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Josh McCool
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Josh McCool]]
Real name Josh McCool
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Height 6'9"
Weight 266 lbs.
Date of birth December 10, 1982
Place of birth Salem, Oregon
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Unknown
Billed from Eugene, Oregon
Handled by Josh McCool
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Debut January 31, 2002
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Josh McCool (born December 10, 1982 in Salem, Oregon) is an American professional wrestler who has previously performed for the Atlantic Wrestling Association (AWA) and the Southeast Wrestling Federation (SWF).

Brief Biography[]

Josh McCool grew up in Oregon, and was an All-State football player and wrestler under the tutelage of Russell Ziset, who would later move on to the AWA himself. As a popular member of the team, McCool had several run-ins with Ziset as he represented the view of the team, including one famous altercation involving an injury that Ziset saw as letting the team down. He went on to attend the University of Oregon for a term before making his move into the world of professional wrestling, becoming the youngest wrestler in the AWA. He quickly amassed a 10-0 record, including a victory over Ziset in a retirement match, before the original AWA folded, then made his way to the Southeast Wrestling Federation, where he was a franchise player and title holder before his run was ended due to disagreements with the rumoredly corrupt administration. He compiled an 25-7-1 record in the AWA's most recent incarnation, including his first Heavyweight title reign. He has since been earning his degree and waiting for the right moment to make his glorious return to the ring.

Wrestling Facts[]


Finishing Moves

  • Facelift (Clothesline From Hell)
  • Final Decision (Chokeslam)
  • Damn Fine Move (Fame-Asser)

Signature Moves

  • Higher Calling (Jackhammer)
  • WMD (Powerbomb, but McCool just drops his opponent)
  • Punches to the chops
  • Dropkick
  • Sleeperhold
  • Reverse Neckbreaker
  • Powerslam



  • Alyce Loysell

Championships and Accomplishments[]

Atlantic Wrestling Association

  • 1-time AWA Heavyweight Champion
  • 2-time AWA Atlantic Champion
  • 1-time AWA Television Champion

Southeast Wrestling Federation

  • 1-time SWF Iron Man Champion
  • 2-time SWF Hardcore Television Champion

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