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James Baker
Image of James Baker
Billing information
Ring name(s) James Baker
Nickname(s) "The King of Hardcore"
Height 5'11"
Weight 203 lbs
Born 9/26/1983 (age 37)
Place of Birth Fort Worth, Texas
Spouse Danielle Lopez (m, 2009; div, 2016)
Christina Keller (m, 2020)
Hometown Beverly Hills, California
Billed From Beverly Hills, California
Theme music N/A as of this time
Stable/Tag Team Da Xtreme Regime (leader)
Da Xtreme Dynasty (leader)
Generation Xtreme (co-captain)
The Husband and Wife Connection (with Danielle Lopez)
The Ghetto Stars (with Mr. Baller)
The Realist Untouchables
The Doubtful Alliance (co-captain)
Wrestling information
Alignment Heel
Wrestling Style All-rounder
Notorious Feuds With Phillip Mustang (ECCW)
Sean Jamison (ECCW)
Alex Brand (ECCW)
The Afro Kid (ECCW)
Joseph Ortiz (ECCW)
Ortiz Family Mafia (ECCW)
Kilo Perez (ECCW)
Second Coming (Garth Black & Phoenix) (WZCW)
Rush (WZCW)
Mariano Fernandez (CWF)
Legion of Shadows (CWF)
"The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne (CWF)
The Horsemen (CWF)
Terry Richards (CWF, Shining Road, YCW, PCW)
Paul Blair (CWF and PCW)
Mr. Baller (CWF, WZCW, YCW and PCW)
Team Baller (CWF, YCW and PCW)
Billy Williams (PCW)
Osiris (PCW)
Michael Morrison (PCW)
Sickboy (CWF and PCW)
Yoshiru Long (PCW)
The Elite (PCW)
Morgan Simmons (various promotions)
Danielle Lopez (both in wrestling and outside of wrestling)
TJ/Brother Parks (Pride)
Chroma Conclave (WWA)
Notorious Partnerships With Danielle Lopez (CWF, Violent Society, YCW and PCW)
Da Xtreme Dynasty (ECCW, CWF, YCW and PCW)
Mr. Baller (WZCW)
Phillip Mustang (ECCW, CWF and YCW)
The Realist Untouchables (DXX)
The Doubtful Alliance (co-captain with Terry Richards) (CWF)
Kyle Christiansen (WZCW)
Trainer Self Taught
Handler James Baker
Professional career
Debut 2003
Record Haven't kept full track of this in years
Accomplishments ECCW World Heavyweight Champion
ECCW Television Champion
ECCW Hardcore Champion
ECCW World Tag Team Champion
Winner of The 2003 Rumble match
2003 Pro Wrestling Rookie of the Year
CWF Unified Champion
WZCW Mayhem Champion
WZCW World Tag Team Champion
EWF Elite Tag Team Champion
PCW Brawl Champion
CCP Junior Heavyweight Champion
CCP Tag Team Champion
Pride Wrestling Unified Champion
Previous Federation(s) ECCW (2003 - 2006)
NLWF (2009)
FCW (2009)
DXX (2009)
Shining Road (2009 - 2010)
CWF (2009 - 2010)
Violent Society (2010)
WZCW (2008 - 2010)
YCW (2010)
Premium Championship Wrestling (2010 - 2011, 2012 - 2013)
Cardinal City Pre (2016 - 2019)
Current Federation(s) N/A

James Baker (born September 26, 1983) is an American professional wrestler, booker and executive. He has appeared for such promotions as Premium Championship Wrestling where he was an on-air talent as well as a booker and head of talent relations, Cardinal City Pro where he is a two time Junior Heavyweight Champion and one-half of the final Tag Team Champions, the Classic Wrestling Federation where he is a former Unified Championship, WrestleZone Championship Wrestling where he is a two time Mayhem Champion and former World Tag Team Champion, and Elite Class Championship Wrestling where is a seven time World Champion, two time Television Champion, former Hardcore Champion and three time World Tag Team Champion.

Currently today he appears for independent wrestling promotions on the West Coast, mainly Pride Wrestling where he is a former Unified Champion. Throughout his illustrious career, he has wrestled under his real name and has had the known nicknames such as "Da Xtreme Gangsta" (which he dropped after PCW ended for the second/final time) and the "King of Hardcore". Other than ECCW, WZCW and the CWF. He has worked for No-Limit Wrestling Entertainment (NWF), Fusion Championship Wrestling (FCW), D-Generation XX (DXX), The Violent Society, Shining Road and YouTube Championship Wrestling among other federations, having limited success in some and never getting to compete in others as it closed down before his first match, the owner flaking on the entire roster or working in a backstage role while he recovered from an injury.

He is also the creator of Da Xtreme Deathmatch and The 187 Auto Match. The latter match has not been used.

Early life

Baker was born in Fort Worth, Texas, but had gotten into trouble many times when he was a youth so his parents made him move out to California where he discovered a lot of bad things. He returned to Texas and things were a lot worse as he continued to get in trouble, would get kicked off the football team for marijuana use and later on his family found out about his mischievous actions. He returned to Texas again when he was fourteen years old, but left shortly when he found out that things around him changed dramatically as his little brother was more favored over him.

From there, he continued his less than favorable actions until his entry to wrestling while also being estranged from his family. From then up until April 2011, he hadn't talked to any of his family members, but he and his parents eventually buried the hatchet and began communicating after not being on good terms for thirteen years.

Professional Wrestling Career

Elite Class Championship Wrestling (2003-2006)

Beginnings and the rise of Tha Ultimate Underdog

In 2003, Baker completed his first stint of drug rehabilitation and with the help of then ECCW Chairman Jack Conway. He got his hand into wrestling and eventually signed a contract with Conway's Elite Class Championship Wrestling. After his contract signing, Baker made his ECCW debut as a face and had his first match up with future rival/tag team partner/future multiple time ECCW World Heavyweight Champion Phillip Mustang where Baker picked up his first of many victories to come by defeating Mustang with a roll up and the two future rivals shaked hands after it was all said and done.

From that match, Baker defeated various opponents such as Sean Jamison, Metal, Shocker, The Afro Kid, Alex Brand, Ron Bridges, Efran Ortiz, Kevin Ortiz, Jesse Ortiz, Carlos Ortiz, Chad Smith and Grandmaster Steve and also winning the 2003 Rumble match at ECCW Pay-Per-View The Rumble before gaining his first ever shot at the ECCW World Heavyweight Championship against Joseph Ortiz. At ECCW Pay Per View Revenge, Baker defeated Joseph Ortiz to win his first ECCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Feuding with Phillip Mustang, Heel Turn, the Evolution into Da Xtreme Gangsta and the Formation of Da Xtreme Dynasty

Once Baker defeated Joseph Ortiz for the ECCW World Heavyweight Championship, He moved into a feud with Phillip Mustang where their feud kept ECCW alive and in the spotlight for the next year and a half. At ECCW's next pay per view Redemption, Baker successfully defended his ECCW World Heavyweight Championship against Mustang by defeating him with Da Xtreme Knockout and making him two and zero against Mustang. The next night on their weekly show War Zone, Baker and Mustang teamed up and defeated Kevin and Efran Ortiz to win the ECCW World Tag Team Championship and in process making Baker a double champion and bringing the company to new highs.

At ECCW's next pay per view Starstruck, Baker pulled double duty as not only did he and Mustang retain the ECCW World Tag Team Championships over J-Flex and Johnny Seedz, but he also successfully retained the ECCW World Heavyweight Championship over Alex Brand. The next night on War Zone, Baker and Mustang lost the ECCW World Tag Team Championship back to Kevin and Efran Ortiz following a miscommunication between them two.

A week later on War Zone, Baker defended his ECCW World Heavyweight Championship and lost it to Mustang. He turned heel after the match by attacking Mustang from behind and eventually laying him out with a Brainbuster onto the Steel Steps after he had celebrated with Mustang. For weeks following the attack on Mustang, Baker cut numerous promos on how Mustang wasn't a team player and how the fans turned their backs on him by siding with a loser like him and that he will never, ever be as great of a wrestler as him. During that same time, Baker had adopted Da Xtreme Gangsta nickname that he would eventually become famous for.

At ECCW's Pay Per View Breakdown, Baker regained the ECCW World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Mustang by submission after he made Mustang tap out to his new submission hold called Tha Notorious Clutch. Following the pay per view, Baker's wrestling style had turned more aggressive as he now brought a spiked out baseball bat to his arsenal and used it against his opponents whenever the opportunity presented itself. At Summer Smash, Baker defended and again lost the ECCW World Heavyweight Championship to Mustang after Mustang defeated him with the Mustang Express.

The following pay per view Bloody Glory, Baker regained his ECCW World Heavyweight Championship to begin his third reign as champion by defeating Phillip Mustang following interference by Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks. The following night on War Zone, Baker formed a stable with Styles and Banks called Da Xtreme Dynasty. Baker proclaimed that Da Xtreme Dynasty will take over the ECCW by storm. Baker and company made good on that proclamation by not only Baker having the longest ECCW World Heavyweight Championship reign in ECCW history at that moment, but also Styles and Banks defeated Kevin and Efran Ortiz for the ECCW World Tag Team Championship as well.

Da Xtreme Dynasty's Dominance and Brutality on ECCW and the Continuation of the Baker vs Mustang Feud

Baker at an event with a gun in his hand

By the time 2004 came around, Da Xtreme Dynasty were still dominating everybody on the roster as Styles and Banks were dominating the tag team division and Baker was turning back every challenger to keep his ECCW World Heavyweight Championship. However on ECCW Pay Per View Event The Rumble, Baker lost the ECCW World Heavyweight Championship to Alex Brand after interference by a returning Phillip Mustang. Baker then had several attempts to regain the title and he even competed in a triple threat match for the title where Brand lost the title after being pinned by Phillip Mustang. Baker regained the ECCW World Title for his fourth reign by defeating Mustang in a ladder match after interference from Da Xtreme Dynasty.

From there, Baker and Mustang resumed their rivalry and for several months they competed against each other in numerous matches like a Dog Collar match, a First Blood match, a TLC Match, a Hangman's Horror match and a Steel Cage Match where Baker won every match except the Steel Cage match which Mustang defeated Baker to regain the ECCW World Heavyweight Title at Bloody Glory. The next night on War Zone, Baker challenged Mustang to defend the title one last time against him at ECCW's Night Of Champions in a match he calls Da Xtreme Death Match.

Over the next several weeks, Baker and Mustang played a game of one upping each other as both of them defeated the opponents that the other set up in-front of them. Baker also played a series of psychological mind games to throw Mustang off of his game by threatening to torture his family members, burning his personal possessions and even burning down his own house. At Night of Champions 2004, Baker defeated Mustang in the first and only Da Xtreme Death Match to win the ECCW World Heavyweight Championship for the fifth time in his career. After the match, Baker showed Mustang a sign of respect by shaking his hand and ending their long and storied rivalry.

Post James Baker/Phillip Mustang Feud

After his feud with Phillip Mustang came to an end, Baker set his sights on trying to gain the other ECCW Championships by first targeting the ECCW Television Championship which was held at the time by Juan Martinez. Baker defeated Martinez on War Zone to begin his first reign at ECCW Television Champion. The next week on War Zone, Baker went after the ECCW Hardcore Championship and defeated Mario Johnson to win his first and only ECCW Hardcore Championship. By that point he had a very rare moment of generosity and gave Kevin Styles the ECCW Hardcore Championship and he gave J.T. Banks the ECCW Television Championship just so he can focus on defending his ECCW World Heavyweight Championship.

Baker entered a feud with The Afro Kid and at Locked Up, Baker lost his ECCW World Heavyweight Championship to The Afro Kid. The feud spanned for a couple of more weeks and it ended with Baker regaining the ECCW World Heavyweight Championship by defeating The Afro Kid at Sacrifice to begin his sixth reign as the champion. Baker entered a feud with Sean Jamison and at The Rumble, he lost it to Jamison. The next night on War Zone, he defeated Jamison in screw job like fashion after he and Da Xtreme Dynasty had a crooked referee to help him win the ECCW World Heavyweight Championship for the seventh and final time. At ECCW pay-per-view Redemption, he lost the title to Jamison to end his final reign as Champion.

The next night on War Zone, Baker beat down both Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks and ended Da Xtreme Dynasty. The following week on War Zone, Baker decimated his former Xtreme Dynasty teammate J.T. Banks and defeated him to begin his second reign as the ECCW Television Champion. That very same night, Baker then reformed The Driveby Express with his former rival Phillip Mustang who by then turned into a heel by helping Baker beat down both Styles and J.T. Banks. Baker and Mustang had won two more ECCW World Tag Team Championships by defeating Styles and Banks on two separate occasions. Baker and Mustang vacated the titles after ECCW went out of business and The Driveby Express was once again broken up. Baker also had to vacate the ECCW Television Championship as well. Baker took a near three year hiatus from professional wrestling after the company went out of business due to extreme burnout, injuries and to concentrate on his own life.

WrestleZone Championship Wrestling (2008 - 2010)

Debut and The Driveby Express Part II

After a near three year hiatus from wrestling, Baker signed a contract with WZCW. Baker made his official WZCW debut as a heel at Meltdown 18 as one of the newcomers in the Elite X Battle Royal. Unfortunately for Baker, he was eliminated rather quickly by USA.

On Meltdown 19, he formed a tag team with "The One & Only" Kyle Christiansen to recreate The Driveby Express and later that night they went on to defeat Garth Black and Phoenix when Christiansen hit Phoenix with The One and Only for the victory. On Meltdown 20, Baker and Christiansen competed against the tag team of USA and Anoki, but Baker and Christiansen were defeated when Anoki pinned Christiansen following the Eagle Drive. On MD21, Baker faced USA with Baker successfully defeating USA by pinning him following the All Eyez On Me (Shooting Star Press).

At WZCW pay per view Unscripted, Baker and Christiansen competed in a 5 way tag team match for an opportunity at the then vacant WZCW World Tag Team Championship, but Baker and Christiansen barely came close when Ace pins David Cougar to give The Full House Dave's (Big Dave and Ace David) the victory and the titles. Also at Unscripted, Baker revealed his surprise ally in bringing his friend/agent Malik Jones to help guide him to success. On MD22, Baker and Christiansen faced TM and David Cougar, but unfortunately Baker and Christiansen lost after Cougar made Baker tap out to the Texas Cloverleaf. On MD23, Baker and Christian again faced the tag team of Garth Black and Phoenix, but Baker and Christiansen were defeated when Garth Black pinned an injured Christiansen for the victory. Baker has since gotten back to singles action after Kyle Christiansen got injured at MD23.

At MD24, Baker was defeated by USA. At MD25, Baker went back to the tag team division and teamed up with Rush to take on the team of Murfish and Celeste Crimson, but the team ultimately lost after Rush betrayed Baker by not partaking in the match up which at that point, a possible face turn was being presented for Baker, but nothing came of it as he still continued his heelish behavior. At WZCW's pay per view Civil Revolution, Baker was defeated by Rush to continue Baker's losing streak. On the first edition of WZCW Ascension, Baker reformed his team with Kyle Christiansen and faced the tag team of Garth Black and Phoenix, but the reformed team lost after Baker had his ankle shattered in storyline and Malik Jones was locked in the Black Death. James Baker asked for his release from his WZCW Contract on July 29, 2009 due to some personal demons that were going on in his life. WZCW management has given Baker the open door to return to the company once Baker has his personal life sorted out.

Return to WZCW, Becoming the WZCW Mayhem Champion and Feuding with Mr. Baller

On October 19, 2009. James Baker contacted WZCW Management about a possible return to the company. Baker and WZCW Management talked for a while and it was decided that Baker will indeed return to the company when the next round of tapings for the show take place.

Baker as the Mayhem Champion

At Meltdown 31, Baker made his WZCW return as a face as he competed in a triple threat match up against Rush and Ty Burna for the WZCW Mayhem Championship. Baker became the WZCW Mayhem Champion as he pinned Rush to earn his third victory in WZCW and become a double champion as he also held the CWF Unified Championship at that time. At Lethal Lottery II, Baker was involved in the Lethal Lottery Match for a main event match at Kingdom Come as he was the fifteenth entrant in the match and he lasted until the final entrant, but he was eliminated by Titus. On Ascension 7, Baker defended his WZCW Mayhem Championship against Mr. Baller in his first title defense and defeated him with Da Xtreme Knockout in mid air through the table to retain the title.

On Ascension 8, Baker competed in his first WZCW main event as he defended his WZCW Mayhem Championship against Excellency and Matt Royale and got the victory after he pinned Excellency following a chair shot that sent Royale out of the ring. On Ascension 9, Baker again successfully defended his WZCW Mayhem Championship against Excellency as he defeated him with the All Eyez on Me. After the match, Baker was congratulated by a few members of the WZCW Roster, while Karnage grunted at his efforts which led into a Blade and Karnage confrontation. On Ascension 10, Baker defended his title against Excellency, Hunter Kravinoff, Mr. Baller, The Killjoy and John Smith in a Mayhem Six Pack Challenge, but lost the title as The Killjoy pinned John Smith to win the belt.

The Formation of The Ghetto Stars, Becoming WZCW World Tag Team Champions and Departure

On the Meltdown/Ascension megashow, Baker teamed up with his rival Mr. Baller to take on John Smith and Hunter Kravinoff in a Mayhem Rules Tag Team Match and won the match as Baker pinned Kravinoff following the All Eyez on Me. At Kingdom Come II, Baker participated in the Mayhem Scramble for an opportunity to regain the WZCW Mayhem Championship and gained the title once as he pinned The Killjoy, but in the end, he just barely lost as time ran out as he was pinning Scott Hammond, which as a result, Hammond becomes the new Mayhem Champion. It was also revealed during the match that Baker now formed an alliance with Mr. Baller.

On Ascension 11, Baker again teamed up with Mr. Baller as they went up against CardiffCam and John Smith in a Mayhem Rules Tag Team Match and they got the win when Baker pinned Smith after Da Xtreme Knockout. On Meltdown 37, The Ghetto Stars faced Steven Kurtesy in a handicap for the number one contendership for the WZCW World Tag Team Championship after William Teach didn't show for the match. The team won after Baker hit Kurtesy with the All Eyez on Me, after he hit him with Da Xtreme Knockout and they became the number one contenders for the titles. At Meltdown 38, The Ghetto Stars faced Heavy Artillery for the WZCW World Tag Team Championship, but the match went to a no contest as Mr. Baller made Karzai tap out while he was pinned at the same time.

At Redemption, The Ghetto Stars faced Heavy Artillery, Chris Jones and Mark Hancock and Steven Kurtesy and Doug Crashin in a steel cage match for the WZCW World Tag Team Championship and won when Baker escaped the cage after Baller hit Crashin with the Buzzerbeater. On Ascension 14, Baker went up against Phoenix in a singles match and gain some revenge on one of the two men who put him out of action, but lost as Phoenix hit him with the Top Flight. Recently, we have seen some changes in Baker's character as he's been more outspoken about certain things and it seems that he's starting to display the personality that he's exhibited in the CWF and Violent Society (as a more controversial face/tweener type of character, instead of a full fledged face like WZCW wants him to be). Many WZCW fans are thinking that he's slowly turning heel, but James disagreed with that notion, saying that he's just stating his mind in the way that he wants to be displayed.

On May 26, 2010. Baker announced that he was taking some time off from in-ring competition, stating that his personal life was the main reason for his departure, but never rule out a return to wrestling. Despite all this, he had his final televised match for the company at Meltdown 40 when he went one on one with Max Karzai in a singles match and the match ended in a double countout. Baker injured his arm in the match after a collision with Karzai. Despite the injury and the hiatus, Baker had one final match in the company where The Ghetto Stars defended the WZCW World Tag Team Titles against The Pride of Toyota at Apocalypse, but they lost when Baker was pinned by Toyota after Kravinoff hit the Double Underhook DDT. After the match, Baller attacked Baker and locked him in the Gamechanger, until Jordan Lights made the save, effectively making Baker's departure from the company official.

Classic Wrestling Federation (2009 - 2010)

CWF Debut, Feud with Mariano Fernandez, Beginning of the Feud with Terry Richards and the development of Tha Psychotic Beast

Baker cutting a promo on an episode of CWF Showdown

After only a couple of hours after being granted his wish on being released from his WZCW Contract, Baker signed a contract to wrestle for the CWF in what can only be described as a turning point for both Baker's career and the CWF as a company. Baker also decided to bring his friend/agent Malik Jones with him to CWF and to try to achieve the success that the duo couldn't achieve together in WZCW at that time. Baker then debuted in CWF as a heel and was involved in a feud with Mariano Fernandez after Baker lost a singles match against Mariano on the June 20th edition of Showdown.

Baker made his return to pay-per-view at Summer Smash as Baker took on Mariano and newcomer Terry Richards in a triple threat match up, but unfortunately for Baker, he lost the match up after being pinned by Mariano following a Yakuza kick after Baker hit Richards with a roll of quarters. That incident is what started the long standing rivalry between Baker and Richards while at the same time, Baker's feud with Mariano became more heated and personal.

Baker made an appearance on the first ever edition of the Late Night with Bobby Crane where his had his agent Malik Jones speak on his behalf and the segment on the Bobby Crane show ended when Baker smashed the camera with his spiked out baseball bat. On the July 18th edition of Showdown, Baker competed in another triple threat match up as he faced Richards and Vegas. He won the match by pinning Richards via Da Xtreme Knockout (Snap DDT) to earn his first CWF victory and the feud with Richards died out a bit for that time. At CWF pay-per-view Scars & Stripes, Baker competed in another triple threat match up as his opponents were his rival Mariano Fernandez and Drastic, unfortunately however, he got eliminated early when Mariano hit him with a Tombstone Piledriver.

On the events prior to the August 1st edition of Showdown, Baker kidnapped Mariano's then girlfriend Nagase and then took her to an undisclosed location where she was gagged and taped up for a while. Also on that same show, Baker competed in a battle royal to determine the new number one contender for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship. He put on a good showing in the match up by making it to the final four, but his rival Mariano Fernandez then eliminated him from the match up.

Face Turn, Evolution Into The Most Feared Wrestler in the CWF, Feud with Paul Blair, Championship Ambitions and Tag Team/Alliance with Danielle Lopez

On the events prior to the August 8th edition of Showdown, Baker's feud with Mariano Fernandez came to an end when Baker attempted to give Mariano his then girlfriend Nagase and the two then proceeded to shake hands, but Nagase then betrayed Mariano. She attempted to side with Baker, but Baker immediately rejected Nagase and instead took Mariano's side which turned Baker into a fan favorite for the first time in over six years. Also on the August 8th edition of Showdown, Baker teamed up with Motion and together they defeated the team of Paul Blair and T-Money when Motion got the pin over due to Blair kicking T-Money with the Blairkick.

On the August 15th edition of Showdown, Baker faced Vincent Vegas in a one on one contest and Baker came out of the match up with a victory via count out after Vegas walked to the back. Baker's character has also had a slight tweak to it as part of his psychotic image. He begun to wear face paint on some occasions (that didn't really last long at all, but it was reprised on a few occasions for one night only). On the August 22nd edition of Showdown, Baker faced Blair in a one on one contest and Baker came out of the match up with a victory via count out as Blair just stood on the ramp and in turn, the count out victory cemented Baker's status as the most feared wrestler in the CWF and earned Baker his third consecutive victory and it also sparked a feud with Blair, cementing his status as a fan favorite, as well as him reverting to being Tha Ultimate Underdog that he was in ECCW.

At CWF pay per view Global Warning, Baker received his first shot at CWF gold as he faced off against Axel Way and then current CWF Unified Champion Sickboy for the CWF Unified Championship, but Baker came up just short as he was pinned by Axel Way. Baker faced off against Paul Blair and Chemical X on the September 12th edition of Showdown, Baker won the match by pinning Blair following Da Xtreme Knockout which in the process also ended his minor feud with Blair.

Also it was reported that Baker was to be placed in a tag team with his wife Danielle Lopez once she made her CWF debut, but eventually, it just came to them two being in a stable together. On the September 19th edition of Showdown, Baker was scheduled to go one on one with Angelus, but Keith Daniels said that Angelus supposedly "missed his flight" and Baker was then awarded the victory via count out. On CWF's Pay-Per-View Fall Fever (held on Baker's 26th birthday), Baker competed in another one on one match up with Angelus. Baker defeated Angelus following Da Xtreme Knockout for his third consecutive victory and also his first PPV win since the ECCW Finale show on April 23, 2006.

Feuding with The Horsemen, The reunion of Da Xtreme Dynasty, Becoming CWF Unified Champion and the formation of The Doubtful Alliance

On the October 3rd edition of Showdown, Baker resumed his rivalry with Terry Richards with the roles reversed as Baker playing as the face and Richards being the heel (before it was Baker as the Heel and Richards as the Face) and the CWF Unified Championship was on the line, but unfortunately Baker lost the match up to Richards thanks to Sickboy hitting him in the head with the CWF National Championship belt. On the October 10th edition of Showdown for the very first time, Baker teamed up with his wife Danielle Lopez to take on the team of Trixie Lee and the CWF World Heavyweight Champion Pledge Alligence in a mixed tag team match, but the team lost when Pledge Alligence pinned Baker after hitting him with the Pledge Hammer.

Prior to the October 17th edition of Showdown, Da Xtreme Dynasty officially reunited when Baker had a phone conversation with his good friend Kevin Styles that stated that he, along with J.T. BankssignedontotheCWF roster. The reunited version of the stable will consist of James Baker, Danielle Lopez, J.T. Banks and Kevin Styles. On that edition of Showdown, Baker went one on one with the five hundred pound giant Magnus Thunder, but he unfortunately lost badly to Magnus Thunder after being hit with The Thunderstorm. On the October 24th edition of Showdown, Baker went one on one with Horsemen member "The Radiant One" Roland Ulv, but Baker came up just short as Roland played possum with Baker and hit him with the Radiant Plex to win the match. {C}{C On October 31 at Night of Champions III: Halloween Extreme. Baker faced Terry Richards in a ladder match for the CWF Unified Championship and defeated him to extend his Night of Champions record to five wins and zero losses and became a champion for the first time in a little over three years as he defeated Richards for the title due to the Horsemen interfering on Baker's behalf by kicking Richards out of the stable. Rob Osbourne also hit Baker with the Badd Dream onto the CWF Unified Championship belt after the match had ended.

On the November 7th edition of Showdown, Baker went one on one with the leader of the Horsemen "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne in a non title match up, but lost the match due to interference by Jimmy Blast. On the November 14th edition of Showdown, Baker defended his CWF Unified Championship against Bob Osbourne, but unfortunately lost the title when Osbourne nailed him with the Badd Dream. Earlier that night, Baker then formed The Doubtful Alliance with Terry Richards (Combining Da Xtreme Dynasty and The Richards Legion together for the sole propose of bringing down The Horsemen). The way he lost the title hasn't set well with him to this very day as he has blamed backstage politics from Rob Osbourne for contributing to it.

On the November 21st edition of Showdown, Baker teamed up with his rival Terry Richards to take on Horsemen members Rob Osbourne and Jimmy Blast and both Baker and Richards won the match by disqualification as Osbourne nailed both Baker and Blast with the Osbournesault. At Battle to Survive, Baker teamed up with his brother in-law Enrique Lopez and fellow Doubtful Alliance members Alex and Chris Richards to take on the team of Chemical X, Sickboy, then CWF Unified Champion Bob Osbourne and Death Squad's own Bruno, but Baker's team came out on the losing end as Baker was the final man eliminated when Chemical X hit Baker with the GFY (Go Fuck Yourself) for the win and the three count. On the December 5th edition of Showdown from Japan, Baker went one on one with Blood and lost when Baker tapped out to the Blood Lock. On the December 12th edition of Showdown, Baker went one on one with the debuting Leon Lonewolf and got the victory with Da Xtreme Knockout. After the match, Rob Osbourne hit both Baker and Lonewolf with the Badd Dream.

The End of The Doubtful Alliance and the restart of the feud between Da Xtreme Dynasty and The Richards Legion/Legion of Shadows

After the triple threat tag team match on the January 2nd, 2010 edition of Showdown, Baker made the save for Styles and Banks as he was pummeling both Alex and Chris Richards. Just as Baker was gonna hit the two with a Double Da Xtreme Knockout, Terry Richards came onto the screen and revealed that he was the one who kidnapped Enrique Lopez. This also marked the end of The Doubtful Alliance.

As a result of the events, the original members of Da Xtreme Dynasty teamed up as a three man unit for the first time in five years as they took on all three members of The Richards Legion in a six man tag team match at Last Man Standing. In addition to the 6 man tag team match, Baker will also compete in the last man standing battle royal to possibly gain a shot at the CWF World Heavyweight Championship. Baker's team lost the six man tag team match when Terry pinned Banks following the Shock Turn II. Baker also lasted a while in the battle royal, but was eliminated by Tige after The Richards Legion's bodyguard Trent Walker caused the distraction. On the January 23rd edition of Showdown, Baker teamed up with his wife Danielle Lopez to take on Terry Richards and Ashley Mastrangelo, but the match ended in a no contest as all hell broke loose after The Richards Legion prevented Baker from doing the All Eyez on Me.

On the second edition of the Late Night with Bobby Crane Show, Baker and Da Xtreme Dynasty made an appearance where it was revealed that Baker kidnapped Terry Richards' sister Hikari with Baker also throwing out some demands while Styles and Banks had tension with Bobby Crane. On the February 6th edition of Showdown, Baker, Styles and Banks all attacked Trent Walker from behind and he and Malik Jones put him in a trunk of the 64 Impala and drove off. Later on in the night, Baker and Jones took Trent to the Red River Bridge and after a while of humiliating him, Baker then threw Trent off of the bridge with everybody at Showdown surprised at his actions. At Valentine's Bash, Baker faced Terry Richards with not only the Dynasty and the Legion banned from ringside, but also with Enrique Lopez and Hikari Richards on the line, but Baker lost as Richards hit Baker with the Psychosis Championship Belt to his waist before getting hit with the Shock Turn.

On the February 27th edition of Showdown, Baker went one on one with Keith Daniels for his first opportunity at the CWF National Championship, but despite a hard fought effort, he lost the match after Daniels hit him with the Final Verdict. Prior to the match, Baker and his team were involved in a segment with The O'Reilly Brothers and The Legion of Shadows. It ended with Baker's wife Danielle Lopez getting injured at the hands of his nemesis, Terry Richards. On the March 6th edition of Showdown, Baker got a form of revenge for his wife as he along with his stablemates beat down The Legion of Shadows (minus Terry Richards) and they weakened Israel Steele just enough for Hudson to hit Steele with a chair and also slam a Cinder Block right onto his crotch area. On the March 20th edition of Showdown, Baker once again went one on one with Paul Blair and defeated him with Da Xtreme Knockout to gain a CWF Unified Championship match. Later on that night, Baker attacked Mr. Baller from behind and hit him with Da Xtreme Knockout onto the steel chair. On the March 27th edition of Showdown, the original members of Da Xtreme Dynasty teamed up against The Legion of Shadows in a six man tag team match and it went to a no contest as the two factions went to an all out brawl with each other.

Post James Baker/Terry Richards Feud and Departure

At Super Card, Baker revealed that Israel Blair was the newest member of Da Xtreme Dynasty. Later that night, he went back to his psychotic roots for one night only as he entered with his Spiked Out Bat, a glass of blood and he wore black and red face paint, as well as his old black trenchcoat (from when he debuted with the CWF) as he went one on one with his arch nemesis Terry Richards in a Last Man Standing Match for the CWF Unified Championship in what was billed as the end of their long standing feud, but lost as Terry just managed to get to his feet. Baker was then taken out on a stretcher after the match. The next day, it was revealed that Baker suffered a Sprained MCL, a Sprained Neck, a Separated Shoulder and he re-injured his right ankle in the Last Man Standing Match at Super Card, but despite all that, he went one on one with Eddie Noble on the April 10th edition of Showdown and his struggles continued as he lost after Noble hit him with the Natural Cause, as Baker missed with the All Eyez on Me.

On the April 17th edition of Showdown, Baker went one on one with "The Dirty Dog" Shane Clemmens, but lost when he was hit with Make a Bitch (Spear) after he missed with the All Eyez on Me. That ended up to be his final match for the company because on May 2, 2010. Baker along with Danielle Lopez, Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks, asked for their release from the company and they all were granted that wish so they can venture into other things like movies, music and etc. The release was said to be without problems and there may even be a possible return in the future (whether it's Baker on his own, Baker and his wife or with the entire team behind him).

On the May 8th edition of Showdown, Baker was officially written off from the company as a Masked Man, Terry Richards and Leon Lonewolf attacked him from behind as Lonewolf smashed Baker's head through the television, the Masked Man hit him with the kendo stick and Richards kicking him while he's down. Hopes of Baker returning to the CWF disappeared as he announced he was taking a break from in-ring competition on May 26, 2010. Shortly after that announcement, the CWF closed it's doors as they were renamed Superior Championship Wrestling, and then later on, Elite Wrestling Federation, where they too closed their doors. He had this to say on the possibility of the CWF coming back; "If the CWF ever came back, there would be no way in hell I'd be a part of it. I wasted about a year of my life there and not to mention the BS politics that run there. I can think of a million things that are better than going back to the CWF but some are just not going to be named and I'll leave it at that."

YouTube Championship Wrestling/Premium Championship Wrestling (2010 - 2011, 2012 - Present)

Embarking on a Career in Journalism and Becoming a Manager

On May 30, 2010, Baker officially began his career as a journalist when he wrote the very first edition of "The Pimp Chronicles with James Baker" where he made his predictions on what'll happen at Wrestle Extravaganza I. In the article, he had some harsh words for Mr. Baller, as well as dissing his long time rival Terry Richards, Brian Adams, Jake Norton and the previous companies he was at. He went on the record saying that it was hard as hell to type left handed, as his right arm was shattered in his match against Max Karzai. He states that he's definitely considering on switching it to an on-camera show. At Wrestle Extravaganza I: Electricity, he made his first televised appearance since his injury. In the segment, he guaranteed that a second edition of The Pimp Chronicles will be made, while also debuting a new show called Gangsta Talk real soon. Later on in the night, he appeared backstage where he wished his wife Danielle and Phillip Mustang good luck in their tag team title defense against The Dark Scorpions.

On the first ever episode of Step Up, Baker had "Mr. Intensity" Kerry Collins as his first guest on Gangsta Talk, where the two discussed their time in the CWF, Rob Osbourne and Kerry's goals in YCW. In the main event, Baker announced that Jake Norton (who he soundly defeated in Violent Society) would compete in a gauntlet match with a difference. If Norton got pinned, the match would continue regardless with the next opponent. Wrestlers who competed in the match were fellow CWF alumni Leon Lonewolf, Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks from Da Xtreme Dynasty, The Lopez Dynasty, YCW Broadcast Champion John Allister, Osiris and Kerry Collins, with a special appearance from Baker's old CWF rival "The Nitemare" Rob Osbourne. As Collins was about to hit Norton with the Final Judgement, Baker came out and announced that Norton couldn't stack up with little kids. To prove that theory correct, Baker handpicked his ten year old son Trey from the audience. From there, Trey proceeded to nail Norton in between the legs with a kick, before Collins gave Norton the Final Judgement. On the June 21st edition of Monday Night Wrestling, Baker debuted his new found role as he officially became the manager for his wife Danielle Lopez. The two got into a brawl with Team Baller, but to the fans surprise, Kerry Collins and Rob Osbourne saved Baker and Lopez from further harm.

With him being a manager, Baker decided to put The Pimp Chronicles and Gangsta Talk on hold for the time being. At Battle Finale, Baker hosted the first chapter of the show called Feud Ender. As Osiris locked Danielle in the Unnatural Selection and his two masked men taking out Styles and Banks, Baker jumped up from the announcers table and attempted to make the save, but the masked men attacked him and prevented him to stop the assault. As Osiris stopped his assaualt on Danielle, he hit Baker with the Intrinsic Evil and left him laying on the mat. They later got into the brawl that was between ECCW and NWC when Styles, Banks and Baker all helped out their fellow ECCW alumnus. Baker got into a fist fight with his long time nemesis Terry Richards and that lasted until the cops came in and arrested a few wrestlers, as well as trying to keep everybody apart from each other.

Return to In-ring competition and Feuding with Osiris

As YCW and ICW merged into one fed, Baker signed a contract to compete for Premium Championship Wrestling and return to active competition. It's unknown when his debut match will occur, but after the events surrounding what happened at Battle Finale, Baker is more than likely going to feud with Osiris to gain some revenge for Danielle. Baker made an appearance via satellite and announced himself to be a part of the ten man tag team match next week on Rapture and to have a conversation with Osiris on the show.

The August 5th edition of Thursday Night Rapture was an active night for Baker. At the beginning of the show, he hit "Rockstar" Reid Roshdy with Da Xtreme Knockout before getting assaulted by Osiris until Steve Storme made the save for Baker. From there, Baker, Storme, Leon Lonewolf and TJ Tilli all beat the crap out of Rocky Ali. The climax of the segment included Baker pouring gasoline all over Rocky's body for Steve Storme to light it on fire and pin him for the three count. The segment turned Baker into a Tweener character. Right before the main event, it was announced that Baker will compete in a match against Reid Roshdy for what Baker did to him earlier on. He then returned to in-ring competition as he teamed up with Lonewolf, Tilli and fellow Da Xtreme Dynasty members Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks to face longtime rivals Team Baller, Osiris and a partner of their choosing, which turned out to be Baker's long time nemesis Terry Richards. Baker's team lost however when Richards pinned Tilli following the Shock Turn. On the second edition of Step Up, after Styles and Banks retained their PCW World Tag Team titles against Kyle Sync and Jake Norton, Baker got on the microphone and scheduled an unsanctioned match against Sync, which Baker won with Tha Notorious Clutch after Sync passed out. Not even a minute later, he faced Norton and easily disposed of him with Da Xtreme Knockout. In the main event of the show, Baker competed in the Open Gauntlet match against Jerry Static and defeated him with the All Eyez on Me.

On the August 19th edition of Rapture. Styles, Banks and Danielle were guests on Baker's talk show "Gangsta Talk" where they talked about various things such as Styles and Banks being the tag team champions as well as Danielle's possible return to in-ring competition and having a back and forth trash talk with all three members of Team Baller. The team got involved in a huge brawl with Team Baller and Osiris and it even included PCW's newest tag team Nathan Warrens and Damon Wilson helping DXD out and eventually gaining the upperhand over them. Styles and Banks shared a hand shake with the new team and let them have their moment of glory afterwards. Later on after the Osiris vs Draven Logan Kennedy match, Baker saved DLK from further harm by blasting Osiris in the back with a steel chair. As the masked men were giving him chase, Baker escaped through the crowd and was quoted as saying "That title is mine, bitch" as he was alluding that he wants the PCW Broadcast Championship. Prior to the beatdown, Baker was sitting there on a chair during the match, just glaring at Osiris with pure anger in his eyes. Also to note, the scheduled Baker vs Roshdy match was cancelled due to Roshdy not showing up at the arena.

At Anarchy, Baker, Styles and Banks teamed up as a three man unit as they'll face Osiris and the two masked men in a six man tag team match and got the win after Baker pinned Osiris following Da Xtreme Knockout. After the match, the two teams got involved in a major brawl with cops and security ending up separating the teams to cool things down.

PCW Broadcast and World Heavyweight Championship Ambitions

On the September 4th edition of Rapture, Baker, Styles and Banks participated in not only a war of words with Team Baller, but also a brawl which ended with Team Baller getting the upperhand. Later on, during the Osiris vs Billy Williams match, Baker got himself involved and hit Osiris in the head with the Broadcast championship and costing him that title. Baker laid down the challenge of a future match with Billy Williams for the title. In the DXD vs Arbiters of Truth and Virtue tag team title match, Osiris had Danielle Lopez by the throat and was about to hurt her, similar to the events that happened at Battle Finale, but Baker came to his wife's rescue and attacked Osiris with his Spiked Out Baseball Bat. After Styles and Banks won the match. The two teams got involved in yet another brawl with each other, which ended in the Cops and Security Officers separating the two teams from each other. It was later announced that Osiris and his team all departed from PCW for undisclosed reasons, effectively putting the feud on hold. On the September 11th edition of Rapture, Baker got into a few words with the reigning Broadcast Champion, Billy Williams. Hinting at a possible feud between the two for the Broadcast title as Baker is scheduled to be the next challenger for the belt. Later that night, in the Osbourne vs Baller main event match. Baker along with Styles and Banks prevented C-Note and Mick Ryans from interfering in the match by brawling with them 3 on 2. On the September 18th edition of Rapture, Baker went one on one with Emergency Airlift member Drake Gainer and defeated him rather deceively with The Payoff. After the match, Baker just attacked Gainer with a various amount of weapons, even helping Jane Isis get in a few shots. The alliance between DXD and WWI was signified when Jane hit Gainer in the ribs with Baker's Spiked Out Baseball Bat.

At the PCW pay-per-view, Pyramid Battle. Baker and Da Xtreme Dynasty were in the ring where Baker was noticeably angry about not being in the Pyramid Battle match while talent he deems lesser than him are. In the Rob Osbourne vs Mr. Baller portion of the Pyramid Battle match. The lights were switched off and a few moments later after they turned on. Baker appeared behind Baller and attacked him with his signature Spiked Out Baseball Bat. Baker just maimed Baller as he repeatedly hit him with the spikes of the bat. Baker inavertedly helped Rob Osbourne out as he feed him of the handcuffs and put them on Baller. After a German suplex to Baller with the handcuffs behind his back. Baker not only hit Da Xtreme Knockout, but he forced those spikes into Baller's mouth before hitting him with the Curb Stomp on those same spikes. Baker left the area while the medics loaded Baller on the stretcher and wheeled him out of the arena. It's widely speculated that Baker ended the career of Baller. Many saying it was deserved after Baller betrayed Baker in WZCW and from when Baller hit Danielle Lopez' dead grandma's corpse with the Buzzerbeater.

On the October 2nd edition of Rapture, Baker explained everything about why Baller was attacked, saying that he became an ungrateful piece of crap after all was done to help him advance his career, and how Baller used him to gain a leg up in trying to be successful, as well as explaining how Baker beat him to retain the Mayhem title back in WZCW. Later on in the night, after Billy Williams smashed Leon Lonewolf with a chair after he costed him the Broadcast title. Baker came out and stated that he was cashing in his shot at Alma Mater Diem. On the October 9th edition of Rapture. Baker held an episode of Gangsta Talk where he had Heather Monroe as his guest. The two had a rather friendly encounter on the show with it being nothing but a respectful conversation. Baker wished Monroe luck and the segment ended. Later on in the evening during Monroe's match against Draven Logan Kennedy, Baker was at the announce table watching to see who he would be facing at the pay-per-view. In the end, Monroe won, but DLK attacked her after the match. Baker eventually came in and made the save, running DLK off. On the October 16th edition of Rapture, Baker teamed up with Monroe to face off against Billy Williams and Leon Lonewolf in a tag team match that is to preview the happenings at the pay-per-view event where the members of both teams are scheduled to face each other in respective one on one matches, and won when Monroe hit Lonewolf with the Candle in the Wind after Baker hit Da Xtreme Knockout.

At Alma Mater Diem, Baker went one on one with Monroe for the PCW Broadcast Championship and unfortunately came out on the losing end when Monroe hit Baker with the Beautiful Beatdown. Before the match began, the two competitors shook hands and the same respect was shown after the match when Baker stuck his hand out for a handshake and Heather accepted it and the two shook hands in a sign of sportsmanship. On the November 13th edition of Rapture, Baker went one on one with Sickboy to determine the number one contender for the PCW World Heavyweight Championship, but lost when Sickboy hit Baker with the Infection. There was controversy surrounding the finish as it appeared that Baker kicked out of the fall, but the referee decided to count the three anyways. At The Asylum of Slaughter, Baker went one on one with fellow CWF Alumnus and good friend Leon Lonewolf in a Hardcore match, but loss. The loss put the series between the two at one win a piece.

Feuding with X-treme and Feuding with Shannon Saint and the Saint's Army

On the November 28th edition of Rapture, Baker went one on one with long time nemesis Mr. Baller and won by count out when Baller refused to compete in a match. Before the match happened, Baker and Da Xtreme Dynasty laid a beat down on X-treme after he grabbed Danielle Lopez' throat and slammed her up against the wall. It ended in similar fashion as Pyramid Battle, with X-treme going mouth first into the spikes of the bat.

On the December 4th edition of Rapture, Baker was active, first being in the corner of Danielle Lopez' in-ring return as she defeated Ray McCord with Potential Brain Damage. Later on, he was the special guest referee for the Israel Steele vs X-treme match which Steele emerged victorious. He also took part in the second ever Asshole Elimination Deathmatch where he, Steve Storme, Leon Lonewolf and TJ Tilli beat the hell out of former XWF co-owner Igor Xtreme. Near the end of the show, Baker received a brown envelope and a letter from friend and the co-founder of YCW, Terrell Ryder. All of Da Xtreme Dynasty immediately left the arena when they figured out what was inside. On the December 11th edition, Baker, Styles, Banks and Steele attacked both Jerry Static and Zack Blaze during their match, making it a no contest. They put Static on the shelf for some time while it was unknown the extent of Blaze's injuries.

At Battle Finale II, Baker teamed up with Israel Steele to face Paul Blair and infamous CWF color commentator "Beautiful" Bobby Crane for the EWF Elite Tag Team Championship. Baker and Steele emerged victorious when Steele got the pin. Earlier night, he went one on one with X-treme in a Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight Match and got the victory with Da Xtreme Knockout. On the January 15th edition of Rapture, Baker made his first PCW appearance in 2011, although it was via satellite as he and Danielle were vacationing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada due to them having a visit at the home of Nathan Warrens and Damon Wilson of Generation Next. Also, rumors are flying around that Baker was the masked assailant that attacked Shannon Saint at the end of the show, due to the masked figure using the Belly to back inverted mat slam, the move that Baker calls The Payoff. It remains to be seen whether Baker makes a statement about it or not. On the Rapture before Struggle for Power, Baker made his first live appearance and made a statement. He stopped Terry Richards from interfering in the J.T. Banks versus Chris Richards match. Then he returned and announced his entry in the Struggle for Power Battlefield, as well as having a verbal confrontation with CWF Hall of Famer Paul Blair.

At Struggle for Power II, Baker competed in the Struggle for Power Battlefield and was the first entrant in the match. He almost lasted the entire distance until the Saints Army interfered. The Enforcer held Baker long enough for PCW CEO Shannon Saint to hit him with the ring bell. Afterwards, SJ Funk pinned Baker for the three count and the win, but not without getting attacked by the Saint's Army himself. After the match, Sickboy (under the White Knight guise) planted both Baker and Funk down with the DDT before revealing himself to the entire world. On the February 19th edition of Rapture, Baker was interviewed by Michelle Silva and they touched on a number of topics before Tyler Brownlee interrupted and engaged in a conversation. It resulted in Brownlee and Da Dynasty leaving the scene together to talk about doing business with one another. Not too long later, as Generation Next and Danielle Lopez were brawling with the Saint's Army and Carnage Inc. until Baker, Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks joined in on the fray and helped Danielle and Gen-Next fight them off.

Generation Xtreme formation and Retirement

At Blackout, Da Xtreme Dynasty and Generation Next (minus the women in the group) came down during the John Sharpe versus Wayne Morley match and destroyed them with their signature moves. After the attack was over, both Baker and his student Damon Wilson announced that Da Dynasty and Gen-Next united and from there, Generation Xtreme was born. On the March 12th edition, Baker was involved in the chaotic scene from the PCW Brawl Championship, and briefly held the title by defeating Orlando Cruz with the Modified Curb Stomp, but after interference from The Enforcer, Baker lost the championship to Aaron Thomas. At Super Clash I, Baker made a huge statement. First, he came out to a brand new theme song and introduced Terrell Ryder and Leo Hawkins as the new Authority Managers. Later in the night, he saved his wife Danielle from a two on one assault and laid the boots to Michael Morrison before he retreated.

On the April 9th edition of Rapture, Baker faced Morrison in a non-title match. He lost the match after Morrison got some leverage by grabbing Baker's pants. After the match, he attacked Morrison by planting him down with Da Xtreme Knockout, and hitting him with the Spiked out bat in the process. Before the match, it was announced that Baker was taking a hiatus from professional wrestling due to injuries.

Return and becoming the General Manager of PCW

There have been rumors of a return for PCW, dating all the way back to February 19th when Baker and Ryder shot a special commercial for Premium Television Network. Two months later during an interview with the Fort Worth Star Telegram, both Baker and Ryder made it clear that it was a guarantee that PCW was coming back, but they did not specify when exactly it would return or what plans there are for the revival of the organization, but Baker did state that it would be a bit more... extreme! On April 25th, 2012 at exactly 11:20 PM (Central time), more excerpts were taken out of the Sunday morning interview, and it was confirmed that PCW would be back. On the first Rapture in eleven months (aired on May 12th, 2012), Terrell Ryder named James Baker the new General Manager of the company, allowing him to oversee the wrestling aspect of the federation. This would mean Baker would be the one on-screen while Ryder would be mostly off screen. On May 30th, 2012, exerts from the Las Vegas Sun newspaper with an interview with Baker stated that the PCW World Tag Championships would indeed be returning. Baker confirmed that PCW would crown new champions via a tag team tournament.

On the July 7th edition of Rapture, Baker saved PCW play-by-play commentator and longtime friend, Desiree Miles from further attack from The Elite before getting beaten down himself. Later that night, he had his first match in over a year as he faced fellow CWF alumnus Yoshiru Long in a steel cage where if Baker won, Sickboy would be terminated but if Yoshiru won, Yoshiru would get a contract with PCW. The match was filled with brutality, and as Baker had the match won, Sickboy slammed the cage door in Baker's face and handcuffed him to the cage. Yoshiru escaped the cage as he stepped on Baker and spit in his face, effectively having The Elite return to PCW.

Since then, he's had a falling out with longtime friend J.T. Banks, who recently joined Toxic, as well as betrayed Kevin Styles. The betrayal furthered when Banks hit Danielle Lopez with the Broadcast Championship and the New York State of Mind at Wrestle Extravaganza II: Beantown Brawl, costing her the PCW Broadcast Championship and putting an end to Da Xtreme Dynasty. On the September 1st edition of Rapture, Baker had a confrontation with Banks, wanting to know why he did what he did at Wrestle Extravaganza II. They ended up in a brawl after Banks spit in his face. On the September 12th, 2012 PCW House Show, Baker will go one on one with his former friend, J.T. Banks and went to a no contest after neither man could answer the ten count. Three days later on Rapture, Baker cut a notorious shoot promo, disparaging former longtime friend and protege, Damon Warrens and the Generation Next stable while giving praise to the entire PCW roster. Not long later, he came out after Nightrain destroyed Kyle Sync and announced that Nightrain would face him at Anarchy in a Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight match. Anarchy rolled in and the match was as brutal as it could be and Baker defeated Nightrain with Da Xtreme Knockout after flipping him the bird.

The next traces of him having another match occurred on the December 22nd edition of Rapture when he called former rival Mariano Fernandez out to the ring and offered to face him at Wrestle Extravaganza III: St. Valentine's Massacre. Mariano accepted and the match was confirmed. On the January 19th edition of Rapture, in reply to a promo done by Damon Warrens and Liam Reilly, Baker responded in kind with a scathing promo of his own, responding to each point while giving praise to the ones he feels are truly about PCW. Like with his controversial promo on September 15, this one was well received by the roster. At Wrestle Extravaganza, Baker faced Mariano, but was defeated by him when Mariano hit him with the Tsunami Strike. After the match, the two wrestlers gave respect to one another to cheers from the crowd.

On the March 11th, 2013 PCW House Show dubbed Leon Lonewolf appreciation night, Baker was voted in to face his wife, Danielle Lopez in a two out of three falls match. Despite the reluctance to face her, he went through with it anyways. Danielle won the first fall with a roll up, but Baker came back and won the second with Da Xtreme Knockout. The third fall was intense, but Baker fell not only to Potential Brain Damage, but his own finishing move, Da Xtreme Knockout. After the match, Baker embraced his wife and they celebrated together. At the end of the event, Baker appeared as the PCW locker room sang Happy Birthday to Leon. Baker gave Leon Lonewolf a maid (which was Jerry Static dressed in a maid outfit). Lonewolf thanked James by hitting the Lionheart on Static. Baker then announced that he will be ready for Battle Finale. The two eyed each other, then hit their finishers on Static once more to end the show.

Premium Womens Wrestling (2011)

Appearances and Altercations

In late October 2011, Baker started appearing for Premium Womens Wrestling as a manager of the Xtremely Lethal Ladies (a tag team consisting of his wife Danielle Lopez and his former girlfriend, Desiree Miles), as well as managing the rest of The Black Rose Mafia (which includes family friend Talia Skye, her protege Alexis Landry and former opponent, Heather Monroe). His first managerial stint was when he managed the Xtremely Lethal Ladies against The Ohio State Wrecking Crew, which Baker hit Draven Logan Kennedy in the head with a steel chair to prevent him from interfering. He also managed the team as they teamed with The Battering Bitches against The Ohio State Wrecking Crew and The Glamorous/Vicious Combination, where he and Israel Steele brawled with Draven and fellow ECCW alumnus Kilo Perez.

On the seventh edition of Knockout, after Casey Matthews was going to choke both Danielle and Desiree... Baker came onto the scene, and hit Casey in the gut with his signature spiked out bat to save them from further harm. At the PWW Awards Show that was held on Christmas Day, Baker along with former Da Xtreme Dynasty teammates Israel Steele and J.T. Banks, as well as former Generation Xtreme teammates Aaron and Nathan Warrens, beat the daylights out of their longtime nemesis Shannon Saint to the point where Steele Death Dropped him off the ladder and through the table. Afterwards, they presented the 2011 PWW Entrance Theme of the Year, which went to the Black Rose Mafia.

Personal life

Family, Children, Other Relatives and Friends

Baker cutting promo at live event

Baker was sixteen years old when his ex-girlfriend Amber Jones gave birth to his son Trey (both James and Amber agreed that Trey would be named after James and also have Trey's last name be Baker to carry on James' namesake). Baker was in an on and off relationship with Desiree Miles for five years. They separated the first time back in 2004, and in that same time period. Baker began a short term relationship with Morgan Simmons. After that, he reconciled with Miles, but they broke up for good in 2006 after Miles turned down Baker's offer to marry him.

Baker was married to Danielle Lopez from 2009 to 2016, although the two separated some time in 2014. The divorce proceedings was ugly as Lopez won over half of her husband's earnings, with Baker ordered by the courts to pay Lopez $300,000 in alimony payments while the tape libraries and copyright licenses to Hardcore Recordz, Premium Championship Wrestling, YouTube Championship Wrestling, Elite Class Championship Wrestling, Libertarian Wrestling and Premium Women's Wrestling went to her as well. Baker and Lopez have a daughter as a result of the marriage. He also has a son Trey from a past relationship who is also a professional wrestler.

Since 2019, he has been dating fellow professional wrestler Christina Keller, professionally known as Christina Fierce and the two of them currently live together in Beverly Hills, California. The two of them married on Christmas Day in 2020. He is good friends with fellow Da Xtreme Dynasty alums, Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks. Other friends include Mariano Fernandez, Leon Lonewolf, Steve Storme, Terrell Odom, his former agent Malik Jones, Terrell Ryder, Israel Steele, and his ex-girlfriend Desiree Miles. He is also the cousin of six time ECCW Women's Champion and two time XWF Women's Champion Ashley Rose.

It's also known that he has Dissociative Identity Disorder as he has two distinctive personalities, his normal thuggish self and a ruthless and evil persona known as Killer. Sometimes, the two personalities are fused together as one force. This also explains why he keeps his guard up at all times, with people describing it as like walking on egg shells as you don't know what side you would be confronting on that particular day. He has also revealed himself to be an Atheist as he believe Religion, and the belief of God and Jesus Christ to be "bullshit". He's also autistic as well as bi-polar



Match History

Championship History

Previous Tag Teams/Stables

  • The Driveby Express w/Phillip Mustang (ECCW)
  • Da Xtreme Dynasty w/Kevin Styles, J.T. Banks, Ashley Rose, Terrell Ryder and Desiree Miles (ECCW)
  • The Driveby Express Pt. 2 w/"The One and Only" Kyle Christiansen (WZCW)
  • Da Xtreme Dynasty w/Danielle Lopez, Kevin Styles, J.T. Banks, Israel Blair and Phillip Mustang (CWF)
  • The Doubtful Alliance w/Terry Richards, Alex Richards, Chris Richards, Danielle Lopez, Enrique Lopez, Kevin Styles and J.T. Banks (CWF)
  • The Ghetto Stars w/Mr. Baller (WZCW)
  • Da Xtreme Dynasty w/Danielle Lopez, Kevin Styles, J.T. Banks, Terrell Ryder and Phillip Mustang (YCW)
  • Da Xtreme Dynasty w/Danielle Lopez, Kevin Styles, J.T. Banks, Israel Steele, Desiree Miles and Terrell Ryder (PCW)
  • Generation Xtreme w/Damon Warrens, Nathan Warrens, Aaron Warrens, Kevin Styles, J.T. Banks, Israel Steele, Danielle Lopez, Talia Skye, Jane Isis, Desiree Miles and Terrell Ryder (PCW - a combination of Da Xtreme Dynasty and Generation Next that was formed by Baker and Damon Warrens)

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • The Dead End / Da Xtreme Knockout (Snap DDT, sometimes onto a weapon) 2003 - 2011
    • Tha Notorious Clutch (Rear Naked Choke Hold, sometimes with either the Spiked Out Baseball Bat or a Steel Chain around the opponent's throat area) - was used as a normal move for WZCW. Finisher wise: 2003 - 2011
    • The Payoff (Belly to back inverted mat slam) - 2010 - 2011
    • Modified Curb Stomp / The Deadly Execution (Hair-pulled head stomp or a standing surfboard followed into a head stomp) - used on either his Spiked Out Baseball Bat or any other weapon of choice - only used in Hardcore situations. - 2010 - 2011
    • All Eyez on Me (Shooting Star Press, sometimes to a standing opponent) - used as a finisher from 2003 to 2010, used as a normal move from July 2010 to November 2010. Move is not used any more.
  • Signature Moves
    • Brainbuster
    • The Compton Street Cutter (Brainbuster turned into a Cutter) - used to be a finishing move, now a signature move
    • The Ganja Special (Omoplata crossface)
    • Running Knee Strike to a sitting opponent (usually occurs after he hits opponent with the Springboard Seating Senton)
    • Shining Wizard
    • South Central (Camel Clutch)
    • Springboard Seating Senton
  • Normal Moves
    • Ankle Lock
    • Boston Crab Variations
      • Cross-legged
      • Elevated
      • Inverted
      • Knee pressed into the opponent's back or neck
      • Rocking Horse
      • Rope Hung
      • Single-leg
    • Chicken Wing Arm Bar
    • Clothesline/Bulldog combination
    • Corkscrew Variations
      • Diving Leg Drop
      • Moonsault
      • Shooting Star Leg Drop
    • Crucifix Headscissors
    • Da Xtreme Submission (Guillotine Choke hold)
    • Darkness Choke
    • DDT Variations
      • Inverted
      • Spike from the top rope
      • Spike from the middle rope
      • Spike from the bottom rope
      • Standing Tornado
      • Top Rope Tornado
    • Diving Crossbody
    • Diving Elbow Drop
    • Diving Hurricanrana
    • Diving Moonsault (sometimes to a standing opponent)
    • Dragon Sleeper
    • Various Eye Gouges
      • Eye Rake
      • Eye Poke
    • Figure Four Leglock
    • Frog Splash
    • Fujiwara Armbar
    • Full Nelson Hold
    • Headbutt
    • Hurricanrana Variations
      • Diving (sometimes off of the ring apron)
      • Dragonrana
      • Inverted
      • Standing
      • Top Rope
    • Low Blow (multiple versions)
      • Behind
      • Front
      • Kick
      • Leg Drop
      • Punch
    • Martial Arts Kicks
    • Modified Indian Deathlock
    • Moonsault Variations
      • Corkscrew
      • Diving
      • Springboard
      • Standing
    • Powerslam Variations
      • Running
      • Standing
    • Roundhouse Kick
    • Sharpshooter
    • Shining Wizard/Bulldog combination
    • Shoulder clawhold
    • Side Headlock
    • Sleeper hold
    • Snapmare
    • Spear
    • Spinning Backfist
    • Springboard Flying Forearm
    • Suicide Dive
  • Double Team Moves
    • Driveby 101 (Electric Chair/Seating Senton combo) (Baker and Mustang)
    • Half Baked (Spear/All Eyez On Me combo) (Baker and Christiansen) (named after the movie entitled Half Baked )
    • How High (Powerbomb/Springboard Flying Forearm combo) (Baker and Mustang) (named after the movie entitled How High)
    • The Bar Exam (Cobra Clutch Slam/Running Clothesline combo) (Baker and Christiansen) (named after the series of mixtapes by Royce da 5'9")
    • The Air Express (Mustang Express/All Eyez On Me combo) (Baker and Mustang)
    • The Husband & Wife Connection (Da Xtreme Knockout/Latinasault combo) (Baker and Danielle Lopez)
    • Flash Back (Russian Leg Sweep/Springboard Dropkick Combination) (Baker and Mr. Baller)
    • Royally Screwed (also known as Royally Fucked) (Spike Piledriver) (Baker and Mr. Baller)
    • The Traumatizing Sweep (Russian Leg Sweep/STO Combination) (Baker and Mr. Baller)
    • Brain Damage (Double Brainbuster DDT) (Baker and Mr. Baller)
  • Entrance Music
    • "Icu" by Brotha Lynch Hung (PCW/Independent Circuit)
    • "II Trill" by Bun B feat. Z-Ro and J. Prince (PCW)
    • "On Fire" by Eminem (2012 - PCW)
    • "Worldwide Choppers" by Tech N9ne (2011 (ECCW/PWW)
    • "Been to Hell" by Hollywood Undead (2011) (PCW)
    • "What's Yo Psycho?" by Tech N9ne (2010 - 2011) (PCW)
    • "Hail Mary" by 2Pac (2003 - 2010) (ECCW, CWF, WZCW, FCW, Shining Road, Violent Society, YCW and PCW)
    • "Till I Collapse" by Eminem (used during early ECCW run and first ECCW World title reign) (2003)
    • "Guerrilla Radio" by Rage Against the Machine (used with Da Xtreme Dynasty) (2003 - 2005, 2009 - 2010)


  • Current Catchphrases
    • "Believe that" (sometimes with a curse word at the end of the phrase)
    • "Actually scratch that" (usually with the word "shit" or with the words "for a sec" at the end of the phrase. Is not used on somebody that he has respect for)
    • "And that's that and nothin' more"
    • "That's the mother fuckin' truth, bitch"
    • "How you like dem apples, slap nuts"
    • "Welcome to the Slaughterhouse" (started during his stint in Violent Society)
    • "God I love TV-MA Wrestling" (used for his love of TV-MA wrestling which is what PCW is rated)
    • "I am 100% real, 0% fake" (started when PCW made its talent cuts just days prior to Alma Mater Diem)
  • Former Catchphrases
    • "Stay Tuned" (used for a brief time)
    • "Y'all can bank on that" (sometimes with a curse word at the end of the phrase) (used when he's in a tag team match)
    • "You can bank on that statement" (used when he's in a one on one match)
    • "And I Repeat" (usually begins with either "I do not" or "I am not" and then ends with either "I AM NOT" or "I DO NOT at the end of the phrase.)
    • "The Worst Has Yet to Come" (started during his feud with Terry Richards and The Richards Legion)
  • Official Nicknames
    • "Da Xtreme Gangsta"
    • "The King of Hardcore" (another self-proclaimed nickname but it's hard for most to argue against it)
    • "PCW General Manager" (due to his position as the GM of Premium Championship Wrestling)
    • "The Doctor of Hardknoxx" (a name given to him by protege's Damon and Nathan Warrens)
    • "Tha Great Mother Fucker" (a name he calls himself as many of his foes have indeed called him a mother fucker)
  • Quotations Made About Him
    • "The Egotistical World Champion" (ECCW play by play man Drew Carr)
    • "The Egotistical One" (ECCW play by play man Drew Carr)
    • "Da Xtreme World Heavyweight Champion" (self-proclaimed)
    • "Da Xtreme Champion" (self-proclaimed)
    • "Da Xtreme Dyansty" (self-proclaimed) (the name eventually was used for Baker's stable)
    • "Da One Man Army" (self-proclaimed)
    • "Tha Psychotic Beast" (Mariano Fernandez)
    • "Tha Notorious P.I.M.P" ("Beautiful" Bobby Crane)
    • "Da Xtreme One" ("Beautiful" Bobby Crane)
    • "Tha Ultimate Underdog" (ECCW play by play man Drew Carr) (only used as a face/tweener)
    • "The Most Feared Wrestler in the CWF" (Teddy Turnbuckle)
    • "The Wonder Boy" (Bob Osbourne)
    • "Captain James" (self-proclaimed) (used for the 4 on 4 match at CWF pay per view Battle to Survive)
    • "The Baddest Man/Mother Fucker on the Planet" (self-proclaimed)
    • "Greatness Personified" (self-proclaimed)
  • Signature Weapons
    • Spiked Out Baseball Bat
    • Electrical Wire Kendo Stick
    • Switchblade
    • Lighter Fluid
    • Steel Chain
    • Barbed Wire Board
    • Amplifier Speakers
    • Ladder
  • Managers
  • Wrestlers Managed
  • Wrestlers Managed
  • Taunts
    • "The Middle Finger Salute" (flips off either his opponent(s) or his rivals on the stage with either one or both of his middle fingers) (started during the Baker/Mustang feud in ECCW, recently returned during the feud with Terry Richards and The Horsemen)
    • "The West Side/South Side Salute" (The West Side Signal with his left hand and the Texas Longhorns taunt with his right hand) (only used when he's a face or a tweener)
    • "The Bird Dance", "The Bird" or "Wing Flap" (a similar taunt of the exact end zone dance that Terrell Owens did when he was a part of the Philadelphia Eagles) (only used when he goes to Philadelphia) (mainly used to mock the Philadelphia Eagles)
    • "The Throat Slash" (Makes the throat slash signal with his hand) (used during his heel run. Also has been resurrected for his feud with Terry Richards and The Legion of Shadows)

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