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Johnny Bravo

Jon in 1999

Nicknames The Ladies Man
The Perfected Ideal
Billed Height 6 ft. 1 in.
Billed Weight 200 pounds of solid muscle
Hometown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Entrance Music 'Represent, Cuba' by Orichas & Heather Headley
'Cha Cha' by Fizzy Kontini
Trained by Era of Awesomeness
Debut 2004
Deceased 2008
Handler Nik P

Jonathan Bradley Hayes (January 5, 1980 - May 16, 2008) better known by his professional wrestling moniker Johnny Bravo was a professional wrestler and Amateur Ballroom Competitor.

Wrestling Career

Johnny started his wrestling career in 2004, working for Gametime Championship Wrestling. He left the federation later that year to focus on his dancing career.

Sporadically, Johnny would go appear alongside his brother-in-law Nick Toxic during Nick's final years in XPW and a few times the WWF. In spite of the appearances, Johnny always focused on dancing more seriously than wrestling.

In 2008 Johnny agreed to work for ELITE when beckoned by Nick. It was during ELITEs United We Stand Tour, on his way for the Part Four show in Dallas that his car was hit by a drunk driver.

Despite the paramedic's best efforts both Jon and Tamara did not survive the accident.

Wrestling Championship History

  • Gametime Championship Wrestling
GCW Hardcore Championship (1 Time)

Dancing Career

Johnny's Amateur Ballroom career did better than his wrestling career. Johnny started dancing in 1985 and continued up until the time of his death in 2008.

His dance partner was Tamara Hayes, the sister of Nick Toxic. John and Tamara competed in multiple competitions organized by the IDSF, and USABDA and were ranked among the best couples in the world. Johnny and Tamara held many accolades, medals, trophies and First Place positions at the various competitions they attended and competed in, from 1995 - 2007.

They were preparing for a comeback in the Adult Amateur Division, and had competed in Italy in early 2008 prior to their death.