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Jake Anderson
Anderson at WrestleMania 32 Axxess in 2016
Anderson at WrestleMania 32 Axxess in 2016
Birth name Jakob Christopher Anderson
Born December 28, 1984 (age 32)
Long Island, New York, U.S.
Resides Malibu, California, U.S.
Spouse(s) Taryn Terrell
(m. 2015; separated)
Barbie Blank
(m. 2013; div. 2013)
Britney Davis
(m. 2013; div. 2014)
Children 2
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Jake Anderson
Billed height 6 ft. 2 in. (1.88 m)
Billed weight 234 lb. (106 kg)
Billed from Long Island, New York
Queens, New York
Trained by Mikey Whipwreck
WWE Performance Center
Debut July 22, 2010

Jakob "Jake" Christopher Anderson (born December 28, 1984) is an American professional wrestler currently signed with WWE where he performs on the Raw brand, but is currently inactive.

In WWE, Anderson has won seven championships. He is a one-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, a one-time WWE United States Champion, a record-breaking three-time WWE European Champion, and a two-time WWE Hardcore Champion.

Anderson had originally pursued a career in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and trained at the Gracie Tampa School before he ultimately decided to put his MMA career on hold and get into professional wrestling instead having been a fan of professional wrestling ever since he was a child.

After opting to pursue a career in professional wrestling, Anderson started training at New York Wrestling Connection (NYWC) as well as with Mikey Whipwreck. After finishing his training, Anderson was signed to a contract with NYWC and made his debut in 2010 where he was paired up with Brett Matthews as a tag team. The duo would go on to capture the NYWC Tag Team Championships, holding them for three weeks before losing them and the team splitting up. After splitting with Matthews, Anderson formed a new tag team with Tony Nese and they dubbed themselves – The Blockade. After unsuccessfully challenging for the NYWC Tag Team Championships on various separate occasions, the team split after Anderson turned on Nese igniting a feud between the two former partners. The feud would last six months which culminated in a Last Man Standing Match that was won by Nese thus ending the feud. After this Anderson would take some time off to spend with his family before returning to NYWC in September 2012. After returning Anderson, the Big O and Nese (who had turned heel) formed The Elite wanting to focus on overtaking the entire NYWC and setting their sights on every single active championship with the exception of the Women's Championship.

Anderson would unsuccessfully challenge Apollyon for the NYWC Heavyweight Championship. A couple weeks later Anderson would team up with the Big O to challenge for the NYWC Tag Team Championships where they were also unsuccessful this led to some turmoil between the Big O and Anderson. More turmoil was shown between Big O and Anderson as the two would bicker and accuse one another of costing them the tag team championships only to have Tony Nese step in between them. This would lead to the demise of the group as it was made public knowledge that Anderson had been offered a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment and chose to sign with them effectively leaving NYWC.

Early life

Anderson was born as Jakob Christopher Anderson in Long Island, New York. The only child of Claire and Martin Anderson, both of whom were teachers in the Long Island area. Jake had a decent childhood, although he was quite lonely being an only child and often focused on his school work and didn't have time for friends. Anderson was also quite shy as a child as well and tended to keep to himself. It was in high school that he decided to give Amateur Wrestling a shot much to the dismay of his mother. However his father was very supportive of Jake's decision unlike his mother and would regularly be able to watch his matches due to being employed at the same school as his son.

Anderson graduated high school and would attend college at NYU (New York University). Jake would spend the next three years in college studying Psychology. After finishing college, Jake got himself into a little bit of trouble being coerced by his friends to join an underground fight club, the club would be quickly shut down, however it got Anderson interested in Mixed Martial Arts. So he left New York and moved to Florida and attended the Gracie Tampa School where he began training to pursue a career in MMA. After receiving his training Anderson opted to pursue a career in professional wrestling instead.

When Jake was only 2 years old; his mother lost her battle to breast cancer. Jake's father re-married five months later. That same year Jake's half-sister Lily was born.

Professional wrestling career

New York Wrestling Connection (2010–2012)

After Anderson put his impending MMA career on hold he joined NYWC (New York Wrestling Connection) under his real name. Anderson was paired up with Tony Nese as the two would form a tag team called the Blockade. The two would challenge for the NYWC Tag Team Championships on various occasions however would be unable to successfully capture them. After teaming for a year the team was broken up and the two started a rivalry when Anderson turned on Nese thus becoming a villainous character. The two would have a seven month long rivalry where the two would trade wins back and forth. Their rivalry culminated in a Last Man Standing match between the two which Nese won effectively ending their feud.

After his feud with Nese ended, Anderson turned face and formed a tag team with Brett Matthews and the two would go onto capture the NYWC Tag Team Championships, holding them for four months before losing them to Team Tremendous. Shortly afterwards Anderson was inactive for close to two months before returning in September 2012 where he would attack Stockade after his match with Tony Nese. This would continue for a few weeks where Anderson would attack Stockade after his matches, saying that he was weak and didn't deserve to be in NYWC thus turning heel once again. Anderson would team up with the Big O to take on Stockade and Tony Nese and would pin Stockade after Nese turned on Stockade thus turning heel and aligning himself with both Big O and Anderson forming a stable. The following week they would dub themselves The Elite. They would focus on trying claim all of the championships currently sanctioned by NYWC. Nese had already won the NYWC Fusion Championship defeating Stockade on August 16, 2012 at NYWC: Hotter Than Hell. Anderson would unsuccessfully challenge Apollyon for the NYWC Heavyweight Championship. A couple weeks later Anderson would team up with the Big O to challenge for the NYWC Tag Team Championships where they were also unsuccessful this led to some turmoil between the Big O and Anderson. More turmoil was shown between Big O and Anderson as the two would bicker and accuse one another of costing them the tag team championships only to have Tony Nese step in between them.

Not long after it became widely known that Anderson had received a few try-out matches with the WWE as they were interested in signing him. This began a storyline where Anderson would try and made a last ditch effort to capture a championship prior to him leaving and then threatening to leave with it when he signed with WWE. After failing to win the Heavyweight and Tag Team Championship; Anderson set his sights on Nese's Fusion Championship. On November 30, 2012 in what was Anderson's last match, he defeated Nese and won the championship. After the match both him and Nese would embrace and shake hands as the entire locker room came out and congratulated Anderson on his victory as well as him having been signed by the WWE two days prior. Anderson would get on the microphone and proceeded to thank the company for giving him an opportunity as well as thanking the fans for their support. Shortly afterwards Anderson vacated the championship.

World Wrestling Entertainment (2013–present)

Debut and earlier storylines (2013)

Anderson would be given a try-out match by World Wrestling Entertainment at two of their live events that were held in both Jersey City and New York; Anderson lost both matches. Anderson was given a third try-out match this time in a dark match before a live SmackDown show and was able to defeat Tyson Kidd.

After impressing some of the officials backstage during his try-out matches, Anderson was offered a contract with WWE and was assigned to the SmackDown brand becoming another one of the few superstars to sign directly to the main roster without having to go through their developmental territory, NXT Wrestling. Anderson made his debut as a heel on the January 4, 2013 episode of SmackDown where he was involved in the SmackDown Rumble where he was eliminated fairly early on. Anderson lost to Elias Ezra in a Triple Threat match that also involved Abyss on the January 11 episode of SmackDown.

Anderson would team with Adam Cole and suffered a loss in a Three Way Tag Team Match at the New Years Revolution PPV on January 20, after Anderson walked out on Cole. Anderson would get his first victory on the following SmackDown February 1 episode as he would defeat Elias Ezra in a quick match forcing him to tap out to his Lock Pick submission maneuver. On the next SmackDown that aired on February 8, Anderson was approached by WWE Divas Champion, Anna Laroo Raith. She would propose an alliance for the right price, to which Anderson accepted becoming her official bodyguard.

That same night Anderson lost in a WWE United States Championship #1 Contenders Five-Way Elimination Match; after making it to the final three. A week later his storyline with Laroo was dropped as Anderson had an unexpected face turn. Anderson would next fail to win the Royal Rumble, making his first appearance in the Rumble match; entering in at number 9 he was eliminated in under a minute by Shane Helms.

Over the next few months Anderson was used sporadically and mainly used in squash matches. Anderson managed to get an upset win over then United States Champion, Abyss on the March 22 episode of SmackDown. Shortly after this Anderson began a small rivalry with Gavin Edwards, who defeated Anderson on the March 15 episode of SmackDown and eliminating him from the United States Title tournament. The two teamed up on the March 29 episode of SmackDown however they suffered a loss to Jon Moxley and Wade Barrett, after Anderson walked out on Edwards. On the April 13 episode of SmackDown Anderson lost to Billy Cassidy in a Money in the Bank Qualifying match.

United States Champion (2013–2014)

At Wrestlemania XXIX, Anderson was involved in the pre-show Battle Royal and lost after being eliminated last by Briley Pierce. During the match, Anderson re-ignited his rivalry with Gavin Edwards eliminating him, before being eliminated himself. After the match Anderson would viciously attack Edwards, showing signs of a heel turn. On the May 3 episode of SmackDown Anderson completed his heel turn by cutting a promo on how he was wronged by Edwards and that he should of won the United States Championship at Wrestlemania, before criticizing the former champion, Abyss. Gavin Edwards would attack Anderson as the two ended up brawling in the ring, with Anderson getting the better end of it after driving Edwards shoulder first onto the steel steps. Later in the night, Anderson would interfere in Edwards' match with Briley Pierce and would attack him again, and would go on to shatter his ankle with a steel chair and the ring steps. This was done as a way to take Edwards off television as he had been released by the company.

A week later, Anderson came up short in a #1 Contenders match for the United States Championship, losing to Justin Gabriel in a triple threat match; that also included Jack Swagger. The following week on the May 18 episode of SmackDown, Anderson would end his four match losing streak with a victory over Johnny Gargano after hitting him with the Killing Joke. At Extreme Rules, Anderson sat at commentary during the WWE United States Championship match between champion—Adam Cole and challenger—Justin Gabriel; continuing to voice his disapproval of both men facing one another and continuing to call Gabriel's win over him a "fluke". Gabriel would go on to win the championship after Anderson interfered, hitting Cole with his Deadman's Hand bicycle kick, before quickly exiting the ring.

On the June 14, 2013 episode of Smackdown Anderson defeated Batista. Later that night Gabriel's championship celebration was interrupted by Anderson, who said that if it wasn't for him, he wouldn't be champion right now and that he got lucky over him in their contenders match. Just as it look as though the two were gonna brawl, Anderson opted to leave the ring instead, however when Gabriel turned his back Anderson proceeded to attack Gabriel hitting him with the Killing Joke thus igniting a rivalry between the two men. The next day on it was announced that Gabriel would defend his championship against Anderson at Invasion. A the event Gabriel defeated Anderson to retain the championship. On the July 13 episode of Smackdown Anderson and Gabriel defeated Chris Jericho and Brad Maddox after Anderson tagged himself in just before Gabriel went to hit the 450 splash and stole the pinfall from him.

Two weeks later on the July 27 episode of Smackdown Anderson teamed up with Sterling James Keenan to defeat the teams of Chris Jericho & Brad Maddox and Dolph Ziggler & Teddy Hart in a Three-Way Strange Bedfellows match to become the #1 Contenders for the World Heavyweight Championship and WWE United States Championship respectively. Earlier in the night it was acknowledged on-screen that Anderson was currently married to WWE Diva, Kelly Kelly who showed up to surprise him, this led to Anderson angrily forcing the cameras away. The next week on Smackdown, Anderson and Dolph Ziggler defeated Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns after Ziggler pinned Reigns after a Zig Zag. It was then made official that Anderson would face Gabriel for the United States Championship at SummerSlam.

On the August 10, 2013 episode of Smackdown Gabriel and Kelly defeated Anderson and Kaitlyn after the anonymous General Manager who is filling in for William Regal made the match due to the events that occured a week prior. On the August 17, 2013 episode of Smackdown it was announced that Gabriel would choose the stipulation for Anderson's match that night and Anderson would choose Gabriel's. Gabriel first chose a tables match for Anderson to compete in against Bobby Roode which he won after putting Roode through a table. Anderson later chose a chairs match for Gabriel to compete in against Dolph Ziggler. After Gabriel's match ended a brawl ensued between champion and challenger with Gabriel getting the better of Anderson as he attempted to hit him with a 450 splash off of a ladder, however Anderson was able to roll out of harms way and up the ramp and that was when Gabriel challenged Anderson's to a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match at SummerSlam to which Anderson accepted. At SummerSlam, Anderson defeated Gabriel to win the WWE United States Championship for the first time – his first title with the company.

On the September 6, 2013 episode of Smackdown, Anderson gloated about his win over Gabriel and that the United States Championship was rightfully where it belonged and that was around his waist. Anderson was then interrupted by the returning Big Show who ended up knocking him out. A week later, Anderson was made fun of because of it by Justin Gabriel where the two proceeded to get into a brawl backstage. Later that night Anderson called out Big Show and proceeded to attack him with a steel chair, leading to him shattering Big Show's ankle only to be stopped from doing any further damage by Gabriel coming to Big Show's aid. At Judgment Day Anderson lost the United States Championship to Jimmy Jacobs ending his reign at 49 days. Over the next few weeks Anderson would go on a losing streak, losing to Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Thorn and Adam Cole.

After Survivor Series it was announced that Anderson had been traded over to RAW, coincidentally Anderson's former rival Justin Gabriel was traded over to RAW a week prior. Anderson's losing streak continued as he would lose his next two matches. At New Year's Revolution Anderson once again suffered a loss on the pre-show. Anderson would finally snap his eight-match losing streak on the January 20, 2014 episode of RAW when he defeated Daniel Bryan.

Championship reigns and pursuits (2014–2016)

On the January 27, 2014 episode of RAW, Anderson defeated Chris Hero and during the match he was much more ruthless than he had been in recent weeks and debuted his new finishing move, Lethal Injection. A week later he was involved in a Royal Rumble preview match against twelve other participants where he came up short as he made it to the final two before being eliminated by eventual winner, Chris Sabin. On the February 10, 2014 episode of Raw Anderson joined The Corporate Structure as John Morrison was kicked out of the group and attacked by Anderson, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. Anderson later cemented his alliance with them in a interview following the show and stated that him joining the Corporate Structure was best for business. At the Royal Rumble Anderson entered as the fourth entrant and was the entrant eliminated after he was eliminated by both Stevie Richards and The Blue Meanie. Shortly afterwards, Anderson set his sights on the Intercontinental Championship and on the March 31, 2014 episode of Raw, Anderson defeated The Miz, Nick Mitchell, Stevie Richards & The Blue Meanie in a Fatal Five Way Match to become the #1 Contender for Chris Sabin's WWE Intercontinental Championship. At WrestleMania XXX Sabin defeated Anderson to retain the Intercontinental Championship. In May 2014, Anderson took a hiatus from the WWE due to some personal issues.

In July, Anderson made his return to the ring on an episode of NXT where he defeated Aiden English in a singles match. Throughout the month of July, Anderson continuously appeared on NXT and picked up victories over the likes of Mojo Rawley, Enzo Amore, Sami Zayn and even NXT Champion Adrian Neville. This led to a title shot against Neville which Anderson lost. Anderson later teamed up with NXT Women's Champion Charlotte defeating Neville and Bayley. This led to another championship match between Neville and Anderson which the latter won, winning the NXT Championship. Anderson would drop the championship back to Neville two weeks later due to him returning to the main roster.

On the August 18, 2014 episode of Raw a vignette aired promoting Anderson's main roster return to the ring, Anderson however made his official return that night appearing on the titantron when he interrupted Seth Rollins delivering a promo in regards to his victory at SummerSlam over Chris Sabin and winning the Intercontinental Championship. Anderson proceeded to mock Rollins, before using a sledgehammer to destroy a throne that was set up for Rollins before revealing his intentions of being the one to dethrone Rollins and become Intercontinental Champion thus igniting a rivalry between the two men. On the August 25, 2014 episode of Raw, Anderson made his return to the ring with a win over Cody Rhodes. A week later on the September 1, 2014 episode of Raw, Anderson defeated Randy Orton and Rhodes in a Triple Threat match to qualify for the Intercontinental Championship Scramble match.

On the September 8, 2014 episode of Raw, the team of Anderson, Roman Reigns and Rollins were defeated by Ciaran O'Donnell and Billy Cassidy after Anderson abandoned and walked out on both of them. At Night of Champions Anderson once again failed to win the Intercontinental Championship. On the October 6, 2014 episode of Raw, Anderson won a battle royal to win the vacated Intercontinental Championship - that was vacated by Dolph Ziggler due to an injury; as well as collect 7 points for Team USA #2 by last eliminating Prince Devitt. A week later on the October 13, 2014 episode of Raw, Anderson suffered a loss to Ciaran O'Donnell. On the October 20, 2014 episode of Raw Anderson defeated Nick Mitchell in a non-title match and then later that night Devitt won a #1 Contenders match to meet Anderson in a title match at Halloween Havoc. Anderson was disqualified when he low blowed Devitt, but retained the title.

On the November 10, 2014 episode of Raw, Anderson interjected himself into the WWE Hardcore Championship match between Cody Rhodes and Enzo Amore and pinned Rhodes to win the championship making him a double champion and making him the first man to hold both the Intercontinental and Hardcore Championships simultaneously. On the November 17, 2014 episode of Raw, Anderson lost to Amore in a non-title match and directly following it Amore attempted to try and win the Hardcore Championship however Anderson hit him with a low blow and managed to get away with both titles. At Survivor Series Anderson will team up with John Cena, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes to take on Team International consisting of Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, Justin Gabriel and The Usos in a World Cup Semifinal with the winning teaming moving on to face Team UK in the main event to determine who will win the first Wrestling World Cup and also be entered in the Elimination Chamber match at New Year's Revolution and challenge for the WWE Championship.

At Survivor Series Team US defeated Team International in the opening match of the night after Reigns betrayed Jericho. Later in the night in the main event, Team US were defeated by Team UK/Ireland and Anderson was eliminated by Devitt. On the December 1, 2014 episode of Raw after successfully defending his Hardcore title against The Rock and after a distraction from Prince Devitt, Anderson lost the Hardcore Championship to Enzo Amore ending his reign at 21 days. That same night, Anderson partnered himself up with Rosa Mendes and she became his manager as well as on-screen girlfriend. On the December 15 final Raw of 2014 Anderson defeated Devitt now going by the name Finn Bálor in a No Holds Barred match to retain the Intercontinental Championship after pushing Bálor's sister - whom was in the crowd off the ring apron, and hitting Bálor with a Kiss from a Rose. At New Year's Revolution Anderson lost the Intercontinental Championship to Enzo Amore in a Hardcore match that also had Enzo's Hardcore Championship on the line, ending his reign at 97 days.

On first Raw of 2015, Anderson stormed out to the ring and demanded a rematch for the Intercontinental Championship that night only for Mick Foley to refuse to give it to him and instead book a Lumberjack match between Anderson and Finn Balor for the following week. Later that night Anderson interfered in Balor's match against Baron Corbin forcing a disqualification win for Balor. This would lead to the entire locker room coming out to the ring and a massive brawl ensuing where Anderson would hit Paige – a close friend of Balor's – with a Paralyzer on the ring apron as Raw would end with the two brawling in the crowd. On the January 26, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson interjected himself once again into the Hardcore Championship match pinning Enzo after a DDT to win the championship for a second time, only to lose it a few short minutes later to Kevin Steen. Later that night in the main event Anderson would lose to Balor ending their feud for the time being. It was later announced by Mick Foley that Anderson would receive his rematch for the Intercontinental Championship against Amore and Sami Zayn at the Royal Rumble in a Triple Threat match. On the February 2, 2015 episode of Raw after suffering yet another loss this time to Mariusz Pudzianowski, the Big Show would make his return to Raw and it looked as though he would attack Anderson due to the fact that Anderson had previously injured Big Show, shattering his ankle but instead Big Show knocked out both Pudzianowski and Matt Hardy revealing himself as a heel and aligning himself with Anderson.

On the February 16, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson along with AJ Styles would defeat the team of The Rock and Justin Gabriel. Later that night, Anderson confronted Mick Foley about him not being a scheduled particpant in the Royal Rumble match and demanded that Foley add him to the match which was rebuffed by Foley. Anderson then attempted to have Big Show knock Foley out only for him to threaten to remove Anderson from the Intercontinental Championship match. Anderson later had a brief confrontation with returning Superstar Daniel Riley. At the Royal Rumble Anderson failed to regain the Intercontinental Championship after Zayn pinned Amore to win the championship.

On the March 2, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson called out and challenged Mick Foley to a match at WrestleMania 31 and revealed that he once looked up to Foley and that he had been his idol only to let him down. Foley responded by telling a story about when he first met Anderson prior to him signing with the WWE and how he had been impressed with him at first but later became disappointed due to Anderson's failures as of late. Foley later then accepted the challenge before making it a Hardcore match – it was later made a No Disqualifications Match, to which Anderson accepted before having the Big Show knock Foley out. A week later on the March 9, 2015 episode of Raw Anderson faced Jimmy Rave and was on the brink of losing before Big Show interfered, knocking Rave out causing a disqualification. Foley attempted to make the save only for Anderson to hit him with Brass knuckles and standing tall over Foley for the second week in a row.

On the March 16, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson invited Mick Foley's daughter, Noelle to Raw and proceeded to verbally insult him in front of her only to receive a slap from Noelle. When it looked as though Big Show would knock her out, Anderson seemingly had a change of heart however this was all a ruse as instead Anderson hit Noelle with the Paralyzer before attempting to hit her with the Lethal Injection, only for Mick Foley to make the save and igniting a brawl between Anderson and Foley as the latter was able to dispatch Big Show. Just when Foley was going to utilize a bag of thumbtacks, Anderson bailed and instead it was Big Show who suffered the wrath of Mick Foley. Later that night Anderson defeated Terry Funk in a Barbed Wire Death match after repeatedly hitting Funk with a steel chair and forcing the official to stop the match and award it to Anderson. It was also revealed that Anderson would remain on Raw after being drafted to Raw in the Draft that took place that same night. At WrestleMania 31, despite interference from Jimmy Rave, Anderson defeated Foley thus bringing an end to their feud.

On the March 30, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson defeated Jeff Hardy in the first round of the 16 man WWE Championship #1 Contender tournament, advancing to the next round. Earlier in the show, Anderson appeared in a segment with Taryn Terrell revealing their relationship on-screen. Over the next two weeks Anderson teamed with Magnus and then Baron Corbin suffering losses to Roman Reigns and The Miz. Anderson's losing streak continued when he suffered another loss this time to Magnus on the April 27, 2015 episode of Raw. On the May 4, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson defeated Chris Sabin to win the WWE European Championship for the first time. A week later on the May 11, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson successfully defend the championship against Paul London. On the May 25, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson successfully defended the championship again this time against Wade Barrett. On the June 1, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson lost the European Championship to Bobby Roode ending his reign at 28 days. A week later on the June 8, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson lost to Colt Cabana while Big Show defeated Roode to win the European Championship, thus causing friction between Anderson and Big Show. A week later on the June 15, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson demanded Big Show hand him the championship to which Big Show did before proceeding to both humiliate Anderson but also trash anyone who's ever held the championship and tarnishing it's reputation by throwing it into a toilet and taking a dump on both the championship as well as Anderson. A week later on the June 22, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson attacked Big Show backstage thus officially ending their alliance before later in the night defeating Big Show to regain the European Championship.

On the June 29, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson formed an alliance with Bobby Roode in order to take down the Corporate Structure while also venting about their issues with the Structure. Later that night Anderson successfully defended his championship against Dean Ambrose. A week later on the July 6, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson successfully defended his championship against Chris Sabin. At Unforgiven Anderson and Roode were defeated by Sabin and London. On the July 20, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson once again successfully defended his championship this time against Daniel Bryan. On the July 27, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson defeated Adam Cole to retain the European Championship. That same night it was revealed that both Anderson and Roode were against The Corporate Structure. A week later, Anderson confronted both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, later that night after interference from Roode, Anderson successfully defended his championship against Goldberg. It was revealed a couple weeks later that Anderson would defend the European Championship in a Fatal Four Way match against Luke Harper, Sheamus & Batista at SummerSlam. On the August 24, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson got into a confrontation with John Cena before challenging Cena to a match on the following Raw which was accepted, thus starting a feud with Cena. At the event, Anderson successfully defended his title pinning Sheamus. A week later on the September 7, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson lost the European Championship to Cena ending his reign at 77 days. A week later Anderson cost Cena the championship against Seth Rollins before attacking him with a steel chair. Earlier in the night the two got into a confrontation before almost getting into a brawl only to have referees and officials put an end to it. Later that night Anderson defeated Sami Zayn after hitting him with an Attitude Adjustment, mocking Cena.

On the September 21, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson defeated Drew McIntyre. Earlier in the night Anderson interfered in the match between Cena and Roman Reigns attacking both men with it turning into a brawl between Anderson and Cena while also causing the match to be a double disqualification after that Cena proceeded to call out Anderson and the two men got into another brawl where Cena was able to get a measure of retribution from the week earlier. After Bobby Roode took a hiatus, the Creed quietly broke up. On the September 28, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson held Cena's mother hostage and later attacked her. Later that night both Anderson and his wife, Taryn turned on their tag team partner Paige and aligned themselves with The Corporate Structure. A week later on the October 5, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson showed no remorse for his actions against Cena's mother. That same night Anderson teamed with Kenny Omega and suffered a loss to Cena and Xavier Woods after Anderson abandoned Omega. Also that same night Bobby Roode made his return after a month long absence and criticized Anderson's decision to join the Structure referring to him as a sell out and warned him not to get in his way.

At Halloween Havoc (2015) Anderson lost to Cena in an I Quit match despite interference from Omega. The following week on Raw, Anderson attacked Cena brutally beating him with both a Singapore Cane and a Steel chair continuing their feud. Two weeks later Cena got a measure of retribution against Cena hitting him with a Singapore Cane himself. At Survivor Series (2015) Anderson at first entered himself into the WWE European Championship open challenge along with Cena and after Anderson had been eliminated by Brock Lesnar, Anderson returned and attacked Cena causing his elimination by Wade Barrett as the two proceeded to brawl and needed to be pulled apart by security. Later that night Anderson defeated Cena in a Singapore Cane match. A week later on the December 7, 2015 episode of Raw, Anderson defeated Brock Lesnar to qualify for the Elimination Chamber match at New Year's Revolution (2016) for the WWE Championship along with Kenny Omega. Earlier in the night Anderson was the Special Guest Referee for the match between Kaitlyn and John Cena only to attack Cena during the middle of the match. Anderson later shoved Kaitlyn down which led to Cena hitting an Attitude Adjustment while Kaitlyn speared him. A week later after John Cena was defeated by Scott Steiner in an Elimination Chamber qualifying match, Anderson attacked him which brought out Kaitlyn who was attacked herself by Taryn Terrell – Anderson's wife. Anderson would hit a Lethal Injection from the announce table onto a steel chair and steel steps. That same night Anderson came up short in the Slammy Awards being the runner up in the categories for Heel of the Year and Breakout Star of the Year, although he would go on to win the Most Hated Wrestler of the Year award for Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

European Champion and hiatus (2016–2017)

At New Year's Revolution Anderson would make it to the final two inside the Elimination Chamber before losing to Dean Ambrose and coming up just short of becoming WWE Champion. On January 18, 2016 episode of Raw, Anderson and Bobby Roode briefly reunited as the Creed and defeated the team of John Cena and Wade Barrett. A week later Anderson teamed up with his wife, Taryn and defeated the team of Kane and Traci Patterson. That same night, John Cena challenged Anderson to one final match to put an end to their rivalry and on the February 1, 2016 episode of Raw their match ended up a no contest as both men were counted out after their match spilled to the outside. After the match, Anderson countered Cena's challenge with one of his own and challenged Cena to a Hell in a Cell match at the Royal Rumble. On the February 8, 2016 episode of Raw, Anderson mocked Cena bringing out a midget dressed as Cena before attacking him. Later in the night, Brie Bella announced that Anderson would indeed face Cena at the Royal Rumble inside Hell in a Cell. At the Royal Rumble Anderson defeated Cena thus ending their six month long rivalry.

On the March 7, 2016 episode of Raw, Anderson defeated Finn Bálor. On the March 14, 2016 episode of Raw, Anderson came up short in a Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship and headline Wrestlemania. A few days later it was announced that Anderson would face Johnny Gargano for the WWE European Championship at Wrestlemania. At the event Anderson was unsuccessful in winning the title. Following this, Anderson began a feud with Kurt Angle after the latter (kafaybe) broke his ankle during a match on the May 2, 2016 episode of Raw. Anderson would retaliate a week later costing Angle his match against Enzo Amore for the WWE European Championship by distracting him.

After having failed to capture the European Championship in a Triple Threat Tag Team match a few weeks prior on the June 27, 2016 episode of Raw, Anderson beat John Cena and Edge to win the championship for a record-breaking third time with some help from the Bullet Club during which Anderson would join the Club and become it's newest and fourth member. That same night during the main event, the Club would interfere and proceed to beat down Roman Reigns, Wade Barrett, Shane Helms and Daniel Bryan before the latter three would fight back with security and officials separating them. A few days later it was revealed on that Styles and Anderson would represent the Club at Unforgiven and would challenge Barrett and Reigns for the WWE Tag Team Championship along with Smackdown's Samuel Shaw and Daniel Riley in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match. On the following July 4, 2016 episode of Raw, Anderson successfully defended the European Championship against Tommaso Ciampa. Later that night, Anderson along with the rest of the Bullet Club interfered in both Wade Barrett's match, beating him down before Roman Reigns, Shane Helms & Adam Cole came to his aid as well as during the main event between AJ Styles and Adam Cole where the match went to a no contest. The Bullet Club were getting the advantage over the four men before John Cena saved them.

On the July 17, 2016 episode of Raw, Anderson once again successfully defended his championship this time against Cesaro. Later that night, Anderson along with the rest of the Club got involved during the main event between Colt Cabana, Adam Cole, Kenny Omega and Shane Helms. After the match the Club laid out both Cabana and Helms. Just when it looked as though the numbers game would even up, Adam Cole laid out Colt Cabana with the Money in the Bank briefcase after having been tossed it by AJ Styles, revealing himself as the newest member of The Bullet Club. On the July 25, 2016 episode of Raw, Anderson successfully defended his title against Noam Dar, during this time animosity was beginning to surface between Anderson and Paige due to Anderson's wife, Taryn Terrell becoming the #1 Contender for Paige's WWE Women's Championship. On the August 1, 2016 episode of Raw, Anderson defeated Heath Slater retaining his European Championship in the process. On the August 8, 2016 episode of Raw, Anderson successfully defended his title against Jeff Hardy. On the August 15, 2016 episode of Raw, Anderson lost the championship to Pastor William Eaver ending his reign at 49 days.

Personal life

Anderson has one younger sibling – a half-sister; Lily Anderson (born July 15, 1986). Jake is also an uncle to Lily's son; Noah Anderson (born January 26, 2007). Jake's mother died from breast cancer when he was two years old and because of that Anderson has been quite the advocate when it comes to Women's Cancer and has always supported the cause, going as far as to criticize the Government for not doing enough to make sure that the same thing doesn't happen to anyone else that happened to him at such a young age. Anderson has one tattoo; black kanji lettering down the right side of his body. When asked what the kanji lettering means or stands for, Anderson said it's private and doesn’t intend on revealing those meanings publicly. Anderson in 2014 got a tattoo of a dragon on his left shoulder. Anderson later got a cross tattoed onto his right forearm in memory of his late father. In May 2014 it was revealed that Anderson's father had died from a heart attack and is the reason why Anderson took a sabbatical from the WWE so that he could grieve as well as spend time with his family.

Anderson is good friends with Justin Gabriel, Renee Young, Bobby Roode as well as Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, whom he has known for almost ten years due to them growing up together in New York. He is also an avid hockey enthusiast, notably of the NHL's Los Angeles Kings. He is a Kings season ticket holder and regularly attends home games at the Staples Center. He is also a big fan of the MLB's Toronto Blue Jays and regularly attends their home games whenever he can at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Anderson is also a big fan of the NFL's Seattle Seahawks.

Anderson is a big advocate for Fuck Cancer, a health organization working for early detection and prevention of cancer. He's been seen regularly wearing their t-shirts and attending their fundraisers. Anderson is also a supporter of Stand Up to Cancer.


Anderson was in a relationship with American recording artist, Britney Davis from July 2010 until January 2013. In October 2011, Anderson and Davis announced that they were expecting their first child. In March 2012, Anderson revealed in an interview that they were expecting a girl that was due sometime in late April or early May.

Davis gave birth to Rebecca "Becca" Claire Anderson on May 1, 2012 in Manhattan, New York at the Bellevue Hospital Center. On December 31, 2012; the couple announced their engagement. On January 11, 2013 it was revealed that Anderson and Davis had called off their engagement. In October 2013 it was revealed that the two had reconciled and gotten back together. The couple later married in a private ceremony in New York City on December 31, 2013. A month later, Davis revealed on Twitter that her and Anderson were expecting their second child due in September 2014. It was later revealed in February 2014 that Davis had filed for divorce from Anderson believing he was cheating on her and later filed for full and sole custody of their daughter as well as their unborn child. It was further revealed that Davis had suffered a miscarriage in not long after the divorce was filed. Davis was later denied full custody of their daughter and currently has visitation privledges while Anderson has full custody.

Anderson began dating then - WWE Diva, Kelly Kelly shortly after his engagement had ended, on January 16, 2013. In late February 2013 he and Blank purchased a home together in Malibu, California for $2.5 million. The couple secretly married on March 4, 2013 at Villa Sancti Di Bella Vista in Malibu, California. However 11 days later, it was revealed that Blank had filed for divorce citing "irreconcilable differences". Anderson filed his response on March 18, 2013. It was reported, later confirmed that both Anderson and Blank had rekindled their romance in June 2013 and in July both ended the divorce and the two are planning on renewing their wedding vows at an unknown date. This wouldn't last long as Anderson filed for divorce on August 24, 2013, once again citing "irreconcilable differences". The divorce was finalized in November 2013.

Anderson briefly dated model Kristin Reed around the same time he was married to Blank. They later broke up shortly before Anderson and Blank got back together. It was revealed that they had conceived a child together in January 2014, a girl – Esme Isabella Reed whom had been born in October 2013. They currently share joint custody of the child.

A few days after Anderson filed for divorce, TMZ posted photos on their official website of Anderson seen with a mystery blonde woman, later revealed to be former fitness competitor and fellow wrestler Alexis Kaufman, better known by the ring name Alexa Bliss. Anderson later confirmed that him and Kaufman were in fact dating; the couple would break-up in October 2013.

In March 2015, Anderson confirmed he was in a relationship with WWE Diva, Taryn Terrell. The couple later married two months later on May 4, 2015 in a small ceremony in Malibu, California before having a second private ceremony on July 7, 2015 in Maui, Hawaii. From Anderson's marriage to Terrell he is a step-father to Terrell's daughter, Emerson. It was revealed in April 2017, that Anderson legally adopted Emerson after having filed papers for it in December 2016. It was revealed in late December 2017 after two years of marriage that Anderson and Terrell had separated with it being revealed that they had actually separated back in early August 2017. Starting in mid 2017, rumors began circulating that Anderson was dating British model, Melissa Kelly as the two were spotted hanging out together quite a bit and getting quite cozy with one another. It was confirmed in December 2017 that the two were in fact dating.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • The Killshot (Running single leg dropkick) – 2017–present
    • Lethal Injection (Running stomp to the head of a bent-over opponent) – 2015–2017
    • Bite the Bullet / Concussion on Delivery (Lifting single underhook DDT) – 2015–present
  • Signature moves
    • Brainbuster, sometimes onto the ring apron; used as a signature move 2015–present
    • Bridging arm triangle choke
    • D'Arce choke
    • Deep arm drag
    • Discus elbow smash
    • Enzuiguri
    • Fatal Encounter (Samoan driver), sometimes from the top rope – 2016–present
    • Fujiwara armbar
    • Gory special dropped into a flatliner – 2016–present
    • High knee to an oncoming opponent
    • Knee lift to the opponent's midsection
    • Kiss from a Rose (Armlock legsweep reverse STO) – used as a finisher from 2014–2016
    • Reverse STO transitioned into a Koji clutch
    • Rear naked choke
    • Rolling wheel kick
    • Running big boot to the face of a kneeling opponent
    • Running dropkick from the floor to the head of an opponent draped over the second rope
    • Running one-armed swinging neckbreaker
    • Slingshots out of the ring and hits opponent with a forearm to the face.
    • Springboard roundhouse kick
    • Suicide dive
    • Superkick – 2015–present
    • Superman punch
    • Swinging vertical suplex
  • Managing
    • Anna Laroo Raith
  • Managed by
    • Big Show
    • Kelly Kelly
    • Rosa Mendes
    • Taryn Terrell
  • Nicknames
    • "Hands of Stone" (WWE)
    • "Ten Thousand Fists" (NYWC / WWE)
    • "The Elite of the Elites" (NYWC)
    • "The Hired Gun" (WWE)
    • "The Black Rose / Corporate Rose" (WWE)
    • "The Dark Horse of the WWE" (WWE)
    • "The (Undisputed) Future of the WWE" (WWE)
    • "The Gold Standard" (WWE)
    • "Raw's Most Valuable Commodity" (WWE)
    • "The New Hardcore Legend" (WWE)
    • "The Rapture" (WWE)
  • Entrance themes
    • "Just Another War" by Jim Johnston and Josey Scott (January 3, 2013–August 25, 2013)
    • "Night of Gold" by CFO$ (September 7, 2013–March 31, 2014)
    • "Anything" by Jim Johnston (August 18, 2014–December 14, 2014)
    • "King of Kings" by Motorhead (Used while apart of The Corporate Structure)
    • "Black and Blue" by CFO$ (January 11, 2015–March 16, 2015)
    • "Hope for the Hopeless" by Papa Roach (March 22, 2015–August 30, 2015)
    • "Open Your Eyes" by Disturbed (September 7, 2015–June 13, 2016)
    • "Blasphemy" by Bring Me The Horizon (June 20, 2016–present)
    • "Shot'Em" by [Q]Brick (Used while apart of The Bullet Club)

Championships and accomplishments

  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated
    • PWI Most Improved Wrestler of the Year (2014)
    • PWI Most Hated Wrestler of the Year (2015)
    • PWI ranked him #183 of the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2013
    • PWI ranked him #150 of the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2014
    • PWI ranked him #80 of the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2015
    • PWI ranked him #75 of the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2016
  • New York Wrestling Connection
    • NYWC Fusion Championship (1 time)
    • NYWC Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Zack Ryder
  • World Wrestling Entertainment / WWE
    • WWE European Championship (3 times)
    • WWE Hardcore Championship (2 times)
    • WWE Intercontinental Championship (1 time)
    • WWE United States Championship (1 time)
    • Slammy Awards (1 time)
      • Faction of the Year (2016) with AJ Styles, Paige, Kenny Omega and Adam Cole as the Bullet Club