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Jon Sloan
Image of Jon Sloan
Real Name Jon Sloan
Ring Name(s) JayDee
The Shiz
Jon Sloan
Height 5'10" (177.8 cm)
Weight 213 lbs (96.6 kg)
Date of Birth April 1, 1975 (age 47)
Place of Birth Greenwich, Connecticut Flag of the United States.png
Resides Chicago, Illinois Flag of the United States.png
Billed From Chicago, Illinois Flag of the United States.png
Trainer WWA Talent Development
Current Fed(s) Calamity Fight Club
Former Fed(s)


Debut April 3, 2006

Jonathan David "Jon" Sloan (born April 1, 1975) is an American professional wrestler and musician. Sloan is best known for his appearances in the Calamity Fight Club (CFC) promotion as The Shiz, where he is currently contracted. Outside of wrestling, he is also the lead vocalist and guitarist for his band, Death Beetel.

Sloan is a former CFC Champion, TWE World Heavyweight Champion, TWE Champion, NLCW North American Champion, CFC Tag Team Classic winner, NLCW American Champion, NLCW Television Champion as well as a former TWE Intercontinental Champion, having achieved his earliest major success during this reign.

Early life

Sloan was born in Greenwich, Connecticut, the only child of Sue (née Palmer), a waitress, and Christopher Sloan, an auto mechanic. The family moved frequently during Sloan's childhood, living in more than twenty different locations before eventually settling in Santa Fe, New Mexico when he was 14. After graduating from Capital High School he worked as a parking valet for various nightclubs. Sloan began to break into the world of real estate around the age of 20 as a real estate broker. After five years, he decided to follow his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. Sloan moved to California to begin his training. He trained for years, vowing not to test his ability until he was absolutely ready.

Professional wrestling career

WWA — World Wrestling Alliance (2006 - 2008)

Advocate's Unnamed Forces

Jon Sloan made his debut April 2006 in WWA as a nobody. He was considered a joke and his name would often be forgotten. On the occasion he was remembered, he would be referred to as "Jon Who?" Not too long after his debut with the company he was recruited as a member of CEO Advocate's stable of rising stars, the AUF. As a member of the AUF, he proclaimed himself to be the team captain without ever establishing himself as the rightful leader. Feeling the confidence of being in a stable, he then began to think highly of himself, declaring to personally take over the WWA.

European Championship

Earning a title shot against the current champion at the time, "The Insane Machine" Joey Rivers, Sloan was the obvious underdog to the much more experienced and dominant Rivers. Still, with the odds stacked against him, he entered the match in hopes of getting lucky. After a brutal beating on Sloan's part, Rivers looked to end the match only to have his former friend, Superstar, strike him with his signature finishing maneuver the Starstruck, allowing Sloan to capture his first ever championship belt.

War Games

Jon Sloan at a WWA house show

As an annual event, the War Games match was held at the WWA pay-per-view, War at the Shore 2007, pitting Team TAD against Team AUF inside the cage. Around this time Sloan had grown obsessed with the European Championship, caring little about the brutal match or the well being of his teammates. When finally entering the steel structure, he was immediately greeted with ring steps into the side of the head. The War Games match proved to be unforgiving for Sloan who would later go on to receive a Target-Lock off of the top of the ladder before ultimately losing the match due to the leader of the AUF (as well as Team AUF), Patrick Breeze, turning on his comrades in the midst of certain victory.

Roland Van Owen

Shortly after Roland Van Owen earned a shot at Sloan's title, the two men engaged in a heated feud that lead to a match at the Retribution pay-per-view for the European Championship. In the closing minutes, Sloan was able to deliver his signature Slingblade finishing maneuver on Van Owen. However, when making the cover Van Owen managed to place his foot on the bottom rope. The ref was out of position to catch the rope break and awarded Sloan the victory. Van Owen was given another opportunity as a result of this mistake. Making the most of his second opportunity, RVO was able to use Sloan's own Slingblade to set up his top rope somersault legdrop, called Rip This Joint, also gaining his first championship belt. Later, Sloan exercised his rematch clause as the former champion but was unsuccessful. This would be his last appearance in WWA. After a 13 month hiatus, Sloan was released from the company.

NLCW — No Limits Championship Wrestling (Late 2006 - 2009)

Rick Majors & Cruiserweight Championship

Feeling there was no competition for the Cruiserweight Championship, Rick Majors issued an open challenge to anyone on the NLCW roster. To his surprise, someone he had never competed against or heard of before accepted his challenge, the newcomer Jon Sloan. With limited experience with the company, no one expected him to talk such a big game, showing no fear and no respect towards the ring veteran. In the weeks leading up to the When Worlds Collide 2007, Sloan and Majors engaged in various violent altercations. Clashing at the pay-per-view, Majors was able to defeat Sloan but after the match Sloan mercilessly attacked Majors and injured him before stealing the Cruiserweight Championship, claiming it as his own.

Sloan meets a young fan during an autograph signing session

For months, Sloan would be spotted with the title often referring to himself as the legitimate champion when, in reality, it still belonged to the injured and presumably retired Rick Majors. During this time Sloan was involved in a minor feud against The (Prince of) Punk, defeating him at Havok 2007.

Just as Sloan was getting comfortable with the championship belt, Majors made his triumphant return from his injury, attacking Sloan and forcing him to flee. Culminating into a championship ladder match at All Hallows Eve 2007, Sloan was looking to take the torch from Rick Majors and end his career once and for all. Majors, on the other hand, was not ready to calls it quits from wrestling, defeating Sloan for the title once again, regaining the Cruiserweight Championship back in a climatic finish to the feud.

Isaac Reynolds

After taking a month to recuperate from the ladder match with Rick Majors, Sloan's next objective was to prove that he was the dominant newcomer to NLCW with the most promising future in the company. Another talented newcomer, Isaac Reynolds was burning his name across NLCW like wildfire and Sloan saw Reynolds as his main competition. Both men decided to prove who the better man was at the grandest stage of them all, Slamfest XI, Reynolds also putting his American Championship on the line. In a gallant effort, Sloan was unable to topple the monstrous Reynolds and suffered a defeat by his hands via The Reality Shock.

John Thomas

Upon making his first appearance in months, Jon Sloan offered insulting comments during an interview, belittling John Thomas for embracing his background. Overhearing these words, an infuriated Thomas stormed to the ring, issuing him challenge. At Rising Sun 2008, with both men evenly matched, Sloan was eventually able to put Thomas away with a Double Cross.

Sloan faced off against Frank Merritt and Kyle Jordan in a Triple Threat in his first match on Avulsion. Being the underdog of the bout, Sloan was able to capitalize at the right moment, pinning Jordan to the mat. Without much time to celebrate, Thomas stormed the ring and exchanged blows with Sloan, eventually leading out into the audience. Merritt, bitter about his loss to Sloan, opted for a one-on-one Falls Count Anywhere match. After the bout lead backstage, an innocent bystander accidentally pepper sprayed Merritt, originally intended for Sloan who was able to dodge it, stunning him long enough for Sloan to pick up another win on Avulsion.

In an attempt to dish out some of Thomas' own medicine, Sloan attacked Thomas from behind but was eventually chased off with a barbwire bat. Prior to the match with Robbie Venom, Sloan announced that his match against Thomas at the PPV will be a Blood Is Thicker Than Wood (II) Tables match. Sloan was eventually able to connect with the Double Cross to beat Venom as well as become the new Television Champion. At Extreme Consequencez 2008, Sloan endured a massive amount of punishment before retaining his title against Thomas.

PrOjEkT MaYhEm

An unknown stable began its uprising, sending our riddles and cryptic messages throughout the company. Calling themselves Projekt Mayhem, they revealed four members and one leader who vowed to save NLCW. Garnering much publicity with the actions and promises they carried out, Sloan decided to prove their insignificance by challenging one member of Projekt Mayhem to attempt to take his Television Championship. Tomax accepted the challenge and on Avulsion, Tomax would score the upset in a controversial decision. After suffering a humiliating defeat, Sloan disappeared.

Projekt Mayhem continued to prove their critics wrong as they captured the NLCW Women's Championship, retired Faith, defeated the NLCW American Champion, Sean Galen, but narrowly failed to win the NLCW Undisputed World Championship.

Sean Galen

Xamot, of Projekt Mayhem, revealing himself to be Jon Sloan

At Conflicting Values 2008, Projekt Mayhem promised that the members would be revealed. Xamot would challenge Sean Galen for his championship but was unsuccessful. After Enigma lost the Undisputed World Championship to Chris Logan in the main event, Projekt Mayhem stormed the ring and shook hands with Skyler, revealing him to be the mastermind all along. Sloan, Dazz, Tanya Black and Lestat the Vampyre would all de-mask to uncover their true identities, Sloan wrestling under the Xamot name. Not long after the identities were revealed, Dazz left the stable for personal reasons.

A returning Alex Jay called out and challenged Sloan, now referring to himself as The Shiz, to a match on Avulsion. In an even match, Jay was able to pin Shiz cleanly after delivering the Frog Splash. Following the match, The Saints made their way to the ring. Showing cruel intentions towards Jay, Galen instead struck down the groggy Shiz with a baseball bat before The Saints shook hands with their new member, Alex Jay.

Vowing for some payback, The Shiz wanted to face Galen without any outside interference. On Avulsion prior to the pay-per-view, he revealed the contest to be a Cage match for The King's championship belt. At 1NE 2008, with Enigma's assistance, Shiz won the American Championship after putting Galen away with the Jonton Bomb.

Hardcore Hendrick

Shortly after Hardcore Hendrick declared a rematch for the Hardcore Championship The Shiz interrupted, stating he was more hardcore than Hendrick and deserved the right instead. Hendrick then responded by challenging The Shiz to an unknown match at the pay-per-view which was hesitantly accepted. On Avulsion, The Shiz and Hendrick battled in a standard singles match only to end in a double DQ. Backstage that same night, Projekt Mayhem brutally assaulted Fuel, as well as Hendrick who tried to interfere, before adding insult to injury by forcefully unmasking him and revealing Fuel's true identity. At When Worlds Collide 2008, The Shiz faced Hendrick in a Street Fight which was revealed right before the beginning of the match. Surprising his critics, Shiz was not only able to keep up with his opponent but eventually went on to defeat Hendrick with the help of the returning Kelly Rien.

Sean Galen II

After Enigma's successful title defense at When Worlds Collide 2008, Ryan Coleman returned to assault him which prompted The Shiz to come to the aid of his stablemate. Unexpectedly, The Shiz was intercepted by the former American Champion, Sean Galen.

Motorcycle Accident

In late 2008, a car ran a red light colliding with Shiz's motorcycle, bringing an abrupt detour to The Shiz's thriving wrestling career. The accident caused a break in The Shiz's femur, torn ligaments in his knee and two broken vertebrae in his neck, one of which was pressing on his spinal cord. The injuries required an operation and he underwent extensive surgery. Approximately one month later, The Shiz began a rigorous rehabilitation process which had been announced would likely keep him out of action for eight months, possibly even longer.

Drew Graham & Departure

Making a surprise return to NLCW, now sporting a new look and attitude, he was inserted as Drew Graham's opponent at Eternity 2009 for the brand new North American Championship. In a highly competitive match, The Shiz was able to pin Graham after the Fatal Affliction to become NLCW's first North American Champion. In August 2009, Sloan had reported on his MySpace page that he tore his right triceps during a match. Due to his injury, The Shiz was forced to vacate the North American Championship, as he would be sidelined from active competition. This was heartbreaking, having just returned from a previous injury a month before. The Shiz went on to have successful surgery on his arm in September. He was later released from his NLCW contract December 2009 during his recovery.

OVW/TWE — Online Virtual Wrestling / Total Wrestling Entertainment (Late 2007 - 2010)

Intercontinental Championship

In his debut match with OVW he faced off against the Intercontinental Champion, "The Icon" Sting. Upsetting the champion, Sloan showed he meant business, cleanly defeating Sting to become the new Intercontinental Champion. Shortly thereafter, Sting left the company and Sloan prepared for an impressive career in OVW. This became only his second official championship since his run in WWA.

The Bashman

As the new champion, Sloan established himself a winning streak, defeating each opponent after the next, climbing up the ranks in OVW. Soon he found himself near the top of the mountain along with the, OVW World Champion, the Bashman. Sloan was looking to show that he was not scared when it came to facing the World Champion while the Bashman was unimpressed with Sloan's record. Eventually Sloan and Bashman were scheduled for a non-title match but was pushed back a week. The week after, both men fought to a no contest. It wasn't until much later that Sloan was finally able to pick up a victory over the Bashman even with Ariel in Bashman's corner.

Shaun McMahon

With OVW changing its name to TWE, the World Championship and Women's Championship were vacated along with the introduction of a new look and brand new General Manager of Tuesday Night Enigma, Shaun McMahon. McMahon was formally announced in front of the crowd and Sloan decided to familiarize himself with the new GM. McMahon receiving a chilly welcome from the crowd as well as the Intercontinental Champion, he retaliated by disrespecting Sloan. The GM, being placed in a match with Sloan, looked to teach him a lesson but Sloan was able to pick up the win. McMahon tested his ability as a tag team competitor, teaming up against Alex Cool against Jon Sloan and Peter Siddorn only to suffer another defeat. McMahon, tired of playing games with Sloan, placed himself in a title match at Deception 2008. The majority of the match being one-sided, Sloan easily retained his Intercontinental Championship, unfortunately, injuring McMahon in the process and ending his career with TWE.


Jon Sloan on the cover of the TWE Ring Of Honour PPV poster

When Thiatan made his return to the TWE roster, Jon Sloan was the first to welcome him back to the company. From there a friendship was born as both men had a mutual respect for one another. After each man had been dominating in singles matches, it was announced that Sloan would be competing against his good friend, both of their streaks on the line. Sloan went toe to toe with Thiatan, but in the end, the champion snapped and hit his opponent with the Intercontinental Title to disqualify himself as well as forfeit his streak to Thiatan. From there, it was announced that Thiatan would be challenging for the title at the next TWE pay-per-view, Ring Of Honour 2008.

Sloan earned his way back into Thiatan's good graces as he apologized for his previous actions before their Beer Drinking Contest on Enigma. Thiatan would go on to win the contest only to find out that Sloan had faked unconsciousness in order to get the upper hand on the intoxicated Thiatan. After Sloan had shattered a beer bottle over Thiatan's forehead, he would then add insult to injury, putting him through a table with The Major Impact 2.0. As a result of his cowardly attack, Thiatan would later reveal the stipulation of the title match to be a Blood Is Thicker Than Wood (I) Tables match. At the PPV, the two squared off in a grueling match and in the end, Thiatan was able to put Sloan through a table and become the new TWE Intercontinental Champion. After the match both men reconciled, their friendship renewed.

Bella Hunter

Introducing himself to the new TWE Diva, Bella Hunter, the two instantly hit it off resulting in a date later that night. After his night with Bella, Sloan ran into his former infatuation standing in the parking lot of the arena. Facing his demons he told Ariel he no longer cared about her, leaving her behind. Minutes after, Bella and Ariel engaged in a heated confrontation, leading to a brutal altercation. The following Enigma, Bella was set to face off against Ariel for the first time (with Sloan in Bella's corner and Bashman in Ariel's corner, respectively) only to come up short against the former TWE Women's Champion. Sloan's contract with TWE expired and for personal reasons Sloan opted not to renew, effectively handing over his resignation in the process. Shortly after, his profile was removed from TWE's official website.

Chris Hero

With an unexpected return to TWE as JayDee, he was placed in the World Heavyweight Championship bout as the Special Guest Referee at Slam Mania II. In the final moments of the match Chris Hero would remove JayDee from the equation, inadvertently hitting him in the head with the championship belt, missing his opponent The Bashman. Hero would eventually be able to deliver the Hero's Welcome on Bashman for the victory, with a replacement referee making the decision.

A World Championship bout was announced as the main event for the next PPV involving Hero, Bashman and JayDee. Later, JayDee defeated The Bashman in a Cage match on Tuesday Night Enigma. At Forever Immortal 2009 JayDee secured Bashman's victory, effectively costing Hero his championship.

TWE Championship

'Iconic' JayDee action figure

JayDee would now set his sights directly on the World Heavyweight Championship now that he exacted his revenge. Nick Corvo was the next competitor for The Bashman as Corvo defeated Hero in a number one contender's match. JayDee challenged Corvo to a match, putting the number one contendership on the line. JayDee would go on to win the match after submitting Corvo with the Lockdown.

Before JayDee got to face the champion, Bashman was stripped of the World Heavyweight Championship by officials as the title had been retired and replaced with a new belt, the TWE Championship. A tournament would be held immediately at the next PPV. In the quarterfinals of the tournament, JayDee beat AJ Styles at Road to Redemption 2009. In the semifinals Alex Shelley tapped out, advancing JayDee even closer to the belt. Main eventing Tuesday Night Enigma, JayDee faced the young up-and-comer Medos. After a grueling match with both men being confined inside a steel cage, JayDee finally managed to put Medos away and become the first ever TWE Champion.

His celebration would be short-lived as the following week a number one contender was named, that man being none other than Edge. Edge, attempted to get into the head of JayDee week after week until he was brutally attacked by a fan at a house show, days before he was to compete for the title. At War Zone 2009, JayDee was told that the match would continue with a last minute replacement opponent who's identity was withheld. In a shocking event, Chris Hero emerged revealing he was the "fan" who assaulted Edge. Immediately after the confession, a brawl broke out with the match never officially beginning. Hero would proceed to batter the champion for over 20 minutes before finally ending the night standing over a bloodied JayDee with the title high above his head. It was later posted on that JayDee had been injured and would be forced to surrender the TWE Championship.

Return & Final Run

After a short absence, JayDee was spotted attending TWE Forever Immortal in the front row. Josh Matthews delivered a brief interview in which JayDee took the opportunity to reveal that he has been medically cleared to return to the ring. At the next episode of Monday Night Enigma, it was announced that he was signed to a new contract would be debuting the following week. JayDee had his work cut out for him, being placed in a Triple Threat match against Jake Orton and Big J. With a distraction from CM Punk's entrance music playing, Orton was able to roll up JayDee for the three count. At TWE Extreme Rules, JayDee was involved in another Triple Threat match against Big J but now including Jason Grant this time. CM Punk made an actual appearance at the end of this match knocking JayDee off the top rope, allowing Grant to cover Big J freely.

CM Punk then began an aggressive recruiting campaign for his Straight Edge Society, starting with JayDee. CM Punk and JayDee finally met for the first time in singles competition, where Punk picked up the win following a GTS. JayDee faced Jake Orton on the next episode of Enigma which would end in a double countout. JayDee, along with Brian Stryker, faced CM Punk and Nick Corvo in a Tag Team match. Corvo, sharing the same opinion of Punk as JayDee, did little to assist his partner, resulting in JayDee pinning Punk to end the match. later announced that CM Punk and JayDee were to face each other at the next PPV with the addition of Nick Corvo being the Special Guest Referee. It was all or nothing at TWE Road to Redemption as the winner would own the rights to the loser's contract with the company. In a climactic conclusion, JayDee defeated CM Punk with a Fatal Affliction out of nowhere for the win. After the match, JayDee ripped up Punk's contract, effectively firing him from the company and having him escorted out of the arena.

Shortly after the Road to Redemption PPV, TWE filed for bankruptcy allowing no other choice but to close its doors, releasing all contractual obligations from the members of the roster.

WWH — World Wrestling Headquarters (Early 2008)


Debuting in his first match on Demolition, Sloan was able to beat "The Raven" Scott Levy. In a Three-Way Dance involving Sloan, Triple H and Assassin, Triple H walked away with the win. On Warzone before Welcome to the Jungle 2008, Sloan won an over-the-top-rope Battle Royal after finally eliminating Lance Harris. Sloan was involved in a 10-Man Battle Royal to decide the number one contender for the Spirit Championship, which was won by Dirk Dillinger. This was his last television appearance. The next week, Sloan was released from his WWH contract. Sloan issued a statement through his MySpace saying that the release was mutual and that he'd requested it.

APWC — Apocalyptic Pro Wrestling Championship (2009)


Upon arriving in APWC under the ring name JayDee, he would immediately be placed in the Icon Championship Tournament. He was, however, eliminated early on by Devlin Raines in both men's first match on Defiance. JayDee would then face fellow newcomer Triple G, finishing him off with the Fatal Affliction after a distraction by Johnny Nova. In a dark match before Carnival of Carnage 2009, he defeated DJ Styles in singles competition. In what was a back and forth match, JayDee would go on to get the pinfall victory over Jiraiya.

Icon Championship

With the top contender for the Icon Championship, Devlin Raines, losing interest of the audience and JayDee continuing his rise, JayDee was given a shot at the title. With bad blood already present between JayDee and the reigning champion JT Hunt, the upcoming match was much anticipated. Neither man was able to foresee Randy Roberts making his return, attacking both competitors towards the end of the match resulting in a no contest. Shortly thereafter the company went bankrupt, relieving all wrestlers of their contractual obligations.

WCF — Wrestling Championship Federation (Early 2011)

Hardcore Championship & Departure

JayDee made his debut in Wrestling Championship Federation against fellow newcomer, Anthony Royal, on the flagship show Slam. Both men were evenly matched but Royal was able to secure the victory. After showing an impressive performance, he was placed in a match with six others to battle for the vacant Hardcore Championship at WCF Payback. Royal, whom was also a participant, narrowly walked away with the win as well as the championship. It would later be announced that JayDee was placed in a Triple Threat match on Slam against a familiar face, John Thomas, along with "The Demon of War" Shulmanu to decide the number one contender for the recently crowned WCF Hardcore Champion. Prior to the match, Shulmanu viciously attacked Thomas, effectively eliminating him from the bout. JayDee put up a valiant effort against Shulmanu in what was then turned into a Singles match after the backstage attack, but Shulmanu eventually made quick work of JayDee finishing him with a devastating Feed the Gods. posted an update revealing JayDee had suffered a serious neck injury after the encounter with Shulmanu. WCF would later release JayDee from him contract before being able to make his return.

EHWF — Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation (2013)


Rumors had been circulating around the internet of JayDee's possible return to professional wrestling after his band, Cleveland City Council, had finished touring Europe. Those rumors were confirmed when he was spotted on an episode of Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation Friday Night Mayhem, walking out of the General Manager's office with his good friend, Ralyks. Shortly thereafter, the card for the upcoming pay-per-view, Trial of Tears, was updated to reveal that JayDee would make his EWHF in-ring debut against Kaz. At Trial of Tears, in a closely contested bout, JayDee was about to pull out an upset against the established Kaz using his DET maneuver. The following week JayDee was included in a Tag Team match on short notice, teaming with Scott Wilson to face Frank Finelli and Jason Dave. Wilson no-showed, resulting in the match continuing as a Two-on-One Handicap instead. Surprisingly, JayDee was able to hold his own until Kaz interfered, knocking down the referee before brutalizing JayDee with his steel chair wrapped in barbed wire, referred to by Kaz as "Robbie." Once the referee recovered, Dave was able to make the pin to finish the match. On the next episode, JayDee got his payback as he ran out after Kaz's match with Domenic Mazzio, attacking him with his own signature weapon. The following week JayDee was involved in a Triple Threat match against Mayhem World Champion Drake Coleman and top contender David Arnold, Arnold ultimately being able to put JayDee away with The Shock of Fear.

Come EHWF's biggest pay-per-view of the year, Scars & Stripes, JayDee and Kaz were scheduled to face off in a Ladder match with Robbie hanging above the ring. The first man to reach the weapon and use it on their opponent would be recognized as the winner. At the end of the match, JayDee on one ladder was able to push Kaz's ladder over, sending him crashing to the outside in complete devastation. JayDee then retrieved Robbie from above the ring and was moments away from securing the win but instead opted to spare his opponent, defiantly dropping the weapon to declare that they were finished. In a sudden turn of events, Kaz picked up the chair and smashed JayDee's skull in, winning the opening match in controversial fashion.

Their rivalry ultimately culminated into a barbaric Barbed Wire Steel Cage match at King of Bereavement. In what was widely believed to be one of the most violent and action packed matches in EHWF's recent history, Kaz and JayDee beat each other profusely with no man clearly dominating the majority of the match. Both competitors eventually scaled to the top of the cage and coming within inches of defeating Kaz, JayDee was barely halted by his opponent and finished with a swift roundhouse kick to the temple. After sending JayDee crashing into the canvass below, Kaz was then able to escape the structure to end the feud. This was done to write JayDee off television as he was taking a hiatus to tour with his band for the remainder of the year. In an interview for, JayDee revealed that he will not be a full-time wrestler due to his musical ventures and his reoccurring injuries from his vigorous wrestling career.

TWE — Total Wrestling Entertainment (Early 2015)

Blackout & World Heavyweight Championship

Around December 2014, Sloan was tweeting cryptic messages from his account that began to catch the eyes of wrestling fans. Weeks later, Total Wrestling Entertainment announced his signing, under his ring name The Shiz, through their website. The following Monday Night Enigma, The Shiz made his return in a Triple Threat match against Blackout and the reigning World Heavyweight Champion, John Steel. The Shiz was able to single out Steel, finishing him with a Diving Splash. Blackout, angered by the win, attacked The Shiz after the match. Next week on Enigma, The Shiz faced the brute Vik Anders in a No Disqualification match. As he was about to secure the win, Blackout made a surprise appearance, distracting The Shiz long enough for Anders to Chokeslam him off of the top rope through a table before being pinned. Blackout and The Shiz would meet once again at Road to Redemption 2015 in a Steel Cage match. In the final minutes of the match, The Shiz was able to sneak in his acoustic guitar through the cage door and blast Blackout with it, allowing himself to escape the structure.

Blackout and Phantom of The Order

The Shiz was placed in a match against Endee Leights in the quarterfinals of the TWE World Heavy Weight Championship Tournament. He pulled her tights, without the referee's knowledge, and snuck away with the win. In the semifinals, The Shiz faced Harvey Jordan in a very close battle but was able to submit him with his debut of the Hangman's Clutch. The Shiz met Stefan Raab in the tournament finals in, what proved to be, his toughest match since making his return to TWE. Ultimately, The Shiz was able to put Raab away with the DET and become TWE World Heavyweight Champion for his first time. Immediately after the match, Blackout's stablemate from The Order, Phantom, brutalized the newly crowned champion. The Shiz later accepted Phantom's challenge to an undisclosed match but refused to put his title on the line. At Born to be Champion 2015, prior to the bout, Blackout revealed the match to be a Full Metal Mayhem match. Phantom dominated in a mostly one-sided beating until The Shiz was able to knock Phantom off of the ladder, sending him through two stacked tables. Moments away from defeating Phantom, Blackout interfered, eventually allowing Phantom to deliver the Supreme Phantasmal Crasher off of the ladder through six steel chairs for the upset.

The Order faced The Shiz and his associate, Cesaire, in a Tag Team match on the following Enigma, only to have it end in a no contest after the brawl spilled out into the audience. Blackout finally got his opportunity for The Shiz's belt as the two faced off in a Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship. In a shocking act of revenge, The Shiz delivered his DET to Blackout on top of the steel steps before finishing him off with the Stage Dive, putting an end to their violent feud.

Stefan Raab

With Slam-Mania only weeks away, President Anderson was determined to put on a fitting main event for TWE's biggest pay-per-view of the year, hand-picking Stefan Raab as the new number one contender. This appeared to upset The Shiz, as he already bested him in the tournament and felt Raab was undeserving of the title opportunity. Later, The Shiz teamed with Endee Leights to face Raab and Chris Matthews in a Tag Team match, which was won by Matthews after pinning Endee to the mat. The following week, The Shiz and Raab met in the ring once again but this time for a contract signing that would officially authorize their match at Slam-Mania. The Shiz attempted to persuade Raab from proceeding with the match, trying to create sympathy for himself. For a moment it looked like it was going to work in the champion's favor, but Raab saw right through this facade, signing the contract regardless. At Slam-Mania, the two faced each other for the World Heavyweight Championship. In the final moments of the match, The Shiz ordered his associate, Cesaire, to retrieve his trusty guitar. Cesaire couldn't bring himself to do it, leaving The Shiz deserted. Raab was then able to counter the springboard dropkick into The Ice Storm for the win.

Scotty Paine

The Shiz and Scotty Paine stare each other down before their horrific Anarchy Rules match

Fresh out of Slam-Mania, The Shiz faced the former member of Platinum Act, Scotty Paine, in a Last Man Standing match. Being able to hold his own in a match that heavily favored Paine, The Shiz utilized Paine's own Paineful Experience maneuver through a flaming piece of broken table to defeat him. The Shiz would go on to defeat Equinox on the next edition of Enigma after Cesaire, uncharacteristically, intervened in the match. After the match, The Shiz was being interviewed before Paine blind-sighted him out of nowhere. The assault eventually ended, but not before The Shiz was piledriven onto a monitor. With The Shiz feeling confident in his ability to defeat Paine in any match, he challenged Paine to a face him at Extreme Rules, even allowing him to choose the match type. Paine ultimately decided to face him in his signature Anarchy Rules match, opening the show with a gruesome war between the two. The Shiz was finally able to stop Paine by delivering his DET off of a ladder onto a pile of steel chairs.


Echelon competing in tag team competition

Unsure of the direction The Shiz wanted to take his career, he took a week off to give it some thought. Upon his return, he announced that he was going to be focusing on the newly reestablished tag team division, teaming up with a mystery partner. Cryptic messages would appear irregularly for weeks until The Shiz walked out to the ring, revealing to the public that his mystery partner was, none other than, his old rival Equinox and they would collectively be known as Echelon. The two members of Echelon would periodically interrupt TWE programming with segments, reminiscent of public service announcements. They made their in-ring debut together against the tag team favorites, Chris Hunter and Kyle O'Brien of The Enterprise. After a closely contested battle, Echelon was able to pick up the decisive victory.

For reasons unknown, Echelon did not make many more appearances together as Equinox was busy defending his Velocity Championship while The Shiz was noticeably absent from television. Rumors later arose about The Shiz, stating that he was having difficulties juggling both his professional wrestling career and his music career simultaneously. Eventually, The Shiz and TWE parted on good terms, mutually agreeing on this decision.

CFC — Calamity Fight Club (Late 2015 - Present)


To the surprise of the fans in attendance, The Shiz made his debut for Calamity Fight Club in the opening match of Fight Night 1, facing off against K-AZZ. The two men set an electrifying pace for the rest of the card, which ended after The Shiz was able to counter the Flash Magic into a Lockdown, resulting in a tap out. Fight Night 2 pitted The Shiz against the rookie, Cyrus. The bout was mostly one-sided, ending with a DET. Later on, The Shiz was placed in a qualifying match for the CFC Championship Grand Prix against an unknown opponent, who was revealed to be his long-time friend, Joe Cesaire, just before the match. This was the first official match that they have ever faced each other in and no one expected it to be so closely contested. Cesaire was moments away from winning the match with the Dominator but The Shiz was able to counter into a modified sunset flip for the victory. After the match, The Shiz and Cesaire shook hands, rekindling their friendship.

CFC Championship Grand Prix

On October 20th, the last match of the quarterfinals saw The Shiz struggle to keep up with Darkside's superior speed and athleticism. However, The Shiz was able to wear him down enough to, eventually, end the match with a DET to advance. At Fight Night 5, the heavily-favored Jex Blackwell put a beating on The Shiz in the semifinal round only to have The Shiz get the upset with a schoolboy rollup out of nowhere. This victory allowed The Shiz to join the stiff striker, Cervontez, in the final round of the CFC Championship Grand Prix that will crown the first-ever CFC Champion. The two finalists squared off at Fight Night 6 in a highly-anticipated match up, The Shiz taking early control of the match with his technical prowess. Cervontez eventually rallied back and rattled The Shiz on several occasions. The Shiz nearly secured the championship after delivering a DET out of nowhere but Cervontez was still able to kick out. The Shiz wasted no time and immediately prepared himself for the Stage Dive. Launching himself off of the top rope, Cervontez sprang to his feet and took The Shiz's head off with a wicked Vendetta, ending the match and becoming the first-ever CFC Champion.

Rematch & Qwik$ylver

Referees break up the brawl between The Shiz and Cervontez at Fight Night 9

Impressed by The Shiz's performance in the final round of the CFC Championship Grand Prix, he was given another possible opportunity, facing off against Qwik$ylver (who had faced Cervontez in the semifinals) in a title eliminator match. Qwik$ylver came within an inch of beating The Shiz by putting his feet on the ropes but The Shiz's associate, Cesaire, saw what was happening and shoved Qwik$ylver's feet off. Qwik$ylver was irate with Cesaire's interference, allowing The Shiz to capitalize on the distraction by rolling him up with a schoolboy to become the number one contender for the CFC Championship. The following week, during The Shiz's match with Abel, Qwik$ylver attacked Cesaire at ringside. The Shiz watched as the brawl led up the ramp, leaving an opening for Abel to connect with the Burning Lariat to finish the match. At Fight Night 9, The Shiz and Joe Cesaire called out the CFC Champion, Cervontez, who walked out and confronted the two men in the middle of the ring. It wasn't long before Qwik$ylver joined the men, disrespecting each of them. Cervontez, The Shiz, and Cesaire joined together to put a beating on Qwik$ylver before tossing him out of the ring. Cervontez then, out of nowhere, takes out The Shiz's associate, much to the audience's surprise. The Shiz attempted to defend Cesaire, but Cervontez was able to slip out of the DET before locking in his Dragon Clutch. Referees eventually storm the ring, prying the two men apart. The following week, The Shiz finally got his second opportunity for the CFC Championship. The match was very physical, as the two men had a lot to prove to the rest of the roster. Nearing the end, Qwik$ylver once again made his presence known and cost The Shiz the match.

Qwik$ylver opened the next Fight Night gloating about The Shiz's loss to the champion and by vowing to eliminate him from the picture entirely, so that he could be the new number one contender. The Shiz didn't take too kindly to the threat and stormed down the ramp only for Qwik$ylver to retreat into the crowd. At Fight Night 12, Cesaire got a one-on-one match with Qwik$ylver with The Shiz as a guest commentator. Qwik$ylver shocked the audience by, not only beating Cesaire cleanly, but also displaying a great deal of strength by being able to lift his opponent up into the Northern Lights Bomb. The Shiz and Cesaire teamed up to take on Qwik$ylver and Eric Kaeding in a Tag Team match. The pairing of Kaeding and Qwik$ylver were able to utilize their cunning tactics to sneak away with the win. The Shiz decided he had enough and challenged Qwik$ylver to an undisclosed match, which was gladly accepted. It was later revealed to be The Shiz's signature match, a Blood Is Thicker Than Wood (III) Tables match. The Shiz punished him early on, drawing blood without receiving much damage himself. The tides began to turn after Qwik$ylver put The Shiz through a table, which did not end the match as The Shiz was not bleeding. Qwik$ylver's inexperience in this type of match was evident and The Shiz, ultimately, put an end to the feud with The Major Impact 2.0, driving his opponent through the table.


The following week, The Shiz faced off against the largest competitor on the CFC roster, Greco. It only took Greco 30 seconds to defeat him and continue his streak of dominance. Embarrassed about his last performance and looking to finish the year strong, The Shiz challenged Greco to a rematch at the final CFC show of the year, Fight Night 16. Their second match was completely dominated by Greco, toying with The Shiz before securing the victory with his signature Greco Press. After the match, Greco took a cheap shot at The Shiz's associate, Cesaire, to prove his superiority. Again unable to defeat Greco, The Shiz and Cesaire faced him together in a Handicap match at the first Fight Night of 2016. Struggling from the opening bell, The Shiz and Cesaire began to wear down their gargantuan opponent over time. Cesaire became the first man to have knocked down Greco in any match but eventually fell victim to his Greco Grip. The Shiz helped Cesaire reach the ropes but Greco refused to let go, resulting in a disqualification. As the match came to an end, The Shiz acted quickly, blasting Greco with a guitar shot then latched on the Lockdown, punishing his opponent before the referees stormed the ring to separate the two men. At Fight Night 19 without Cesaire in his corner, The Shiz faced Greco in a brutal Hardcore match which saw Greco controlling the majority of the match. The Shiz was able to mount an offense with the use of a fire extinguisher and a back body drop over the top rope, sending Greco through a glass pane over a table. Eventually, Greco locked in his inescapable Greco Grip but The Shiz forced him to release by unloading all the staples from a staple gun into the outside of Greco's hand. The Shiz followed this up with a DET onto a pile of thumbtacks but Greco kicked out before the final count. Greco got the upperhand by dumping The Shiz's ladder off of the stage, launching him into the electrical equipment before pinning him.


After missing two Fight Night shows, The Shiz returned to action by facing Tarasque in a Singles match. He was able to beat him cleanly with the Stage Dive. The following week, The Shiz was able to submit Freiherr with a Lockdown. It didn't take long for the newcomer, Bonesaw, to make a splash and string together some impressive wins. It was Bonesaw's blatant disrespect for the CFC veterans week after week that got The Shiz's attention. Backstage during an interview, The Shiz expressed his honest opinion about CFC's newest member. Bonesaw, listening close by, got in his face trying to intimidate the smaller man. At Fight Night 27, The Shiz battled Cobra in a very closely contested match. Bonesaw walked out and observed from the base of the ramp midway through the match, visibly making The Shiz uneasy. With one perfectly timed distraction, Cobra rolled up The Shiz with a schoolboy, sneaking away with the victory.

The following week, the two met backstage which resulted in a violent brawl, that ended with Bonesaw getting the advantage. The Shiz gave an interview vowing to put Bonesaw in his place by making him tap out when they finally meet in the ring. The two men faced each other in a Singles match that saw an impressive performance by The Shiz. Bonesaw was shoved off of the top rope before being put away by the Stage Dive. Following the match, The Shiz offered a respectful handshake that was accepted until Bonesaw, unexpectedly, pulled his foe right into the crushing Bonebreaker. At Fight Night 30, after Bonesaw made quick work of Alexander Riggs, The Shiz marched down the ramp to get even after the cheap shot he received. Bonesaw attempted to flee but The Shiz caught him in time and battered him at ringside. Bonesaw rolled back into the ring and connected with the Cleaver on The Shiz who was in pursuit. Bonesaw then placed The Shiz's leg inside of a steel chair before dropping down on it from the second rope. Afterward, he cowardly challenged his rival to a Last Man Standing match stating, "That is, if you can even stand at all." The two men eventually met at Fight Night 31 in a Last Man Standing match. After surviving both a Bonebreaker and Cleaver earlier in the match, The Shiz thwarted Bonesaw's attempt to drive him through one of the announcer's tables by hitting a back body drop onto the Spanish announce table. Though the table didn't collapse initially, The Shiz sealed Bonesaw's fate by delivering a Stage Dive from the top rope through the Spanish announce table, earning himself the tough victory.

Various Tag Teams

The Shiz and his associate, Joe Cesaire, faced Wesley Brooks and Ethan Young in a Tag Team match, defeating them handily. The following week, The Shiz and Cesaire faced off against the team of Freiherr and Tarasque. Towards the end of the match, Cesaire injured his ankle leading to Freiherr finishing him with the Reign of Freiherr. The Shiz took a week off from competition before returning to action with Cyrus as his Tag Team partner against Cobra and Darkside. Darkside scored the pinfall on Cyrus. At Fight Night 36, The Shiz teamed with Adam Harris against Abel and Jex Blackwell. Due to Jex and Abel's inability to work effectively together, The Shiz and Harris secured the victory after Harris connected with Forever Red on Abel.

Having found success partnering with Harris, the two men continued competing together in Tag Team matches, this time against Rob Newman and Kenny Cole. The Shiz finished the match after a Forever Red/Stage Dive combination on Newman. The following week, Harris and The Shiz defeated Franklin Murdoch and Eddie Bloom. Harris and The Shiz began to create a reputation for themselves as the dominant tag team in CFC after they beat Aiden Galloway and Russell Taylor. In a backstage segment, Cesaire surprised The Shiz and announced that he was medically cleared to compete once again, thanking Harris for "filling in." The Shiz, obviously torn by the important decision, chose to continue teaming with Harris due to their success

CFC Tag Team Classic 2016

At Fight Night 41, The Shiz and Harris faced the dynamic duo of Eric Kaeding and Cobra. After Cobra inadvertently knocked down the referee, Cesaire interfered in the match by nailing Cobra with a destructive thrust spinebuster. Cesaire disappeared into the crowd and The Shiz, oblivious to Cesaire's interfrence, forced Cobra to tap out to the Lockdown. That match was later revealed to be the first match in a tag team tournament called the CFC Tag Team Classic, however, due to Cesaire's involvement, The Shiz and Harris were forced to face Kaeding and Cobra in a rematch the following week. In their rematch, Kaeding got the pinfall on The Shiz after the Ericution landed but The Shiz's foot was under the bottom rope, prompting the referee to restart the match. All throughout, The Shiz had many failed attempts at ending the match with his Lockdown maneuver but finally found success by locking in the Hangman's Clutch on Cobra to advance in the tournament.

Harris and The Shiz were then placed in a Triple Threat Tag Team match in order to correct the tournament's schedule after the unexpected rematch the previous week. Now facing Douglas Armstrong and Terence Frazier, as well as, Donald Fleming and Fred Dennis in the quarterfinals, Cesaire opted to be in the team's corner but Harris quickly turned down the offer. Towards the end of the match, Frazier was going to score the upset on Harris after a low blow while the referee was down, but Cesaire interfered by hitting Frazier with the DND before dragging Harris on top of him for the cover. After the match, The Shiz had to separate his two friends as Harris was furious over Cesaire's assistance. In their semifinal match, with Cesaire being banned from further involvement in the tournament, Adam Harris and The Shiz would have to defeat the team of Jon Rhodes and Byron Lane two consecutive times in order to advance with Lane and Rhodes only having to score a single victory, as punishment for Cesaire interfering the previous week. Harris picked up the first pinfall for the team after a missile dropkick/Forever Red combination on Lane. Rhodes and Lane grew desperate, utilizing every under-handed tactic they could think of but it wasn't enough as Rhodes countered The Shiz's Lockdown into an inside cradle, which was reversed by The Shiz to get the three-count. In the finals of the CFC Tag Team Classic, The Shiz faced a familiar team of Tarasque and Freiherr, collectively known as The Suffering, but earlier that evening Harris was violently attacked backstage by an unknown assailant. The Shiz had the option of forfeiting the match, instead, he chose to continue as a two-on-one Handicap match. Shockingly, The Shiz showed tremendous success early into the match, however, the numbers proved too much as Freiherr and Tarasque picked him apart. The Shiz was almost defeated twice during the match but was able to get his shoulder up first after receiving a Darkness Falls from Tarasque, then a second time after Freiherr's Reign of Freiherr. A battered Adam Harris eventually stumbled down the ramp, refusing to let his tag team partner carry the team by himself. The Shiz, absolutely exhausted, was finally able to make the tag and Harris, fueled by pure adrenaline, put a beating on both opponents. However, Tarasque and Freiherr were still  the healthier men, putting Harris down for the count with their vicious Devouring Darkness, becoming the first team to win the CFC Tag Team Classic trophy.

The Suffering

Disappointed after coming up short in the tag team tournament and for allegedly attacking his tag team partner before their important match in the finals, The Shiz was hellbent on settling the score with The Suffering. However, The Suffering refused to face the duo until they "prove that they are worthy." Harris and The Shiz made short work of their opponents for the night, Bobby Rodriguez and Lucas Shelton. The following week, The Shiz and Harris faced Wesley Brooks and Russell Taylor in a losing effort after Tarasque distracted the referee, allowing Freiherr to connect with the Reign of Freiherr on The Shiz. On Fight Night 53, Harris and The Shiz dominated Nicolas Luna and Elbert Crawford in a Tornado Tag Team match. The Suffering emerged from the crowd after the match and attempted to blindside their rivals once again but this time The Shiz and Harris were prepared, fending the duo off and chasing them out of the ring. As The Suffering were backpedalling up the ramp, Cesaire leveled both of them with a double clothesline to the back of the necks. Cesaire threw both men back into the ring, allowing Harris and The Shiz to exact their revenge. Afterward, Cesaire attempted to shake hands with Harris and settle their personal differences but Harris ignored it.

The Suffering make their ominous entrance

Feeling embarrassed and humiliated, The Suffering finally granted The Shiz and Harris their rematch in order to teach them a firm lesson. The bout was evenly matched as Cesaire was present at ringside to thwart any attempted cheating from their opponents. Tarasque eventually had enough of Cesaire's involvement in the match and slapped him while he was standing on the ring apron. Harris looked to connect with a running big boot to Tarasque but he dove out of the way, leading Harris' boot to connect with the unsuspecting Cesaire, launching him off of the apron into the barricade. The distracted Harris then fell victim into a Darkness Falls from Tarasque, securing the win. After the match, The Suffering planted The Shiz with the Devouring Darkness before dragging Harris out in front of the announcer's table. Cesaire thought about coming to Harris' aid as the two made eye contact but, ultimately, decided to assist The Shiz to the back, allowing The Suffering to send Harris through the announcer's table with a double front slam.

The following week, Cesaire went toe-to-toe against Freiherr, eventually beating him with the Dominator. At Fight Night 56, Cesaire faced Tarasque with Freiherr in his corner and despite The Suffering's cheating antics, Cesaire was able to incapacitate the two men with a thrust spinebuster to each, prior to pinning them both at the same time. The Shiz returned from his two week hiatus to rejoin Cesaire, defeating Aaron Walker and Andrew Wells without much effort. After The Suffering dispatched Emanuel Massey and Noah Lopez later that evening, The Shiz and Cesaire marched down to the ring to resolve their feud once and for all but The Suffering fled the ring, telling them "Next week..." before making their way to the back. Main eventing Fight Night 58, The Shiz and Cesaire awaited their opponents, The Suffering, who stormed the ring to engage in a violent brawl. Shiz and Cesaire, surprisingly, made quick work of them, unleashing a Mind Blower to both of them prior to ending the match. Immediately afterward, the two men discovered that their opponents were merely decoys, with Freiherr and Tarasque incapacitating Cesaire with the Pain Killer out of nowhere. The Shiz attempted to fight off both men but the numbers proved to be too great, eventually leaving him prone on the mat after planting him with their Devouring Darkness maneuver.

To end the bitter rivalry the two teams faced each other one last time in a Hardcore Tornado Tag Team match. The match proved to be as brutal as expected, with all participants of the match tasting their own blood. The Shiz narrowly evaded a Devouring Darkness attempt with Cesaire and The Shiz somehow turning the table on Freiherr, delivering a crushing Mind Blower to end the match and finally defeat The Suffering. The two friends celebrated their hard fought victory in the ring before Adam Harris made his triumphant return from the injury he sustained as a result of The Suffering putting him through the announcer's table. Harris congratulated both men on achieving what he could not. Harris looked to have put his and Cesaire's differences aside by shaking his hand until Harris kicked him in the stomach, delivering a Forever Red in the center of the ring. The Shiz raced to restrain Harris, trying to talk some sense into him but Harris leveled his former friend with a clothesline. Harris then dragged Cesaire's carcass out of the ring and sent him crashing through the announcer's table with a second Forever Red.

Adam Harris

The following night, The Shiz called out his former tag partner Adam Harris on Spotlight of the Night for putting Cesaire on the shelf indefinitely but Harris no-showed. On Fight Night 63, Harris was very apathetic during his match with Cyrus. Harris disqualified himself after refusing to release his standing camel clutch submission during a rope break. The Shiz confronted Harris after the match asking him why he turned on his friends to join The Suffering, but before he could answer The Suffering intervened and forced The Shiz to retreat. The Shiz and Harris were scheduled in a Singles match but the match never began as Harris defiantly abandoned the match altogether. The Shiz chased after him backstage but was ambushed by The Suffering. Harris ordered The Suffering to spare his former friend and, feeling sorry for what The Shiz has gone through, finally agreed to answer his questions. The week after, Harris appeared on Spotlight of the Night, revealing to The Shiz that he is not trying to punish The Shiz. Harris, elaborated by saying his differences are with Cesaire and that he was going to finish the job once Cesaire returned. The Shiz attempted to dig for more details but Harris' final warning was to "stay out of my way" before exiting the ring.

The Shiz went one-on-one against Freiherr with Tarasque in his corner and defeated him with the Hangman's Clutch. Predictably, The Suffering began attacking The Shiz after the final bell, eventually folding him with the Pain Killer. Harris made his way down to the ring in defense of The Shiz. A disappointed Tarasque slaps Harris in the face, prompting him to chase them out of the ring. The following week, The Suffering called out Adam Harris in order to see where his allegiances lie but The Shiz shows up in his place, telling them that Harris is loyal to him and to prove it, they will take on The Suffering later on in the main event. As the match is about to begin Harris no-showed again, leaving The Shiz at the mercy of The Suffering. Cesaire's music hits and makes a surprise return, demolishing the two men even with a taped midsection. As Cesaire and The Shiz celebrate in the ring, The Suffering delivers a cryptic message to them "You still don't get it... but you'll find out soon enough".

Cesaire faced a tough opponent in Bonesaw but was able to put him away with a thrust spinebuster. Immediately following the match, Harris marched down towards Cesaire and the two men collided in the center of the ring. Cesaire, tired and still not 100%, didn't put up much of a fight and easily fell victim to the Forever Red. The Shiz stormed the ring and once again came to the aid of his associate but Harris answered back with a low blow. With Cesaire regaining consciousness, Harris retrieved a steel chair and attempted to blast him over the head but The Shiz shoved Cesaire out of the way, taking the bullet for him. Shocked and disgusted with himself, Harris fled to the back. At Fight Night 69, The Shiz with Cesaire in his corner faced Harris in an Iron Man match for the card's main event. The Shiz was able to get the first fall after landing the Stage Dive, Harris got the second fall with Forever Red, and nearing the hour mark The Shiz picked up the third fall by submitting Harris with his debut of the Scorpion Deathlock, becoming the victor at 2-1. Cesaire celebrated The Shiz's hard fought accomplishment before the defeated Harris congratulated him through the mic from the base of the ramp. Harris predicted that he and The Shiz would have been the greatest tag team that CFC had ever seen but The Shiz gave that up because he was too stubborn and too blind to see the truth. As Harris limped up the ramp, surveillance footage was shown on the Tron that clearly revealed Cesaire as the one that attacked Harris backstage before facing The Suffering in the CFC Tag Team Classic finals. The Shiz, feeling betrayed and humiliated, turned to face Cesaire who nonchalantly shrugged in response before sending The Shiz crashing into the mat with a Dominator.

Joe Cesaire

Cesaire opened the following show by explaining his actions and motives, taking full responsibility for sabotaging The Shiz and Harris' chance at winning the first-ever CFC Tag Team Classic. Cesaire claimed he was always looked down upon by The Shiz when he was actually the better man. He then openly challenged The Shiz for a match that night, knowing that his rival wasn't in attendance, as he was off touring with his band for the coming weeks. Cesaire declared that every week that The Shiz is gone, he was going to destroy someone from the locker room. Before leaving, he would connect with another thrust spinebuster, but this time through a trashcan. Following Cesaire's decimation of Alexander Riggs, The Shiz surprised him by walking out onto the stage. The Shiz told Cesaire that there is only one way that he planned to beat his old associate and that was by making him tap. The Shiz then charged down the ramp, brawling with Cesaire in the center of the ring. The Shiz quickly go the upper hand, causing Cesaire to flee to the outside. The Shiz chased him around ringside before running right into a thrust spinebuster out of nowhere. Cesaire smirked as he left the area. Cesaire and The Shiz faced each other in a Singles match on Fight Night 73, where Cesaire took control of the match early on. Throughout the match, Cesaire was unable to catch his opponent with any of his major maneuvers just as The Shiz was unable to apply his Lockdown. Cesaire surprised The Shiz by debuting his Bear Trap submission for the first time. The Shiz was unable to escape the hold and, refusing to tap, fell unconscious to the pain resulting in an upset victory for Cesaire. The following week Cesaire gloated about his victory over his former mentor in front of the audience before issuing a challenge to 'The King' Cobra for his CFC Championship. Instead of the champion making an appearance, The Shiz walked out to the ring instead. The Shiz congratulated Cesaire before challenging him to a rematch, guaranteeing that Cesaire would not beat him a second time. Cesaire responded by telling him he needed to earn another shot at facing "the future champ," then walked away. Backstage, Cesaire was informed by the General Manager that he made a good point out in the ring and was booked in a number one contenders match against none other than The Shiz, setting him off into a rage.

At Fight Night 75, Cesaire faced The Shiz in another singles match to determine the next number one contender for Cobra's championship. Cesaire showcased his superior strength in the opening minutes of the match but The Shiz was able to take over by systematically targeting his knee. Cesaire was able to deliver a thrust spinebuster at the midpoint of the match but The Shiz was able to get his shoulder up. The ref was inadvertently knocked out prior to The Shiz latching on the Scorpion Deathlock, forcing Cesaire to tap out. With The Shiz desparately trying to revive the referee, Cesaire blind sighted him with a steel chair. The end of the match came when The Shiz was caught red-handed and disqualified for blasting Cesaire with a guitar shot in retaliation for the repeated chair shots he received while the ref was unconscious. After Cesaire was awarded a shot at the CFC Championship, Cobra stormed the ring and planted both competitors with his Serpent Strike. The following week, Cesaire challenged Cobra for his title in singles competition. After two near falls for the champion, the challenger surprised Cobra with a DND out of nowhere. Before he could make the cover, The Shiz emerged from the crowd and stared down his nemesis from across the ring. Cesaire pleaded for him not to interfere as he was moments away from defeating Cobra and appeared to convince The Shiz, who turned to exit the ring. Cesaire attempted the cover but The Shiz changed his mind and dragged Cesaire off of the champion, applying the Scorpion Deathlock in the process. The referee called the end of the match before The Shiz landed a huge Stage Dive on Cobra for good measure. At Fight Night 77, Cobra faced The Shiz and Cesaire in a Three Way match for the CFC Championship. The majority of the match saw Cesaire and The Shiz brutalize one another while periodically removing Cobra from the equation. The Shiz delivered a Stage Dive on Cesaire while holding a steel chair, being seconds away from victory. Cobra broke up the pinfall by dragging The Shiz out of the ring and planting him with a Serpent Strike before covering Cesaire to retain.

Cesaire teamed with Greco in a Tag Team match against The Shiz and Deak Dagen. Cesaire's only participation in the match came when he tagged himself in to score the pinfall on Dagen, as the dominant Greco single-handidly fended off both competitors. Greco, visibly upset, destroyed Cesaire prior to tossing him out of the ring with a Greco Press before demanding a title match against Cobra, the man he dropped the championship to. The following week, Greco faced Dagen, Cesaire, and The Shiz in a 3-on-1 Handicap match, ultimately losing after a Flash Magic/Stage Dive combination. After the match, Greco was put through a table with a three-man aided powerbomb. At Natural Selection 2016, Cobra faced The Shiz, Dagen, and Cesaire in a Four Way Elimination match for the CFC Championship. The champion Cobra was eliminated first after tapping out to The Shiz's Hangman's Clutch. The Shiz was eliminated second after a low blow followed by a DND. Dagen quickly capitalized on the situation by connecting with both his Flash Magic and World Star Frog Splash to walk away as the new CFC Champion. In the main event, Cobra, Cesaire, Qwik$ylver, and Jex Blackwell were the final four remaining competitors left in the Natural Selection match. Cesaire eliminated Cobra at the same time Qwik$ylver eliminated Blackwell. Cesaire was moments away from eliminating Qwik$ylver with a Dominator over the top rope until The Shiz spared his former rival. Both men then delivered a double superkick, sending Cesaire over the top rope and cementing Qwik$ylver as the very first winner of the Natural Selection match.

After The Shiz was able to defeat Blackwell in a Singles match, Cesaire stormed the ring attempting to blindside his nemesis but was successfully fought off. Feeling embarrassed, Cesaire challenged The Shiz to a match later that night. The Shiz accepted and faced Cesaire in the main event, being able to survive Cesaire's dirty tactics and eventually defeated Cesaire by using the ropes for leverage. Qwik$ylver was set to challenge the champion, Deak Dagen, at Fight Night 80 but was savagely beaten backstage by an unknown attacker. Qwik$ylver was rushed to the hospital and a title eliminator was held in the main event as The Shiz faced Cesaire in a Last Man Standing match. In the final moments of the match, Cesaire would be able to outlast his former mentor by shoving him off of the ladder, forcing him to go through two stacked tables on the outside of the ring. The result of this match forced The Shiz to take several months off to recover from his injuries.

Return & $aints of Liberty

At Fight Night 106, Darkside and Qwik$ylver faced each other in rematch of their non-title match. Darkside nearly won the match after surprising the champion with his corkscrew scissors kick but Cesaire was able to distract the referee long enough for Qwik$ylver to roll up Darkside with a school boy, using the tights to secure the win. After the match, Qwik$ylver announced his participation in the upcoming CFC Tag Team Classic with Cesaire as his tag team partner, now referring to themselves as the $aints of Liberty. Should Qwik$ylver win the tournament, he would be the first wrestler to achieve every accomplishment that CFC had to offer. Before Qwik$ylver could finish his announcement, Darkside attacked both men from behind. It wasn't long until Darkside was overpowered though, with both men viciously beating him down in the center of the ring. Having had enough, Qwik$ylver ordered Cesaire to position Darkside in the corner in order to give him the same treatment as Harris. Suddenly, familiar music filled the arena as The Shiz made his long-awaited return, chasing $oL out of the ring.

The Shiz began Fight Night by coming out to the ring and making his intentions known, having his sights set the man that temporarily put him out of action, Joe Cesaire. Cesaire responded by appearing from the back and catching The Shiz up on recent events: his CFC Championship reign and his new found allegiance with Qwik$ylver. The Shiz challenged Cesaire to a match but Cesaire refused, stating that he already proved his dominance in their Last Man Standing match. $oL were not concerned with The Shiz as their focus was going to be solely on the CFC Tag Team Classic. The Shiz was tasked with finding a suitable tag team partner if he were to participate and meet $oL in the tournament but, unfortunately, Darkside was not medically cleared to compete yet. Later that night, The Shiz teamed with rookie Tito, defeating fellow rookies, Jeff and Kenny Coleman in a Tag Team match. The Shiz and Tito then faced the winners of last year's CFC Tag Team Classic, The Suffering. There was some miscommunication on The Shiz's team, allowing The Suffering to pick up a dominant victory by hitting Tito with a Devouring Darkness. The Shiz and Tito lost to Jex Blackwell and Cyrus the following week after Cyrus finished Tito with the C-Drive.

CFC Tag Team Classic 2017

After losing two consecutive matches with Tito as his tag team partner, he opted to team with Darkside again, who was finally medically cleared to return to competition. In the second CFC Tag Team Classic qualifying match of the night, Darkside and The Shiz defeated Wesley Brooks and Ethan Young after Darkside delivered his Dead Orbit on Young. The Shiz and Darkside, now calling themselves The Flyboys, were able to defeat Bonesaw and Kroq in the quarterfinals after putting Bonesaw away with the Event Omega. The Shiz was granted an opportunity to redeem his one-sided loss by facing The Suffering in the semifinals. In a closely contested match, The Shiz was able to foil The Suffering's plan to finish, catching Freiherr by surprise with their own Pain Killer maneuver to advance to the tournament finals. With the $aints of Liberty having already advanced to the finals, The Shiz finally gets a crack at the CFC Champion and his former protege. The Flyboys faced the heavy favorites, $aints of Liberty, in a very physical bout with many close finishes. In the climax of the match, Cesaire was attempting an avalanche Dominator until The Shiz was able to jump in, where both men planted Cesaire into the canvas with an unexpected Spanish Fly to claim the 2017 CFC Tag Team Classic.

On Fight Night 112, The Flyboys began the show by celebrating their victory over the $aints of Liberty. The Shiz went on to claim that he has now earned his right to face Cesaire in a rematch. $oL confronted The Flyboys in the ring to finally grant The Shiz his rematch with his old ally in the main event. The Shiz faced Cesaire in a Singles match with the CFC Champion at ringside. Just as The Shiz was about to put Cesaire away with his Ride the Lightning, Qwik$ylver interfered and shoved The Shiz off of the top rope, disqualifying his own teammate. Darkside stormed the ring and fought off both men, causing them to retreat. The following week, The Flyboys faced The Suffering to prove which tournament winners were the best team. The Flyboys struggled to get their momentum going for most of the match but was eventually able to defeat The Suffering after an Event Omega on Tarasque. After the match, Qwik$ylver walked out onto the stage declaring, "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself..." before challenging the two men to a rematch of the CFC Tag Team Classic 2017 finals. At Fight Night 114, $oL faced The Flyboys for a second time in a high-intensity bout, as both sides pulled no punches. Not long after The Shiz delivered his Ride the Lightning to Cesaire through the announcer's table, Darkside was able to catch Qwik$ylver off-guard with a corkscrew moonsault body press for the win.

CFC Championship Pursuit

Qwik$ylver (far right) stands with the rest of the $aints of Liberty

With The Flyboys having defeated the $aints of Liberty twice and Darkside being the first person to pin Qwik$ylver since he became champion, Darkside was granted a title opportunity. The Shiz would finally look to bury the hatchet with Cesaire, facing him in a Blood Is Thicker Than Wood (IV) Tables match, prior to Darkside's championship bout. The Shiz was able to bloody his opponent fairly early into the match but every attempt to put Cesaire through a table was reversed with The Shiz being put through instead. Cesaire was eventually able to batter The Shiz to a bloody pulp before delivering a Dominator onto a table, however, the table did not break. In the closing moments, Cesaire was preparing to deliver The Shiz's own Ride the Lightning to him while positioned on a table, but The Shiz sprang to life and hit a Facemelter on Cesaire, knocking him off the top rope and through two tables for the victory. Later in the main event, The Shiz's tag team partner, Darkside, faced Qwik$ylver one-on-one for his CFC Championship. In the closing moments of the match, Darkside was in firm control but was forced to fend off Kenny and Jeff Coleman, Aiden Galloway, and Eddie Bloom, who were all attempting to aid the champion. After disposing of the reinforcements, Darkside hit his corkscrew moonsault body press on Qwik$ylver but was countered into the $ylver Lining to end the match. The following week, The Shiz campaigned for a rematch as there should not have been anyone at ringside to distract Darkside during the match. Qwik$ylver walked out onto the stage, along with his entourage, introducing them collectively as the $aints of Liberty. He then made a counter offer, proposing to put his title on the line against Darkside again but this time in a Lumberjack match, which was accepted. The lumberjacks consisted of mainly $oL members, as The Shiz was only able to convince Adam Harris and Deak Dagen to participate. After repeated interferences by $oL, Qwik$ylver was able to retain after a $ylver Lining followed by his Qurb $tomp.

CFC Champion, Qwik$ylver, celebrates his victory over The Shiz at Fight Night 120

Refusing to accept Quik$ylver as the champion, The Shiz issued a challenge for the belt, which was initially denied until The Shiz mentioned how he temporarily put Cesaire out of commission. Quick$ylver would only grant the title shot if can defeat four of "his guys" in succession. The Shiz was able to handily defeat Jeff Coleman, Aiden Galloway, Kenny Coleman, and Eddie Bloom back-to-back, then Qwik$ylver decided to send one more as a bonus, The Shiz's former tag team partner Tito. Tito didn't last long, tapping out to the Scorpion Deathlock and granting The Shiz a well-deserved future title shot. At Fight Night 118, The Shiz informed the crowd in attendance that there will be a contract signing later in the night since he does not believe a word that the champion says. Throughout the night, various attacks were randomly carried out by different $oL members, attempting to keep The Shiz from attending the contract signing but The Flyboys were able to fend off each attack. On their way out to meet Qwik$ylver in the ring, the champion's right-hand man, Alexander Riggs, tried to rout The Flyboys as a last resort but ultimately received a Facemelter from The Shiz. Impressed by their courage and tenacity, Qwik$ylver applauded them. After The Shiz signed the contract, Qwik$ylver told him, "When we meet in two weeks, I will prove I'm better WITHOUT any interferences." In a non-title match, Qwik$ylver was able to beat Darkside with The Shiz in his corner by using a schoolboy pin and holding onto the ropes. In the main event of Fight Night 120, The Shiz challenged Qwik$ylver for the CFC Championship. Looking to end the match in disqualification, Qwi$ylver went to use The Shiz's own guitar on him but The Shiz ducked underneath and attempted the champion's $ylver Lining maneuver on him. Qwik$ylver eventually fought out of it and landed the $ylver Lining onto the guitar to retain the belt. As the champion was celebrating up the ramp, a masked man attacked the unconscious Shiz in the center of the ring, picking him up off of the canvas and slam him down with a standing fireman's carry takeover. The masked man then focused his attention to Qwik$ylver, nodding in his direction.

Blue Thunder

Addressing Qwik$ylver's statemnt earlier in the night that he is not associated with the unknown masked man that assaulted The Shiz, whose name is rumored to be Blue Thunder, The Shiz took it upon himself to call out the attacker. The Flyboys would go on to defeat Kroq and Bonesaw in a Tag Team match, with no appearance from Blue Thunder. On Fight Night 122, The Flyboys were able to overcome Ethan Young and Wesley Brooks, even after repeated interferences by Rob Newman. Without warning, Blue Thunder attacked both men from behind, single-handedly leaving the dominant tag team battered in the ring. The following week, The Shiz finally faced Blue Thunder in a Singles match to qualify for the upcoming Ascension match for Qwik$ylver's CFC Championship. After a few near falls by The Shiz, Blue Thunder scored a major upset with a schoolboy, putting his feet on the ropes for leverage. In the main event of Fight Night 124, The Flyboys teamed with Greco to face Qwik$ylver, Cesaire, and Blue Thunder in a Six-Man Tag Team match. Greco secured the victory for his team after hitting Blue Thunder with the Greco Press. Immediately after the match, Greco laid waste to his team mates with a double chokeslam, showcasing his dominance. At CFC Ascension 2017, Qwik$ylver put his title on the line against Darkside, Greco, Joe Cesaire, Eric Kaeding, and Blue Thunder in the Ascension match. The bout was predominantly controlled by Greco throughout, although, his large stature proved difficult for him when attempting to climb a ladder. In the closing minutes of the match, Greco was being double teamed by Qwik$ylver and Cesaire, as they all battled over the belt. Qwik$ylver was knocked off of the ladder by Greco but as Cesaire and Greco traded blows, Blue Thunder was able to hoist the champion on his shoulders, aiding him to the top of the ladder to retain his championship.

At the next Fight Night, Blue Thunder went out to the ring and addressed the end of the previous championship match, explaining that his actions proved he was worthy enough to be accepted into the $aints of Liberty. Qwik$ylver and Cesaire joined Blue Thunder in the ring to address his candidacy for $oL, but it wasn't long before The Flyboys interrupted. The Shiz expressed his repulsion over the entire situation involving Blue Thunder. Qwik$ylver, growing tired of dealing with The Flyboys, ordered Cesaire and Blue Thunder to dispose of them permanently later that night. The Flyboys faced Cesaire and Blue Thunder in a Tag Team match, which ended in a no contest after an irate Greco flattened all the participants of the match. Greco closed the show by saying he is coming for the CFC Championship. The Flyboys faced Blue Thunder and Cesaire in a rematch, this time in a steel cage where the only way to win is by having both team members escape. The first combatant to escape was Cesaire, beating out Darkside who was trying to climb over the top of the cage. Darkside feinted escape before changing his mind and landing a diving crossbody onto Blue Thunder from the top of the structure. The Flyboys then hit their Event Omega for good measure before escaping the cage to win the match.

Blue Thunder, shortly after having his masked removed

At Fight Night 127, The Shiz faced Blue Thunder in a Singles match to settle the score between the two men. Towards the end of the match, The Shiz was in control and decided to finally unmask his opponent to see who was underneath. The Shiz struggled to fully remove the mask, allowing Blue Thunder to catch him off-guard with a standing fireman's carry takeover for the three-count. After the match, Blue Thunder challenged The Shiz to a Mask vs. Career match to finally rid CFC of him. The match was confidently accepted by The Shiz. The following week, Blue Thunder addressed his upcoming match at Natural Selection 2017 against The Shiz, berating him in front of the live crowd and showing a farewell video, claiming this was his opponent's retirement match. At Natural Selection 2017, The Shiz faced Blue Thunder in a very physical match up. Early on, The Shiz's nose was broken by his opponent but was able to fight through the injury. The Shiz was eventually able to submit Blue Thunder with the fourth Hangman's Clutch attempt. Before putting an end to their feud, The Shiz stripped Blue Thunder of his mask, revealing his identity as fellow WWA alumni, Steve Morton. Morton, utterly humiliated, fled the ring and disappeared backstage.


With the newly crowned CFC Champion at ringside, Darkside faced Jex Blackwell and Eric Kaeding in a Three Way match to determine the number one contender. Darkside would go on to win the match after a Dead Orbit on Blackwell. After the match, Cobra attacked Darkside with his championship belt, drawing blood in the process. The Shiz's music then filled the arena, signalling his return. The Shiz charged down the ramp and chased off the champion who fled backstage. The Shiz and Darkside, now repackaged as The Omega Cops, faced The Suffering in a Tag Team match, picking up the win after an Event Omega. Immediately following the match, Darkside challenged Cobra for his championship next week but Cobra appeared on stage to refuse the challenge, stating that he chooses when to defend. At Fight Night 147, Cobra put on a strong performance against Steve Morton, forcing him to tap out to the Cobra Constrictor. After the match, Darkside appeared in front of the crowd, again challenging Cobra to a title match that was also refused. The following week, The Omega Cops faced Qwik$ylver and Greco, Joe Cesaire and Zero, and Cobra with Eric Kaeding in a Four-Way Tag Team match. The match ended with Kaeding delivering the Ericution on Zero to pick up the win. At Fight Night 149, with The Shiz barred from ringside, Darkside faced Cobra and Kaeding in a Three-Way match for the CFC Championship. After Darkside connected with his Dead Orbit on Kaeding, Cobra immediately threw him out of the ring and pinned Kaeding to retain his belt.

The Shiz faced Tarasque in a Singles match, defeating him with the Stormbreaker. At Fight Night 151, TOC teamed with Eric Kaeding to face Cobra and The Suffering in a Six-Man Tag Team Match. Kaeding was able to avoid the Pain Killer, delivering a final Ericution to Freiherr for the pinfall victory. The Shiz and Kaeding would go on to compete in a title eliminator to determine who would face the winner of the championship match. Kaeding defeated The Shiz by a school boy rollup while using the ropes for leverage. In the main event, The Shiz would accompany Darkside, who was challenging Cobra for the CFC Championship. The Shiz was able to negate some of Cobra's underhanded tactics throughout the match but Darkside ultimately fell victim to two Serpent Strikes from the champion. After the match, Darkside was given a standing ovation from the audience for his valiant performance.

CFC Tag Team Classic 2018

TOC faced The Suffering at Fight Night 153 in a Tag Team match. In what was arguably a match of the year candidate, TOC was able to overcome The Suffering with the Spanish Fly. The following week, upon the announcement of the next annual CFC Tag Team Classic tournament, TOC handily defeated Tito and Lloyd of the $aints of Liberty in a qualifying match. As The Omega Cops waited for the rest of the qualifying teams to be decided, Darkside with The Shiz in his corner, faced Steve Morton in a Singles match. Darkside defeated Morton with the debut of The Wyrm. At Fight Night 156, in the quarterfinals of the tournament, TOC faced Insurrection (Zero and Xander Riggs). TOC were considered heavy favorites to win this year's CFC Tag Team Classic and TOC didn't disappoint, as they put on a clinic against the young tag team. In the final moments, The Shiz pulled Zero off of the top rope with a Stormbreaker, allowing Darkside to deliver The Wyrm for the win. After the match The Suffering, who had already advanced to the semifinals, approached TOC in the middle of the ring, staring down their future opponents. For the opportunity to face the $aints of Liberty (Greco and Joe Cesaire) in the finals, The Omega Cops faced The Suffering, two former tournament winners competing for another shot. This was a high-intensity bout, as both teams understood what was at stake. Tarasque was able to fend off TOC from the top rope, countering the Spanish Fly attempt into the Devouring Darkness on The Shiz for the upset.

CFC Tag Team Classic 2018 Fallout

At Ascension 2018: San Diego, The Omega Cops faced fellow semifinalists, Adam Harris and Deak Dagen. Both teams proved to be evenly matched, but TOC emerged victorious after connecting with the Event Omega on Harris. The following week, TOC addressed the crowd, stating they wanted to face the tournament winners, $aints of Liberty. Instead, Insurrection walked out, claiming they have unfinished business with $oL. The Suffering appeared at the top of the ramp, berating both teams for their performances in the tournament. A brawl almost ensued until Dagen and Harris were able to defuse the situation. At Fight Night 159, Darkside faced Zero one-on-one. Zero was trying his best to keep up with Darkside, but eventually fell to a corkscrew moonsault bodypress. During Kaeding and Qwik$ylver's championship match, Greco and Joe Cesaire marched down to the ring shortly after the referee was knocked out, attempting to come to the aid of their leader. Insurrection was able to route them before making it to the ring, which opened up the opportunity for The Suffering to blindside Xander Riggs and Zero. It wasn't long until TOC entered the fray, attacking anything that moved. Kaeding capitalized on the distraction by connecting with the Ericution, covering Qwik$ylver for the easy pinfall. Dagen and Harris tried to control the riot but ended by getting leveled by The Suffering.

At Fight Night 160, The Shiz with Darkside in his corner, faced Freiherr with Tarasque in his corner. The Shiz was able to side step the Reign of Freiherr and submit him with the Lockdown. The following week, The Shiz faced Greco in a Singles match. The Shiz tried to dictate the bout by outpacing his larger opponent, but Greco would eventually stifle The Shiz's Ride the Lightning by lifting him off of the top rope and delivering a Greco Press for the win. The Suffering teamed with $oL (Cesaire and Qwik$ylver) to face Insurrection (Zero and Eddie Bloom) and TOC in an Eight-Man Tag Team match. The uneasy alliances on both sides eventually led to another all-out brawl and a no contest. Once again, Dagen and Harris came out to keep the peace, but they soon found themselves as the primary targets of the strikes. Having had enough, Harris and Dagen defended themselves by clearing the ring, showing their resilience as a team.

Xander Riggs blindsides The Shiz at Fight Night 163

At Fight Night 163, TOC faced Insurrection (Riggs and Bloom) but before The Shiz could even enter the ring, Riggs blind-sighted him with a big boot, knocking him off of the ring apron. This allowed Insurrection to isolate The Shiz for a majority of the match. TOC eventually defeated Insurrection after Darkside rolled Bloom up with a schoolboy. Opening the next show, TOC faced Harris and Dagen. TOC didn't realize that Dagen wasn't the legal man, delivering a Stormbreaker/Wyrm combination to him, before Harris knocked Darkside out of the ring and connected with his Crimson Tide onto The Shiz for the win. To finally decide which team was going to face $oL, a Four Way Elimination Tag Team match was announced as the main event, pitting The Suffering, Harris and Dagen, Insurrection (Riggs and Zero), and TOC against each other. After nearly 15 minutes, TOC was eliminated first by The Suffering, then Insurrection immediately eliminated The Suffering right after, leaving only two teams remaining. Dagen would get the near fall after hitting the World Star Frog Splash on Riggs, but was broken up by Zero. Insurrection secured the win following a vertical suplex side slam/senton bomb combination, now called the Coup D'etat.


At Fight Night 166, The Omega Cops were on their way to the ring for a tag team match but never got underway, as Kroq blind-sided both men. Kroq neutralized The Shiz and concentrated his attack on Darkside, flattening him with the help of the steel steps. This seemingly unprovoked assault was just a way of venting his frustrations with his rival, Killgör, demanding a rematch with him. The following week, during Kroq's match with Killgör, The Shiz distracted Kroq, costing him the match in the process. Later in the night, Kroq would once again gain the upper hand on The Shiz, beating him down on the way to his car. At Natural Selection 2018, the two eventually faced each other in a match that proved difficult for The Shiz. Kroq was determined to be the first person to make The Shiz submit, attempting his Death Roll several times, but The Shiz was always able to get the rope break. Ultimately on the last try, Kroq refused to release the hold during the rope break, resulting in a well-earned disqualification. The damage was already done, however, as EMTs carried The Shiz to the back on a gurney to get a better look at his injured knee.

Kroq used his Death Roll to seriously injure The Shiz's knee

Kroq opened Fight Night 168 by bragging about how he single-handily removed the dead weight from CFC in The Omega Cops. Darkside interrupted him to settle unfinished business but just as the two men were about to come to blows, Kroq exited the ring and retreated to the back. After a week of chasing Kroq for a match, he finally agreed to face Darkside only if he got to choose the stipulation. Kroq declared a Submission match, giving himself the undeniable advantage. Darkside was able to outpace Kroq through most of the match, but struggled to submit the self-proclaimed 'Killer.' Kroq eventually scored the upset by countering a Lockdown attempt into the Death Roll for the tapout. He refused to release the hold, forcing two extra refs to come down and pry the savage off. It was reported on the CFC website that Darkside would be out of commission for several weeks following the incident.

At Fight Night 173, Qwik$ylver faced Kaeding for the number one contendership in the main event but was interrupted by Kroq, who attacked both men. Kroq was also able to fend of Lloyd and Tito before The Shiz made his unexpected return. The show ended with The Shiz delivering a Facemelter to Kroq, knocking the brute out cold. On the next episode, Kroq searched all throughout the arena looking for The Shiz and, shockingly, found him outside of the building which also led to him eating another Facemelter for good measure. Eventually, the two men faced each other in a Submission match, with The Shiz attempting to avenge his friend. During the match, The Shiz was driven into the corner of the steel steps, causing significant amounts of blood to paint his face. The Shiz endured a tremendous amount of punishment, but survived four Death Rolls before forcing Kroq to submit to the Modified Lockdown. After the match, both men had to be wheeled away on gurneys.

On Fight Night 176, The Shiz submitted Jex Blackwell to be the first to qualify for the upcoming X-Mas Xscape match for the CFC Championship. On the next episode of Fight Night, The Shiz brought back his well-known Highlight of the Night show, inviting CFC Champion on as his guest. The two concluded the interview by wishing each other the best of luck and shaking hands before $oL made an appearance at the top of the ramp. Qwik$ylver expressed his disinterest in the interview, ending with his prediction of becoming champion again. The Shiz teamed with Alexander to face Kaeding and Kroq in a Tag Team match. The Shiz didn't spot the blind tag, setting up for Ride the Lightning on Kaeding but was caught with a Battering Ram in mid-air by Kroq, who was legal man, resulting in a pinfall.

In the final show of the year, X-Mas Xscape 2018: Atlanta, The Shiz participated in the X-Mas Xscape match, along with Qwik$ylver, Kaeding, Kroq, and defending champion, Alexander. Kaeding was the first to be eliminated with Kroq interrupting The Shiz's Scorpion Deathlock on Kaeding, before locking in his own Death Roll submission. The Shiz concluded his feud with Kroq by reversing Kroq's Death Roll into the Hangman's Clutch, eliminating him in the process. The Shiz was eliminated next, attempting to punish Qwik$ylver with a Facemelter while Alexander also had the $oL leader in his sights. Qwik$ylver dove out of harm's way, causing the on-coming Alexander to Spear The Shiz instead, leading to a 3-count. Qwik$ylver nearly pulled off the upset by delivering The Shiz's own Facemelter to the unsuspecting champion, but Alexander was able to recover and pull the challenger back into the cage. Alexander eventually retained by escaping the cage just before Qwik$ylver.

Steve Morton

Morton using The Shiz's own Hangman's Clutch against him

The Shiz, evidently still hurt from the X-Mas Xscape match, addressed the crowd by saying that it was now time to concentrate all of his efforts on pursuing the CFC Championship, but Steve Morton confronted The Shiz instead of Alexander. Morton stated that he never forgot the humiliation that The Shiz put him through and that their "unfinished business was far from over". On January 11, Morton attempted to interfere in The Shiz's match with Astor Moore, but The Shiz was able to fight him off before defeating Moore with a Stormbreaker from the top rope. After the match, a frustrated Morton locked in The Franchiser on The Shiz, forcing him to pass out from the hold. The following Fight Night, The Shiz and Morton faced each other in a Singles match. After trading submission holds, The Shiz was finally able to submit Morton with the Lockdown. After the match, Morton exclaimed that he was capable of beating his rival and challenged The Shiz to one more match, which was gladly accepted. January 25, before their final match, Morton blind-sighted The Shiz backstage, battering him with anything Morton could grab a hold of before other wrestlers were able to intervene. Morton almost won the match by forfeit until The Shiz hobbled down the ramp, much to Morton's surprise. Morton was almost able to put The Shiz away early on with a One and Only, but The Shiz narrowly kicked out. After multiple attempts to submit The Shiz with The Franchiser and even the Hangman's Clutch, Morton attempted the Lockdown which was then swiftly countered into a Hangman's Clutch of his own for the victory.


On February 1, The Shiz called out the current reigning champion, Alexander 'The Great' to join him in the ring. The confident champion had no hesitation, coming out and walking right up to The Shiz, displaying just how much bigger he was. The Shiz formally challenged Alexander for the CFC Championship, convincing him that there was no one more deserving at this moment. The following week, Cesaire interrupted The Shiz's Spotlight of the Night segment claiming that The Shiz neither deserved the title opportunity or possessed the capability of defeating the current champion unlike him. Cesaire and The Shiz squared off in a Singles match after the heated exchange. In an attempt to gain the upperhand, Cesaire dove into the exposed turnbuckle that he had removed the padding from earlier in the match, resulting in The Shiz picking up the pinfall. The Shiz finally received his title match on February 15, having been his first one-on-one title match in over a year. The Shiz was determined, scouting many of Alexander's arsenal early. The Shiz was the first man to kick out of his Spear, but could not survive a second as the champion retained. After the match, The Shiz received a standing ovation from the crowd, Alexander also showing his respect.

The following Fight Night, Alexander addressed the crowd by revealing that he was going to grant The Shiz a rematch that night because it was what the fans wanted to see. However, this didn't go over well with Cesaire, who was seen backstage claiming that The Shiz gets all of his opportunities handed to him and he was sick of being overlooked. In the main event, The Shiz faced Alexander again for the CFC Championship. The Shiz went into this bout with a different strategy than before, focusing primary on his opponent's legs. This proved to be valuable for the challenger, as Alexander had trouble executing many of his signature moves. The Shiz almost had Alexander beat when he narrowly dodged the Spear, quickly following up with a Stormbreaker, but the champion somehow managed to get his shoulder up in time. The end saw The Shiz looking for Ride the Lightning on the downed champion, until Cesaire shoved him off the top rope while the referee was recovering. Alexander went for another Spear attempt, and as The Shiz looked to counter with a sunset flip, Alexander countered that into the debut of Hellas Clasp. The Shiz was unable to escape in time and lost consciousness, awarding Alexander the victory.

Joe Cesaire 2

On March 1, The Shiz was spotted backstage throughout the night frantically searching for Cesaire. In one of the qualifying matches for the Calamity's Crown 2019 tournament, Cesaire defeated Jex Blackwell following a Black Mass. The Shiz marched down the ramp after the bell looking to even the score, but was demolished by Greco before reaching his nemesis. Starting the next show, it was announced that Greco would face The Shiz in the final qualifying match of the tournament. The Shiz utilized his speed and technical prowess to suppress Greco for most of the match, but ultimately fell victim to the Greco Press. On March 15, Cesaire and Greco faced off in the first quarterfinal match who, even though they were long time teammates, did not hold back in their bout. The bloodied Cesaire was about to secure the victory on Greco with the Black Mass, but The Shiz came out of nowhere and tripped him up. Greco took advantage by locking in the Greco Grip, submitting his fellow $oL member. The Shiz stood at the top of the ramp with a satisfied smirk on his face as Cesaire threw a tantrum in the ring.

The Shiz and Cesaire were scheduled to face each other in a Singles match, but the match never began as the two men clashed on the entrance ramp. Multiple referees separated them numerous times as the competitors kept slipping away to inflict further damage on each other. Cesaire declared that the next time they met in the ring, he was going to retire The Shiz once and for all. On March 29 at Calamity's Crown 2019: Albany, Cesaire and The Shiz faced each other in a Loser Leaves Town match. This bout was nothing short of brutal as their long history with each other was coming to a bitter end. The Shiz was able to survive a DND and Dominator back-to-back, while Cesaire kicked out of the Stormbreaker and Ride the Lightning combination. After a missed Jonton Bomb, Cesaire locked in his Bear Trap submission. The Shiz was able to eventually counter into a Lockdown, but Cesaire was not going to give up. This forced The Shiz to transition into the Scorpion Deathlock. When Cesaire still refused to tap The Shiz transitioned again, this time into the Hangman's Clutch to finally earn the victory. After reality set in, the crowd showed an overwhelming amount of support and respect towards Cesaire. The Shiz, who was making his way to the back, joined Cesaire in the ring one last time, burying the hatchet and embracing his former friend.

Return of The Omega Cops

The Shiz invited the recently crowned champion, 'The King' Cobra, to appear on Spotlight of the Night. The two discussed his impressive win over the former champion and what his plans are as champion going forward. The Shiz pitched himself as a frontrunner for the title but this was ignored by Cobra, who did not seem interested in facing The Shiz. On April 12, The Shiz faced Zero one-on-one where he defeated him a Ride the Lightning. After the match a strange figure emerged from under the ring. This enigma slithered into the ring and circled around a cautious Shiz, before making his way backstage in a baffling encounter. The following week, The Shiz took on Tarasque with Freiherr in his corner. The mysterious person came out from under the ring during this match, distracting The Shiz and almost costing him the victory. The Shiz would go on to pin Tarasque with a rollup but after the match The Suffering took out their frustrations on The Shiz as the figure appeared to be taking pleasure in watching the beating. Surprisingly, Darkside made his return by charging down to the ring and chasing away all three men.

It is unknown what the intentions are of the mysterious figure

The Omega Cops were set to take on The Suffering in a Tag Team match, but the match never got underway as The Suffering blindsighted TOC during their entrance. TOC would be able to fend them off, forcing The Suffering to flee through the crowd. At Fight Night 5/3, TOC challenged The Suffering to another match, but the challenge was accepted by Insurrection. The match ended with a Stormbreaker/Wyrm combination from TOC. Before TOC's match with The Suffering, The Shiz expressed his disappointment to Darkside that Alexander was getting another shot at the CFC Championship later that night, when he felt that he was the rightful number one contender. CFC Champion Cobra overheard the conversation and said that if The Shiz defeated The Suffering tonight, he would grant The Shiz a match the following week. TOC would go on to lose their match as Tarasque rolled up The Shiz for the three count following Cobra's distraction from atop the ramp.

On 5/17, The Shiz demanded a match with the champion after purposely costing him the match that would've cemented him as the number one contender. Cobra responded by declining The Shiz's demands, admitting that he enjoyed toying with his emotions. TOC faced Anthony and Breeze of RTA, defeating them with the Event Omega to Breeze. The following week, TOC was scheduled to compete against The Suffering and Insurrection in a Three Way Tag Team Ladder match to automatically qualify for the imminent 2019 CFC Tag Team Classic, bypassing the qualifying rounds altogether. Cobra again attempted to screw the Omega Cops towards the end of the match, but the mysterious man made a surprise appearance, neutralizing the 'King'. The enigma then flattened The Shiz before hoisting a groggy Darkside up the ladder to assist in the victory. He attempted to celebrate with Darkside but Darkside forcefully pulled away, confused by what just happened.

The Shiz invited the unknown figure to the Spotlight of the Night segment on Fight Night 5/31 in order to get some answers out of him, but Darkside came out instead. The Shiz accused Darkside of turning on him for the "freak" but Darkside denied having planned the ending of the Ladder match. The mysterious man then joined both men in the ring, introducing himself as Vox and revealed that his purpose in CFC was to "ensure that certain events go according to plan". The Shiz nearly came to blows with Vox, but Darkside restrained him, allowing Vox to slither out of the ring. The segment ended with Darkside trying to have The Shiz focus on the CFC Tag Team Classic. In the main event, Cobra defeated Vox by way of his Cobra Constrictor. After the match the champion began brutally beating his opponent until The Shiz charged down to the ring for the save. The Shiz and Cobra brawled all around the ring until The Shiz got the last laugh with a Facemelter to the CFC Champion. Vox thanked him for the help but The Shiz responded with a Stormbreaker, ending the show with the crowd chanting his name.

The Shiz finally got his wish as he faced Cobra for the CFC Championship in a Submission match on Fight Night 6/7. The challenger came prepared as he outstruck and outgrappled Cobra at every turn, controlling the early parts of the match. The turning point came when Cobra countered a suicide dive attempt by driving the championship belt into The Shiz's forehead while in flight. Cobra attempted several Cobra Constrictors but The Shiz was able to escape each time. The Shiz nearly won with his Modified Lockdown but it wasn't until he countered the Snake Pit into the Hangman's Clutch for the tap out, earning him his first CFC Championship.

CFC Champion & Vox

The Shiz's first appearance as the new CFC Champion

The Shiz opened Fight Night with his official CFC Championship Celebration, the crowd welcoming him with endless streamers. He took the time to lookback at his career in CFC so far, crediting the audience for believing in him and helping him achieve his nearly 4 year long mission of becoming the CFC Champion. Darkside came out to congratulate his best friend and tag team partner in The Omega Cops. The Shiz vowed not to stop trying to elevate Calamity Fight Club and will look to not only become CFC's first dual champion, referencing the announcement made earlier in the night that this year's CFC Tag Team Classic winners will also be awarded the brand new CFC Tag Team Championships, but also look to eventually defend the title for the first time in a country outside of the USA. Cobra then interrupted and stated those dreams will never happen because he is still owed his rematch clause, which he will exercise next week. Later in the night, TOC faced Qwik$ylver and Greco of the $aints of Liberty in the CFC Tag Team Classic 2019 quarterfinal round. TOC was able to rally back after a nearfall on Darkside, following Qwik$ylver's $ylver Lining. Only after isolating Greco was TOC able to hit their Stormbreaker into The Wyrm combination for the pinfall.

On Fight Night 6/21 The Shiz, with Darkside in his corner, put his championship belt on the line against the Calamity's Crown tournament winner, Cobra. The Shiz did not hold back as he stormed the challenger with vicious strikes and suplexes. When the champion attempted to finish the match with a Ride the Lightning, Cobra was able to shove him off the top rope, turning the tide in his favor. When The Shiz was almost finished by a Cobra Constrictor, the champion powered through and made it to the corner to force the rope break. Cobra, out of frustration, refused to release the hold completely and even used the ropes for leverage until the referee threatened a disqualification. The Shiz then caught him by surprise with a back body drop from the top rope, immediately followed by a Ride the Lightning for the win. TOC celebrated in the ring before Vox appeared on the screen where he delivered an eerie message about a surprise that The Shiz would not see coming. Leading into the main event, The Shiz looked physically worn but told Darkside that he had to win tonight in order to keep his promise to the fans about becoming double-champion. In the final match of the night, TOC faced Riggs and Zero of Insurrection in the semifinals of the CFC Tag Team Classic. Darkside was pulling most of the weight for his team throughout the match as the exhaustion was painfully obvious on the CFC Champion. The Shiz miraculously kicked out of the Coup D'etat but was later answered when Riggs got the shoulder up after receiving a Stormbreaker/Wyrm combination. The end came when TOC was setting Zero up for the Spanish Fly. Riggs shoved Darkside over the top rope and Insurrection connected with a second Coup D'etat on The Shiz to advance to the tournament finals. The Shiz may have missed his opportunity to be cemented in the history books, he didn't look very upset once Darkside handed him his championship belt.

Flick, the formidable newcomer, that has recently targeted The Shiz

The following week, The Shiz invited Vox to be his guest on Spotlight of the Night. Instead, Vox appeared on the screen again to deliver another cryptic message to the champion. Shortly after Vox's warning the newcomer Flick, who has been on a recent tear since making his debut a couple months earlier, marched to the ring with bad intentions. The Shiz stood his ground and took it to the big man, firing away with everything he has but most of the shots didn't seem to phase him much. Flick retaliated, throwing the champion around the ring with ease. Darkside ran down to backup his best friend, but Flick made quick work of him, as well. Flick then casually made his way to the back, securely draping the CFC Championship belt over his shoulder. Fight Night 7/5, The Shiz was furious about getting mugged and having his belt stolen. Darkside tried to calm him down before his match with Flick, but The Shiz didn't want to listen to him. The Shiz faced Flick for the CFC Championship in a No Hold's Barred match as the main event. The Shiz was able to evade his challenger early on using his superior speed and ring presence. The Shiz heavily leaned on weapons to try to keep his opponent down, but Flick's endurance was underestimated. After receiving a 2K Hazard through the announcer's table, the CFC Champion didn't have much fight left in him. Just as Flick was about to seal the deal by delivering a 2K Hazard through a table inside the ring, Darkside came out of nowhere for the save. TOC put Flick through the table instead with a Spanish Fly, followed by the Event Omega for the win. The Shiz, exhausted by the war he had just been through, ordered Darkside to bring the belt to him. In a shocking turn of events, his best friend Darkside, drove the championship belt into the skull of The Shiz, knocking him out cold. Darkside added insult to injury by delivering a No Man's Sky to The Shiz's carcass. As Darkside made his way up the ramp, Vox met him at the top, obnoxiously applauding his heinous actions.

The Order of the Fallen

Darkside, alongside Vox, opened the show to explain his actions and his surprising betrayal of his former best friend and tag team partner, The Shiz. He stated how The Shiz was selfish, arrogant, and utltimately held Darkside back from his true potential. Vox introduced him to the 'Enduring One' who convinced him to accept his destiny as a member of The Order of the Fallen, which could not be achieved without dropping his tag team parnter in the process. The Shiz cautiously walked out to the ring and said that the man in front of him is not his best friend, blaming Vox for manipulating him. The Shiz challenged Vox to a match later that night to rid CFC of him and bring back his best friend. Vox and The Shiz faced each other in a Single match that felt more like a squash than a contest. The Shiz was hell-bent on making an example out of him, showcasing his masterful technical ability. The Shiz picked up the win with his Lockdown, holding the submission longer than necessary as he stared over at Darkside by the announcer's table. Darkside stormed the ring, beating down his former partner in a flurry of strikes until Flick ran down to join the fray. As Flick chased Darkside away, he then began pummelling The Shiz himself, the show ending with Flick standing tall.

On Fight Night 7/19, The Shiz, Flick, Alexander, Darkside, Cobra, and Greco were announced as participants in this year's Ascension match, with the event taking place in Canada for the first time in CFC history. The Shiz teamed with Cobra and Greco to face Darkside, Alexander, and Flick in a Six-Man Tag Team match. With both sides having trouble working together effectively, it was only a matter of time before the match began to fall apart. Eventually, The Shiz would pick up the victory for his team with a Ride the Lightning on Alexander. A brawl ensued immediately after, with the action spilling into the crowd before the competitors all disappeared backstage. Being the first CFC event to be held in Canada and the last Fight Night before Ascension 2019: Toronto, The Shiz faced Flick in a non-title match. Darkside attempted to distract his former friend during the match, but ended up catching Flick's attention instead. The Shiz would capitalize on this opportunity by rolling his opponent into a small package for the pin. The Shiz celebrated in the crowd with the CFC Championship proclaiming, "In seven days, I'm making history! In seven days, I'm making Calamity Fight Club ICONIC!"

At Ascension 2019: Toronto, The Shiz put his belt on the line against Cobra, Flick, Greco, Darkside, and Alexander in an Ascension match, with the winner of the match being awarded with the newly designed championship belt. The Shiz was able to avoid a majority of the major bumps throughout the match and, at several points, almost won the match before getting intercepted. The finish of the match saw The Shiz and Alexander battling from atop the ladder, with Alexander in posession of the belt. The Shiz was eventually able to wrestle the title away and deliver a Stormbreaker from the top of the ladder to Alexander. Greco was able to hold onto his ankle, however, preventing him from hanging the belt to end the match. Darkside, using the larger ladder, leaned it against Greco and The Shiz, pinning them in between both ladders. He then climbed to the top, ripping the belt out of the champion's hands, and latched it himself, becoming the new CFC Undisputed Champion.


After a three-month hiatus, The Shiz made his unexpected return on 11/1 at 8-Man Mayhem 2019: Los Angeles. Shortly after Darkside defeated Eric Kaeding to award The Order of the Fallen the overall victory, vanquishing the team of RTA & Cobra, The Shiz emerged at the top of the ramp. He stormed the ring and easily handled the weakened OotF members. Darkside narrowly escaped a Facemelter with The Shiz who instead ended up delivering it to Vox. The Shiz opened Fight Night 11/8 looking to take back the championship belt he lost to Darkside, but Vox had some choice words for him after what transpired following the 8-Man Mayhem match. Vox and The Shiz faced each other later in the show, where The Shiz was able to pick up the win with a Ride the Lightning. After the match The Shiz blasted Vox with a Facemelter to send a message to his old friend.

The following week, it was announced that The Shiz would exercise his rematch clause, being the former champion before Darkside. Prior to his match, he ran into Xander Riggs who expressed his frustrations with The Shiz getting a shot at Darkside before him. The Shiz responded by saying he would be more than happy to school Riggs after he becomes champion again. The Shiz faced Darkside for his CFC Undisputed Championship in a Singles match. Darkside surprised The Shiz by coming out strong, displaying how much he has grown since becoming the face of the company. Darkside's aggressiveness clouded his judgement, attempting to punish his opponent by diving from the top rope to the prone Shiz on the announcer's table. The Shiz, however, was able to move out of the way last minute. At one point, The Shiz busted Darkside open by sending him face-first into the ring post like a lawn dart, but the champion refused to stay down. After The Shiz avoided a No Man's Sky and landed a Ride the Lightning immediately after, he ascended the top rope for another one when Greco interfered, causing a disqualification victory for The Shiz. Greco, now revealing himself as a member of The Order of the Fallen, delivered a Greco Press to The Shiz by tossing him from the top rope. Darkside added insult to injury by connecting with his Touch of Anguish, with the rest of The Order of the Fallen members joining them to celebrate.

On Fight Night 11/22, The Shiz faced off against Greco in a Falls Count Anywhere match. This proved to be a long night for The Shiz, as he sustained a lot of damage leading into Natural Selection 2019. Eventually leading backstage, the match eneded in a No Contest due to The Order of the Fallen and RTA members joining in, leading to an uncontrollable frenzy. At Natural Selection 2019: San Antonio, Darkside defended his CFC Undisputed Championship against The Shiz with everyone else being banned from ringside. The Shiz's technical ability was effective in stifling Darkside's offense, but as The Shiz was entering the ring again, Darkside surprised him with a Touch of Anguish followed by the No Man's Sky for the win.

The Enduring One

The Shiz's fued with OotF was far from over as he appeared in front of the crowd to admit that Darkside is too strong for him now, but will instead set his sights on the core of the group, 'The Enduring One'. The Shiz blamed Vox for ruining his friendship with Darkside and for being the mastermind behind the heinous faction. On Fight Night 12/13, The Shiz Vox with Greco in his corner. Greco did not get involved in the match until The Shiz had Vox close to submitting with a Lockdown. The Shiz went on to win by disqualification, but Greco got the last laugh by beating down his weakened foe. The following week, OotF (Vox and Greco) faced The Shiz and a mystery partner, where The Shiz will qualify for the upcoming X-Mas Xscape match if he can pick up the victory. His mystery partner turned out to be Killgör, who already qualified for X-Mas Xscape. Miscommunication from The Shiz and Killgör was frequent in this match, however, they were able to defeat OotF after Vox was leveled by Killgör's The Kill, allowing The Shiz to pin him for the three-count. Now that The Shiz was also entered into the match, Killgör had some choice words for his future opponent in the center of the ring. Darkside came out to congratulate The Shiz on allowing Killgör to help him enter the match, but it wasn't going to make a difference since he was still going to walk out the champion. Xander Riggs, the winner of this year's Natural Selection match, blind-sighted Killgör and The Shiz, making quick work of them. He then motioned to Darkside that he was going to walk away the new champion.

The unknown combatant interfering in the X-Mas Xscape match

At CFC X-Mas Xscape 2019: Seattle, The Shiz participated in the X-Mas Xscape match alongside, Killgör, Darkside, Xander Riggs, and Eric Kaeding. Riggs put on an impressive performance early on, but was eventually eliminated by The Shiz following Kaeding's Ericution. As The Shiz was moments away from submitting Darkside, a mysterious man appeared inside the enclosure, seemingly protecting Darkside by laying out The Shiz. This was the same figure that had screwed Killgör out of the championship twice in the past. Killgör was able to connect with The Kill on him, but after the lights returned, the mysterious man was no where to be seen. The confusion allowed Darkside to eliminate The Shiz. Kaeding would go on to eliminate Killgör, leaving just him and Darkside as the final two. After some brutal exchanges, Kaeding and Darkside raced to escape the cage from opposite ends. Kaeding would've touched the ground first, had it not been for Greco catching him in mid air, allowing Darkside to win the match and retain his championship. Afterward, Greco demolished Kaeding before being chased away by his team mates in RTA.

When OotF was celebrating Darkside's successful defense of the CFC Undisputed Championship, The Shiz interrupted demanding a fight with the man that interfered in the X-Mas Xscape match. Not giving him a straight answer, OotF instead set their focus on Killgör. Killgör made his appearance and, alongside The Shiz, got right down to business, forcing a melee inside the ring. The numbers were too much and OotF overpowered the two men until RTA joined the fray. OotF retreated to the back before any serious damage could be done. The following week, Greco and The Shiz faced off in a Singles match. When the referee wasn't looking, Vox low blowed The Shiz, setting him up for a Greco Press and the three count. On Fight Night 1/17, The Order of the Fallen (Darkside, Vox, Greco, Tarasque & Freiherr) faced Killgör, The Shiz and RTA (Eric Kaeding, Anthony & Breeze) in an 10-Man Tag Team match in hopes to win the right to confront the unknown member of OotF. Ultimately, Darkside secured the victory for his team, pinning The Shiz for the count. At Fight Night 1/24 during the non-title match between Darkside and Kaeding, RTA and Killgör attacked Greco and The Suffering for continuous interferences in the match. Just as Vox was attempting to aid Darkside, The Shiz emerged from the crowd and routed him. Sending a message to OotF, The Shiz delivered a Stormbreaker to Vox through the announcer's table. The chaos outside of the ring allowed Kaeding to connect with his Super E-Break pick up the win on the CFC Undisputed Champion, earning him a title shot next week. After the match, The Shiz challenged Vox to his signture match, the Blood Is Ticker Than Wood Tables match.

On Fight Night 1/31, The Shiz faced Vox in a Blood Is Thicker Than Wood (V) Tables match. Throughout the match, The Shiz began to realize that it was going to be difficult to cause his opponent to bleed, as the head-to-toe body suit almost acted as a protective barrier. Vox was the first to draw blood with multiple head smashes into the unforgiving ring post. The Shiz would put Vox through three tables before eventually resorting to ripping the mask off completely. It was only then The Shiz was able to draw blood with a guitar shot to the exposed face. The Shiz attempted to beat Vox into a bloody pulp in order to summon 'The Enduring One' but he never made an appearance. The Shiz sealed the deal by delivering a back body drop from the top rope, through two stacked tables outside of the ring, to end the match.

Xander Riggs

Looking to continue his pursuit of 'The Enduring One,' The Shiz once again called out the face of OotF, Darkside. Instead, Xander Riggs made an appearance, expressing his annoyance with The Shiz's "whining and complaining." Standing face-to-face with The Shiz, Riggs stated that he was the 2019 Natural Selection winner and that he deserved a one-on-one match with Darkside, also claiming to be the only true number one contender. With this year's Calamity's Crown tournament beginning soon, they both hoped to meet in the ring during the tournament. Later that night, The Shiz qualified for the tournament by defeating Jex Blackwell. After Riggs defeated his old teammate, Zero, to also advance in the tournament, it was announced that Riggs and The Shiz would indeed face-off in the quarterfinals.

On Fight Night 2/14 in the third quarterfinal match of the night, The Shiz faced Riggs in a Singles match. Riggs displayed a higher level of aggression than normal, not looking to hide the fact that he doesn't like The Shiz one bit. The size difference played an important role, but The Shiz's cardio and durability allowed him to take control of the match. In a move of desperation, Riggs removed the top turnbuckle from the corner. The Shiz was able to avoid it for most of the match, but a power whip into the exposed corner and a second vertical suplex side slam was enough to put him away for the pinfall, advancing Xander Riggs to the semifinal round. The following week, The Shiz was interviewed backstage calling out Riggs for having to cheat in order to beat him. Before he could say more, Riggs attacked him from behind, leaving him writhing in pain on the floor.

Not long after Riggs was eliminated by Killgör in the semifinal round, he was spotted backstage demanding a rematch. The Shiz looked to genuinely congratulate him for advancing so far in the tournament, which seemed to trigger Riggs, as he viciously brawled with The Shiz. The two were eventually broken up by officials. The Shiz, wanting to put the rising star in his place, challenged Riggs to a No Disqualification match at Calamity's Crown. At Calamity's Crown 2020: Orlando The Shiz faced off against Xander Riggs in a Anything Goes match. The match spilled out into the crowd several times, with Riggs not hesitating to use spectators as barriers for protection. At one point Riggs attempted to run The Shiz over with a utility truck, but The Shiz was able to dive out of the way just in time. The end of the match saw Riggs perform a Senton Bomb from scaffolding onto The Shiz, who was draped over production equipment. Riggs' body was left laying over The Shiz, resulting in the pinfall victory.

Madd Dogg

Madd Dogg looking to send a message

On Fight Night 3/27, The Shiz faced Gordon David in a Singles match. The Shiz was able to pick up the win with his Ride the Lightning. After the match, The Shiz was showing respect for his opponent until newcomer Madd Dogg strutted down to the ring, berating both men. Before he knew what hit him, Madd Dogg struck The Shiz in the head with the microphone, then proceeded to beat down David. The Shiz attempted to fight off Madd Dogg but eventually fell victim to a devastating Chokeslam. Madd Dogg then left the ring, having delivered the message intended. The Shiz was set to face Madd Dogg in a Singles match on Fight Night 4/10, but Madd Dogg attacked him from behind with a metal chain. Madd Dogg proceeded to choke him with the chain, requiring several referees to pull the large man off.

After Madd Dogg defeated Pat Downs, he proceeded to whip him with his steel chain. The Shiz ran down for the save and pummelled Madd Dogg, forcing him to flee the ring in a dazed state. The Shiz, not letting him gett off that easily, followed closely but unexpectedly walked into a punch to the face with the chain wrapped around Madd Dogg's fist. Madd Dogg added insult to injury by delivering the Dogg Pound through the announcer's table, leaving The Shiz unconscious in the wreckage. At Figh Night 5/8, Madd Dogg and The Shiz faced each other in a Steel Chain match. Madd Dogg began the match by refusing to square up with his opponent until he got a hold of the steel chain. The Shiz was eventually able to gain posession of it, which allowed him to also control the match. The Shiz nearly choked Madd Dogg unconscious by lifting his opponent off the ground at ringside, but out of desperation, Madd Dogg used the chain to yank The Shiz off the top rope, causing him to crash onto the ring apron. Madd Dogg then struck The Shiz in the head with his chain-wrapped fist, following it up with the Dogg Pound in the center of the ring to end the match. Madd Dogg then began pummelling The Shiz with the chain again, forcing extra referees to restrain him.


Fresh off of Ascension 2020: Sacremento, the Fight Night 7/3 main event presented an Eight-Man Elimination match in order to determine a new number one contender for the CFC Undisputed Championship. Abel, Max Black, Greyson Cross, Drew North, Jason Walker, Qwik$ylver, and Xander Riggs but it was not known who the last participant would be. Surprising the entire locker room, The Shiz made his return as the last entrant in the match, having been gone for over a month. Riggs eliminated North early on with his vertical suplex side slam. Abel eliminated Qwik$ylver next with the End of Kane. As Walker attempted to pin Black, The Shiz connected with a Ride the Lightning on both men, eliminating the two of them simultaneously. The Shiz was able to counter Abel's End of Kane attempt into his new Haas of Pain submission manuever, submitting him in the middle of the ring. The Shiz attempted a Ride the Lightning on Riggs as he pinned Cross, but Riggs saw it coming, moving out of the way in time, and caused The Shiz to land on Cross only for the pin. The Shiz eventually countered Riggs' vertical suplex side slam into a Lockdown, transitioning into the Haas of Pain for the tap and becoming the new number one contender.

On Fight Night 7/17, after Killgör submitted Greyson Cross with the Dragon Clutch, The Shiz came out to congratulate him on his victory but also to size up the champion, as The Shiz was next in line for the title. Following an intense staredown, The Shiz turned to leave the ring just as Cross attacked Killgör from behind, propelling him into The Shiz and knocking him out of the ring. Killgör quickly neutralized Cross, but The Shiz began beating down the champion before locking him in the Haas of Pain. Referees broke up the fight shortly after. The following week, The Shiz submitted Garry Grace in a Singles match. Post match, The Shiz took it upon himself to call out the CFC Champion, stating he didn't want to wait until Eight-Man Mayhem to prove he's the true "Frontman of CFC". It didn't take long for Killgör to confront the challenger, engaging in a brawl without even a retort. Killgör had little opposition, walking right through his rival before locking in his signature Dragon Clutch. Referees once again had to intervene, and in brief moment of distraction, The Shiz was able to connect with a Facemelter on Killgör out of nowhere. The Shiz latched on the Haas of Pain momentarilly before being forced to the back by the officials. It was later announced that their forthcoming championship match at Eight-Man Mayhem was changed to an Ultimate Submission match.

In the co-main event of Eight-Man Mayhem 2020: Chicago, The Shiz received an enormous reaction once his music hit, being the hometown hero, and he arguably looked the most focused he's ever been in CFC. The different appearance he's embodied since his return brought along a new tenacity with it, and he was ready for his hour-long Ultimate Submission match against, what he considers, his greatest rival. The CFC Undisputed Champion, Killgör, started out strong, overpowering his smaller opponent for 15 minutes, before switching his focus on submission holds. Killgör attempted his Dragon Clutch multiple times, but each time The Shiz was able to escape it. By the 30 minute mark, The Shiz managed to counter a Vendetta into his Lockdown maneuver briefly. Killgör was eventually able to lock in the Dragon Clutch for a minute straight, forcing The Shiz to persevere and fight his way through it. The Shiz was then able to turn that into the Haas of Pain. The champion once again proved his fortitude and ingenuity, pulling himself out of the ring to break the hold. Around the 40 minute mark, The Shiz dove off of the top turnbuckle and connected with a Ride the Lightning onto Killgör, sending both competitors through the Spanish announce table. The finish of the match saw The Shiz lock in the Modified Lockdown and with no rope breaks, he was able to keep it locked in as long as he wanted. Killgör still refused to tap, nearly passing out from the pain. But then in a last-ditch effort, he brute forced his way out and delivered a desperation double leg slam in the center of the ring before immediately latching in the Maestro, a submission move he hadn't used in years. The Shiz didn't have enough strength to escape it and, ultimately, tapped out with only seconds left to spare, ending the match with a score of 1-0 in favor of the champion.

Blaze, believed to be Baphomet at the time, debuting after Killgör and The Shiz's title match

After the match when the celebration had calmed, The Shiz, barely able to stand, shook Killgör's hand out of respect as he was the better man that night. Before The Shiz could leave the ring, The Order of the Fallen's music echoed throughout the venue, with each member coming out to surround the ring. Darkside and Vox stood on the apron, alluding to an attack, but instead Vox revealed, "it was time for The Enduring One to finally take action." A cloaked man slowly made his way down to the ring to confront Killgör and The Shiz. Upon removing his cloak, he immediately began mauling both of the exhausted competitors. Killgör tried to fight back but the assailant was too much for him. The beating ended once both of them received their own Inverted Death Valley Driver, leaving them battered and broken on the canvass. As OotF head up the ramp, Vox exclaimed "The Age of Baphomet is now upon us!", exiting with a chilling cackle.

The Age of Baphomet

On Fight Night 8/28, The Order of the Fallen filled the ring to address their recent actions and their intentions to take over Calamity Fight Club, beginning with the CFC Undisputed Championship. Killgör was ready to confront OotF alone, but The Shiz came out to let the champion know he had his back. The Shiz and Killgör charged towards the ring to retaliate for what transpired at Eight-Man Mayhem 2020, but suddenly the lights cut out. When they returned, every member of OotF was nowhere to be seen. The ringleader appeared on the tron behind them, informing them that if the two of them can defeat The Suffering next Fight Night, "Baphomet may grant you the opportunity for vengeance". The following show, The Shiz and Killgör teamed up to take on Tarasque and Freiherr of The Suffering. At some point, Vox ran down to try to assist The Suffering, but eventually fell victim to a Facemelter from The Shiz. After Killgör connected with The Kill on Freiherr, The Shiz immediately landing with Ride the Lightning after for the win, both earning the right to face the elusive being known as Baphomet. Post match, OotF lined up on the stage with a new member being revealed, who introduced himself as Shepard. He explained his position as Baphomet's representative and that Baphomet will face Killgör for his championship tonight, then face The Shiz on the next episode of Fight Night. Killgör wasn't having it, stating Baphomet still deserved a beating, but he would not put his title on the line, as he has not earned the opportunity. Since Shepard said Baphomet would not face Killgör unless the title was on the line, Killgör agreed to put the belt up for grabs if Baphomet could defeat The Shiz first. Shepard accepted the challenge before The Order of the Fallen left the stage.

The Shiz faced off against Baphomet at Fight Night 9/25 in a Singles match. The Shiz utilized his technical prowess to control the match early on and later, relying on his speed advantage to stifle any offense. The Shiz, however, made a crucial mistake as he went for a suicide dive through the ropes. Baphomet dove out of the way, causing The Shiz to crash into the barricade head-first. Still feeling the effects of the collision, The Shiz would soon walk right into a reverse Death Valley Driver, dubbed the Widow Maker, granting Baphomet the victory. Shepard immediately called out the CFC Undisputed Champion to confirm their title match at Natural Selection 2020: San Diego. With a physical contract in hand, Shepard asked Killgör to sign in order to ensure he keeps his end of the deal, which the champion confidently accepted. Fight Night 10/9 saw Baphomet in the ring with the rest of The Order of the Fallen addressing the championship match, declaring to cleanse Calamity Fight Club of all that is trying to kill it, beginning with Killgör and the CFC Undisputed Championship. Killgör and The Shiz heard enough, deciding to start Natural Selection early that night. It didn't take them long to get past The Suffering and while Killgör took on Greco and Vox, The Shiz went toe-to-toe with Darkside. Finally, Baphomet was singled out while the two men closed in, but suddenly the lights went out. After the lights returned, Baphomet was up at the top of the stage with the rest of OotF. Shepard stepped out from the back with the contract in-hand before he began reading the contract over out loud. It was then revealed what Killgör had actually signed up for: Killgör was to put his championship on the line against Baphomet in CFC's first-ever Hell in a Cell match. Killgör and The Shiz were left in shock as The Shiz looked visibly concerned for the champion.

At CFC Natural Selection 2020: San Diego, Darkside faced The Shiz in a one-on-one match, ordered by Baphomet to "eliminate him from the equation." These bitter enemies held nothing back as their history stems back a couple of years. However, The Shiz was able to scout Darkside's Dead Orbit attempt, moving out of harm's way, and securing the Haas of Pain to end the match. Later that night after Killgör defeated who he believed to be the true Baphomet in a Hell in a Cell match, The Order of the Fallen's lead mouthpiece, Shepard, came out to reveal that the man he just beat was Blaze instead of Baphomet. Reading the contract out loud, Shepard reminded the champion that he was obligated to defend his belt against Baphomet that night in a Hell in a Cell and that the match would restart, this time against his true challenger. With the lights going out for a moment, a beast of a man was now standing behind the champion inside the structure in place of Blaze. Before Killgör could get any offense off, Baphomet leveled him with force. The Shiz ran out to try and enter the cell in order to help his friend, but the door was locked and secured. Having been put through two tables, the match ended with Baphomet powerbombing Killgör into the mat three times consecutively before pinning him for the three-count. Baphomet then reappeared to the top of the structure, title in hand, posing with his arms outstretched.

Evidently upset with the outcome of Natural Selection, The Shiz challenged the new champion, Baphomet, to put the title on the line against him. The impressive newcomer who won this year's Natural Selection match, Untouchable, joined The Shiz in the ring but disagreed with The Shiz's claim for the title. It wouldn't be long before Xander Riggs, Qwik$ylver, and Alexander also stated their cases to face Baphomet. Later that night, The Shiz faced Untouchable in a Singles match where Untouchable picked up the huge victory. At Fight Night 11/20, The Shiz defeated Qwik$ylver after connecting with a Ride the Lightning. Embittered from his loss to Untouchable earlier in the night, Riggs attacked The Shiz backstage but was eventually chased off by Alexander. The following week, The Shiz and Alexander teamed up to face Riggs and Qwik$ylver with Untouchable acting as guest commentator. The Shiz picked up the pinfall victory following a Spear from Alexander combined with a Ride the Lightning on Qwik$ylver. Post match the CFC Undisputed Champion, Baphomet, made his first appearance since winning the title, staring down the victors of the match. The Shiz attempted to engage the champion on the ramp but Baphomet easily ran through him. Alexander went to route the champion but was also incapacitated with ease. Sending a message to Untouchable, Baphomet delivered his Trinity powerbombs to both Alexander and The Shiz in the ring, as Untouchable hesitated to take the bait. Untouchable instead decided to remain fresh and healthy leading into the grueling X-Mas Xscape match in order to maximize his odds of walking away with the championship belt.

The Order of the Fallen, the self-proclaimed 'Sinister Eight'

X-Mas Xscape 2020: Las Vegas was held on 12/18 which featured The Shiz, Xander Riggs, Alexander, Qwik$ylver, Untouchable, and Baphomet locked inside a steel structure for the CFC Undisputed Championship as the main event. The start was the match was chaotic as all hell broke loose, with every participant attacking each other. It wouldn't be long before a strategy was devised to eliminate the champion first, having unanimously been decided that he was the biggest threat. For the first time since debuting, it was shown that even Baphomet could be hurt, but he never stayed down for long as he could spring right back in an instant. Baphomet would be able to eliminate Riggs and Alexander at the same time, delivering The Trinity to Alexander on top of a prone Riggs, pinning them simultaneously. For a large portion of the match, Untouchable and The Shiz were able to work together to slowly chip away at Baphoment, occasionally focusing on Qwik$ylver for brief moments. Just as Untouchable was setting Baphomet up for a Facemelter from The Shiz, Qwik$ylver timed a low blow perfectly, dropping The Shiz before execution. As Baphomet leveled Untouchable, Qwik$ylver delivered the Facemelter to The Shiz, offering the pinfall to Baphomet as a sign of good faith. Shortly after eliminating The Shiz, Baphomet then eliminated Qwik$ylver with The Trinity. Untouchable showed incredible heart, trying his best to stand against the champion and as Baphomet tried to escape the cage, Untouchable was able to stop him time and time again. Even with the rest of The Order of the Fallen coming out to surround the ring, Untouchable remained focused on making sure Baphomet couldn't escape. In a major turn of events, Untouchable was able to deliver an avalanche poisonrana, leaving Baphomet facedown in the center of the ring. Untouchable mustered up the rest of his strength and slowly ascended to the top of the cage just as Baphomet came to. Baphomet began ascending the opposite side of the cage and in an act of desperation, Untouchable dropped from the middle of the cage wall but was caught in mid air by Greco just had he had done to Eric Kaeding the year before, allowing Baphomet to reach the floor first and retain the championship. The night ended with Baphomet holding the title in front of Untouchable as Greco held him in the Greco Grip, eventually forcing Untouchable into unconsciousness.

Qwik$ylver 2

On the very first Fight Night of 2021, Qwik$ylver was welcomed into the ring by The Order of the Fallen, as they discussed him becoming a member. It wasn't long before The Shiz interrupted, claiming that Baphomet wouldn't be champion had it not been for Qwik$ylver's devious tactics in the X-Mas Xscape match. Annoyed with The Shiz's words, Blaze ordered Qwik$ylver to prove himself by eliminating The Shiz. Just then, Untouchable walked out and stated that he, too, would like to get back at Qwik$ylver for his actions. It was decided that Greco and Qwik$ylver would team up to take on The Shiz and Untouchable on the next Fight Night. On 1/15, Untouchable and The Shiz faced Qwik$ylver and Greco in a Tag Team match. Greco naturally did most of the heavy lifting, with Qwik$ylver comfortable staying out of the fray when possible. The match ended with Untouchable delivering a springboard Dragonrana onto Qwik$ylver for the pinfall victory. Having gotten his revenge against Qwik$ylver, Untouchable called out the CFC Undisputed Champion, demanding a one-on-one match with him. Shepard addressed Untouchable, forcing him to prove himself yet again by facing Qwik$ylver and The Shiz in a non-elimination Three-Way match, with the winner earning a title shot. Prior to the main event, it was revealed that it would serve as the official start of the annual Calamity's Crown tournament. The Shiz, Qwik$ylver, and Untouchable faced each other in a Three-Way match where the winner would not only be the number one contender for Baphomet's championship, but would also automatically qualify for the quarterfinals of the Calamity's Crown 2021 tournament. Untouchable was able to win the match by catching The Shiz off guard with his Dragonrana. After the match, Qwik$ylver took out his frustrations on his nemesis, The Shiz, before heading to the back.

At Fight Night 2/12, The Shiz faced Darkside in a Calamity's Crown 2021 qualifying match, getting another crack at entering the tournament. In what some considered to be an upset, The Shiz was able to counter a corner sunset flip powerbomb into a hurricanrana pin to advance. Afterward, it was revealed that The Shiz will take on Qwik$ylver in the quarterfinal round. Fight Night 2/26 saw Qwik$ylver and The Shiz face off in a quarterfinal round match to continue in the Calamity's Crown 2021 tournament. Before the start of the match, Qwik$ylver made sure to bring up his past accomplishments yet again, then struck the unsuspecting Shiz over the head with the microphone. The Shiz wasn't able to begin to mount an offense until his opponent missed his target with a Ride the Lightning, attempting to add insult to injury. With a gash over his brow constantly leaking blood into his eye, The Shiz had a difficult time keeping focus. The Shiz eventually won the match with his Ride the Lightning to advance in the tournament. The Shiz and Qwik$ylver appeared to also bury the hatchet, shaking each other's hands after the match.

Fight Night 3/12 finally granted The Shiz his wish of facing Baphomet one-on-one, accusing Baphomet of screwing him out of the title at X-Mas Xscape 2019 and for ruining his friendship with Darkside. In this long-awaited match against the reigning CFC Undisputed Champion, The Shiz had never been more focused on an opponent. However, during Baphomet's entrance Qwik$ylver blind-sighted The Shiz with his own guitar, leaving him defenseless. Baphomet made quick work of The Shiz, sending him flying across the ring with the Vanquish to end the match in only 15 seconds and eliminate The Shiz from the tournament. At Calamity Crown 2021: Atlanta, Alexander and The Shiz faced The Suffering in a number one contender's match for the CFC Tag Team Championship. Throughout the match, The Shiz was noticeably distracted as he kept looking over his shoulder, paranoid of Qwik$ylver attacking him again. Alexander pulled out the victory for his team after a Spear/grounded abdominal stretch combination on Tarasque. Backstage the current reigning CFC Tag Team Champions, RTA, congratulated The Shiz and Alexander, expressing their excitement for the new challenge. On Fight Night 4/9, RTA put their CFC Tag Team titles on the line against the team of Alexander and The Shiz. RTA's smooth tag team prowess proved to be a major challenge at the beginning of the match, as Alexander wasn't able to utilize his strength advantage against either opponent for long. Towards the end of the match, The Shiz and Alexander were able to find their groove but as the champs were reeling, without the ref seeing Qwik$ylver blasted The Shiz in the back with his own guitar yet again. Oblivious to the heinous act, Kaeding secured the victory by connecting with his Ericution on The Shiz. Backstage, with Alexander trying to calm down his friend, The Shiz demanded a match against Qwik$ylver.

On the 4/23 edition of Fight Night, The Shiz attacked Qwik$ylver during his backstage interview. Qwik$ylver repeatedly attempted to flee but The Shiz wasn't letting off. They eventually ended up in the parking lot, where Alexander restrained his tag team partner. Caught by surprise, a car plowed through both men en route to retrieving Qwik$ylver before speeding away, leaving Alexander and The Shiz unconscious on the pavement. The following episode, Qwik$ylver took to the ring in order to announce to the crowd that The Shiz would not be healthy in time to face him at Ascension 2021, due to the "accident" in the parking lot. Much to his dismay, The Shiz walked out from the back, albeit, in a cervical collar. The Shiz admitted, "I may not be 100% come Ascension, but I'm still healthy enough to beat you" before peeling off the neck brace and charging the ring. Qwik$ylver escaped into the crowd avoiding the fight but The Shiz was still able to drop one more bombshell for his future opponent, revealing their upcoming match to be his signature Blood Is Thicker Than Wood Tables match. At Ascension 2021: Denver, prior to their match later in the evening, it was revealed that Alexander and The Shiz would be participating in the upcoming Eight-Man Mayhem 2021 tournament. The Shiz, with Alexander in his corner, faced off against Qwik$ylver in the Blood Is Thicker Than Wood (VI) Tables match for the second time, as The Shiz picked up the victory in their first outing on Fight Night 14. For a majority of the match, neither man was busted open or put through a table. Eventually both men were launched off the stage, going through the table at the same time, ending the match in a draw.

In order to bring an end to their rivalry, both men agreed to a Last Man Standing match at Fight Night 6/4. Prior to the start of the match, Qwik$ylver was so confident in his ability to beat The Shiz that he called out the CFC Undisputed Champion, Baphomet, for threatening his record reign as CFC Champion. The Shiz didn't appreciate being overlooked, especially with the underhanded tactics that Qwik$ylver has used against him and Alexander, but Qwik$ylver reassured that, "There's no way I'm losing to YOU tonight". At some point during their Last Man Standing match, Shepard came out to observe the match from a distance. With both men having survived 45 minutes of grueling punishment, The Shiz was looking to finish off Qwik$ylver with a solo Spanish Fly on the exposed corner of the canvas, when a mysterious man interfered in the match by striking The Shiz with an unknown championship belt. He then chokeslammed him from the top rope onto the exposed canvas, rendering him unable to answer the ref's count and handing Qwik$ylver the win. After the match, Alexander stormed the ring to save his tag team partner from Qwik$ylver's Cunt Punt and during the fray, it was revealed that the mysterious man was none other than Madd Dogg of Dogg House Wrestling. Eventually Alexander was beaten down and handcuffed to the turnbuckle, being forced to watch helplessly as Qwik$ylver delivered the Cunt Punt to The Shiz.

Eight-Man Mayhem 2021

Round one of the Eight-Man Mayhem 2021 tournament, Alexander and The Shiz were set to face The Suffering but The Shiz was put out of commission by Qwik$ylver. Being down a tag team partner, Alexander was going to be forced to continue the match without a teammate or forfeit the match. Killgör surprised Alexander by offering to fill The Shiz's spot in the tournament. Killgör and Alexander didn't have much experience teaming together and it was evident by their repeated miscommunication, which eventually led to The Suffering capitalizing by connecting with their Pain Maker on Alexander to score the win in round one. On Fight Night 7/2, Killgör and Alexander faced The Devil's Rejects (Qwik$ylver and Madd Dogg) for the second round of the tournament. With better flow and improved teamwork by Alexander and Killgör, this was a much more competitive match. A simultaneous running big boot/Spear on Qwik$ylver finished the match and kept their team alive in the tournament.

To advance into the finals Alexander and Killgör, now collectively known as The Brotherhood, had to get past the powerhouse duo in Frontline. With all four men displaying equal levels of strength, neither team was able to take control of the match for very long, until Frontline put Alexander through the table that they had setup earlier in the match. Killgör made several attempts to fend off both members of Frontline, but their numbers advantage eventually wore him down. Alexander eventually recovered to get back in the match, where they delivered their tandem Spear/The Kill combo on both Frontline members for the win. The victory meant that they would face RTA and the Order of the Fallen (Darkside and Greco) in the finals, awaiting the last entry to be determined between The Devil's Rejects and Omni.

At Eight-Man Mayhem 2021: Toronto, the long-reigning RTA put their CFC Tag Team Championship on the line in the main event against The Order of the Fallen, The Brotherhood, and The Devil's Rejects. Darkside, the current reigning CFC Regional Champion, was not only looking to become the first dual champion and first Triple Crown Champion, but also fulfill The Order of the Fallen's promise of ruling over Calamity Fight Club. With all of their successes as a team, RTA were the favorites in the match and didn't disappoint, as they brought the fight to each opposing team. With Darkside focusing his sights on W.S. Anthony, The Brotherhood delivered a double crucifix powerbomb on Greco, neutralizing the giant. After connecting with his Dead Orbit on Anthony, The Brotherhood attempted their effective Spear/Kill combination, but Darkside rolled underneath. Darkside instead ran right into an assisted pop-up front powerslam by Killgör, followed by Alexander's Hellas Clasp for the submission victory earning themselves the CFC Tag Team Championship belts.

Natural Selection 2021 Appearance

At Natural Selection 2021: Albany, The Shiz briefly returned to bring back and host his show Spotlight of the Night. His guest this time was 'The King' Cobra, who was set to face Baphomet later that night. After the interview, The Shiz announced that he wouldn't be returning just yet, as his band will be going on tour soon.

The Brotherhood

The Shiz opened X-Mas Xscape 2021: Seattle by performing live with his band Death Beetel. He was later on guest commentary to support his friends in The Brotherhood for their CFC Tag Team Championship title defense against Omni. Having already defended his CFC Regional Championship earlier that night, Killgör was noticeably sluggish in this match forcing Alexander to carry the weight. Omni ultimately pinned Alexander after delivering the Cloud Imperium to end the year with the CFC Tag Team Championship. After the match, Alexander as visibly frustrated with Killgör. The Shiz attempted to calm Alexander down but he left the ring without forgiving Killgör. Backstage, Alexander gathered his equipment to leave the arena as The Shiz and Killgör caught up with him. Alexander expressed his envy Killgör becoming dual champion, as well as a CFC Triple Crown champion, and then costing them the belts because Killgör "couldn't handle the pressure". Killgör offered Alexander a title shot for the CFC Regional Championship at the next Fight Night in order to allow him the chance to become a Triple Crown champion himself if he can rise to the occasion.

On the first Fight Night of 2021, Killgör put the CFC Regional Championship on the line against his tag team partner, Alexander. To make sure it was officiated properly, The Shiz served a the special guest referee for this match. Killgör was initially reluctant to go 100% against his friend until it began to get heated. The two men were evenly matched throughout and Alexander came close to ending the match multiple times but Killgör persevered. Killgör was able to retain his belt after countering Alexander's top rope Spear attempt into a Vendetta. Alexander looked to blame The Shiz for poor officiating but Killgör convinced him to take the loss like a man and the two eventually shook hands.

Greyson Cross

With Blaze winning the opportunity to face Killgör for his CFC Regional Championship, The Brotherhood and The Shiz knew that the challenger was going to have the support of his The Order of the Fallen goons, so The Shiz and Alexander ensured that they would be in the champ's corner. In the Fight Night 1/28 main event, Killgör put his title on the line against Blaze, who had Shepard, Darkside, and Greco in his corner. The Shiz showed up for Killgör but Alexander was noticably MIA. During the match, The Shiz struggled to thwart OotF's underhanded tactics until eventually the ref ordered them to leave ringside. Towards the end of the match, the ref was accidentally knocked unconscious by Blaze, which saved him from Killgör's pinfall attempt. Unexpectedly, Greyson Cross hopped the guardrail and blind-sighted The Shiz before interfering in the match, catching Killgör with a running double-knee strike to the abdomen in the corner. The Shiz recovered and chased Cross through the crowd, allowing Blaze to capitalize with his Widow Maker to become the new CFC Regional Champion.

It wouldn't be long until The Shiz was able to face Cross, as it was announced that they would face each other in a Calamity's Crown 2022 tournament qualifying match. Cross obviously had the agility and speed advantage, but what caught The Shiz by surprise was how well the young up-and-comer was able to match his technical ability. The end of the match saw The Shiz setup for a Ride the Lightning but Cross ripped his feet out from under him, causing him to crash to the canvass. Cross then followed up with the Gold Rush to advance into the tournament. After the match, Cross added insult to injury by applying The Shiz's own Lockdown on him before Killgör forced Cross to flee. At Fight Night 2/28, Alexander and Killgör were forced to face-off in a Calamity's Crown tournament qualifying match. There was already a lot of tension between the two competitors and this match only served to make things worse between them. The Shiz joined the commentator's to spectate from ring side, but more importantly, to keep a close eye on both of his friends. Killgör would go on to defeat Alexander with a schoolboy rollup to advance. An irate Alexander shoved Killgör when he got in Alexander's face for being a sore loser. The Shiz, once again, had to get between the two men in order to deescalate the situation. Alexander laughed off the incident as a frustrated Killgör left to the back alone.

Omni offered a rematch to The Brotherhood after constant criticism from the locker room that their victory over the former champions was a fluke and that their reign wouldn't be taken seriously until they proved to be the best team. The Brotherhood, with The Shiz, faced off against Omni in a barn burner. Omni brought an energy and pace that The Brotherhood struggled to keep up with. With a series of miscommunication, Omni stunned Alexander outside of the ring before delivering the Chrome Nebula on Killgör to retain the belts. Seeing The Shiz check on Killgör first made Alexander snap, Spearing both men at the same time before turning his back on his former friends. At Calamity's Crown 2022: Indianapolis, Killgör and Greyson Cross opened the show with one of the two semifinal matches of the tournament. Killgör was moments away from finishing Cross with The Kill until he was intercepted with a Spear by Alexander. Alexander fled through the crowd before the referee recovered and Cross sealed the deal with the Golden Shower to advance to the finals.

Alexander 2

Alexander showing little concern for his former teammate after attacking The Shiz from behind

The Shiz wanted answers so he invited Alexander on as a guest for Spotlight of the Night, but he wasn't sure if Alexander would actually show up or not. Alexander finally made his entrance after making The Shiz wait patiently in the ring. Alexander answered The Shiz's questions harshly but truthfully, revealing that he was always looked as second-best to Killgör when he always believed he was the best and he was going to get the respect he deserved one way or another. After a heated argument, Alexander said The Brotherhood and The Shiz were dead to him, leaving no question as to where they now stood. On Fight Night 5/6, The Shiz had Eric Kaeding on as a guest for Spotlight of the Night, discussing him capturing the CFC Regional Championship and becoming the second CFC Triple Crown champion. After the show, Alexander surprised the crowd by Spearing an unsuspecting Shiz in the ring before disappearing over the guardrail. At Ascension 2022: Chicago, The Shiz faced his former team mate, Alexander, in the opening match of the night. At one point Alexander busted himself open after attempting to Spear The Shiz into the steel ring steps, which was avoided by The Shiz. Alexander secured the victory after sitting blood into The Shiz's eyes before connecting with the Spear.

Fight Night 6/3, Alexander was looking to close the chapter on The Shiz until he made an appearance at the top of the ramp. The Shiz spoke highly about his former friend before making the statement that the man he faced at Ascension was simply a shell of his former friend as the old Alexander wouldn't have stooped that low in order to gain the victory. The Shiz reminded him that he took Alexander to his limit and left a permanent mark on him by giving him those stitches that he now has on his face. Alexander was perfectly fine giving him a rematch just to rub it in his face but he claimed he hasn't been medically cleared to compete in the ring yet but The Shiz would be the first to know when he has been cleared. The Shiz and the fans didn't appreciate this excuse but Alexander didn't care as he shrugged it off. In the following weeks, The Shiz stayed busy by defeating Tobias Palmer and Jameson Marrs in Singles matches. With management, The Shiz, and the audience growing tired of Alexander's excuses for not competing, it was revealed that Alexander has been medically cleared for some time and was lying. Alexander was booked to face Drew North and overplayed his injuries for the start of the match but soon forgot about the façade and defeated North handily. The Shiz, who was guest commentator during the match, entered the ring to shake his hand but Alexander fled the ring thinking The Shiz was going to attack him. The Shiz then announced that due to Alexander's devious tactics, The Shiz was granted his match with Alexander at Eight-Man Mayhem 2022 and it was going to be in a Blood Is Thicker Than Wood Tables match.

On the episode of Fight Night leading into the PPV, Alexander attacked The Shiz backstage while he was watching the ending of a match on the monitor. The two brawled through production equipment but eventually Alexander got the upper hand and powerbombed The Shiz through a table. Stagehands were able to keep the two separated but the damage had already been done. At Eight-Man Mayhem 2022: Mexico City, Alexander and The Shiz faced off in the Blood Is Thicker Than Wood (VII) Tables match. Having been through several of these matches, The Shiz took control and looked to put Alexander through a table early on, but Alexander turned the tables on him by putting his opponent through wood first. The Shiz would be put through two more tables throughout the match, but Alexander wasn't quite sure how he was going to make The Shiz bleed. The Shiz went on to bust Alexander open first by delivering a low dropkick to Alexander's leg, forcing him face-first into the steel steps he was wielding. The Shiz was opened up after being driven head-first into a steel chair propped up between the turnbuckles. The Shiz sealed the deal by connecting with the Ride the Lightning with a steel chair to Alexander through the table.

CxG — Courage x Glory (2020)

Preliminary Rounds

A committee of multiple participating wrestling promotions consisting of Pro Wrestling Association (PWA), Genesis E-Wrestling (GEW), Championship World Wrestling (CWW), Extreme Wrestling Zero (EWZ), Millennium Pro Wrestling (MPW), World Wrestling Revolution (WWR), Dogg House Wrestling (DHW), and Unlimited Wrestling Pro (UWP), collectively known as The Wrestling Conglomerate (TWC), created and organized the worldwide open non-exclusive tournament named Courage x Glory. This 14-week tournament invites competitors from any promotion to determine the absolute best in the industry for that time. CFC was only able to secure three spots in the tournament with CFC Undisputed Champion Killgör, CFC Tag Team Champion Eric Kaeding, and The Shiz representing the promotion.

In CxG: Week 2 8/8, The Shiz faced Cody Calloway and was able to submit him with the Haas of Pain to advance. CxG: Week 7 9/12, Bradley Cook and The Shiz faced off. The Shiz once again picked up another victory with the Haas of Pain. CxG: Week 10 10/3, The Shiz competed against Jefferson Wentworth in a highly technical match up. The two men appeared to be equally skilled, but The Shiz was yet again able to lock in his Haas of Pain to advance to the quarterfinals of the tournament.


Having survived the preliminary rounds of the tournament, CxG: Week 12 saw The Shiz, representing CFC, facing a familiar face in Madd Dogg, now World Champion of his own promotion Dogg House Wrestling. This was a stiff match, with both men out there to put on a beating. The Shiz's heart and tenacity allowed him to eventually take control towards the end of the match, but during a Lockdown attempt, Madd Dogg kicked The Shiz away, sending him directly into the exposed turnbuckle that was setup earlier in the match. Still feeling the effects, The Shiz stumbled forward into a small package, eliminating him from the tournament. Eric Kaeding was also eliminated by Killgör during their match, leaving only one CFC member left in the tournament.

Tournament Winner

Killgör faced and defeated Madd Dogg in the semifinals, qualifying to face Jason Walker of PWA in the finals. Walker and Killgör showed a ton of respect for once another as they understood what was at stake. Both men were evenly matched but Killgör was eventually able to finish Walker with a Vendetta followed by a Dragon Clutch for the win and the inaugural trophy.

Music career

Cover art for physical release sold in retail stores

Cleveland City Council

In early 2011, Sloan and a close friend formed an alternative metal band, Cleveland City Council (commonly abbreviated to CCC). Sloan performed bass and backing vocals for the band. On June 14, 2011 the band released their first commercial production, the self-titled EP Cleveland City Council. CCC first became popular through promotion and exposure through Jon Sloan's professional wrestling career. They became known for their distinct musical styles long before their first studio-length album was released, and were popularized on social networking and music sites. The EP has sold an estimated 62,000 copies.

CCC was signed to Capitol Records in November and toured the United States for the second time. That following spring, they released The Grey EP. At first it was intended to be a free sampler, but Capitol Records would not allow this and instead released it as an EP. It contained demo versions of songs later recorded on their first full length album.

On August 17, 2012, CCC released It Is Worth The Price, with the album launching them into mainstream recognition. They began a year-long tour for the album soon after its release, during which the band gained a large cult following. It Is Worth The Price was met with generally positive reviews, having sold 64,700 copies in its first three weeks and peaked at number five on the U.S. Billboard 200, making it Cleveland City Council's only charted album at the time. By the end of 2013, the album had been certified gold by the RIAA.

In an interview, Jon Sloan spoke about the band's progress on writing and recording their second full-length album. CCC confirmed in October 2013 that they were aiming for an early 2014 release for the new album, while Sloan stated that the upcoming record is "a lot more mature-sounding, it's a lot more classic. It'll stand the test of time [more] than both the previous things we've done". Life to Lifeless was released January 2014 with a free track download being released on the band's website and as part of a Twitter promotion. CCC announced the start their US tour in support of Life to Lifeless, beginning on March 21. On April 26, the band played a secret show in London to celebrate the release of the album. This was their only UK headline show until the end of the year.

Despite initial success, Life to Lifeless did not match the sales of the It Is Worth The Price album and its release consequently led to tension within the band. Interviews with CCC band members suggested that by late December or early January, the band sporadically began to write and record new material. In February 2015, Jon Sloan mentioned in an interview that there is "no 'next' CCC album" adding, "We started working on one, and it got canned." On July 15, 2015 the band announced their break-up on their official website. Sloan later issued a public statement, "We've gotten to go places we never knew we would. We've been able to see and experience things we never imagined possible. We've shared the stage with people we admire, people we look up to, and best of all, our friends. And now, like all great things, it has come time for it to end. Thanks for all of your support, and for being part of the adventure."


  • Cleveland City Council (2011)
  • The Grey (2012)
  • It Is Worth The Price (2012)
  • Life to Lifeless (2014)

Death Beetel

The heavy metal band was formed in November 2015 in Chicago, Illinois by Jon Sloan after he and his previous bandmembers decided to go their separate ways, citing creative differences. Sloan being the front man and centerpiece of the band was a natural fit as he is the most experienced and well-known member. Before the release of their debut album, Death Beetel had recorded two demos, titled Countdown and Lethal Injection.

In an interview with Jon Sloan, he commented that "Everyone I've played with wants to make music their lives...Death Beetel is a band on a completely different level. All these guys are freaks about music."

Death Beetel's first studio album, Phantom

Phantom, the band's first studio album and major label debut, was released on March 7, 2016 and charted at number 30 on the U.S. Billboard 200, selling over 30,000 copies in its initial week of release. The album also went on to become number one on Top Hard Rock Albums, number 4 on Top Heatseekers, and number 15 on Digital Albums. Thanks to a positive word-of-mouth, Phantom's popularity grew immensely, with physical and digital sales nearly doubling over the course of three months. Death Beetel went on their very first tour of the U.S. from April to June 2016. The band officially announced a UK tour for January 2017 with Disturbed and In Flames. Death Beetel also announced their participation in an European Tour from February to March 2017 alongside Avenged Sevenfold, who will be headlining.

On October 2017, it was announced that Death Beetel will be joining the Killthrax II tour from January to March 2018. They toured with Anthrax, Killswitch Engage, and Havok who replaced The Devil Wears Prada.

July 2018, Death Beetel was added to the Gore, Core, Metal and More tour, being co-headlined by GWAR and Hatebreed. The tour kicked off in Buffalo, NY on October 7 and wrapped up October 28 in Peoria, Ill. A little over a month later, their final show of the year was Decibel Metal & Beer Fest: Los Angeles from December 1-2. This show was headlined by Testament, playing a special New Order and The Gathering set.

In March, Death Beetel was announced for Metallica's WorldWired Tour 2019, which took place October 17-31. Tickets went on sale to the general public March 18th. Iconic is the second studio album by Death Beetel, released on April 2, 2019 after a live stream event on the band's Facebook page. Upon release, the album received positive reviews, debuting at number 14 on the Billboard 200. The first single, Shock and Awe, was released digitally on March 21, followed closely by Strange Things released on March 28. Death Beetel was added as a late addition to the Knotfest Roadshow for July 27.

Death Beetel participated in the first ever Isolation Festival, which took place on May 14, 2020. The event was streamed free on Century Media's YouTube page. The Slay At Home festival, a virtual metal & art festival, had a curated two-day livestream event with exclusive performances from over 30 bands, including Death Beetel. The livestream was set to air on May 29th & 30th at the Metal Injection YouTube page for free.

On August 24, 2021, Death Beetel released their new single Live Another Sol, which also announced that their next album SENTINEL would be available December 2. At the CFC Natural Selection 2021: Albany show, The Shiz premiered two new singles, Sector 7 and Echo Chamber. SENTINEL debuted at number one in the U.S. selling 490,000 units. A week after its release, SENTINEL remained at number one on the Billboard 200 and the European album chart; it also became the fastest selling album of 2021 in Australia. SENTINEL remained at number one on the Billboard 200 album chart for three consecutive weeks.

Death Beetel opened for CFC X-Mas Xscape 2021: Seattle on Christmas Eve, performing Among Us live for the audience in attendance.


  • Phantom (2016)
  • Iconic (2019)
  • SENTINEL (2021)

Personal life

Sloan was rumored to have been deeply involved personally with former TWE Diva, Shelly Martinez, better known by her ring name Ariel. On many occasions, both parties had repeatedly denied any such relationship, albeit, with reluctance.

He was later in a relationship with TWE Diva, Isabella Lynn Hunter. For reasons unspecified by either, the relationship was short lived and quickly deteriorated not long after both of their releases from the company.

During his tenure with Projekt Mayhem, it was reported that Sloan had been involved in an altercation backstage with Justice, the real life wife of tag team partner, Bucky Skyler. They were known to have their differences prior to the dispute. Witnesses stated Justice’s attack derived from his unwarranted use of her most precious commodity, Louie, her baseball bat embedded with glass, wrapped in barbed wire, in a match against Hardcore Hendrick. Sloan received a black eye from the incident. Bucky Skyler and Sloan remain friends but Justice still resents him till this very day.

Despite stating that his greatest wrestling inspiration is his idol Rick Majors, Sloan said that Skyler Striker actually served as his "earliest" inspiration.

Sloan has adopted a real-life following of the straight edge movement after feuding with former professional wrestler, CM Punk, whom he met while the two of them were working in Total Wrestling Entertainment.

Sloan considers himself a gray-A or a gray ace, having confirmed it in multiple candid interviews in the past.

In wrestling

Finishing maneuvers

Signature maneuvers

With Darkside

With Joe Cesaire

With Equinox


  • Joe 'Bear' Cesaire (CFC) / Ralyks (TWE) / Hulk (EHWF)
  • 'The Fatal Attraction' Kelly Rien (NLCW)
  • 'Taskmaster' Eddie Trask (as a member of AUF)


  • Hope for the Hopeless
  • Frontman of CFC
  • The Escape Artist
  • Sky Captain (as a member of TOC/The Flyboys)
  • The Guitar Hero
  • Captain Courageous
  • Iconic
  • Standard Bearer
  • The Standard
  • The New Standard
  • America's Most Hated

Entrance Music

Championships and accomplishments

Calamity Fight Club

  • Match of the Year (2020) vs. Killgör in an Ultimate Submission match at Eight-Man Mayhem 2020
  • CFC Championship (1 time)
  • CFC Tag Team Classic 2017 with Darkside
  • CFC Tag Team Classic 2016 Runner-up with Adam Harris
  • CFC Championship Grand Prix 2016 Runner-up

No Limits Championship Wrestling

  • NLCW North American Championship (1 time, first ever)
  • Faction of the Year Plexie Award (2008) with Projekt Mayhem
  • NLCW American Championship (1 time)
  • NLCW Television Championship (1 time)
  • NLCW Cruiserweight Championship (Self-proclaimed, 1 time)

Online Virtual Wrestling

  • OVW Intercontinental Championship (1 time, last ever)

Total Wrestling Entertainment

World Wrestling Alliance

  • WWA European Championship (1 time)

Blood Is Thicker Than Wood tables match record

# Record Opponent Result Promotion Event
VII 5-1-1 Alexander Win CFC Eight-Man Mayhem 2022: Mexico City
VI 4-1-1 Qwik$ylver Draw CFC Ascension 2021: Denver
V 4-1 Vox Win CFC Fight Night 1/31
IV 3-1 Joe Cesaire Win CFC Fight Night 115
III 2-1 Qwik$ylver Win CFC Fight Night 14
II 1-1 John Thomas Win NLCW Extreme Consequencez 2008
I 0-1 Thiatan Loss TWE Ring Of Honour 2008

Luchas de Apuestas record

See also: Luchas de Apuestas

Winner (wager) Loser (wager) Location Event Date
The Shiz (career) Blue Thunder (mask) San Diego, California Natural Selection 2017 November 3, 2017