he retreat... 'firing' them both before he exited ring side.
  • (05/24/10) Rose showed up on Monday Night Aggression, only for a one shot segment. He was seen backstage approaching his younger brother, Myke Adams. Adams had a large sum of cash on him, and proclaimed Justin could not fire him, like he had tried a few weeks removed. Adams said his contract was signed by Jim Diamond... Therefore he wrestles for Jim Diamond's SCCW... Not Justin's. He said he was in SCCW to stay, whether Rose liked it or not...
  • (06/08/10) After taking a more backstage role amongst SCCW after the fallout of Dynasty, Rose has had very little screen time on MNA or any SCCW broadcast. He was on hand for the June 7th MNA as he was seen having words with Paul Cain, a former Syndicate member with Justin. After their brief exchange, Rose returned to his more prominent role behind the scenes.
  • (06/22/10) Justin Rose made his first major appearance on SCCW's MNA for a while, he was seen watching the T.V. monitor backstage when Rex Masters approached him and, dressed like Marilyn Monroe, gave Rose a happy birthday dance and song. Rose stated it wasn't his birthday right before Aaron Blaize showed up and slapped the taste from Rex's mouth. Blaize told Justin they had much to discuss before the two walked off. Later in the show, the crowd saw Blaize and Rose argue over Dynasty, their brotherhood as friends, and much more... Pushing Blaize into a fury, Rose was attacked by the SCCW Heavyweight champion. Blaize blasting him with the said title and then going feral on his former, and only friend. Myke Adams showed up and halted the assault, aggravated, Blaize stood up and stared at Myke Adams. Rose fought through his pain to his feet, claiming Blaize would pay... Adams slapped his Egoshredder superkick into Justin's face and Rose went down. An unimpressed Blaize walked off the scene, leaving Rose downed... as his younger half sibling watched him with a grin... What will Rose do now?! What could his plans be to seek vengeance on Aaron Blaize, and Myke Adams... or the Faction as the group continues to grow heat each week... One thing is for sure, Justin shocked a lot of people Monday night... But his journey to prove his chain of heart is legit will be a steep climb.
  • (06/28/10) Justin Rose showed up, even after being viciously attacked the week prior by his former friend, Aaron Blaize and his brother, Myke Adams. Rose announced somethings regarding the special MNA #50 before being cut off by Paul Cain. Rose and Cain were heard arguing before the cameras closed from them. Later he showed up briefly and used security personnel to keep the teams of Chris Champion and Eaton Gore apart from Myke Adams and Lauri Verne. Just what Rose was arguing with Cain over remains to be seen...
  • (07/05/10) Justin Rose was only seen once on the 50th edition of SCCW's Monday Night Aggression... being called out by an upset Paul Cain. The two had been bickering for weeks, but Rose's recent adjustments to his perspective lead to a more calm approach from him. This left him open as Cain had fooled everyone into thinking he had changed... Damien Kahn, Cain's long time muscle attacked Rose from behind... then Cain, Kahn and Cain's tag mate, Justin Giomazzo stomped out Rose. Colton Monroe and Jack Cydel showed up and made the save for Rose, chasing off Cain and his 'crew'. Rose got up and announced a tag contest... the team of Monroe and Cydel against Cain and Giomazzo with the winners getting a shot at the SCCW Heritage tag titles... Is this the end of Rose and Cain's bad blood?! Likely not even close...
  • (07/12/10) Justin was involved rather heavy on SCCW's Monday Night Aggression #51. First he was seen backstage in his personal office, speaking with Chris Bond about the two of them and their common 'enemy' in Aaron Blaize. The scene was ended before too much intel was leaked... Later in MNA's broadcast Justin came out to interrupt his former best friend, Aaron Blaize just as Blaize was giving a post victory speech @ the fans of SCCW. [Blaize had just defeated Griffin Hawkins] Rose taunted Blaize, but before Aaron could attack him, Chris Bond showed up and tried to get the jump on Blaize. Aaron fought him off and put Bond down with his Trailblaizer falling cutter. Before anything else could happen, SCCW's Owner Jim Diamond appeared... And told Justin that he was in on the plan with Blaize to hack SCCW's website, and that he personally favored Aaron's 'brand' of action on SCCW's MNA shows. Justin had little time to react before he was then Trailblaized himself by Blaize before Aaron landed a vile punt kick square into Rose's head! Little is known of Justin's condition after this vicious attack... Or if he remains Jim Diamond's personal rep and general manager of SCCW's operation. In fact no info has been released...

Simcoe County Championship Wrestling -SCCW- (July 2010 - August 2010)

  • (07/19/10) Justin shocked the SCCW World on Monday Night Aggression #52... he showed up just before Aaron Blaize's 'gauntlet match' against Daniel Prophet, Paul Cain, Jace Parker Davidson, and Thomas Watson. Rose was on crutches and looked pretty beaten up... He made his way to the commentator's booth and took color man, Ryan Antonelli's seat on the head sets. Daniel Prophet came out as did Blaize to start the match... with Justin doing play by play, he did not allow the ref to start the contest and even caused a distraction for Aaron. Daniel Prophet's advantage faded as quick as it came... Blaize latched on a Trailblaizer [falling cutter] then quickly punt kicked Daniel in his face! Rose got to ringside after a trial filled stumble fest and yanked Prophet out of the ring so EMTs could help him. Screaming at Blaize, Justin called the other three grapplers to the ring [Watson, Cain, and Davidson] for a three on one match. Blaize managed to land a shot to Jace Parker with his SCCW Heavyweight title belt and got himself DQ'ed before all hell broke loose! Justin Rose being attacked by Cain and his body guard, Damien Kahn... but was saved by the Anarchist Movement! Blaize watched on as security broke up the brawling... but was blind sided by Chris Bond! Bond worked Blaize over bringing the crowd into a frenzy... but Blaize landed a cheap shot and high tailed it from the ring... Knowing Rose is back, what will he try to accomplish on MNA #53 this coming week?! More revenge on Blaize, or shall he go after Paul Cain and his bodyguard?! Or will he be primed encase the Faction tries to seek vengeance for the loss of Lauri Verne?!
  • (07/26/10) Justin came out to start SCCW's MNA, calling out Myke Adams and demanding the Heritage tag titles be turned in. Rose stripped Adams and his injured tag mate, Lauri Verne of the titles. But Adams did not show and a frustrated Rose left ring side, but not after some banter on Paul Cain and Aaron Blaize. Rose also handed out T-shirts... Later in the show he showed up in the Anarchist Movement's locker room, proclaiming he needed to speak with them... This lead to Rose's final appearance on the show. As he approached his office, he found it a wreck, and was startled by a Lauri Verne like mannequin inside. Myke Adams emerged and attacked Justin, telling him he'd never be able to control Faction (Adams' stable with J.T. Cash, and Hannah Rickman!) But Rose was saved once again [just like the prior week's MNA] by Jack Cydel and Colton Monroe! Outnumbered, Adams gave back the tag titles and left after some threats... Together with Cydel and Monroe, Rose was left to pick up the shambles of his office.
  • (08/02/10) Justin was only involved in the build up to SCCW's MNA 54 main event this week... first being seen as he confronted his younger sibling, Myke Adams. Rose had brought Chris Champion with him for back up support as he tried to give Adams a solution to his woes with Champion, this being of-course after both men's tag mates were prematurely retired and injured a few weeks prior. Adams blew them off, stating that they could watch what he was about to do to Bond because Chris Champion would be NEXT... The actual Main Event was a blockbuster match, with Bond eventually gaining the upper hand and locking on his modified cobra clutch, the Long Kiss Goodnight... This after Adams missed his 630 Swanton the Perdition Plunge. Adams could not break free and chose to low kick Bond causing the referee to end the match in Bond's favor by DQ. Adams continued his attack however... and was even joined by Aaron Blaize as the two almost had a one-upsmanship at the expense of Bond before Chris Champion and the Anarchist Movement [Jack Cydel and Barbaric Champion Colton Monroe] came to his aid. Justin would show up and reveal that at MNA 55, Myke Adams and Aaron Blaize would team up against Chris Bond and Chris Champion! Rose's obvious hopes lie in the bitter rivalry between Adams and Blaize causing them to literally turn on one another... Will this work out in Justin's favor? Only time will tell...
  • (08/09/10) Justin was on vacation with his wife [Danine] and their two children... and was not present on SCCW's weekly show, Monday Night Aggression...
  • (08/16/10) Justin was still on vacation with his wife [Danine] and their two children... and was not present on SCCW's weekly show, Monday Night Aggression...
  • (08/24/10) Justin made his return to the SCCW airwaves on Monday Night Aggression #57, first being seen as he broke up a shoving match between Myke Adams and AC Thunder. Rose having security hold and restraint Adams while he told AC that he wanted him focused on his match tonight, a match with Rose's ex-pal Aaron Blaize! Justin was next seen as he had the police come to Studio A and escort Jack Cydel out in handcuffs, Cydel was arrested for possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine. A disgruntled Colton Monroe warned that Justin had better know something he did not... Rose was last saw after the night's main event, when a brawl broke out between the thirteen competitors in the actual Bunkhouse Brawl... Rose sent security to the ring only to have the wrestlers lay them all out... Justin threw his hands up in frustration as the brawl continued until the show went off the air...
  • (08/30/10) Justin came out during SCCW's biggest show of the year, the 2010 Bunkhouse Brawl to announce the CWC and NeWA tag champions would not be showing up for the Bragging Rights contest against SCCW Heritage tag champs, Jace Parker Davidson, and Tara Michaels or Ascended Supremacy. After calling out the champs to give them the low down, he was harassed in the ring before the lights went out. Nightmare Inc showed up when the lights came back on and Tara and Jace were jumped as a match then started... Justin leaving ringside. After a rather quick beat down of Nightmare Inc by the SCCW tag champs... Justin was seen backstage in doubt as Jim Diamond, SCCW sole owner had him sign an unknown document... It was discovered this was his release as SCCW head of operations and a contract to join the active roster or leave SCCW altogether. Justin bumped into the SCCW heritage tag champs right after, fuming he gave them the news... and was joined by his apparent new TAG PARTNER, Colton Monroe!!! The two of them left a not so happy Ascended Supremacy behind as the show moved on...

Simcoe County Championship Wrestling -SCCW- (September 2010 - October 2010)

  • (09/06/10) Justin was first seen on SCCW's first MNA after the Bunkhouse Brawl, edition 358 backstage watching his new tag mate... Colton Monroe pick up a big win over Jacob Harrington. Justin turned to go meet up with Monroe but bumped into his younger brother, Myke Adams. Rose gave Myke props on his big win at Bunkhouse, and said he knew he'd win the Heavyweight title back. Adams spewed venom at Rose, claiming if it wasn't for him and the Syndicate... He'd have never lost it. Justin agreed, with a heavy heart he watched his brother storm by him. Monroe showed up and lifted Justin's mood... together they headed off. After the show's following contest, the SCCW Heritage tag champs, Ascended Supremacy were giving an interview backstage... Justin and Colton broke it up. The four competitors had a brief stare down, and the whole altercation only heated the bitterness between both teams. Justin makes his first return to the ring since Indy X next week as he and Monroe tag up to face Brandon Watkins and AC Thunder!
  • (09/13/10) Justin was first seen as he and his new tag partner, Colton Monroe made the save for the Mullet City Mayors as they were being beat down post match by the tag champions, Ascended Supremacy, Jace Parker Davidson and Tara Michaels. After chasing off the champs, they moved on later in the show and wrestled their first match as a team. Facing off with Brandon Watkins and AC Thunder. The match was well contested, but the Movement [Rose and Monroe's chosen team name] won the contest in the end before being ambushed by Davidson... Jace Parker beating them into the mat with chairs. Tara Michaels joined him in the ring, as Watkins and Thunder tried to come back for the save... Ascended Supremacy laid them out with the chairs as well before leaving ring side... How will Justin and Colton react now?! Knowing the Heritage tag champs attack from behind, might mean they are concerned of the Movement's chances at their championships...
  • (09/20/10) Justin was slated against Tara Michaels on MNA #60, and Colton Monroe against Jace Parker Davidson. Both contest ended in the matches being thrown out, after the Monroe and Davidson match ended in an all out brawl between both teams. The contest between Rose and Michaels was tightly contested until Jace Parker and Colton Monroe both hit the ring, Jace this time hitting Monroe with a chair and causing the ref to call off the match. Ascended Supremacy would then hand cuff Monroe to the ropes and double team Justin. Landing both their finishing moves, Jace hitting his shooting star press onto a chair wrapped around Justin's career threatening right knee, which has been injured and surgically repaired multiple times. The tag champions then left and livid Monroe cuffed to the ropes, and a battered Justin Rose clutching his knee as he fought off care from EMTs. What lies ahead for the Movement now, is Rose's knee once again going to cut his attempts at a ring career short?
  • (09/27/10) Justin was at SCCW's MNA #61, but only briefly. Shown backstage with his partner, Colton Monroe, who was priming to face against Justin's former close friend, Aaron Blaize. Justin told Monroe he would make it back, and they would get their chance at the tag titles and Ascended Supremacy. Monroe stating he was going to use Blaize as an outlet to show the Heritage champs how bad they screwed up by attacking, and injuring Rose's knee! After Monroe left for his match, Justin was startled to find his younger brother, Myke Adams in the Movement's locker area. The brothers talked for a few moments, Myke stating he was tired of all the bullshit going on... And needed to straighten his head. Justin told his little brother it was never too late to say sorry and move on... And with that the shot went back to ringside. Who knows how long Rose will be out of action, but one thing is for sure... With his younger brother's resolve to change and Colton's undying urge to improve in the ring, Rose will NOT allow himself to be down and out for long!
  • (10/04/10) Justin and his tag partner in the Movement, Colton Monroe confronted the SCCW tag champions backstage... After Rose was thought to be seriously injured [via his bad right knee] He proved he was healthy and ready to challenge for the titles. So the challenge was set before Ascended Supremacy and the Movement brawled it out backstage...
  • (10/11/10) Justin and Colton faced off with Tara Michaels and Jace Parker Davidson for the Heritage tag titles... A very well contested match saw the champions defend their titles after Rose was unable to escape a pin whilst Davidson used the ropes for leverage. And the Movement lost their title shot... Justin would not be seen again for the next three weeks. [Believed to be taking a break along with his brother, Myke Adams] Justin should be back in form after SCCW's War Games supercard. His vacation from the ring is basically allowing his knee to completely heal before he and Monroe return to their quest for tag team glory...

Simcoe County Championship Wrestling -SCCW- (November 2010 - December 2010)

  • (11/15/10) Justin returned to SCCW action as part of a tournament to crown a new Legacy champion. In the first round he faced Jacob Harrington, the match was fast and over quickly as Rose dominated Harrington in his SCCW return. Winning the match quickly and moving himself into the second round of the Legacy tournament. He is scheduled to face an old friend in the Syndicate and Dynasty, Chris Champion.
  • (11/22/10) Rose faced off with Champion, the match was a great contest of back and fourth action. With Justin nearly hitting his 'Implosion' spear only to have it evaded by Chris Champion, who would land his own spear then powerbomb Rose with his Cannon Bomb special for the pin. His loss to Champion knocked Rose out of contention for the Legacy title... But he has little time to think it over as he has been already booked against Hannah Rickman on the next SCCW Monday Night Aggression!
  • (11/29/10) Justin faced Hannah Rickman on SCCW's MNA #68 in a second straight losing effort. Justin gave Hannah all his fight, but couldn't over come her resolve to defeat him. Rickman took the win after nailing her Violence if Glamour on Justin. After his loss, Rose is not scheduled to be on MNA #69 this coming week. But one must wonder how he will bounce back as his next scheduled showing is December 13's MNA #70 against SCCW newcomer, Jake Summers.
  • (12/13/10) Justin faced Jake Summers on SCCW's MNA #70. After crushing losses to Chris Champion and Hannah Rickman in the month of November, Justin bounced back. His only showing on the program... He dominated the young Summers from the get go. Leveling him with nearly every signature move Justin has used... Finishing the contest after Jake kicked out of a C-Land special [multiple snap suplexes finished with a bridging fisherman's plex!] with a Closer [stunner] and Rosevine [figure-four] combination. Summers tapped instantly after being twisted into the leg lock. After this strong showing, Justin has been lined up for MNA #71 against a man he has quite the history with... Chris Bond. Can Bond trust that Rose has turned a new leaf? Or will the water under the bridge drown Justin's chances at proving himself to a man he belittled and screwed over in the past?
  • (12/20/10) Justin faced SCCW legend Chris Bond in a one on one contest. Once upon a time Justin had screwed Bond over in his quest for the Legacy title. Helping Hannah Rickman score the championship from Bond. They had a classic for Monday Night Aggression, a very back and fourth contest. Multiple close pins, trading off of many signature moves... Justin finally managed to reverse Bond's Distortion into a Displacer and secure the three count. Thus giving him his second victory in back to back Aggressions. This would also be Justin's final show of 2010. He was given time off along with many other SCCW stars for the holidays. He is yet to be scheduled for any SCCW shows in 2011.

Simcoe County Championship Wrestling -SCCW- (January 2011 - April 2011)

  • (01/10/11) Justin showed up only briefly on SCCW's MNA #72, hitting the ring in stride alongside his brother, Myke Adams as the two made the save for Rose's tag mate, Colton Monroe. Colt was under siege by Chris Champion and Champion's manager Max Money after their Legacy title match. The brothers chased off Money and Champion and helped Monroe from the mat... This was Rose's only appearance since December 20, 2010. One has to wonder if his knee is acting up again, or whether the SCCW front office just hasn't been giving him matches for some other reason. Rose could not be reached for comment.
  • (01/17/11) Justin was only involved in SCCW's Monday Aggression for a one on one match between his tag partner, Colton Monroe, and Ascended Supremacy's Tara Michaels. Justin and Tara's partner, Jace Parker Davidson were 'managers' under 'lumberjack match' rules. The contest was back and fourth a good bit, with Jace and Justin both get involved as much as possible. Eventually however, Tara and Jace's friends in Ascended Supremacy the group showed up... Constance Monroe distracted the referee while Dom Harter kept Justin busy... Thus allowing Jace Parker to enter the ring and land the tag champions double team finisher onto Colton! Tara made the cover after this and won the contest. Justin was furious and attacked the celebrating group only to be quickly outnumbered. Colton fought back up and got outnumbered as well... This brought out, Myke Adams... Justin's brother stormed down to try and help Rose and Colton... But they were still outnumbered... After all three were beaten into the canvas, Chaos Factor showed up, they brought the numbers game into Rose, Colton, and his brother's favor, chasing off Ascended Supremacy.
  • (01/31/11) Justin was not involved in the action on January 24 at SCCW's arena event Atonement, but returned to the show at Monday Night Aggression on Jan. 31st! He showed up from the crowd with a new style, braids in his hair, and new wrestling gear! Warding off Ascended Supremacy as they attempted to attack Jason Steele! Steele had just been betrayed by his Chaos Factor tag mate, Chett Hawkins and beaten by Jen Blackhart and Riflewilly. Ascended Supremacy was at ringside during this match doing commentary, they then attacked! Steele fought the two off best he could, but was outnumbered when a chair became involved! Justin evened the numbers and hit both Tara Michaels, and Jace Parker Davidson with a chair of his own! He was seen before the commercial break assisting Jason Steele back to his feet! Will there be a future here between the two? Justin no longer a team with Colton Monroe, and Jason being betrayed by his own Chaos Factor partner... Have we seen a new team being born?! Only time will tell, Justin is not scheduled for action again this week on SCCW's upcoming MNA #75! He is believed to be resting up and insuring his knee is 100% before the SCCW committee will allow him to return to action! Rose's last match was a victory on December 20th of 2010 against Chris Bond.
  • (02/07/11) Justin was only briefly shown on SCCW's MNA #75. First he was seen in his brother Myke Adams' locker room as Griffin Hawkins came by looking for Myke. Nobody could seem to find him, Adams having been attacked viciously the week prior by Thomas Watson and Lauri Verne. Justin exited the locker room with Hawkins as the two headed off tho try and find Adams. Justin was then seen again later after Myke had shown up and won his match for the night... Justin exited an interview between Myke and Anita Naylor just moments before Myke was attacked yet again by Verne and Watson! After Myke was beaten down and busted open with a lead pipe... Rose returned to chase off his brother's attackers. But it may have been too late! Adams' condition is unknown, but Justin returns to SCCW action this coming week, he is slated to face Constance Monroe one on one during MNA #76!
  • (02/14/11) Justin defeated Constance Monore by DQ on his return to action. He was quickly jumped by Constance and her allies in Ascended Supremacy, Dom Harter, Jace Parker Davidson, and Tara Michaels moments after their one on one match started. Justin fought back but was outnumbered... Jason Steele showed up with a steel chair and saved Rose from the attack. After chasing off Ascended Supremacy, Steele and Rose taunted the group and announced the birth of their NEW tag unit! The Innovators of Chaos!!! How will the team fare as they've clearly stated their intent to end Davidson and Michaels reign as SCCW Heritage tag champions?! Only time will tell... Justin is not scheduled for the next MNA, #77... But chances are he'll be close by watching Jason Steele's back as he takes on Jen Blackhart. Can this new unit do what so many others have failed to do?! Can they really end Ascended Supremacy's dominating reign as tag champions?!
  • (02/21/11) Justin was off for the week of SCCW's MNA #77. Spending the time off with his family, he is slated next week to take on a man who just defeated his tag partner Jason Steele, relatively new to Simcoe... Doom! How will Justin fare? Stay tuned...
  • (02/28/11) Justin was in the show's [MNA #78] first bout... facing off in a Gold Rush preview match against relatively new to Simcoe, Doom! The match was a fast paced affair, with Doom finding himself in the driver's seat until a split second reversal lead to a Justin Rose victory! Justin caught Doom as he attempted a shooting star DDT with a sickening spinebuster before quickly locking on his 'Rosevine' figure four leglock for a quick submission win! This is Justin's second victory against a Gold Rush opponent, making himself look like a popular choice for the possible Heavyweight title shot at stake! Justin came out later and made the save for Jason Steele who was being assaulted by Ascended Supremacy's Jace Parker and Dom Harter! Justin had a steel chair in hand, and chased off the attackers, afterward he and Steele told the two that they would be ready for a fight whenever Ascended Supremacy was... Their new team name, The Innovators of Chaos!
  • (03/07/11) Justin continued his roll towards the SCCW Gold Rush match on Monday Night Aggression #79, teaming with new tag partner Jason Steele as these 'Innovators of Chaos' took on the 'Interminable's' Mopey and Ditzy! The tag match was a rather fast paced affair, with both teams taking turns in the driver's seat before the action spilled out of the ring. The contest ended with a double count out... Then Ascended Supremacy struck, attacking while Jason Steele, and Justin were down. They targeted Mopey's knee... Once Jason and Justin started for their feet however, Supremacy ran off. Justin and his partner helped with the EMTs as they assisted the fallen Mopey backstage. Justin has to burn with a want to finally get the upper hand on Jace Parker and Tara Michaels, this week could be that chance. He and his tag partner are part of the six person Gold Rush match. On the line? A shot at the Heavyweight title!!! Tara Michaels of Ascended Supremacy is also in this contest... A perfect chance for Justin to get some long over due vengenace for all the 'questionable' actions of at least half of Simcoe's tag champions... How things pan out is yet to be seen...
  • (03/14/11) Justin took part in the first ever SCCW Gold Rush match on MNA #80! The contest was the show's main event. Featuring Rose's own tag mate, Jason Steele, and half of the current SCCW Tag champions, Tara Michaels. Also involved was Doom, Jen Blackhart, and Constance Monroe. The winner had to scale a ladder and sceure a breifcase with a GUARENTEED Heavyweight title shot inside. After a wild match... It came down to Rose and Michaels... Justin managed to hit his Displacer cutter from the ladder's top on Tara... He then scaled the ladder and SECURED a chance at the Heavyweight title by being the first ever GOLD RUSH WINNER!!! What's next for the Innovator of Simcoe?! He now holds a huge chance in his very hands...
  • (03/21/11) Rose took part in the Main Event for the second straight week... facing off with the Heavyweight champ of SCCW, Hannah Rickman... The Barbaric champ, Dom Harter... And his former good friend, the Blind Wolf herself, Lauri Verne!!! In a very fast paced main event, Rose took the fall at the hands of Rickman after she used his own pants for leverage in a pin! The ref didn't see it, and Justin was forced to watch the Heavyweight champ celebrate her win. But this likely won't faze the Innovator. As Rose has recently seemed to lose touch with reality in some twisted way... What exactly is going on in the ticker of the Genesis of Genuis?! Only time will tell... Rose is off the schedule for this coming SCCW MNA show.
  • (03/28/11) Rose was off for the week from action, and made only one showing on SCCW's MNA #82! He attempted to tar and feather the heavyweight champion, Hannah Rickman... But instead landed the feathers and sticky substance onto her associate, Laura!!! Rose scampered off after this happened... What happens next for the Genesis as he is set for MNA #83 to face down his younger brother's recent rival... Thomas Watson!?!?
  • (04/04/11) Rose was seen first backstage talking to his younger brother, Myke Adams, on SCCW's MNA #83. Adams warned Rose of Thomas Watson, his opposition for the night. But with Rose's recent change, he blew Adams off and left the scene. Later he would face down Watson, and really shine early on. But Watson and his partner in crime, Lauri Verne, had referee James Smith in their pocket, and he was offciating the contest. Verne hit Justin in the back of his head with a pair of brass knuckles, then Watson leveled Justin with a double underhooked flipping tiger driver onto a chair! The New Order left ring side after Myke, and Aaron Blaize showed up to help Rose. But the damage was done, Justin was bloodied and couldn't leave on his own will... What future lies ahead for the now severely damaged Genesis of Genius. Justin is not slated to compete this coming week on MNA #84, or the following Arena Event, Violence is Glamour! More news as we have it...
  • (04/11/11) Rose was not around for SCCW's MNA #84, but news was leaked that he has been hospitalized for his mental state as of late. More news as it breaks...

Alpha Entertainment -Alpha- (April 2011)

  • (04/20/11) Justin's recent turn of insanity in SCCW turned out to be a farce... As Justin had in fact ask for his leave and it was granted. He has been hired to the General Manager position by Alpha Entertainment! An upstart promotion outta Santa Barbara, USA. Their goals are high, and their sights set even higher. Rose looks to help Alexnader Kraven, the CEO, turn this into a top notch, main stream wrestling product. And has even recruited the long time Indy cult hero, his own brother, Myke Adams. And other Indy legend, his close friend. Aaron Blaize. Alpha looks to launch their Any Given Monday Television program within the next few weeks! Look back for more announcements.
  • (05/30/11) Justin came out during Alpha's first edition of Any Given Monday in Knoxville, TN to get the crowd hyped up and ready for the night's relentless action. He was given his best ovation in ages, likely since his days in RWF as a member of Suicidal Youth... Rose seemed like a new man after the years spent in SCCW playing a jerk and villainous brother to their 'Simcoe Superman' in Myke Adams. Justin seemed to indulge in Knoxville's warm reaction to him, and he delivered a great night of wrestling action... The Thompson-Boling Center shook long after the Main Event had ended!
  • (06/13/11) Justin once again only made a small appearance on Alpha's AGM programming, again thanking the crowd for showing such great support of this new mainstream venue. This time they were in San Antonio, Texas. The show was a success and the crowd seemed to enjoy it from start to finish.
  • (06/27/11) Justin was involved in the show in Portland first 'segment'. Shown backstage as he was confronted by Rian Valiant and Ben Hanson. Valiant trying to have the pin fall he suffered in San Antonio to Trey Jordan reversed by Rose. Justin was holding his ground, when Valiant's opponent for this night, Rose's young sibling Myke Adams showed up. After some words between the four men, Rose finally ask them all to leave him to his work. After the show's final match, Valiant joined forces with Hanson, Syn, and Aaron Blaize to form Zenith! They attacked and injured Adams. Now we must wonder how Rose will react to more attacks on his show!? He already fined Colton Monroe the previous week for attacking a referee after a loss in San Antonio. What type of punishment may, or may not await Zenith now?
  • Nothing transpired from the formation of Zenith, as Alexander Kraven had nearly destroyed Alpha. Over booking the program and placing far too much cash into marketing before revenue was made. Alpha was taken off My Network TV and closed for the rest of 2011, all of 2012 + 2013.

Alpha Entertainment -Alpha- (July 2014 - Oct 2014)

  • Justin Rose bought out all rights to Alpha Entertainment and started to rebuild it for another 'run'. This time trying to blend some indy circuit legends with some fresh out of wrestling school talents. Rose was hoping to combination would give this new Alpha the proper blend of youth meets experience. He launched 'Alpha 2.0' on the ESPN network rather than My Network TV... But after a couple months, Rose shut the promotion down. Rather than handing the reigns onward to either his general manager, and life long family friend Becky DeLounge or someone else... After a near fatal accident almost robbed Rose of his wife Danine, and their two children Madison and Gavin... Justin decided he was done traveling for the business.

Retirement/Life After Wrestling (Oct 2014 - Current)

  • After shutting down Alpha Entertainment for a second time, Rose nearly lost 3/4 of his savings after having to pay 'severance' to some of the 'Indy legends' he had guaranteed contracts with. He retained enough to invest back in his grappling school, the same one he had started many years back with his younger half in Suicidal Youth... Myke Adams. Although his young half sibling remains an active competitor in the business (wrestling as part of Fight One currently) Justin has stood by his hope in their wrestling academy. To date he has a total of 16 students, who pay a monthly fee that in undisclosed to train with the former Pro Champion of the RWF, as well as a multi-time tag team champion in a couple promotions. Justin gets Adams to show up every now and then to assist with lessons. Rose seems content with his life after wrestling, although he's still slightly involved... He prefers teaching youngsters the 'ropes' of the trade, and trying to assist them much like he and Myke's foster father Richard DeLounge had done for him when he was a teen. His wife Danine, son Gavin, and daughter Madison have all overcome any after effects of their auto accident. And the Rose family has been enjoying far more time as a whole, Justin no longer needing the constantly travel for 'work'. He maintains a relationship to the wrestling world regardless of anything, because he likes to take trips North of Maryland to Massachusetts to visit Adams.

Finishing Moves

  • The Rosevine [Figure four leglock, sometimes utilizing the ring post for extra pressure.]
  • The Closer [basically Stone Cold Stunner, set up with quick kick to midsection and all. It involves Justin Rose applying a three-quarter facelock :reaching back and grabbing the head of an opponent, thus pulling the opponent's jaw above the wrestler's shoulder: before falling to a seated position and forcing the opponent's jaw :but predominantly the opponent's neck: to drop down on his shoulder. The free hand is most always used to hold the top of the head. Sometimes however he does the Suicidal Youth "suicide gunz" hand gesture.]
  • Innovation in the Air [this is a corkscrew Guillotine leg drop, Justin usually sets this up with his "GunBlade", then ascends to the top turnbuckle, after a quick taunting of the crowd he performs the move. It is called "Innovation" because he will preform different style dives from the top rope before nailing the leg drop. Mainly the corkscrew, but sometimes 360 front flips, sometimes a split-legged spring board into a front flip... etc., etc...]

Signature Moves

  • The Displacer [WWE's Twist of Fate, in Justin's unique "cutter" variation, Rose first applies a front facelock, he then tucks his arm under the opponent's chin after pivoting 180 degrees inward and bringing them down to the mat with a cutter.]
  • The Pridocide [think WWE Pedigree or Double underhook facebuster, only Justin does this primarily from the top turnbuckle... ex: the opponent is seated on the top turnbuckle facing the ring while Rose stands in front of the opponent on the top turnbuckle before applying the double underhook and jumping backwards, pulling the opponent off the top rope, and falling to his knees driving the opponent's face into the mat.]
  • The C-Land Special [Multiple Snap Suplexes before a Bridging cradle suplex, or fishermen's suplex aka Perfect-Plex.]
  • The Implosion [think a spear, or better yet a vile version of Rhyno's "Gore"! Also known as a shoulder block takedown, this is an attack where an attacking wrestler charges towards a standing opponent, jumps and brings his body parallel to the ground, driving their shoulder into the opponent's midsection, tackling them and forcing them down to the mat. This move will often see the wrestler also pull his opponent's legs, as in a double leg takedown. Rose's version called the Implosion, Justin does not hold on to the opponent to tackle them, but instead uses the move as a high-impact striking maneuver.]

Commonly Used Moves

  • 1. side headlock into spinning drop toe hold
  • 2. wrenching rear chin lock into reverse face buster
  • 3. swinging DDT
  • 4.Top rope Guillotine leg-drop
  • 5. Top rope diving elbow drop
  • 6. Slingshot into turnbuckles (or into a "snake-eyes" across the top rope)
  • 7. multiple Snap suplexes
  • 8. cradle DDT
  • 9. dragon sleeper wrenched for moments before going into a Reverse DDT
  • 10. high Dropkick
  • 11. side headlock into a bulldog
  • 12. Suicide Dive (opponent outside ring)
  • 13. Hurricanrana into mounted punches
  • 14. reverse electric chair drop (sometimes followed by pin attempt)
  • 15. snap ab suplex into a swinging Sambo suplex (think "Testdrive" from WWE)
  • 16. Backbreaker rack dropped into a neckbreaker
  • 17. High-impact delayed spinebuster
  • 18. Arm twist followed by a jumping calf kick
  • 19. Inverted facelock backbreaker
  • 20. double leg hook brainbuster (or Muscle Buster)


  • "The Original"
  • "The Air~Time Innovator"
  • "Jus"
  • "The Suicidal Xtreme"
  • "The Genesis of Genius"


  • Grimskull ( ACWO Stint )
  • GRiM ( SCCW )

Entrance Music

  • "Voodoo" by Godsmack (ACWO)
  • "Of Wolf and Man" by Metallica (RWF tag)
  • "All Nightmare Long" by Metallica (SCCW as GRiM)
  • "Praise" by Sevendust (RWF solo, IWX, SCCW, & Alpha)

Career Highlights & Championships

  • ACWO Tag Team Champion (as Justin Rose w/Myke Adams) (x1)
  • RWF World Tag Team Champion [w/Myke Adams] (x2)
  • RWF Pro Champion (x1)
  • IWX Intercontinental Champion (x1)
  • Won the first ever SCCW Gold Rush six man ladder match.

Notable Match Ups and Feuds

  • Noted by Federations.

ACWO notable match ups and feuds

  • Apocalypse
  • The Druids
  • Mike Fallwell
  • The Ghost from Nowhere
  • Snowbeast

RWF notable match ups and feuds

  • Myke Adams
  • The Army of Darkness (Krypt and Morg)
  • UnHoly Alliance (Drake Macon and The Chosen One)
  • 2xBytch (Tawnya and Amber Bytch)
  • Fire and Ice (Sharlene Berger and Aphrodite)
  • Mad Mumf
  • Fred Debonair
  • Paladin Jay (Jay DeLabrie)
  • Ryan Kilmore
  • Sexton Hardcastle
  • Heatwave
  • Shawn Simmons
  • Barbed Wire Brian McKinley
  • Ursa Adam Majors
  • Marcus Torn
  • The Blob
  • Rob Dracup
  • Dark Angel

IWX notable match ups and feuds

SCCW notable matches and feuds

  • Myke Adams [Rose portraying the masked GRiM] (x2)
  • Scarlett Willis
  • Brandon Watkins
  • AC Thunder
  • Tara Michaels (x2)
  • Jace Parker Davidson
  • Chris Champion
  • Hannah Rickman
  • Jake Summers
  • Chris Bond
  • Constance Monroe

Tag Teams and Alliances

  • Adams and Rose alias SuicidalYouth (alongside Myke Adams) [RWF, ACWO, and IWX] -Tag Team- [1999 - 2008 on and off]
  • The Dynasty (alongside Aaron Blaize and Jonathan Pane) [IWX] -Alliance- [Late 2008- Early 2009]
  • The Triad (alongside Ryan Kilmore and Sexton Hardcastle) [RWF] -Alliance- [Late 2004 - Early 2005]
  • The WIWF (alongside RWF invading rival federation) [RWF/WIWF] -Alliance- [Late 2004]
  • The Syndicate (alongside Paul Cain, Kirsta Lewis and Galactix) [SCCW] -Alliance- [Late 2009 - December 2009]
  • Dynasty (alongside Aaron Blaize, and Lauri Verne) [SCCW] -Alliance- [December 2009 - May 2010]
  • The Movement (alongside Colton Monroe) [SCCW] -Tag Team- [August 2010 - November 2010]

Personal life

Justin has two children with real life partner, and wife, Danine (Preston) Rose. A daughter Madison Michelle (female ode to her uncle Mykeal) and a son, Gavin Wade. He spends most of his with his family. Also maintaining the 'SY Academy' in Maryland, a wrestling school he operates/owns with it's name a reference to Justin's infamous RWF tag team with his younger brother, Myke Adams called the 'Suicidal Youth'.

Contact Information

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