Jeremiah was born on the 31st of January of the year 1980. His birth name was in fact Jackson Keightess but due to his mental state was once believed to have been Jason. Jeremiah/Jason developed Schizophrenia during his late teens which in his early 20's evolved into a Multiple Personality disorder, its genesis was in his early wrestling career in the Wrestling-Titans where he was known as "Venom". In later years the dominant personality would change its name to Jeremiah. The Jeremiah personality has proven to be extremely violent and unpredictable and has become quite a successful wrestler, in bitter sweet irony the dominant "Jeremiah" personality is what led Jason to fame, but its also the source of multiple law suits and so the very thing that holds him back from true success..


The Little We Know

  • Due to his extremely paranoid nature Jeremiah has always been very reluctant to give much information on his past but this much we do know, although he is booked to come from Melbourne, Australia the truth is he is actually from Tasmania, a small island state to the south of the Australian Mainland. The identity and status of his parents is currently unknown but it is believed that some stage during his teen years they were divorced. Jeremiah had bad times during High School and did not cope well. There is no evidence to suggest that he has ever taken illegal drugs. During his late teens he was in a 'serious' relationship with a woman of his age, the relationship did not end well.


  • At the age of 14 Jason was in hospital for a period of roughly six months, although the exact nature of his illness is unknown it is widely believed to have been life threatening, it was during this period of time that Jason would first meet Zircon Warmburn, the man who would one day train him.


Early Rejection

  • Jason first applied for his idol Zircon Warmburn to train him at the age of 15 but due to legal age requirements and a full-time wrestling schedule Zircon rejected his request and suggested that he looked him up upon reaching the age of 18.

Other Training

  • In an attempt to keep active and develop himself, Jason began Judo training at the age of 16 however this only lasted 6 months due to a so-called "personality clash" with the head trainer. Jason showed great promise during late High School in Basketball but did not follow up on the opportunities given to him due to his obsession with professional wrestling.

Training At The Psych Ward

  • Upon reaching the age of 18 Jason sought out Zircon Warmburn as promised, Zircon's himself had just entered early retirement and it so happened that he had recently opened a facility called "The Psych Ward" which was his personal gym and a wrestling school, in the backstreet's of Melbourne. Jeremiah was one of hundreds of young wrestling die-hard's that signed up in its first few months, but only one of 12 that stuck it out, for the next few years he would train with Zircon, a training that would be cut short when Zircon experienced some problems in his personal life. This is something that Jason (or Jeremiah as he later become known) would never forgive him for.

Completing His Training

  • Its not known exactly where Jeremiah's training was completed however it is widely believed that his training was completed under his first contract.


Moving To The United States

  • Until this time Jason had always lived at home with his mother and siblings, upon 'completion' of his training this didn't change until he received an offer from a US Wrestling company by the name of "Wrestling-Titans". Jason spent a very short time but soon chose to leave home and travel to the United States of America. His hope was to make a name for himself in one of the industries biggest names. It was November 2002 and as fate would have it this would become the last time that Jason's real family would ever see or hear from him.

Jason's Wrestling Debut

  • Jason's WTFL début was on the 19th of December 2002 on Thursday Night Extreme, his gimmick was bland at best and his reception from the crowd was a very negative one, Jason was attempting to get himself over as a face but the fans simply rejected him, his loss against Curt Stunning would be just the first of a number of losses he would have over the coming months, a dark and depressing start to his career, it seemed that all his dreams were shattering around him..

Jason gives in to "Venom"

  • In the wake of his failure to make an impact upon his debut Jason began to show danger signs of an unstable mind, there were two of three occasions where he burst into violent outbreaks for what seemed to be no reason, behind the scenes and off camera it continued but the more Jason attempted to fight it the worse it became until finally he snapped entirely and lost all control. Jason had developed a split personality and the stronger of the two personalities, the angry, violent, spiteful and stronger side of Jason came through, the new personality called itself "Venom" the reason for this wouldn't be learned until almost 3 years later.


  • One of Venom's earliest feud was with a man known as Reaper, the mysterious figure had made claims of being Venom's half brother, with tales of how Venom's father had killed Reaper's, the matches quickly become violent and spun further and further out of control. The claims and stories however were later proven to be fictional.

The Injury of Tank

  • The match that first got Venom noticed was in fact his performance in a battle royal, although Venom failed to secure a victory that would have led to a Championship opportunity he did lift a 7 foot tall man off his feet and throw him over the ropes, the move resulted in an injury for the man known as Tank, a neck injury that would keep the big man out of action for the next 12 months. Although the injury was considered tragic it was Venom's performance in the match that would prove to stand the test of time and buy him enough recognition to be recruited into one of the WTFL's greatest stables..


  • When WTFL Legend Ice wanted to recruit members for the return of Anarchy ( a stable that had once been very successful) the first member he recruited was in fact Venom, the third member of the stable was another young and promising wrestler by the name of "The Prodigy" Anthony Freeman. The stable cantered around its leader and pushing him back into the Main Event scene and it certainly did that and more, Jeremiah and Scorpion spent time together a tag team the most memorable match being a match against "Vertical Limit 2.0" the legendary Tag Team combination of Adam Starr & Genocide, it was a match that they lost but it was a fan favourite. Unfortunately during the height of the Stable's run the company was closed.

Titans Wrestling Federation

  • In the wake of the WTFL closing a few of its long term members attempted start a company of their own under the companies umbrella naming it Titans Wrestling Federation, it was during this time that Venom first heard the name of Mark Shaw but sadly the new company folded before it even began and the two would never officially meet till some time later.

Internet Wrestling Federation

The Path to the IWF

  • After the WTFL/TWF was closed Venom/Jason was given medical assistance, its never been fully explained where Jason was at the time, it's widely believed that he was committed into a mental institution but what we do know is that he was mentally stable by the time he was contacted by the IWF, the Internet Wrestling Federation were never made aware of his medical history before employing Jason, they did not discover the truth until the Venom persona revealed itself once again.

Jason's second run

  • Jason's career went straight to the bottom upon his debut in the IWF, the fans didn't actually reject him as such but when he began to lose week after week they quickly turned on him, Jason as a result did not follow up his treatments and the Venom persona took over once again.

Held Back

  • When the Venom persona came forward once again things started off on a much different note, an attack on one of the company's paying customers caused legal issues for the company and as a result the angry young man was held back, or at least that is the way it appeared to him, this continued for some months.

The Uprising

  • Venom became more and more bitter, his anger grew and his frustration over boiled on a couple of occasions. However Venom was not the only star in the company that considered himself held back by management, there were two other men that considered themselves to be held back, a young man by the name of Jonnie Cresem and "The Icon" Mark Shaw. They would bind together in an attempt to force themselves into the spotlight, Venom reluctantly joined the group and as a trio the stable would come to be the biggest in the companies history, it was their time as "the Uprising" that secured all three of them places within the IWF hall of fame. Venom's perspective was very different however. Mark Shaw & Jonnie Cresem used Venom and his mindset to propel their own careers, in time Venom would hate them for it. And although Venom would never accept it, it was be this time he spent with "the Uprising" that helped build him to Main Event status, together these three became arguably the most memorable and successful group in the company's history... Together the trio were striking fear into many hearts of the IWF's roster.

Matt Bourne Closes IWF

  • The reasons for the closure was never fully explained, Matt Bourne the company owner went though what has been described by some as a mental breakdown, during which all of the material from the company was left destroyed, many superstars were very unhappy with how the closure was dealt with. Venom blamed Bourne for attempting to sabotage his career, which was of course a major exaggeration. Most people that were once part of the company have mended those bridges, with the exception of Venom.

Purely Hardcore Wrestling

Joining PHW

  • James Elvin and Michael Colmer decided to re-open PHW a company that had existed once before a few years earlier. One of the first members of its roster was Venom, the first thing he did was go solo, deciding to step out from the shadows of Jonnie Cresem and Mark Shaw. And when he walked through the company doors, the first thing he swore to do was put PHW out of business.

Feuding with David Jax

  • Venom had first fought with David Jax in the Internet Wrestling Federation, however the feud didn't really get major notice until they crossed paths in PHW. Like so many of the great feuds it all started over Championship Gold, the hatred built further and further. The two were even forced to become Tag team Champions together which only continued to build their hatred for each other but ironically despite the fact they spent more time attacking each other than their opponents they were never defeated as a tag team however in one on one matches between the two Venom could never overcome David Jax not until the very last Pay Per View in the companies history, Venom defeated his long time rival.

Venom's trainer revealed

  • While Venom was working for PHW he got wind that his original trainer was working for EHWF, one of the companies rivals, without his employers knowledge he interfered in one of their events and cost his trainer a Championship match. The owner of the EHWF Mace Steel was furious and threatened the company with a lawsuit, the case itself was dropped but it did however result in a cross promotional match. Venom however was defeated by his trainer Zircon Warmburn.

PHW closes.

  • Despite record breaking audiences the company was still in the red, Elvin and Colmer were looking at having to close the company, behind the scenes a big wrestling businessmen by the name of Mace Steel purchased the company and closed it down. However Venom had once sworn to close PHW and in his eyes Elvin and Colmer had stolen his destiny from him.

Jeremiah is born

  • In the aftermath of PHW's closure, the Venom persona saw itself as no longer needed, however it did not fade away and allow Jason control, insteadan even more twisted and confused persona emerged, one that claimed to be Venom's true name . That persona called itself Jeremiah. In time the reason for the change of name would become apparent as would the origin of the name Venom itself but not for some time.

Mace Steel's Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation

Jeremiah Invades

  • With the aftermath of not just interfering in an EHWF event but also the closure of PHW the newly formed Jeremiah found himself looking towards the EHWF, the company that inspired his career in wrestling to begin with. As well as the company where his trainer could be found. Jeremiah brought with him his hated enemy David Jax and former PHW Owner Michael Colmer and together they sought to invade the EHWF, the invasion was short lived as was the career's of all three men, Jeremiah was released due to what was described as Legal Obligation, where as the others left due to dissagrments with the company owner.

Insane Wrestling Federation

The return of the IWF

  • David Jax made the decition to rebuild the IWF where their career's really flourished but with a new twist, he created it as the "Insane Wrestling Federation" as opposed to the "Internet Wrestling Federation". One of the first stars to return to the company despite of his hatred for Jax was indeed Jeremiah.

The Uprising Returns

  • Mark Shaw and Jonnie Cresem began to team together almost the moment they entered the company however despite many requests Jeremiah refused to team with them again to become The Uprising, after how he was treated he swore he would never allow them to do it again. In time he reluctantly agreed to return, Mark Shaw through the Uprising and his business associatiates managed to become part owner of the company and used his power to propel The Uprising to new heights, the trio took out David Jax putting him in hospital for almost a month. Short afterwards they secured two new members in Sean Storm and Shawn Hannan. But in the wake of the new members Jonnie Cresem began to become unreliable as a member and even no showed events, he betrayed the group and it wasn't long before it was disbanned. Jeremiah had once again grown to believe he was being used (which was in fact true) and left the group as well, it fell apart instantly.

Jeremiah vs. Mark Shaw

  • Jeremiah went after Mark Shaw not long after the Uprising fell apart, only one match came out of the feud, a Hell in a Cell match which to this day remains as one of the IWF's greatest memories, Jeremiah secured the victory but the feud was far from over. Had Mark Shaw remained with the company it would have continued. Shortly after Shaw's departure Jeremiah was offered a contract to work elsewhere. He accepted it instantly.


  • A mysterious man by the name of Venom entered Jeremiah's life with claims of being his father, much speculation over the truth of the claims still remain but this is the explanation that was given and that Jeremiah still believes to this day. Venom possessed Jason in the very early days of his career (hence the name of Venom early on). He tormented Jason until the split personality he created was permanent and then left him to himself, this is where Jeremiah emerged. Hence why Venom claims to be the father of the persona.

Wrestling-Titans Returns


  • The WTFL's board of directors organised to reopen the company and so a Super Show was planned as the reopening of the company, Jeremiah was contacted and asked if he would return. Jeremiah agreed however Venom did not go with him, there was much confusion over the reason why, manyb of the WTFL fans and staff questioned if the mysterious father figure truly existed.

Christian Michaels

  • Jeremiah and Christian Michaels began to feud very early on in the companies reopening, the reason for their hatred came out of their mutual attempts to out perform the other, the two traded victories for quite some time, an old rival called Marco Chan entered the frey as well shortly before Jeremiah disappeared for no explained reason.

Returning to the IWF

The short lived return

  • Jeremiah did not want to return to the company but at the offer of a very large paycheck from co-owner Richard Hackman was too good to resist, Jeremiah made his return in a surprise match against Internet Champion T-Lethal and actually won the Championship, Jeremiah would defend the belt on two occasions before leaving the company. A reason for his departure was never given.

Returning to Wrestling-Titans

Here we go again

  • It was roughly four months before the name of Jeremiah surfaced once more, he returned to the WTFL as a surprise entrant in a 30 man over the top battle royale. Although Jeremiah did not win the match he did make quite a huge impact, as a result rumours began to surface that he was being considered for Main Event status.

The fued continues

  • Due to his anger against Christian Michaels and Marcho Chan many expected that Jeremiah would go after them both and continue the feud he had not completed, to begin with this did happen, but after only two matches the booking started to go in a different direction, Jeremiah's attention was diverted and the two rivals were left to the feud they were already involved in.

Pushed to Main Event status

  • When the WTFL fanbase began to get behind Jeremiah, despite his heel status there became a loud push for Jeremiah to be given a shot at the World Title, something he picked up on quickly and likewise began to demand, however the men in change insisted on holding him back for some time, matched against a number of opponents including, Boxcar Willie, his old mentor Ice and Nikolai Ivanov but eventually the men in charge were left with no choice but to give him his chance at contendership.

Jeremiah vs. Mattt Gram

  • The man in charge insisted that his protégé Matt Gramm be given the title shot but in an attempt to shut Jeremiah set him up in a contendership match for the World Title, the odds were stacked against Jeremiah but at the end of the match it was Jeremiah who scored victory and a guaranteed shot against the newly crowned Champion Double H.

Targeting Gold

  • The WTFL World Champion Double H did not take the threat of Jeremiah seriously as first, some would have argued at the time that it was for good reason. Double H was at the peak of his career and this was the first time Jeremiah had even had a shot at Championship Gold in the company. It would be two weeks before they would meet each other face to face and when they did Double H got a major wake up call, Jeremiah left him in serious pain. Things quickly changed when Double H took a more serious attitude towards it. Double H not only beat down Jeremiah really badly over the following weeks but stole his mask and forced Jeremiah to compete without. This caused great mental damage but appeared to backfire, two weeks before the fatal PPV Jeremiah got the upper hand and took back his mask. By the time the pay per view came around it was public knowledge that the company was closing and both men had equal build but at the end of the event, the close of the company it was Jeremiah that walked away as champion.

After the WTFL

  • Jeremiah fell completely silent for sometime after the closure of WTFL and it wasn't until the 2nd quarter of 2007 that he was seen again, Jeremiah and his 'father' attacked Zircon Warmburn backstage before a Championship match, the attack resulted in Zircon being hospitalised for a number a weeks, Jeremiah was not employed by EHWF at the time but when Zircon returned demanding a match against the man it was granted. the match resulted in a loss for Jeremiah, the fact that he had not been in the ring for a number of months was obvious, he completely disappeared after this for almost 12 months, some suggested that he was forced into a mental asylum where as others suggested he sought further training to prepare for a return.

Jeremiah's 2008 Return

Screwing Mark Shaw

  • During his IWF reign Jeremiah had worked with Mark Shaw in the Uprising and as a result of the way Mark Shaw had used him Jeremiah had been left feeling extremely bitter. Jeremiah after an almost 12 month absence interfered in the EHWF PPV "Licensed II Kill". there was a 34 man Battle Royal, the winner getting a Championship match of their choosing, Mark Shaw was looking to win until Jeremiah interfered and eliminated him from the outside. The assault on Mark Shaw continued the following week when Jeremiah attacked him from behind with a steel chair it was during this attack that Jeremiah's manager Venom was revealed, Shaw did his best to defend himself but the odds were not in his favour and the two left him unconscious. The event following saw Mark Shaw in a tag team match against the two men however when Shaw's partner failed to show the match was cancelled, what proceeded to follow was yet another two on one beat down. The week following this however saw Shaw one on one with Jeremiah, the two would fight it out evenly until security forced the brawl apart, the feud came to its conclusion in a steel cage and after a long and exhausting battle it was Jeremiah that came out on top. His manager Venom made demands that Jeremiah should injure Mark Shaw, ending his career but instead Jeremiah and Mark Shaw ended their differences with a handshake.

Jason not real?

  • During the feud with Mark Shaw it was discovered that the name Jason that is currently used used by what's believed to be the original personality is NOT! Jeremiah's real name. His birth name is in fact Jackson Keightess. At this time it's believed that Jeremiah has returned to Australia in an attempt to find his family.

OOC Comments

Why Jeremiah Was Dropped in EHWF

Character Creation

  • The 13th has actually been quoted on more than one occasion stating the creation of Jeremiah was completely random and not planned at all, it was a result of trying to find a new direction for the character's failed gimmick, as part of the change in direction he wrote a roleplay that pushed some very heavy mental issues and due to the incredible feedback he decided to continue with it and as such fleshed out a split personality. One of the very first of its kind in the E-Fed world that he had known of. The greatest thing about the character is its complexity, it unfortunately requires twice as much work as anything else I've done to correctly write its madness, the interesting thing about a Jeremiah roleplay is that what it does not say explains just a much about the mind of the character as what you are reading, its work that requires thinking, not something you can skim over. Ultimately I dropped Jeremiah because the work took too much time.


  • 2x IWF Tag Team Championship's (with Mark Shaw & Jonnie Cresem)
  • PHW Tag Team Championship's (Undefeated with David Jax)
  • PHW World Championship
  • IWF Internet Championship
  • WTFL World Championship
Wrestler Statistics
Born 31 January 1980
Trainer: Zircon Warmburn
e-Wrestling Debut: 19 December 2002
Billed Height: 6'1"
Billed Weight: 245 lbs
Billed From: Melbourne, Australia
Alighment Heel
Build Heavyweight
Poser (Picture) Matt Hardy
Previous Poser's Mike from Slipknot, Billy Kidman, Jason Voorhees
Current Music "One Step Closer" by Linkin Park
Previous Music "Down With the Sickness" by Disturbed, "Full-Bore" from Killer Cuts
Major E-fed's Wrestling-Titans Fantasy League, Internet Wrestling Federation, Purely Hardcore Wrestling, Insane Wrestling Federation.
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