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Jacob Senn
An image of the Jacob Senn.
Birth name Jacob Alexander Senn
Born June 24, 1987 (age 33)
Chicago, IL
Resides Miami, FL
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Jacob Senn
Billed height 6 ft. 1 in. (1.82 m)
Billed weight 205 lb. (92 kg)
Billed from Chicago, IL
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Debut December 2008

Jacob Alexander Senn (born June 24, 1987), better known as Jacob Senn, is an American professional E-Fedder. He currently is a member of the Omega Wrestling Alliance where he was a former Omega Heavyweight Champion. Jacob was the Chairman of Strong Style Wrestling starting March 23, 2018 and ended on October 31, 2018 when it shut down. Senn is best known for his time in the E-Federation, Elite Answers Wrestling where he is an EAW Hall of Fame inductee, former EAW Champion, and former EAW World Heavyweight Champion.

Professional wrestling career

Early career (2008)

Jacob’s first venture into professional wrestling was with one of the big names in the e-fedding world, Shootclub Wrestling Alliance, in December of 2008. Jacob began to train under the SWA Training Facility known as Shootcamp and began to begin his journey to the top. Once out of training, Jacob came out into a small territory for newcomers called Shootcamp Wrestling. Shootcamp Wrestling was not a great experience for Jacob Senn, under the name Jacob “The Great” Senn, as his debut match ended in an utter defeat that caused him to be signed by another territory of the federation, Shootcamp International.

Shootcamp International (2009–2010)

After the closure of SWA, much has been lost from the records of Jacob’s time there. Jacob, still under the guise of Jacob “The Great” Senn after his middle name, burst into the scene siding with the new faction, Duffmania, with a man known simply as Duffman. The team was able to get a shot at the major tag team belts, SCI British Isles Tag Team Championship, with their other team member in a three-on-two match, but were unsuccessful. After a match on one of the huge SWA PPVs against one of SCI’s greats in Shaya Blackley, Jacob was granted a chance to face Sidonia for the SCI Celtic Cross Championship at the next SCI PPV. Once that match came by, Jacob Senn was able to dethrone the champion of Sidonia and won his first-ever championship in wrestling as he claimed the title for himself. During this time, Jacob began teaming with a man known as “The Love King” Raymond Junior and they became The Kings of Wrestling, a namesake of a huge indy team. After a while and after failed shots at the biggest championship in the company, SCI British Empire Championship, Jacob Senn was drafted to a new territory known as the Canadian Wrestling Federation. Before his departure, Jacob became a four-time tag champion with his partner, Raymond Junior, and won the lower-tier singles title called the SCI Heavyweight Championship and held it for a short reign for a day after his partner claimed it for himself. Jacob’s final match was at the biggest show of SWA, ColossalCade, with Randy Price in a Scaffold Match where Jacob was victorious and revealed his new gimmick as the Saviour. Jacob Senn was drafted to a new territory known as the Canadian Wrestling Federation. Before his departure, Jacob became a four-time tag champion with his partner, Raymond Junior, and won the lower-tier singles title called the SCI Heavyweight Championship and held it for a short reign for a day after his partner claimed it for himself. Jacob’s final match was at the biggest show of SWA, ColossalCade, with Randy Price in a Scaffold Match where Jacob was victorious and revealed his new gimmick as the Saviour.

Jacob Senn with his CWF Television Championship

Canadian Wrestling Federation (2010–2011)

Jacob Senn, under the new gimmick of “The Saviour” Jacob Senn, Jacob was able to come into CWF with a huge push after his ColossalCade victory as he was slated to soon compete in the company’s most prestigious championship, CWF Calgary Championship, as he not only went against the champion Eddie Hicks but another competitor, in a triple threat ladder match that would be ended with the unnamed competitor victorious. Jacob Senn would go on to win the CWF Television Championship before Alex Colt defeated him to become the final CWF Television Champion as the entire SWA Federation closed its doors for good in February of 2011. Jacob Senn was inducted into the SCI Hall of Fame in that year of 2011 right before its doors were closed for good.

Next Evolution Wrestling Alliance (2011)

With not much known from his days in the SWA, there is even less known about his time in Next Evolution Wrestling Alliance as the records were almost wiped clean after its bankruptcy. Jacob Senn returned with his Kings of Wrestling tag team partner, Raymond Junior, as they were given a 

Jacob Senn during NEWA

new name, The Showstoppers. These two were signed in a Caribbean-based federation, Xtreme Trust Caribbean that was to be recorded on a live cruise ship that would go across the islands. Jacob Senn and Raymond Junior would be in the inaugural tag team championship tournament but lost in the final round against The Swan Sisters. They would get a rematch but sadly failed again. Soon, this began to make matters worse between the two as their attempts at Levon Jennings and his Caribbean Championship would build frustration and when they finally met in a ring, Jacob Senn would become injured by The Love King and would be given time to heal. When he returned, he returned in time for the huge battle royal where the winner would be given a shot at the big belt of the company, but Jacob only made it to the runner-up as he was eliminated by the eventual winner, Bobby Biceps. Afterward, this rekindled the feud of Raymond Junior and Jacob Senn as it culminated at the big event to determine who the better Showstopper was and Jacob Senn prevailed as Raymond Junior was never heard from again. xTc would close down due to low income and profits and Jacob Senn would make sporadic appearances for another of NEWA’s territories, RCW before they became bankrupt and shut down.

Thy World Wrestling Empire (2011–2013)

A month into being at NEWA, Jacob Senn found employment with another company in ThyWWE. Jacob Senn debuted on Monday Night RAW Ep. 48 as he went against the monster himself, Mark Greenberg, and was victorious. It would not take long for Jacob Senn to form a faction called Eternal and began to promise a chance for the members to be eternalized in the legacy of ThyWWE. The faction would continue to even make their PPV debut in the Royal Rumble Match at Ascension where they were not able to secure the victory. Eventually, after Justin Time left the company and vacated the Intercontinental Championship, Jacob Senn became the new Intercontinental Champion on July 12, 2011 and kept it until July 26, 2011 with a total of 14 days as the champion at the PPV called Attrition where Christian Knight became the new champion through some in-ring actions that went wrong. Christian Knight, not satisfied, gave the title back to the referee as he wanted to win the match clean with no excuses. This would cost Christian Knight the championship as in 2 minutes and 17 seconds; Jacob Senn regained the belt to become a two-time Intercontinental Champion. Jacob Senn would continue to be the champion as he continued to keep it in his possession until Wrestlemania II, the biggest show for ThyWWE, as, in what would eventually be a nominee in Match of the Year, Drew McIntyre defeated Jacob Senn to become to new champion on October 21, 2011. On the same night, Jacob Senn was one of five men to compete for the Money in the Bank briefcase inside and would result in a draw between him and Professor of Thuganomics, Bob Cena, as they both landed on the mat at the same time with the contract in hand with both men having the claim of being the first men to win the MITB case. The next week, Jacob Senn was defeated by POT in a match to determine the sole case holder.

Jacob Senn as ThyWWE Intercontinental Champion

Jacob Senn would eventually earn a rematch for the championship at the next PPV of Anarchy as Drew McIntyre departed from the company and there was a need for a new champion, but Jacob was defeated by the then-champion Dominic Reynolds by a piledriver from the top rope.

World Championship pursuit and potential retirement (2012–2013)

Jacob was able to get his first shot at the Unified World Championship soon after as Jacob Senn would team with Team Swagfoot in a Gauntlet Match against the world champion, Sheamus. Sheamus was able to power his way through the challenge and Jacob Senn was defeated by Sheamus. It would not be until the PPV of Supremacy that he would get a rematch for the world title except this time it would be against the man who was rebelling against ThyWWE with an invasion and defeated Sheamus to gain the title, Alex Kendall. Alex Kendall would defeat Jacob Senn and once again, the world championship would escape his clutches. With Ascension making its way back into the fray, Jacob Senn decided to compete in the match once more, threatening to leave the company if he could not win. Jacob Senn would make it to the final six until Jacob Senn was double-teamed and eliminated by POT and Kurt Orton. With Jacob Senn contemplating retiring from ThyWWE, an old rival in Brian Gunn, the Television Champion that renamed the championship the Excalibur Championship, decided to make one more match between the two. Jacob decided to make the match even more personal with an attack on him and went on to make the match a Hell in a Cell match at Wrestlemania III, the next PPV. At Wrestlemania III, Brian Gunn was able to retain the championship as Jacob Senn once again lost on the grandest stage of them all. Jacob Senn decided to not give up and try once more as he would go in a three-way six-man tag team match for every singles championship in ThyWWE. Jacob teamed with The Resistance in Bret “The Hitman” Hart and POT as they faced The Knights of the Round Table in Beno, Excalibur Champion Brian Gunn, and Joey the Bastard with the other team being The Horsemen of Apocalypse in Stalker Knight, Mr. Creed, and Danny Daniels. Stalker Knight would get the first pinfall and become the new Television Champion, Joey the Bastard got the second pinfall and became won the vacant Intercontinental Championship and Beno got the final pinfall as he pinned Jacob Senn after Bret Hart cost him the match. Jacob would get his title rematch against Beno on RAW 101 and after he was once again defeated by Beno, Jacob Senn decided to depart from the company as he was released.

Return to ThyWWE (2013)

Jacob Senn returned to ThyWWE as he was placed in against a mystery opponent, which would turn out to be Blade LaVigne. Blade would win the match and Jacob would be disappointed, but not out yet. Jacob Senn would pick up a streak of victories and begin his way towards facing the new world champion and General Manager Christian Knight, a former rival he had for the Intercontinental Championship. The two would trade back words for the coming weeks until they met at Supremacy where they fought in a Street Fight. After a great display, Jacob Senn once again failed to become the world champion and afterward, decided his time in ThyWWE was over and wrestled his last match against Jesse Neal in victory on the 116thepisode of Monday Night RAW on October 10, 2013 and retired from there afterward.

Wrestling Evolution (2011–2013)

European Wrestling Evolution (2011)

Jacob began to hone his craft at a EWE training ground in an undisclosed location. Jacob was looked at in the training ground as a prodigy and the future of professional wrestling itself. After gaining enough of the right EWE experience, management decided to bring Jacob into the company thinking he was ready to make an impact. Jacob debuted in EWE as "The Saviour" Jacob Senn. He debuted in the company on July 31, 2011 at Awakening 33. He was to face Lyara Jade Storm, Captain Teatly, and Chad Thorne in a Fatal 4-Way Match. This match would turn out to be a trap made by him, Lyara, Teatly, and Beno to attack Thorne and make them known. They would form a faction known as Anarchy.

Anarchy and Last Ironman Champion (2011–2012)

Jacob would go on and do a surprise attack on Blade LaVigne, former tag team partner of Beno. This would be the last time Jacob would be seen on television until August 13, 2011 when Jacob would tag with Elijah Edwards against the team of Blade LaVigne and Michael Hayden. This would mark Jacob's second loss to the company with a DQ loss caused by his partner, Beno. At Awakening 35, it would be announced that the Ironman Championship would be brought back into the company. Two matches were made for qualifiers and all four members were from Anarchy. Beno would go on and defeat Lyara brutally and Jacob would win his first match in EWE defeating Captain Teatly. This would make a match at Redemption V between him and

Jacob Senn as EWE Ironman Champion

Beno for the Ironman Championship. At Redemption V, Jacob became the new Ironman Champion defeating Beno. This would turn out to be the last match in EWE for Jacob as EWE would be bought by Ryan Blanchette and be turned into PCW. This would also make Jacob the last Ironman Champion in the history of EWE.

Power Championship Wrestling and End of Anarchy (2012)

Jacob would be met by Ryan Blanchette with a lucrative contract in hopes to keep Jacob in the company. Jacob signed the contract and on March 5th, 2012 it was made official as it was finally announced he had signed. Jacob made his debut with his partner, Beno, to team against Mike Adams and Raelis Shy to try and become the number one contenders to the Evolution Championship. Sadly, they would lose with Mike Adams being put over Beno with a chair shot by Raelis on all three competitors. This would mark the moment when Jacob realized the end of Anarchy. Jacob would go on to the first episode of Live!, where he went in a surprise match against three other competitors for his first title match for the God of Live Championship. Those competitors were Mike Adams, Salvador Karver, and PCW Savior Elijah Edwards. Mike Adams would go on to win the God of Live Championship pinning Salvador Karver.

Death of the Saviour

Jacob would then go to the second episode of Adrenaline, where he would go against then-undefeated Raelis Shy. Raelis would get the pinfall on account of Beno's interference. This would make Jacob's losing streak go to three. Jacob, trying to make a statement, decided to go with the idea and put the Savior title on the line against Elijah Edwards in a two out of three falls match. Elijah would get a clean sweep, making his streak go to four with him losing the title of Savior. Jacob though earns the respect of Elijah, seeming to ally with him. Jacob has begun to use the new persona of Jacob "The Sensational" Senn.

The Beginning of The Agents of Salvation and The War with POWER (2012–2013)

Jacob and Elijah began teaming on the third edition of Adrenaline as they went against three other teams in a tag team extravaganza match. Elijah and Jacob would go on to win the match with Elijah submitting Blade with the Excellence Execution. Later, Jacob and Elijah would meet Ryan Blanchette in the ring for a talk. Ryan was tired of them complaining about the way he was running the company and decided to put them in a match against the inaugural tag team champions, which would be decided at Adrenaline 4, at the first PPV named Spring Fling. At Live 3, Jacob would team with AoS hopeful, Michael Hayden against Justin Dreamer and former rival Mike Adams. Jacob and Hayden would win leading to Hayden joining The Agents of Salvation. Also, Ryan and Dan Murph would win the tag team championships via forfeit in a sham match, but The Agents of Salvation had enough. They come out to attack when The Judge sneak attacks Elijah, showing his allegiance to Ryan and Murph which would form POWER with Jesse Long. This would be the spark to start the war between The Agents of Salvation and POWER. The two would go on to the fourth edition of Adrenaline to face Blade and Unnatural Jacob in a tag team match marking the fourth loss in his career. At the fourth episode of Live, Jacob would have another shot at Blade with the new member of The Agents of Salvation, Michael Hayden against Blade and former EWE Champion, Salvador Karver. Jacob and Hayden would win this match showing promise in Jacob's future. Now in a highly anticipated match for

Jacob Senn in his match against "The One" Ryan Blanchette at Heat Wave.

the tag belts, it was POWER's Ryan and Murph defending the titles against AoS's Jacob and Elijah. In an unfair match with the Champion's Advantage, POWER was able to retain the tag team championship. But, the war was far from over as POWER puts more fuel to the fire by firing and stripping the PCW Championship of Scorch. At Adrenaline 5, in an attempt to cause some tension between AoS, Jacob and Hayden were put in a match and Elijah was inserted into the PCW Championship tournament containing all POWER Members but him with Ryan making an offer to Elijah to join POWER in hopes of keeping the PCW Championship to himself. Even though Jacob had lost the match, Jacob still respected Hayden and congratulates him for the win after the show. At Live 5, Jacob and Hayden were given a golden opportunity as Elijah was given an ultimatum. Not only were they hired by PCW Commissioner Ace Steel, but Jacob and Hayden were to face PCW Tag Team Champions, Ryan and Murph, in a non-title match with Elijah as special guest referee. Jacob and Hayden would win via disqualification by Jeremiah Ranks and Jesse Long attacking Jacob. After, Ryan makes a deal with Jacob that if he ends a strike he made, he will be allowed to prove himself to face the PCW Champion. If he can defeat a former world champion, he will be inserted in the match and if he loses, he will not get a title match for an entire year. Now Elijah, having to make a decision, decides to join POWER feeling like he is carrying Jacob. Jacob shakes his head in disappointment and walks away. After the show, former opponent and EVO World Champion, Raelis Shy, comes to talk to the two hintings at a possible joining of the group. At Adrenaline 6, Jacob and Hayden face Elijah and Judge in a tag team match. After a From Toronto with Love to Hayden, Elijah won the match for the two. During a match with Raelis and Karver, with Karver winning, The Agents of Salvation come to her rescue confirming her membership. At Live 6, Ryan decided to change the terms of the agreement that they made to each other in regards to Jacob’s strike and a world championship match. If Jacob Senn could defeat The Judge at Heat Wave, Jacob Senn would get the title shot he wanted. At Adrenaline 7, Elijah Edwards and Jacob Senn face off once more and Elijah picks up a victory via submission. At Live 7 and after some re-reading of the contract and Ryan Blanchette selling his shares to the company, Commissioner Ace Steel saw that Ryan still had one more match left to have in his contract and that match would be against Jacob Senn at Heat Wave instead of The Judge. At Heat Wave, the match was made into a Buried Alive Match between the two, and after a long and hard-fought battle, Jacob Senn proved himself as he defeated Ryan Blanchette in his biggest win at PCW and thus ending his war against Ryan and POWER.

World Championship pursuit (2013)

With that win, Jacob was placed in a number one contender’s match at Adrenaline 8 for the EVO World Championship with Elijah Edwards and Michael Hayden. Jacob Senn picked up the victory and would go on to face Raelis Shy for the championship at Live 8. At Live 8, Jacob Senn had won the match with The Judge at the sidelines, until Judge intervened and restarted the match as he felt Jacob cheated by hooking the tights. Raelis won with this chance and retained the championship. At Adrenaline 9, The Judge had chosen a partner to face Michael Hayden and Jacob Senn in the main event and that man would be the rightful number one contender to the EVO World Championship. That man would turn out to be Raelis Shy’s mentor and former Royalty tag partner with The Judge and her, James Moriarty Cassius better known as JMC. The Judge and JMC would be victorious and Jacob Senn would become even more livid.

Jacob Senn going against Mike Adams as he uses his signature move, The Hold of the Century.

At Adrenaline 10, Jacob was given a chance to go for the title once more but was screwed due to the special referee, legendaryken. At Live 10, Jacob Senn and Elijah Edwards faced The Killing Joke and Blade LaVigne in a tag team match to where they were victorious. At the This is the End show, Jacob Senn was in a triple threat match for the number one contendership to the God of Live Championship, but lost to Michael Hayden as he made Blade LaVigne tap out. At Adrenaline 12, Jacob Senn was to face Graham Stahl, but after a brutal assault, the match was thrown out. At PCW: Redemption VI, Jacob was put into two matches as it was the last PPV. In the Five Floors of Hell Match for the IOW Championship, Jacob was the runner-up, being pinned by Mike Adams. In the Main Event PCW Championship Battle Royal, Jacob Senn was in the final four before being eliminated by Dan Murph thus ending Jacob Senn’s moment in the PCW ring on April 25, 2013.

Extreme Answers Wrestling (2012–2018)

Debut and Elite Champion (November 2012 – May 2013)

Jacob Senn was signed by Extreme Answers Wrestling on November 12, 2012 still under “The Saviour” gimmick. He was first placed into the developmental brand of new signees for EAW extremists, Turbo. Jacob made a name in EAW

Jacob Senn winning his first EAW championship, the Elite Championship

and eventually entered the Prince of Princes Tournament where he went against GI Styles, Tomi Venus, and Evander Alexander Williams. GI Styles went on to win the match, but Jacob Senn would soon be drafted to the Showdown roster. He debuted for Showdown in the fifth annual King of Extreme Tournament where he faced Unified Tag Team Champion Zack Crash and was victorious. Jacob went on to face New Breed Champion Liam Catterson but lost in the process as Liam would go on to win the tournament. At King of Extreme V, Jacob made his FPV debut where he interfered in the EAW World Heavyweight Championship match between Scott Diamond and Jaywalker cashing in on the bounty. Instead of cashing in for a world title match though, knowing that he was not prepared and needed to solidify himself, he decided to take on Elite Champion Scott Diamond for his title. At Reasonable Doubt V, Jacob Senn took on the Elite Champion Scott Diamond and became the new champion by making Scott Diamond disqualify himself and with the rule by Showdown GM Kendra Shamez. Afterward, Jacob Senn began to use the name “The True Elite” with the Elite Championship, but after an assault from Nick Angel disguised as a cameraman, Jacob Senn was set to defend the title at an upcoming Showdown against him. Nick Angel was able to defeat Jacob Senn for the belt, making his reign last until May 4, 2013. Jacob Senn tried to gain the championship back but failed as Nick Angel took advantage of the Elite Rules.

World Championship pursuit and Feud with Zack Crash (May 2013 - September 2013)

Grand Rampage VI was nearing and Jacob Senn felt he was ready to become the world champion and main event Pain for Pride VI, but in the match, Jacob Senn was eliminated by Liam Catterson and his Catterson Impact, lasting until the final six. Jacob Senn had one chance to win at Pain for Pride and be a contender for the world championship and that was inside the Cash in the Vault Match. Jacob Senn defeated then-Elite Champion Nick Angel in an Extreme Rules Match to qualify for the Cash in the Vault Match. At Pain for Pride VI, Zack Crash defeated Jacob Senn, Nick Angel, Brian Daniels, Diamond Cage, and Alex Anderson to be the man to hold the case and cash in the next night to become EAW World Heavyweight Champion. Furious about the events that unfolded, Jacob Senn began to speak against not only Zack Crash, but the entire management of EAW. What many thought was to be the end of EAW after what happened with Scott Diamond and Dark Demon at Pain for Pride VI, Jacob Senn came into the EAW Finale teaming with Prince of Phenomenal and Alex Anderson against Tyler Parker, Hurricane Hawk and Brian Daniels. Being left off the card for Midsummer Massacre and No Regards did not help the situation either as he spoke against that as well as with Zack Crash’s title defenses that ended in controversy. The team of Parker, Hawk, and Daniels won as Brian Daniels forced Alex Anderson to tap out. Jacob Senn was able to be in attendance for the Zack Crash/Hades the Hellraiser Match at No Regards of 2013, but when Cy Henderson tried to intervene in the match, Jacob Senn came out to try and stop him and cost Hades the Hellraiser the match inadvertently. Jacob continued to speak against Zack Crash and his reign and finally, Zack Crash had heard enough. After Jacob Senn had won a number one contender’s match against Brian Daniels, it was set for it to be Zack Crash vs. Jacob Senn for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship at Territorial Invasion V, but the General Manager

Jacob Senn celebrating as EAW Unified Tag Team Champion.

Damien Murrow had other plans as he made the No Way Out Match between Zack Crash, Jacob Senn, Brian Daniels, Cy Henderson, Hades the Hellraiser, and Devan Dubian. Brian Daniels was able to be victorious and become the new EAW World Heavyweight Champion after he landed a Caustic Echo on Jacob Senn and pinned him. Jacob left his mark in the cage though, as he broke the arm of Zack Crash, practically taking him out of the match. After this though, Jacob Senn was not the same as he denounced his liberation and went under the new title of “The Vengeful Vanquisher”. After Zack Crash returned, it was set for Zack Crash and Jacob Senn to team up to take on the Unified Tag Team Champions of Mr. DEDEDE and Diamond Cage in a Glass Ropes Match at the FPV, House of Glass III. After the interference of the new faction, The House of Renegades, and Mr. DEDEDE aligning with them, Zack Crash and Jacob Senn were able to become the new EAW Unified Tag Team Champions. It was short-lived as Zack Crash accidentally hit Jacob with an elbow and cost them the match at the first-ever Shock Value FPV. At Dynasty vs. Showdown, Jacob has crowned the 2013 Rookie of the Year and went into a ten-man tag team match between Team Showdown and Team Dynasty. Team Showdown was defeated by Team Dynasty as Alex Anderson pinned Jacob Steele after the use of The Eclipse. This made way for Road to Redemption VII where Zack Crash and Jacob Senn would meet in the second only Ambulance Match to where the loser left Showdown. Jacob Senn defeated Zack Crash with a shot from his signature barbed wire steel chair and sent him to Dynasty.

Second World championship pursuit (January 2014 - April 2014)

After the feud with Zack Crash, Jacob Senn began to be taken more seriously than usual as Jacob Senn began to be more desperate than he was. Jacob Senn wanted to be in contention for the World Heavyweight Championship, but WWEFan said that only the champion, Tyler Parker, could know his contender as WWEFan waived the right to him to name his contender. In response to this, Jacob Senn attacked WWEFan to make a statement as to why he should be the champion. Tyler Parker the next week chose Jacob Senn to be his contender, leading to a match at King of Extreme VI. Tyler Parker would retain his championship against Jacob Senn as he landed an Across the Park. Jacob Senn, still desperate to become world champion, still kept on with EAW management about being shafted to the side and with that, was given one last opportunity. At Reasonable Doubt VI, Jacob Senn defeated Devan Dubian to be the new number one contender for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship. Jacob would next week go against Tyler

Jacob Senn facing Devan Dubian at Reasonable Doubt for contendership to the EAW World Heavyweight Championship.

Parker, the newly announced contender for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship after Mikado Sekaiichi cashed in on his championship match with the King of Extreme crown at Reasonable Doubt. Jacob Senn would win with a distraction by Sekaiichi and would get great momentum for his match against the two at Showdown: Homecoming. At the event, Sekaiichi was able to retain the championship after Jacob was struck by a Depravity and Tyler Parker got hit by a Yakuza kick by Sekaiichi for the pin. Jacob Senn, furious about this, claimed the next week that he should enter last in the Grand Rampage because of this atrocity. Jacob Senn would go on to be in a battle royal to determine who would enter the Grand Rampage at number 30, eventually won by National Extreme Champion Tyler Parker. Before the victory, Jacob would assault Johnny Ventura and Tyler Parker as the road to Grand Rampage was near the closing moments. Jacob Senn entered the Grand Rampage as number four and eliminated five competitors as he lasted until the final five as he was eliminated by Tyler Parker.

The Road to Pain for Pride Seven (April 2014 - June 2014)

After his performance in Grand Rampage, Jacob is booked in a match between his rival, Tyler Parker, and the mentor of his rival, Y2Impact, as he partners with EAW Hall of Famer and former world champion, Lethal Consequences. Before the tag team match, a match was set for Dia Del Diablo to decide a number one contender for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship as Hades the Hellraiser chose to face Dark Demon for the Answers World Championship at Pain for Pride Se7en. Made by the new General Manager, Kevin Devastation, Jacob Senn, Lethal Consequences, Y2Impact, Tyler Parker and Mr. DEDEDE would go against each other and Kevin Devastation announced that it would be inside a Hellfire No Way Out Match for that right and a Beat the Clock Challenge to occur for the winner to have their choice of position in the match. At the tag match, LC and Senn would pick up the victory over the team of Parker and Impact, but were dished out numerous spears by the master himself, Mr. DEDEDE, with his announcement in the match made then. Jacob Senn defeated Y2Impact in a Beat the Clock Challenge Match in their first singles encounter in an astounding time of 2 minutes and 27 seconds at the next Showdown. After the match in the main event Beat the Clock Challenge Match, Jacob Senn interfered in the match between Mr. DEDEDE and Lethal Consequences as he made them go over the time limit and keep his time, making him earn his choice of entry. The next week, Jacob Senn decided to choose the final entry into the match, a bold move with it being one fall to a finish, and went on to go in a Trios Elimination Match with all the competitors. The team of Tyler Parker, Y2Impact, and Lethal Consequences was able to defeat Jacob Senn.

Jacob Senn battling with Lethal Consequences at Pain for Pride.

Mr. DEDEDE and Kevin Devastation with Jacob Senn being second from last eliminated with the combination of an Acid Reign from Lethal Consequences and the pin by Tyler Parker. At Dia Del Diablo, Jacob Senn was not able to win the match and Mr. DEDEDE was able to come out victorious with the championship match at Pain for Pride. In the Showdown show after that night, Jacob Senn decided to call out the man who put him through a flaming table to take him out of the match, Lethal Consequences. As Lethal Consequences made his way to answer him, The House of Renegades attacked him from behind and Jacob announced that he is the newest member to the stable and wants to challenge Lethal Consequences to a match at Pain for Pride Se7en. At the next Showdown, Lethal Consequences accepted his challenge after an assault from backstage as The House of Renegades were introducing Jacob Senn into their group. The next week, Jacob Senn placed a bounty on the head of Lethal Consequences for a total of one million US dollars. WWEFan interrupted him and tried to prevent this from happening, but Jacob responded by shoving him to the ground and telling him that he does not give orders to him. During the show, Nick Angel came in to attack Lethal Consequences for the bounty, but LC was able to put him down and stand tall above him. Lethal Consequences came out to the parking lot, waiting for someone to take advantage of the bounty, but a car almost hits him as The House of Renegades gangs upon him. The fight would result in Lethal Consequences having a car door slammed into his ribs three times and Christopher Corrupt and Venom assisting Jacob Senn with a triple powerbomb through the car windshield, resulting in the bounty going to The House of Renegades. At the next Showdown, WWEFan came to address the actions of Jacob Senn from the last week, but Jacob Senn interrupted him and once again made it clear that he does not order him around, but Lethal Consequences comes out as Ryan Savage came to help as all three men cleared the ring. WWEFan gave Lethal Consequences the stipulation choice for the match as The House of Renegades retreated and Lethal Consequences answered with his own personal stipulation for the Pain for Pride Match, LC's World. At Pain for Pride Se7en, Jacob Senn was able to defeat Lethal Consequences in the LC's World Match after a low blow and Vengeful Plunge. At the Voltage Return Draft Show, Jacob Senn was the first draft pick as he went from Showdown to Voltage.

Voltage (June 2014 - August 2014)

Before his debut match into Voltage, Jacob Senn came out during the return of the EAW World Championship and Cherise's first action as General Manager. Jacob Senn demanded that he be given the EAW World Championship, but Brian Daniels returned to interrupt him and goes on to talk about his losses and his inability to become the champion. Jacob Senn would walk away with his manager, Mazeya, but with anger on his face. Jacob Senn defeated R.M. Vankrovic in his debut match under the Voltage banner. After the main event that featured Brian Daniels and Devan Dubian, Jacob Senn would come out and attack both men, but Matt Ryder would come out and put a stop to the attack. Rumors were circulating that because of rising tensions between him and the company, Mazeya had been released from the company and leaving the role of Jacob Senn's manager. At the next show, Jacob Senn came out and confirmed these rumors as he went on to introduce his new manager, Damien Murrow. As Damien would be saying his praises about Jacob Senn, Mazeya would come out of the crowd and ask for a reason as to why he does not want his help anymore. Instead of answering him, Jacob Senn assaulted Mazeya with a few elbow shots to cause him to have a bloody nose and even worse, land a Harmonic Divergence on the concrete and a Vengeful Plunge on the ramp to finish the job. Damien Murrow would make it clear that Voltage General Manager, Cherise, had one week to make sure that she handed the championship to Jacob Senn or a similar fate would come upon her.

Jacob Senn and Damien Murrow before a show.

Jacob Senn came out at the next Voltage and was anticipating to become the new EAW World Champion, but Cherise declined to hand him the championship. After being denied the championship, Jacob Senn assaulted Cherise similar to his last week, and taking Cherise out. Jacob Senn would go on to face EAW New Breed Champion Ryan Savage and defeat him after Savage tried for The Descent into Madness, but Jacob was able to do a backslide pin for the victory. During the Lannister/Brian Daniels match, Jacob Senn interfered on the part of Lannister until the new Voltage GM was revealed to be Y2Impact. As his first order of business, Y2Impact made a match between Jacob Senn and Brian Daniels as it will be at Midsummer Massacre for the EAW World Championship. The next week, Jacob Senn and Damien Murrow came out to speak on the announcement of the EAW World Championship Match and what happened last week in the Lannister/Brian Daniels Match, but there were more devious intentions planned. During the segment, Jacob Senn unveiled the AWF World Championship to the EAW audience and shocked the world with the message he had sent with it going into Midsummer Massacre as he claimed himself "the champion of all e-federations". At Midsummer Massacre VI, Jacob Senn was able to defeat Brian Daniels to win his first world championship under the EAW company for the EAW World Championship, with some help in interference from Murrow and Lannister for him and Xavier Williams and Devan Dubian for Daniels. Jacob Senn has not only become the first person to hold two world championships at the same time in EAW, but he also was able to make the accomplishment of Triple Crown Winner as well.

EAW World Champion (August 2014 - December 2014)

Kicking off his world championship reign and claiming himself as the "Undisputed World Champion", Jacob Senn tagged with Ryan Savage and Carmen Diaz against Devan Dubian, Tarah Nova, and Zack Crash. Tarah Nova won the match by pinning Carmen Diaz and Senn attacked Dubian from behind after the match. Jacob Senn would be in his next match against Matt Ryder, but Senn would proclaim before it an open challenge to all extremists to compete against him for his EAW World Championship. Ryder would accept the challenge and quickly, Senn would retain his championship in his hometown of Chicago. After the match, Devan Dubian would accept the challenge as his contender and instead of facing him that night, Dubian decided to make his match at Territorial Invasion. The week after, Jacob Senn and Devan Dubian would meet for the contract signing. Jacob Senn, not wavered by Devan Dubian's demand for a stipulation, signed the contract and made his way to the backstage area. Before he made it, Devan Dubian announced that the stipulation would be a ladder match contested for the championship instead of a normal match. Now, in a Pick Your Poison challenge, Jacob Senn chose for Devan Dubian to take on the challenge of the man he lost to in an EAW World Championship match at Territorial Invasion three years ago against StarrStan. As Dubian would go on to defeat his opponent with a minor injury to his ankle, Jacob Senn would face off against Devan's choice, Dark Demon.

Jacob Senn as the AWF World Champion and EAW World Champion, naming himself the Undisputed Champion of E-Feds.

This match would be turned into an EAW World Championship Match due to the ruling of Voltage General Manager, Y2Impact. Jacob Senn would put on a Match of the Week performance against Dark Demon and retain his championship, with a minor injury towards his back. At Territorial Invasion inside the ladder match, Jacob Senn would be able to retain his EAW World Championship against Devan Dubian, as Scott Diamond interfered and landed two Vortexes on Jacob and Lannister attempting to save the match with the new ally debuting in Psycho Brody, another superstar from the Answers Wrestling Federation. Jacob Senn came out to Voltage and called out Scott Diamond, as he wanted to get retribution for his assault at Territorial Invasion, and Scott answered. Scott Diamond would accept Jacob's challenge for facing him for the EAW World Championship, but on the condition that he would bring back Shock Value and that would be the venue, an FPV that Zack Crash and Y2Impact removed from the schedule earlier in the night. As the handicap match between Scott Diamond and his opponents, Lannister and Psycho Brody, for the EAW Unified Tag Team Championships was happening, Jacob Senn interfered in the match as he cost Scott the titles and got some retribution for the assault at Territorial Invasion. Zack Crash would come out in response to this and begin talking about the past that Jacob and Crash have, with all the bad blood causing Crash to still cancel Shock Value. Jacob, furious by this decision, would grab Crash by the throat before seeing the rising Scott Diamond. Scott and Jacob would have a stare-off before charging at one another and the feed being cut for going over the showtime. The next week, Jacob Senn would be scheduled to face off against former AWF Hardcore Champion and the new Unified Tag Team Champion, Psycho Brody, with Zack Crash as the special referee but before that, Damien Murrow would come out and plead the case of bringing back Shock Value and having Scott Diamond and Jacob Senn being the main event. Ashten Cross would come out and talk about how Scott would decimate Jacob in a match, but Zack Crash would come out with his own announcement, The match between Senn and Brody would be turned into an EAW World Championship match and if Senn would be victorious, Damien Murrow would have his wish. After Zack Crash decided to intervene in the match and cost Jacob the titles, Senn would superkick the back of Crash's head after an attempted chair shot and land Harmonic Divergence on Brody for the pin as he used the unconscious Zack Crash's hand for the pin. Once Zack Crash came to, Crash would announce that Shock Value would be back and Scott and Senn would be in the main event for the world championship, but with two stipulations. The match would be contested in a Shock Collar "I Quit" Match and that he will be the special referee for that match, as well. At the next show, Scott Diamond was scheduled to take on Devan Dubian in the main event. During a Vortex attempt, Jacob would slide in and begin beating Scott Diamond. This fight would spill into the crowd and end the show as RAGNAROK and Elite would fight in the ring once they came in. The next Voltage, Scott Diamond and Jacob Senn were set to face off against another team of rivals, Brian Daniels and Norman Hellion. Scott would be able to land the Vortex on Daniels, winning the match for their team. After the match, Senn was met by Ashten Cross and Damien Murrow about the teaming of him and Scott for a future

Jacob Senn with the redesigned EAW World Championship

powerful alliance. Senn fought against it, but a match was already in place for him and Scott to compete for the EAW Unified Tag Team Championships against RAGNAROK. Even though Senn would still go forward with the match, it is shown that Senn is still hesitant about Cross and Scott's intentions. At the match the next week, Scott Diamond would use this advantage to attack Jacob Senn and try to cost him the match with a Vortex. Senn would be able to kick out of the pin when Lannister went for the cover and continued in the match. Senn would eventually fall to the numbers game and lost through interference from Zack Crash. At the official contract signing on the next Voltage, Jacob and Zack would get into another argument. As Crash was stating there is a bigger picture behind the main event of Shock Value, Scott Diamond would make his appearance and speak his peace. Jacob would go on to say if Scott wanted to fight, he would give him a fight, but since Crash made a no-contact clause until Shock Value, he stated it would be where it was "beyond Crash's authority." Once Voltage came, Jacob would wait for his opponent at a junkyard where the show was emanating from, against the advice of Damien Murrow. As Scott Diamond appeared, the two men fought and Scott would take the upper hand and not only Vortex him again, but throw him into the windshield of a car as EMTs would help Jacob out of the wreckage. After Zack Crash would land a shot to the leg of Scott Diamond with the lead pipe, Jacob Senn would be able to retain his EAW Championship via a Koji Clutch making Scott unresponsive and Zack Crash ended the match. Jacob and Crash would get into an argument as Crash would look to enlist Crash under him, but Senn would not accept as he spat in Crash's face. Crash would then come close to being a victim of a Vortex from Scott Diamond, but Crash would escape after all, and Scott would chase him down. After this, Xavier Williams would come out and land an End of Heartache on Jacob as he attempted the cash-in with his Cash in the Vault case, but Diamond Cage would come out and thwart his attempts but would make sure that Jacob did not get the idea that he did it for him, but that he wants to defeat him for the championship and not see Xavier Williams win the belt. With the week off after Shock Value, Jacob came out to Voltage on the behalf of Zack Crash. Zack Crash would announce that Jacob Senn would defend the championship in the Elimination Chamber and his opponents would be Scott Diamond, Lannister, Diamond Cage, Jaime O'Hara, and finally, Zack Crash himself. Zack Crash would then give Jacob Senn his new redesigned EAW World Championship as he was left with that on his mind in the ring. Jacob Senn would come into the offices of Zack Crash on the next Voltage and decide to give him back the championship, but Crash would convince Jacob to keep the championship and continue. In the main event, Jacob would take on Ares Vendetta, son of Robbie V, and the match would result in a disqualification due to Ares low blowing Senn. Soon, Vic Vendetta would run in and attack Ares and would look to Jacob for some assistance. After Senn would get up and think about it, he would run in and hit a Harmonic Divergence into the steel chair on Ares as he would just stand over him. At the next show, Senn would meet with Crash and New Breed Champion, Jamie O'Hara, who he would face later. Crash would try and convince O'Hara to join Quality Control, but he would disagree with Senn, who felt that there should be no intervention. As for the match, Jacob would win the match with Jacob's Ladder from the top. At Road to Redemption, Jacob Senn would be able to eliminate Zack Crash, but he would be eliminated by Jamie O'Hara with The Scarlet Dawn from the top of the chamber.

Dynasty (December 2014 - April 2015)

After the Road to Redemption show, it was announced that Jacob Senn would join the final trade of the season in a trio trade where Ventura would be drafted to Showdown, Hades the Hellraiser would be drafted to Voltage, and Jacob would be drafted to Dynasty. These three would lead a team of their new roster-mates at the EAW Awards Show. After being close to being pinned by El Landerson and thrown into a barricade by Hades, Hades picked up the victory for Team Voltage. Soon after, Jacob Senn was announced to be a part of the 2015 King of Elite Tournament joining Psycho Brody, Tiberius Jones, and TLA for the Dynasty side. In the first match of the King of Elite Tournament, Jacob Senn would go up against TLA and we would become victorious after a second Harmonic Divergence. After the match, Jacob Senn and TLA would shake one another's hands as a show of respect between the two. During the King of Elite Semi-Finals Match, Jacob Senn would go up against Tiberius Jones. During an attempt for his Game Clincher move, Jacob would be able to roll him up in a roll-up pin and get the victory to move on to the finals at the King of Elite FPV. At the King of Elite Finals, Jacob Senn would fall short of victory and the crown as Lannister would pick up the victory by leaping over Senn and landing a jumping Feuer Frei on Devan Dubian to pin him to become the 2015 King of Elite. Jacob Senn is still under contract by EAW. Before his main event match against Aren Mstislav, Jacob Senn was announced as one of the four entrants into The Gold Rush Tournament with Christopher Corrupt, Psycho Brody, and The Nas. In the main event, Jacob Senn would go on to defeat Aren Mstislav and build towards his intent to win

Jacob Senn doing the top rope Jacob's Ladder.

the tournament at face the world champion at Reckless Wiring. At the next show, Jacob Senn would meet with the King of Elite Winner, King Lannister, and his queen, Cerci Bellerose, inside of his castle. King Lannister would ask if Jacob Senn would become his Warden of Dynasty and after a conversation and a promise of Lannister to keep The King's Peace between the two of them, Jacob Senn accepted the title and the responsibility that it entailed. In the first round of the Gold Rush Tournament, Jacob Senn would be able to defeat Psycho Brody after interference from Tyler Parker assisted him in landed a Harmonic Divergence for the victory. In the semi-finals match for the Gold Rush Tournament, Jacob Senn would take on the man known as Carlos Rosso, former tag team champion as a part of Dynamite Rain. The result of the match would be another victory on the part of Jacob Senn, making his way to the finals match against Lucian Black as he won via pinfall from his Harmonic Divergence maneuver. In the finals of The Gold Rush Tournament, Jacob Senn would come close to being hit by Lucian Black's spear, but Senn would avoid it, and the referee would be hit by the spear. Jacob would land the Pele Kick and the Harmonic Divergence as he would go for the pin attempt, but the referee would still be down. Lucian would eventually get back to his feet and land a low-blow on Senn as he would look to attempt the same thing that he did to Xavier Williams and drive him into the concrete. Xavier Williams would return and intervene in the match as he would land a massive chair shot on Lucian as Lucian would begin to bleed. Jacob Senn would run-in with the Harmonic Divergence and win the 2015 Gold Rush Tournament and earn a shot against Tyler Parker for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship at Reckless Wiring. Next week, Jacob Senn would team with his former opponent, Lucian Black, against Tyler Parker and Xavier Williams in the main event. Tyler Parker and Xavier Williams would pick up the victory after Lucian Black was pinned by Xavier after he landed an End of Heartache and Jacob was too late to save him. In the next show, Tyler Parker and Jacob Senn would confront one another in the middle of the ring before their battle at Reckless Wiring. What would start as a sign of respect between the two competitors in a handshake, Jacob Senn would ruin it by spitting Tyler Parker in the face and landing a Harmonic Divergence to cap it off. Jacob would leave a lasting image by standing above the downed champion with the World Heavyweight Championship hoisted in the air. At Reckless Wiring, Jacob Senn was beaten by Tyler Parker in a Two out of Three Falls Match 2-1, as Tiberius Jones interfered in the match and cost him the championship by spitting him in the face with black mist and doing a diving double knee to steel steps. On the episode of Dynabeforer to Grand Rampage, Jacob returned from injury after Tiberius Jones won the EAW National Elite Championship from Christopher Corrupt. He announced that he would be an entrant in the Grand Rampage and that Tiberius Jones would also join the match.

Journey to Pain For Pride Eight (April 2015 - June 2015)

At Grand Rampage, Jacob Senn would enter the match at number nine. During the match, Jaywalker would return the match as his focus would be primarily on Jacob Senn. Jaywalker would eliminate Jacob Senn, but he would eliminate himself as well in the process. On the Dynasty afterward, Jacob Senn would fail to defeat the undefeated Vance Tybull, but the two gave a match that earned both of their respects. Jacob would stay out and call out Jaywalker, wanting answers for why he targeted him inside the Grand Rampage match but instead got the presence of Tiberius Jones. Tiberius said that Jaywalker was not here as he would not deign himself to speaking to him. Tiberius would go on to say that there was a culling arriving into Elite Answers Wrestling and even though they will eradicate the entire whole of the company, Jacob was at the top of the list. Jacob would wonder about the reasons for why he was there, but he said it didn't matter as he wanted Tiberius in the ring when he could. Tiberius declined as Joseph Anubis stated that trying to goad him into matches would not work and that he would be denied any chance of getting his retribution, but Jacob said that no matter if he accepted or not, he would beat Tiberius down eventually. Christopher Corrupt defeated Jacob Senn in the next show, and afterward, Tiberius attacked Jacob after his match and Joseph stated that if he wanted the match with Tiberius, he would need to meet with them to negotiate terms. When they met, Anubis and Tiberius said that he would have a match with Tiberius, but Jaywalker would also be there for the match and he needed to have a partner that would team with him. Knowing the way that he wanted Tiberius in the ring like he did, Jacob Senn agreed and chose Christopher Corrupt to be his partner, making the match for Triple Threat. During the match, Corrupt would leave the ring and Jaywalker would dominate Jacob as he and Tiberius

Jaywalker and Jacob Senn fighting at Pain for Pride.

would win the match. The next week, Jacob would call out Jaywalker, saying he wanted him in the ring in singles competition and vengeance for all that has happened in recent months. Jaywalker, in a forest with his followers, had Ammit and Anubis speak for him, saying that he could have the match if he went through the challengers being made for him. The first was announced to be Tiberius Jones before his title match with Vance Tybull. During the match, Jacob jumped the barricade and interfered to attack Joseph Anubis, causing a count-out victory for Vance Tybull. On the next show, Jacob Senn and Tiberius Jones once again met in the ring and after escaping from the Game Clincher, Jacob landed Tiberius on his chest with Jacob's Ladder and won his first challenge. Joseph Anubis, adorning a neck brace from the Harmonic Divergence, stated that his next challenge would be someone who has never been in Elite Answers Wrestling. The next challenge would be Jack Miles, a man known from his tenure in PURE as world champion and his great technical acumen. Jacob and Jack would have a great bout that would result in Jack Miles being forced to submit to Jacob's signature submission, Willbreaker. After the match, Joseph Anubis would return to the stage and announce that if Jacob Senn could pass the final trial, he would get his match with Jaywalker at Pain for Pride. The final competitor he chose was one that has contested with him in the past, Gunkai Riggs. In the match, Gunkai Riggs defeated Jacob Senn after a second Himalayan Bomb. Jaywalker would appear and state that Jacob is not the same boy he met at first and that because of his grit and determination to have the match with him at Pain for Pride, he accepted Senn's challenge. However, because he lost, there was a need for punishment for failing and the consequence was a Falls Count Anywhere Match. The last thing shown was Senn on the mat beaten, yet still with a look of determination and anger towards Jaywalker, who was leaving the ring. At Pain for Pride Eight, Jacob Senn defeated Jaywalker in a Fall Count Anywhere Match with a Harmonic Divergence into a barbed wire chair wedged between Jay's head.

Dynasty Wrestling (July 2015 - December 2015)

On the EAW Draft Show, Dynasty roster members, including Jacob Senn, walked out to the stage during Zack Crash's Martial Law statement and stated that they quit Elite Answers Wrestling. After this, it turned out that the former board members formed a competing company called "Dynasty Wrestling" and all the people of the Dynasty brand were given contracts. They also seized control of the EAW World Heavyweight Championship, EAW National Elite Championship, and EAW New Breed Championship. Before his match on the first Dynasty Wrestling show, Jacob Senn met with a

Jacob Senn and Christopher Corrupt, The Dynastguard.

defeated Christopher Corrupt, speaking with him about forming an alliance because he felt together they would be a dangerous force. Corrupt remained unsure about the formation, but Jacob told him to think about it and watch his match. Jacob would go on to defeat GI Styles as it was shown that Corrupt was indeed watching. Jacob and Corrupt fought Triple Z and A-Will and defeated the team with ease as they walked with their heads held high. Shortly after during an interview with a Fox Sports Interviewer, Jacob and Corrupt challenged any tag team from Dynasty Wrestling or Elite Answers Wrestling to try and beat them in the ring on the next show. At the show, Jacob and Corrupt, now calling themselves The Dynastguard, would come out and be challenged by Jordan Ciserano and Caliban, Death By Velocity. In a highly-competitive match, The Dynastguard would be victorious and celebrate their victory. However, it would be short-lived as Y2Impact and Heart Break Gal, collectively known as The Mercenaries, ran into the ring and attacked the team. Impact would speak about everyone thinking there would be no response to Dynasty Wrestling invading their shows and that if they truly believe that The Dynastguard could hope to retrieve the EAW Unified Tag Team Championships, that they could face them at Midsummer Massacre for the titles. After extending the invitation, a match would be set for Christopher Corrupt to face Heart Break Gal as they both would be managed by their partners. Heart Break Gal would defeat Christopher Corrupt after a failed attempt with a steel chair and a roll-up pin by using the ropes. After the match, The Mercenaries would be confronted by The Dynastguard as they would exchange heated words resulting in a challenge by Jacob Senn to face Y2Impact at next week's show, which he would accept. On the show, Jacob Senn would defeat Y2Impact as it would even the odds between them heading into Midsummer Massacre. The match would result in a no-contest, resulting in The Mercenaries retaining their titles, as Christopher Corrupt would be injured in the match as the referee would call it off. Jacob stated that the injury was severe enough to not be able to have a definitive return date or be able to return at all and was announced to be part of the Dynasty World Championship Four-Way Match. He went to the main event against Carlos Rosso in a losing effort in a match deemed Match of the Week. Jacob Senn would be announced as a part of the Dynasty World Heavyweight Championship Fatal-Four Way Match soon after this match. During the match, Jacob Senn would not be able to secure the championship as Alex Anderson would pin Mr. DEDEDE. After the announcement of the War Games Match for Dynasty Wrestling vs. EAW, Jacob Senn would announce that he would be a part of the match. At Dynasty Wrestling, John Conning summoned Team Dynasty together as the team would be known as captain TLA, Tyler Parker, Lucian Black, Jacob Senn, and Carlos Rosso. Most of the team believed that

Jacob Senn before his big dive in the War Games Match.

Carlos Rosso would eventually turn on them, stating that they would keep an eye out, but only for Hades to interrupt and be announced as part of Team Elite Answers Wrestling. He would be followed not only by his manager, but by Kevin Devastation, Scott Oasis, and Rhaegar. This would result in a fight that would be forced to be broken up before the main event tag match. During the tag match, Brian Daniels would go for the tag with Alex Anderson, but AA would leave Brian to their opponents, as Jacob Senn would hit his Jacob's Ladder and Lucian Black would finish the match with the Muscle Buster and the pin. When Hexa-Gun would come out and attack The Savage Ryans, Team Dynasty Wrestling would rush out to assist them and there would be a massive riot throughout the ring with these men, with Team Elite Answers Wrestling joining in on the battle. During a match with Zack Crash, Tiberius Jones would interfere in the match to give Zack Crash the DQ victory and the war would ensue again, with this time Hexa-Gun being the ones left standing above Mr. DEDEDE's beaten body in the center of the ring. At Territorial Invasion, Jacob Senn would win alongside his partners of Team Dynasty Wrestling and defeat Team EAW as Lucian Black and Carlos Rosso would submit Zack Crash. After this, Dynasty Wrestling announced a 10-Man Brand Rampage Match where the winner would face Brian Daniels for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship, which he won controversially with interferences of Jaywalker and Quality Control. The following week, Jacob Senn would be able to defeat Alex Anderson with his Harmonic Divergence while Brian Daniels would win via disqualification due to the outside interference of Quality Control. Crash would begin to explain that Brian was a tool for his use to gain the world championship and then, he made it clear that he would attempt to claim it for himself. Lucian Black would run out to help, taking out a few members before falling victim to the numbers of Quality Control. Jacob Senn would come out with a steel chair as all three men would band together against Quality Control while Crash would slink away from harm. This would leave Jacob Senn and Brian Daniels in a staredown to end the night. The final show before Dynasty Wrestling would host the night between Brian and Jacob to decide the stipulation for the match at House of Glass. After many words were shared between the two, the match would be decided to have Glass Wallz as the stipulation. At House of Glass, Brian Daniels would defeat Jacob Senn in with a Caustic Echo on a glass chair wedged between his head for the pinfall. After two weeks after his defeat, Jacob Senn would come to Lucian Black as he would ask for the both of them to join in alliance for their mutual hatred for Zack Crash. Lucian Black accepted with the handshake. Lucian Black and Jacob Senn would be set in singles competition against The Iconomy's Chris Elite and JJ Silva. Lucian would win his match against Silva and Senn would follow suit against Elite. Afterward, it would be announced that Dynasts would be able to enter the EAW Tag Team Championship Grand Prix. In the first round, Lucian Black and Jacob Senn would defeat Keith and Kerry Keller at

Lucian Black, Jacob Senn's partner in the war against The Crash Regime and Hexa-Gun.

Battleground. In the quarter-finals, Lucian Black and Jacob Senn would come so close to gaining victory over Drake and Jones, but with the interference of Zack Crash, Crash would drape Tiberius over Senn and knock them out of the tournament. Quality Control would come in and assault the four men in the ring, leaving them bloodied and broken. In the Dynasty Wrestling show afterward, Lucian Black, Jacob Senn, and TLA would compete in a six-man tag team match against The Iconomy (Chris Elite, JJ Silva, and Eclipse Deimos). The match would result in disqualification due to the interference of Quality Control as Lucian was pinning Silva. Later, Zack Crash would come out and speak about how people have a problem with him and called TLA out to the ring. Lucian Black and Jacob Senn would be the ones to oblige the call, as they would enter the ring right before TLA would walk out with a crowbar for a fight. However, Conning’s security force would step in between them as Conning would speak with Crash about the ongoing war. Conning would try to make a deal to resolve the conflict, but when Crash responded with things such as the rights of Dynasty Wrestling to go to him or all the titles to go back to Elite Answers Wrestling, he was denied. Y2Impact, followed by Hexa-Gun, would interrupt and state that Hexa-Gun wants EAW and Dynasty Wrestling. As Hexa-Gun walked on the ramp, it sparked an all-out brawl that would only end with HRDO dousing everyone with gasoline and threatening to light them up, with only Luzmala standing his ground and being forced back by Drake and Jones. It would be announced via the EAW Feed that TLA would compete against Clark Duncan for the New Breed Championship at Road to Redemption. On the final episode of Dynasty Wrestling before Road to Redemption, HRDO would be met with Y2Impact and Zack Crash with a resolution: There would be an Elimination Chamber Match with the winner gaining total control of both Elite Answers Wrestling and Dynasty Wrestling. Zack Crash would instantly sign on the dotted line, but Y2Impact would not accept unless given one demand: the match become an Extreme Elimination Chamber Match. HRDO would oblige his demand and Impact would sign the contract. HRDO would also reveal the two men that would represent Dynasty Wrestling in the match, Lucian Black and Jacob Senn, as they would stare down their eventual opponents. Later in the night, Crash would meet with Clark Duncan and Duncan would become his tag partner in the chamber. The main event would pit The Mercenaries against Zack Crash and Clark Duncan in an Extreme Rules Match, with Duncan landing the Last Laugh on Impact for the victory. At Road To Redemption, before their match, Zack Crash and Jacob Senn would meet. Jacob would state that he knew that Crash would never give up, no matter the decision in this match, and would decide to go against him at the EAW Awards Show. Zack Crash would accept, even after being told that the match would be a Glass Crypt Match. In the main event, Lucian Black and Jacob Senn would win the Winner Takes All Elimination Chamber Match with Lucian getting the final pin over Y2Impact. At the EAW Awards Show in a shocking turn of events, Zack Crash would bury Jacob Senn inside of the Glass Crypt. The injuries he sustained in the match on top of the beating he withstood in the Extreme Elimination Chamber made it to where Jacob Senn's career had been put in question, as it could be possible that his career could very well be over.

Return and War with Omerta (April 2016 - July 2016)

After four months of recovering from his injuries sustained from his Glass Crypt Match with Zack Crash, Jacob Senn would make his shocking return to the ring under his new "Punisher" moniker during the EAW World Heavyweight Championship Match at Grand Rampage that pitted champion Scott Oasis against Tig Kelly and Zack Crash. Jacob would decimate Crash, leaving him in a bloody heap from his signature barbed-wire steel chair, before dragging him out of the arena to take him out of the match. Even with this, Scott Oasis still retained his championship against Tig Kelly via pinfall. On Dynasty, Omerta would celebrate still having the World Heavyweight Championship in their possession, but Jacob would interrupt to reveal that he came back to get rid of Omerta as a whole and demanded a World Heavyweight Championship match against Scott Oasis to begin this mission. However, Scott Oasis would deny him the opportunity. After defeating Kevin Hunter in his return match to Dynasty, Jacob would assault Zack Crash backstage and take him hostage for leverage against Omerta. The following week, Oasis and JJ Silva ordered Senn to return Crash to them, before consequences became severe. Jacob would not budge as he still demanded his match, even threatening to crush Crash's larynx with a crowbar. Oasis and JJ Silva would stand fast and as moments away Senn was about to hit Crash, the champion caved to his demands. Jacob would state that Crash would be in the parking lot and when Omerta showed up, Senn attacked all three members before leaving the keys on Crash to allow him to be freed when they awoke. The following week, Jacob Senn would team with Tig Kelly to take on Zack Crash and JJ Silva from Omerta in the main event, with Scott Oasis and Brody Sparks sitting at the announce table. Jacob

Jacob Senn and Zack Crash during their match at Pain for Pride 9.

and Tig would win the match, with Tig getting in the Mafia Kick on JJ Silva for the pin, Tig would celebrate this victory as Jacob would stare down Oasis, who held the championship high in the air. At Triple Threat, Jacob Senn failed to capture the World Heavyweight Championship against Scott Oasis and would be attacked by the entire Omerta faction before Tig Kelly would run down to help him. After failing to capture the World Heavyweight Championship, Jacob Senn was left furious and frustrated about his failure and the absence of Lucian Black in his time of need. On Dynasty, Zack Crash would decide to broker a deal between Jacob Senn and himself. Zack would decide that he wanted to truly end the war between Jacob and him, not what happened at the EAW Draft Show in their Glass Crypt Match, but to end their rivalry for good. He would offer what he called "The Godfather's Gift", a favor that he must do and complete with his influence if he won. However, if Senn failed to defeat him, he would be forced to join his family of Omerta and follow his command. Hesitantly, Senn would accept the deal, but Zack Crash and his Omerta security force would assault him and announce the final stipulation that it would be an "I Quit" Match. During the Pick Your Poison Challenge Match with Scott Oasis and JJ Silva, Jacob Senn would jump the barricade and ambush Zack Crash at the announce table. A brawl would ensue with Lucian Black eventually joining in the fight as they would clear the ring of Omerta. The final Dynasty show before Pain for Pride would host a retrospective of the rivalry between both men in their own words. At Pain For Pride 9, Jacob Senn was able to get the victory against Zack Crash in the "I Quit" Match. On the EAW Draft Show, however, Jacob would fall to defeat against Jaywalker in a Pain for Pride rematch.

EAW World Heavyweight Champion (July 2016 - April 2017)

Jacob Senn would remain on Dynasty from the EAW Draft Show. On the first Dynasty after the EAW Draft, Jacob Senn would be pitted up against King of Elite Winner Eclipse Diemos. After achieving victory against Eclipse, Scott Oasis would arrive to the ring and decimate Jacob before the entire world with no meaning given. The following week, Jacob would make it known that he wanted to give Scott some punishment for his actions against him, but Scott would say that he would have to wait on his time when he wanted it. In the next show, Scott Oasis would call Jacob Senn out and state that he will give him his opportunity in a couple of weeks. At the Houston show, Jacob Senn would be dominated by Scott Oasis with an easy victory going to him. This would be one of his worst performances in a match since joining Elite Answers Wrestling. After a couple of weeks, HRDO would announce that Devan Dubian, Alex Wilder, and TLA would be in it with Jacob being the team captain, however Diamond Cage would be forced to qualify for his spot in a gauntlet match against Dubian, Wilder, and TLA. The following Dynasty, Diamond Cage would earn his way into the Divide and Conquer Match by defeating TLA, pinning Wilder after Dub intervened with his signature Bleeding Edge, and winning by disqualification over Dub with Wilder hitting Cage with a roundhouse kick. Jacob Senn would attempt to try and break up the post-match brawl before things got out of hand at the end of the show. At Territorial Invasion, Team Dynasty would fail to gain victory as Jacob Senn would be the last member of the team with Xavier Williams, Jamie O'Hara, and Nathan Fiora collectively eliminating.

Jacob Senn as the EAW World Heavyweight Champion.

Later in the show, Jacob would attack his former friend and partner, Lucian Black, after his title defense against Eclipse Diemos. The following Dynasty, Dynasty GM Sebastian Monroe demanded an explanation for his actions. Jacob Senn would state that he felt undervalued that he was the true face of Dynasty, while Lucian Black was just supported by the machine and that's why he got to where he is. Jacob would claim a title shot, but Monroe would initially refuse by stating that he would never give him a world title shot, but Jacob would state that he had Godfather's Gift: a contract he won at Pain for Pride stating that Zack Crash must give him whatever he desired. Jacob used this to gain an open contract for a World Heavyweight Championship match and used it to gain his title match against Lucian. After the show, it was announced on the EAW Feed that Lucian Black would be fined $500 due to an assault he made against Jacob Senn backstage. The next week, Jacob Senn and Lucian Black would meet in the ring and discuss the events that have taken place. This would end with both men agreeing to face one another in the staple match of House of Glass, Glass Wallz. Finally, Jacob Senn would shove Lucian Black in frustration only to be met with a massive spear and left on the floor holding his stomach while Lucian held the title belt high. The final week before House of Glass, Lucian Black was set to take on Hades in the opening match of the show. However, Devan Dubian would interrupt and make the match a no-contest by attacking Hades before it could start. This opened up an opportunity for Jacob Senn to assault Lucian Black with a steel chair. In the main event, Devan Dubian defeated Jacob Senn through a count-out. However, Lucian Black would respond with his own attack, spearing him on the stage. The two would fight all across the arena until they got to the concession stands, where security caught up and stopped them from doing any more damage to the arena. At House of Glass, Jacob Senn would defeat Lucian Black to be crowned the new EAW World Heavyweight Champion inside Glass Wallz. However, after the match, The Heart Break Boy would make his return to EAW at his expense as he would be hit with The Goldprint, and Heart Break Boy would make it known that he was coming for the World Heavyweight Championship. After Jacob Senn was crowned the new EAW World Heavyweight Champion at House of Glass, he would kick off the Dynasty right after with his own personal victory speech. However, it wouldn't last long as the man that assaulted him in The Heart Break Boy after his World Heavyweight Championship Match would interrupt him, stating that he returned for one reason: The EAW World Heavyweight Championship. After a few shared words between the two, Lucian Black (now going under the alias of Orion Vileheart) returned and stated that he was coming for Jacob Senn. After that, Sebastian Monroe would arrive before anything violent could happen. He would announce that he would hold a qualifying match each week for the chamber and the following week would host Orion Vileheart and The Mexican Samurai in the first match, while Monroe announced that The Heart Break Boy would have his match the following week with an opponent of his choosing. In the first qualifier match in a Buried Alive Match in celebration of Halloween, Mexican Samurai defeated Orion Vileheart for the first spot in the chamber. On the following Dynasty, Jacob Senn would be confronted by The Mexican Samurai and it would lead to a match between the two to be made for the next week. In the main event, The Heart Break Boy would come out victorious against Hades, even with interference from Jacob Senn unable to stop him to qualify for the match. In the match between The Mexican Samurai and Jacob Senn, The Heart Break Boy would be outside the ring. During a moment in the match when Jacob Senn attempted to get Mexican Samurai back into the ring, Jacob took a cheap shot elbow strike against The Heart Break Boy at the announce table before returning to the match.

Promotional art for Jacob Senn vs. Heart Break Boy in King of Elite.

In an attempt to get retribution, The Heart Break Boy would cost The Mexican Samurai his match against Jacob Senn. Both men would argue about the result with Mexican Samurai wanting to take him out with The Mexican Maelstrom before The Heart Break Boy shoved him away and dropped him with The Goldprint. Two weeks later, the main event would host an Elimination Chamber Redemption Match for two men who failed in their qualifiers to gain the final entry between Lucian Black and Tig Kelly. Lucian would gain the victory over Tig through disqualification due to the interference of Jacob Senn, doing this to gain the final pod in the title match. Sebastian Monroe would be called out and the two would argue until a deal was made between the two: If Jacob Senn defeated Lucian Black, he would gain the pod that opened last. However, if he failed to win his match, he would be the first to enter the Elimination Chamber. In the next show in the main event, Jacob Senn would defeat Lucian Black to earn the final pod entry in the match. On the final show before Road to Redemption after the main event, The World Heavyweight Championship Debate would take place, leaving Methuselah standing with the World Heavyweight Championship in his possession. At Road to Redemption, Jacob Senn would retain his EAW World Heavyweight Championship inside of the Elimination Chamber. After retaining his championship inside of the Elimination Chamber, Jacob Senn would appear at the start of Dynasty and gloat about how he survived the match and prove himself as champion. However, this would be interrupted by The Heart Break Boy, who desired a rematch against him for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship, due to the controversial nature of how he was eliminated. Even with The Heart Break Boy's attempt to try and insult him to make him angry enough to accept the match, Jacob Senn denied his request for the rematch. However, The Heart Break Boy would meet with Sebastian Monroe about getting the opportunity and he would set up the match and contract to sign for the following week. On the night of the contract signing, Jacob Senn would be accompanied by the reigning EAW Specialists Champion Brody Sparks to the ring. Both men would share their comments about one another, sign their name on the dotted line, and The Heart Break Boy would attempt to strike with a Goldprint. However, Brody Sparks would intervene and cause him to stop his strike before she would slap him in the face and give enough time for them to retreat in laughter. On the final show before King of Elite, Jacob Senn would bring out Heart Break Boy and desired to bring out the real face of himself. He would continue to antagonize him until Heart Break Boy punched him in the face and declared he would get what he wished for. During his match with Scott Oasis, Heart Break Boy showed a more confident and arrogant side, resulting in a victory. After that, Jacob attempted to attack him with a springboard high knee strike, only to be met with the Goldprint and Heart Break Boy taunting with his World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder. At King of Elite, Jacob Senn would be able to defend his championship against The Heart Break Boy. After King of Elite, Jacob Senn would come onto Dynasty and celebrate his retention of the EAW World Heavyweight Championship and preached his confidence in no one being able to defeat him, calling for a challenger to meet him. He would be met with two challengers that would accept: TLA and Xavier Williams. Both men would vouch for themselves on deserving to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship, but Sebastian Monroe would interrupt and announce that the next show would host a contender's match between the two men for the right to challenge the champion at Reckless Wiring. On that show, Jacob Senn would go up against Scott Oasis and defeat him in a dominating fashion. In the main event, Xavier Williams would walk out with the victory against TLA, but Jamie O'Hara would attempt to intervene in the match to attack Xavier only to be put to a stop by Lucian Black. The following week, Xavier would appear on Dynasty to speak about the opportunity he had earned while also leading to the announcement of a stipulation for their match at Reckless Wiring. However, Jacob Senn would interrupt him

Jacob Senn hitting a Pele Kick on Xavier Williams.

and continue to gloat about how Dynasty revolved around him and would continue to at Reckless Wiring. Xavier would continue to announce the first stipulation of the match, a Street Fight Match, given the opportunity to do whatever he wanted to him on that night. Jacob would retort with the final two stipulations made for the polls, a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match and a Barbed-Wire Steel Cage Match, in homage of the last Reckless Wiring. Xavier would be content with these stipulations and demand that Jacob join him in the ring to settle it tonight, but Jacob Senn would back away and hold his title high in the air to mock him. In the following show, Jacob Senn would defeat Anthony Leonhart in a singles competition, only to be attacked by Xavier Williams with an End of the World powerbomb to the canvas and the ring apron. On the final show before Reckless Wiring during a match with Xavier Williams and The Heart Break Boy, Jacob Senn would intervene to cause a disqualification in an attempt to pay him back from his assault on him. At Reckless Wiring, Jacob Senn retained his EAW World Heavyweight Championship against Xavier Williams, with interference from Jamie O'Hara playing a major role in the match, who on the same night earned himself a title opportunity defeating Lucian. On the following Dynasty, both men would share the ring and setting the stage for their eventual match to happen at Grand Rampage. After their words were shared, Xavier Williams would surprise Jamie O'Hara and assault him, attempting to cause the same injury that made Xavier miss months of his career. Dynasty General Manager Sebastian Monroe would rush out in an attempt to try and prevent any further damage while Jacob Senn sat and watched the destruction of his opponent at Grand Rampage go down. The following week, this would cause an update to be made through the commentators to the fans when it was announced that the doctors would have to put Jamie through a certain test to confirm his validation into the EAW World Heavyweight Championship Match. With that said, Sebastian Monroe would make himself a deal with Xavier Williams to remove someone from the roster to be able to get himself the reward of having him stand behind his corner. With the deal struck, Xavier would assault and bring an end to Lucian once and for all, causing him to be removed from the Dynasty roster. In the main event of the night, Jacob Senn would defeat Kelly Hackenschmidt before grabbing a microphone and giving a speech to the fans, letting everyone know that no matter who would be named the number one contender, he would be ready for a fight, especially knowing the schemes that Monroe was able to create. The next show to broadcast, the main event would host a champion vs. champion match between the EAW World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Senn and EAW Interwire Champion Drake Jaeger (known as Edgelord at the time.) After the theme of Methuselah was played on the speakers to serve as a distraction, Jacob would take advantage of this to be able to pick up the victory against Drake. After the match, Sebastian Monroe would interrupt the end of the show to not only congratulate him but make an announcement to state that he hadn't seen or heard from Jamie or his doctor at the time, resulting in him making an executive decision to gift someone a world title match. This person would be Xavier Williams, setting up a rematch between the two with Monroe making the reason due to the controversial ending of their first encounter, but he would be interrupted by the arrival of Jamie O'Hara. Standing on a crutch, he would tell Sebastian that he is contractually obligated to be in the championship match due to his Reckless Wiring victory, but Sebastian informs him that his injury is costing him that and Xavier threatens Jamie to walk away and allow him to have the match. However, Jamie reveals that his injury is no problem as he removes the boot from his leg and takes the crutch as a weapon to attack Xavier and when his attention is turned to Monroe, Sebastian would make the match at Reckless Wiring a triple threat match with all three men battling it out for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship. In the match at Grand Rampage, Jacob's reign as EAW World Heavyweight Champion would end at 183 days as Jacob would be able to remove Xavier Williams out of the match, but Jamie O'Hara would take him from surprise with Roman Sky for the pin.

EAW Hall of Fame Induction and Feud with Mr. DEDEDE (April 2017 - June 2017)

After losing the EAW World Heavyweight Championship at Grand Rampage, Jacob Senn would return to his hometown of Chicago with not a sense of disappointment, but with pride beaming from him. This would be brought up because he would be announced to be the first inductee of the 2017 EAW Hall of Fame. He stated that he would have his inductee announced the following week, leaving that to be a mystery to everyone in attendance. When he would return the next week to Dynasty, he would announce that the person that would induct him into the Hall of Fame would be none other than the current EAW Interwire Champion and one of the most influential stars in EAW, Mr. DEDEDE. However, this would not be the case, as Mr. DEDEDE would deny inducting him into the Hall of Fame, leading to a strong argument to arise between the two, right before DEDEDE would strike with a kick to the groin before leaving him in the middle of the ring. The next week, Dynasty would get a rumor that Mr. DEDEDE would be coming out to apologize for his actions and induct Jacob Senn into the Hall of Fame, but Jacob would be the one to come out and apologize for him. DEDEDE would not be pleased with this action, telling him even stronger about his denial to induct him into the Hall of Fame, causing Senn to strike him in the mouth with a slap, bringing a brawl out between the two ending with security swarming out and DEDEDE dropping him with a Spear. Shortly after that, Jacob would interrupt a meeting between Sebastian Monroe and Moongoose McQueen about the contendership for the EAW Interwire Championship, only for him to state that he wanted a match against DEDEDE at Burning Desire. Moongoose would interject to state that he would be the one to challenge DEDEDE for the EAW Interwire Championship at Burning Desire, leading to tensions to arise between the two, until Monroe would stop things before they led to a fight to announce that it would be Jacob Senn vs. Moongoose McQueen to see who would challenge for the EAW Interwire Championship at Burning Desire. At Burning Desire, Jacob Senn would be defeated by Moongoose McQueen for the right to challenge for the EAW Interwire Championship. The match would happen the following week to where Mr. DEDEDE would retain his championship due to interference by Jacob Senn on him, leading to a match between the two to be scheduled for Pain for Pride X after a shared argument between the two men. During these heated arguments, Jacob Senn would introduce Mr. DEDEDE's signature weapon in The Equalizer to mock him and Mr. DEDEDE would attempt to use The Equalizer, but unable to capitalize on it. At Pain for Pride X, Mr. DEDEDE would retain the EAW Interwire Championship and cause Jacob Senn to lose his first Pain for Pride singles match.

Obsession with Mr. DEDEDE and final feuds (July 2017 - March 2018)

After suffering his loss at Pain for Pride X, Jacob Senn became obsessed with gaining retribution for the humiliation and defeat that he endured on that night. Considering that the EAW Interwire Championship would be vacated after the night that he failed to defeat Mr. DEDEDE, it made things even worse towards Jacob and his obsession. In his first match removed from the event, Jacob Senn would face Darkane in singles competition. Attempting the signature Spear to goad Mr. DEDEDE during this match, Jacob Senn would be defeated by Darkane in a massive upset. After the match was over, Eclipse Diemos along with Maero and Apocalpyse of The Sanatorium would strike against him and brutalize him to the point where he was sent through an announce table at their hands. The following week, Eclipse Diemos would explain that Jacob Senn was a representation of a false idol of the next generation that he preached he represented, just as HRDO was a false idol of a man of former prestige. This would cause Jacob Senn to follow suit with a steel chair to strike against Maero and Eclipse Diemos before announcing that he wanted a match with Eclipse at the Dynasty show in Lisbon. The next show would have Jacob Senn be involved in the main event match with the EAW Answers World Champion The Pizza Boy to where the champion would gain victory against Jacob in the match. At the show in Lisbon where Eclipse Diemos and Jacob Senn would finally meet, Eclipse would be victorious in the match to where Jacob would be left with another defeat. Over the course of the weeks, it would be announced that there would be a Divide and Conquer Match for the right to be named the sole General Manager of Dynasty between co-General Managers Sebastian Monroe and StarrStan. The prize for the last man standing in the match would receive a future EAW Answers World Championship Match. Jacob Senn had gained the attention of both General Managers to join their teams but decided to team with Sebastian Monroe, due to their long-standing history and a feeling of debt that he had owed him. During the match at Territorial Invasion, Jacob Senn would be eliminated from the match by Nasir Moore due to the argument made between Nico Borg and him about his tag into the match. This led to his obsession to make an even deeper turn, demanding that he get a match against Nasir Moore for costing him his opportunity at the championship, but StarrStan would deny him this due to Nasir being entered into the EAW Answers World Championship Match. Nico Borg would interrupt their discussion about his absence from the House of Glass event and Jacob would suggest the match between them for the right to be the Cash in the Vault case holder. Nico Borg would deny him the opportunity as he felt he didn't need to defend his case against him. The following week, Nico Borg would defeat The Mexican Samurai in singles competition, leading to Jacob Senn rushing out with a steel chair. Jacob would do this to make the statement that if he would not be given the chance to gain retribution, then he would force Nico to be in a state where he could never cash in his opportunity for the world championship. Once House of Glass had arrived and the match between the two of them was made inside of the Glass TLC stipulation, Jacob Senn failed to retrieve the briefcase after a failed attempt at a Wings of Hell, allowing Nico Borg to retain possession of his briefcase. After failing once more to garner the attention of Mr. DEDEDE, Jacob decided on one final solution for this to come to fruition: to become EAW Answers World Champion. With Road to Redemption set to be early this year, Jacob Senn decided to insert himself into the equation and demanded StarrStan to do so, only for StarrStan to state that this would be his final favor rewarded to him. Jacob Senn would be placed into a qualifying match against Hurricane Hawk, defeating him soundly in said match to earn his place in the Elimination Chamber. After this, he would be put into a Road to Redemption Preview match against Scott Diamond, which would result in another victory unto Jacob Senn. Jacob Senn finally would state his claim towards the EAW Answers World Championship and it would be used as a tool to gain his vengeance.

However, on October 26th, 2017, everything would turn upside down for Jacob Senn due to the passing of his romantic partner in Brody Sparks. This would force EAW to postpone the Road to Redemption show to the following week and allow her closest friends along with him to air their grievances of the event out to the public. The EAW community rallied behind one another to pay tribute to her and will do so at the Road to Redemption event in special attire. She was 23 years of age at the time of her passing.

During the EAW Answers World Championship Elimination Chamber Match, he would be eliminated by Nasir Moore in the match. However, his emotions would run wild and he would interfere in the match to where he would brutalize Nasir to the point where Scott Oasis could pick up the pieces. After this, Mr. DEDEDE would return to Dynasty to tell Senn that he was banned from competing for the EAW Answers World Championship indefinitely before his match with Target Smiles later in the night. After Jacob Senn was able to defeat Target Smiles, Target would assault him and remove his mask to reveal himself as a former rival, Tomi Venus. The following week, Tomi Venus would challenge Jacob Senn to a match at Dynasty: Invictus where Jacob accepted. At Dynasty: Invictus, Tomi Venus would walk out with the victory against Jacob Senn. On the next Dynasty, Jacob Senn entered the 2018 King of Elite Tournament with his first-round match being scheduled to be against the former EAW Answers World Champion, The Pizza Boy. After interference by Nasir Moore, The Pizza Boy picked up the victory against Jacob Senn with his signature Last Slice maneuver. The following week during the semifinals of the tournament, Jacob Senn intervened in the semifinal match between Nasir Moore and Scott Oasis to where he attacked Nasir, costing Scott his opportunity from advancing in the tournament. This led to Oasis assaulting and leaving Jacob laid out for his troubles. At the next show, Scott Oasis and Sebastian Monroe walked out to where they challenged Jacob Senn to a match at King of Elite between the both of them. With the challenge, Jacob Senn surprised them and attacked Oasis to where they left the ring, accepting the challenge made by him for King of Elite. At King of Elite, Jacob Senn defeated Scott Oasis in a singles match. After the event on Dynasty, Jacob Senn would appear to celebrate this tremendous victory against Scott Oasis when he would suddenly be interrupted by Stark, challenging him to a match between the two, with a huge crowd reaction. However, Jacob Senn would deny the challenge and leave Stark to himself. The following week, Jacob Senn pleaded with StarrStan to remove the ban that was placed on him for the EAW Answers World Championship, only to be interrupted by Amadeus afterward. StarrStan announced that both men would compete against each other the following week where the winner would get what they desired. In the match, Jacob Senn would defeat Amadeus in the match to where StarrStan would be forced to speak with Mr. DEDEDE about a route to allow him to return to the EAW Answers World Championship division. On the next Dynasty, Jacob Senn would be given the chance that he wanted with a stipulation for the fans to vote for at Reckless Wiring with a match against The Heart Break Boy. Over the weeks, it would be announced that HBB would stipulate that if he wins, he would be the number one contender to the EAW Answers World Champion. Not only that, but the final stipulation would be the winner would be gifted with the #30 entrant in the Grand Rampage. At Reckless Wiring, Jacob Senn defeated The Heart Break Boy in a singles match to where his ban was lifted through the fan vote. Later into the night, Jacob Senn assaulted Nasir Escobar in an attempt to derail his EAW Answers World Championship dreams, but Nasir would still be crowned a new champion at the end of the night. Eventually, he would be inserted into the Gold Rush Tournament to decide the next contender to the championship with his first-round match being made against the newly-crowned EAW Hardcore Champion Jon McAdams. In the match, Nasir Escobar would interfere to cost him the opportunity and eliminate him from the tournament. This would be his last official EAW match. After this, strife came in the backstage of EAW to where Jacob Senn had enough of EAW, even after proclaiming himself to be in the Grand Rampage Match on the week before his last week. On his final Dynasty, Jacob Senn was humiliated by Mr. DEDEDE and his new lover, Amari Steele in an impromptu match to the point where he severed ties with EAW after the night was overdue to the blatant disrespect shown by the EAW Chairman.

Answers Wrestling Federation (2014)

Debut and AWF Championship Tournament (Jan. 2014 - Mar. 2014)

Jacob Senn was contracted by the Answers Wrestling Federation on January 30, 2014. Jacob debuted on the Legacy brand as he faced off against "The Moving Mountain" Gunkai Riggs. The match they had would result in a draw as Gunkai would throw Jacob 15-feet into the announce table as both men were unable to enter the ring by the count of ten. After that, James Shields, the owner of the revived company, began the AWF World Championship Tournament. It was set to begin with two battle royal matches and continue with the final four competitors competing in a series of matches leading up to the Resurrection FPV. Jacob, now competing in two matches, was also given a rematch against Gunkai Riggs, this time in Falls Count Anywhere. The ending resulted in Gunkai doing The Himalayan Bomb through the announce table and pinning him for the victory. The aftermath made people assume that Jacob Senn would be out of the battle 

Jacob Senn speaking to the crowd during an AWF show.

royal, but Jacob ignored the doctor's orders and in the match, made it to the final four with Mr. DEDEDE, Stigmata, and Nick Angel. Jacob was able to make two eliminations and was eliminated with Stigmata by Nick Angel. Nick Angel, winning the choice of the stipulation for the next round, chose to have a Last Man Standing Fatal Four-Way with the first eliminated being taken out of the tournament. Jacob Senn would be the first eliminated from the match due to the interference of Gunkai Riggs as he took him out with a splash on the barricade. Jacob, angered by the multiple interventions of Gunkai, looked to make an example out of someone and he got his wish with his next opponent, Alexander. In the match, Jacob Senn decimated Alexander to make a statement to Gunkai and show others his killer instincts and how frustrations have been built. With the Nick Makarov-James Shields power struggle going on, Chaos was stripped of their right into the tournament that led up to a tag team match to determine who fought for the title at Resurrection. Mr. DEDEDE and Stigmata would go on to win through disqualification as Reverend Vino would interfere in the match as he superkicked Mr. DEDEDE. This would not only anger Jacob Senn, but he would find an ally in Nick Angel as they would be heading up in a war against Reverend Vino and Gunkai Riggs.

The Feud with The God-Hand (Mar. 2014 - Jun. 2014)

Jacob Senn would come on the next episode of Legacy and be looking to get some justice and retribution for what happened the week earlier. Jacob was able to take the AWF International Championship from Reverend Vino and tossed the championship into the crowd, hoping that it would be never seen again, and informed the two men that they would be banned from ringside in his upcoming match against Elijah Stewart. Jacob and Elijah had a great match that ended with a Retribution superkick and a successful pin attempt, achieving his first victory since his debut. Jacob Senn would then be sent to the inaugural Battleground show as he was pitted against new-signee Nathan Hellion. In another great encounter, Nathan Hellion would upset Jacob Senn and Jacob Senn would show respect to the newcomer and his talents. Jacob went to the next Legacy with the knowledge that he was banned from ringside in the Mike McDouche/Gunkai Riggs match, but Jacob Senn would disregard that banishment as he came in from the crowd and attacked Gunkai Riggs, giving the victory to McDouche. The next episode of Battleground would feature Jacob Senn and Alexander going against each other once again, this time with a huge wager of ten points between one another. Jacob Senn would defeat Alexander and bring his total to twenty-two as he became one of the points leaders. Jacob Senn would come to Legacy and be informed that he was stripped of his placement inside of the Beat the Clock Challenge to determine a contender for Mr. DEDEDE, the new AWF World Champion, at Oblivion because of his recent actions. Jacob Senn, furious about this, decided to come out to the ring with Nick Angel and taunt Reverend Vino and Gunkai Riggs, now named The God-Hand.

Jacob Senn during his entrance on a Legacy live show.

Vino would make the challenge of an Armageddon Tag Team Match, which Jacob and Nick accepted, for the upcoming Oblivion FPV. Jacob Senn and Nick Angel would defeat them, but before Mr. DEDEDE was revealed to be the newest member of the stable as he defended his championship against Erebus Jennings. With Jacob's intent of bringing the downfall of the stable, Jacob Senn would take on Reverend Vino and his new and devout follower, Eli Sunday, and team with the new AWF Tag Team Champion, Lance Hart. Senn and Hart would both defeat the two God-Hand members and celebrate their victory. Jacob Senn would not be in action the next week, but he would manage the aspiring team of the AWF Tag Team Champions, Lance Hart and Morgan Shaw, as they faced Gunkai Riggs and Reverend Vino of The God-Hand. Diffusing a situation caused by Eli Sunday, Jacob Senn would help the AWF Tag Team Champions defeat The God-Hand in a huge upset victory. Jacob would then make his way to the next episode of Legacy with the huge challenge of facing AWF World Champion, "The Gawd" Mr. DEDEDE. In a match where Jacob was inches away from victory, DEDEDE used the leverage of the ropes to pin him and stole a victory from him in the ring. Jacob, still upset about the loss, was dragged into the war that arose between Nick Angel and Stigmata as he was teamed with Nick Angel and AWF Pure Champion, Troy Archello as they went against Elijah Stewart, Alexander, and GI Styles. Jacob's team would win by disqualification and when he was shoved into Stigmata by GI Styles, Jacob was blasted by Stigmata's INRI and began a chaotic battle in the ring. This has led to a confrontation in the next episode of Legacy between Jacob Senn and Stigmata in a match. With multiple instances in the night of attacks and assaults at the night, Jacob Senn would defeat Stigmata through disqualification due to interference and set up for a huge Five-Man Elimination First Blood Match for the upcoming supershow. 

The Final Months (June 2014 - July 2014)

Jacob Senn before his match against Stigmata.

At Legacy: Mainevent II, Jacob Senn would team with AWF Tag Team Champions Morgan Shaw and Lance Hart, AWF Pure Champion Troy Archello, and AWF International Champion Erebus Jennings to take on AWF World Champion Mr. DEDEDE, Gunkai Riggs, Elijah Stewart, Alexander, and GI Styles in the First Blood Elimination Match. Jacob Senn was able to slam a chair into the AWF World Champion to eliminate him and performed his signature Retribution superkick on Gunkai Riggs to bloody him and pick up the victory for his team. After Stigmata's reveal of drafting to the Chaos brand, Jacob Senn went in a rematch from the past as he teams with Nick Angel to take on Mr. DEDEDE and Stigmata as Jacob and Nick were able to defeat as Jacob landed a Spiral Tap on Mr. DEDEDE and pinned him, raising his total to enough points for a world championship match. The next week, Jacob Senn teamed with Nick Angel once again, this time against Alexander and GI Styles, and went on to win the match as he uses the Superkick, Nick Angel's Ground Zero, and the Spiral Tap again to pin GI Styles for the three count. Jacob Senn went into the next Legacy in a fatal-four way match against Nick Angel, Eddie Ramone, and Troy Archello for the AWF World Championship entry into the Endgame Match. Jacob Senn and Nick Angel both won the match as he hit the Vengeful Plunge and rolls him up for the pin as Nick Angel was able to get a pinning bridge on Ramone. After the match, Troy Archello assaulted Jacob Senn because of his frustration from losing the match, but Nick Angel came in just in time before it got any worse. The next week on Legacy, Jacob Senn took on Troy Archello to settle their differences, but the match resulted in a draw. At Endgame after the Mr. DEDEDE and Gunkai Riggs match, Jacob Senn cashed in his 50 points for an AWF World Championship match, and the new AWF President and Owner, Zack Crash, made the match happen right afterward. On July 19, 2014, Jacob Senn finally achieved his goal and defeated Mr. DEDEDE to not only end the feud between him and The-God Hand but become the new AWF World Champion and win his first world championship in his entire career, ending the first night of the show. The second night was not able to come to fruition, due to the site being shut down, making Jacob Senn the final AWF World Champion.

Strong Style Wrestling (March 2018 - October 2018)

Chairman of Strong Style Wrestling (March 2018 - October 2018)

Jacob Senn as Chairman of Strong Style Wrestling.

After resigning from Elite Answers Wrestling, Jacob Senn would use the money he had acquired to buy stock into the promotion known as Strong Style Wrestling. With this money, he had been added to the SSW board as the new Chief Operating Officer. On his first appearance in the promotion as the COO, he was about to announce his retirement from professional wrestling altogether and remain focused on running the company into being the powerhouse that he knew that it could be. However, Stark would interrupt him and demand that he get the match that he was denied at their former promotion, but Jacob would deny the challenge from him once more. Being met with an attack by Stark, Jacob had no other choice but to suspend Stark from Strong Style Wrestling. At the next episode of Strong Style Wrestling, Stark would interrupt the show after a match between Kerry Keller and Avery Knight, calling Jacob Senn out to where he wanted a match with him or that he would send his crew to the back of the locker room to where he would introduce them to the locker room. Jacob walks out and announces that he tried to be a creator for the company, but would return to being The Punisher and destroyer that he once was. With the challenge being made for Supremacy, the match would be confirmed and set up for the event. At Supremacy, Jacob Senn would be defeated by Stark and injured with a concussion from the numerous knee strikes from Stark. At Budokai Tenkaichi, after Stark assaulted Brian Daniels, Jacob Senn would make his return and challenge Stark to a match at Domination in Three Stages of Hell. The following week on Strong Style Wrestling, Jacob Senn would set up the stipulations to be First Blood, Steel Cage, and Falls Count Anywhere. However, Stark forced the extra stipulation that if Jacob Senn failed to defeat Stark, he would be forced to resign as chairman. At Domination, Jacob Senn would defeat Stark in the Three Stages of Hell and remain Chairman of Strong Style Wrestling. Currently, he remains a head booker and runs the day-to-day operations of the company itself. Eventually, things would catch up with Jacob Senn and after the lack of financial backing and investors to keep the promotion afloat, Strong Style Wrestling closed its doors on October 31st, 2018.

Revival (November 2019 - September 2020)

After nearly over a year's absence, Strong Style Wrestling would return to the stage with a brand new direction and a return show, To The Grand Line. Jacob Senn would make his return to the promotion with the opportunity to compete in a tournament to crown a new SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Champion. After defeating Havoc and Ford Escort in a triple threat match to qualify for the title final, Jacob Senn would defeat Aria Jaxon and Kai Stevens to become the new SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Champion. The next event, a series of television episodes known as SSW TV, would see Jacob Senn celebrating his triumphant victory with the new owner of SSW, Kami Oda. This episode would host the birth of the SSW Dynasty, a group determined to make sure the chaotic nature of the factions of old would not be reintroduced into SSW, with Senn as Shogun of the faction named SSW Dynasty. Oda would also enlist Masanori Kawada as the first Daimyo to be aligned with Senn in their mission. In the main event of the night, Jacob Senn would defend the SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Championship against Brian Daniels with Nasir Moore serving as special guest referee. After a revival of Phantom Troupe led by Aria Jaxon interfered and assaulted both Brian and Senn, the match would be declared a no-contest. This would lead to Kai Stevens rushing in to fend off The Phantom Troupe, but led to his own assault to Nas and Brian to leave them lying. This would lead to a number one contender's match in the next episode where Kai Stevens would compete against Noah Reigner for the opportunity. With a combination of a Rogue Cutter and Killshot onto Kai, Reigner would be victorious in the match and declared the number one contender to Senn's SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Championship at Blood Moon. The following episode would host the first meeting between Jacob Senn and Noah Reigner with both men discussing the eventual match to come for the championship, only for Kai Stevens to interrupt at the end to make his desire for the SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Championship known. Afterward of the next SSW TV episode, the contract signing for the Blood Moon would take place between the two men, saving their fight for the event itself during a massive staredown. Finally, Jacob Senn would compete against Noah Reigner at Blood Moon for the SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Championship with Reigner dethroning Senn by utilizing a steel chair and taking the opportunity to end it with a Hollow Point.

Jacob Senn as SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Champion

This would mark the end of his championship run at 78 days. Afterward on the subsequent episode of SSW TV, Jacob Senn would make an announcement where people believed his retirement would follow, the announcement would end with an assault from Havoc to take him out of the equation and on the shelf. Havoc would state in an episode later on that his motivation for this assault was simply to become closer to reaching his goal of SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Champion. At Supremacy, Havoc would face Zettai Segai to a draw after brutalizing him throughout the match, but Jacob Senn would return after a month of injury to assault Havoc and get a taste of retribution. The following episode of SSW TV would see Havoc and Senn meet in the ring for the challenge to be made for them to fight in a Bounty Hunt match at SSW Dragon Soul, leading into a fight between the both of them with Havoc's faction, The Akatsuki and The Privateers joining in the brawl. All of this happened with Stark walking out and simply watching from the stage. At Dragon Soul, Jacob Senn and Havoc met in the Bounty Hunt match to settle the rivalry with Senn coming out of the match victorious by stomping Havoc's head into a barbed-wire steel chair with the Shadow Step to capture him for a 2.35 Billion Yen bounty. On a new program known as SSW Shinden, Jacob Senn would be placed after his victory over Havoc in a fatal four-way match to determine the number one contender to the SSW Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship against Scott Oasis, TV Know, and Maverick. After landing a Weapon X and stomping Maverick with a Shadow Step, Jacob became the number one contender for the championship at Wrestle Spirit. The next SSW TV would see The Phantom Troupe brawl with The SSW Dynasty after a rematch between famed rivals Masanori Kawada and Khmoach Sangkat. After fending off The Phantom Troupe, Senn used the opportunity to land a Weapon X on SSW Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion Kai Stevens to set the tone for their match at Wrestle Spirit. The final SSW Shinden before Wrestle Spirit would host a final confrontation between Kai Stevens and Jacob Senn to draw the line in the sand between both men in preparation for their title fight, but adding the stipulation that if Senn lost, he would lose his title as Shogun of SSW Dynasty. On Day One of Wrestle Spirit, the match between the two would see Jacob Senn triumph and claim the SSW Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship while remaining Shogun of SSW. On the subsequent episode of SSW TV, Senn would meet with Oda to discuss improvements upon the SSW Dynasty, but Stark would interrupt the meeting to suggest a title match between the both of them. After being denied, Stark would recommend the challenge of Calico D. Jack with the stakes of 1 Billion Yen added onto it for a Bounty Hunt. Jacob would accept this challenge and the match would be set for the Attack on New York event. At the Attack on New York event, Jacob and Calico would meet for the first time with the match resulting in Calico being forced to submit from an Illumination submission hold. Afterward on SSW TV, a match between Azumi Goto and HAVOC was made to determine the next challenge for the SSW Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship. After HAVOC was assaulted by Darkane and unable to compete in the match, Azumi would be determined the number one contender to challenge Jacob at SSW Golden Wind for the championship. After landing a diving corkscrew stunner called Weapon Ω onto Azumi Goto, Jacob Senn would retain the SSW Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship at SSW Golden Wind. Once the grand reveal of Kami-Sama, the leader of the Akatsuki who used HAVOC to almost ending his career, turned out to be none other than Stark himself, Senn would assault Stark at the end of the event to set up the match between them for the SSW Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship at the final SSW show, High Path of Heaven.

Omega Wrestling Alliance (April 2018 - April 2019)

Chasing The Gold (April 2018 - April 2019)

On April 4th, 2018, Jacob Senn signed a contract with Omega Wrestling Alliance to promote a partnership between the federation and Strong Style Wrestling to build and foster more talent. After rekindling his rivalry from Elite Answers Wrestling with CM Nas, he began his chase for the Omega Heavyweight Championship and made his path to the championship at Hardcore Havoc for in a triple threat Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match with Miltiades. Jacob Senn failed to be able to win the championship, but wouldn't appear again in OWA after his injury from Stark at Strong Style Wrestling. It wouldn't be until July 6th, 2018 with Jacob Senn returning to OWA to make sure that his path towards the Omega Heavyweight Championship would not be forgotten, and eventually, Bob Taylor would announce a match for Boiling Point between Andre Virgo and himself. In the lead-up towards Boiling Point on his new brand of Olympus, Jacob Senn would be placed up against Miltiades in singles competition. In a competitive match between the two that was considered a Match of the Week performance, Miltiades prevailed against Jacob Senn as he was met with a bitter disappointment on his path to Boiling Point. At the event, Jacob would once again come up short against the reigning SSW Junior Heavyweight Champion Andre Virgo, furthering his disappointment in his path towards claiming the Omega Heavyweight Championship. After Boiling Point, he would make the attempt to challenge for the Omega Heavyweight Championship once more, citing his personal vendetta being enough reason to justify his challenge against the current reigning champion in CM Nas. However, he would be interrupted by various members of the roster and that would include Christopher Sabertooth, Andre Virgo, and Miltiades. In the following weeks, Jacob Senn would be placed into a match at the upcoming event known as Burning Sky, facing Miltiades in an Iron Man match that had the potential to reveal who would potentially challenge the Omega Heavyweight Champion.

Jacob Senn as Omega Heavyweight Champion

At the event, Jacob Senn would defeat Miltiades with a 4-3 lead in the 30-Minute Iron Man Match. Once this match was completed, he would be placed against Omega Heavyweight Champion CM Nas in singles competition at Civil War with the championship on the line. At the event, Jacob Senn was able to walk out as the new champion and become the second person to be known as the Omega Heavyweight Champion. Jacob Senn would continue to reign as the Omega Heavyweight Champion by defending his championship in various feuds. The first would be against one of his rivals, Stark, at Revelations where the match would result in a disqualification due to the interference of Maggal, Nolan Eliwood, and Saul Omen. The next defense that he would have would be against the rising star of Christopher Sabertooth at Clash of the Titans. In this match, he would be able to definitively defeat Sabertooth to retain his championship. In what would be his final championship before Final Destination, Jacob would defend the title against his OWA rival that joined him in the chase for the championship, Miltiades as he pinned him for the victory. At Final Destination, Jacob would defend the title against both CM Nas and Tarah Nova in a triple threat match. Tarah Nova would claim victory and dethrone him from his title of champion and this would mark Jacob Senn's final match in OWA and seemingly mark his retirement from wrestling as a whole. Later, he would be inducted into the OWA Hall of Fame.

Resurrection (July 2020 - current)

After over a year away from the company, Jacob Senn had returned from retirement in the middle of Baba Yaga vs. The Vincent for the OWA Openweight Championship at Boiling Point as part of the resurrected Phantom Troupe faction attacking Baba Yaga. The following Olympus episode featured Baba Yaga calling out The Phantom Troupe where the motivations behind Senn's return were brought to light with his anger and contempt for the rising generation that has been determined to cast him aside becoming his new driving force. Later into the night, Jacob Senn would meet Keelan Callihan in their first match against one another with Senn picking up the victory following outside interference from Darkane. The next episode would mark the announcement of Jacob Senn being included in a signature match of the company, The Thunderdome match, alongside Darkane with the Omega Heavyweight Championship placed on the line. Afterward, Jacob Senn would team with his Phantom Troupe partner Darkane against Chaos Elite's Noah Quinn and Eon Blue which lead to a victory for the team with outside intervention from John Doe. Leading up to the next chapter of Olympus, Jacob Senn was placed against Nate Cage with implications involving the Thunderdome match placement hanging in the balance. Nate would gain the upset victory against Senn after landing a low blow following a Death Sentence. The end of the night would see Jacob with The Phantom Troupe lashing out in an all-out brawl with the Thunderdome competitors on the final episode before Game Over. At Game Over, The Phantom Troupe would declare war against OWA and make their mission statement, only to be interrupted by Brian Daniels who had hoped to reason with Senn to stop him from proceeding further. Jacob would ignore his friend and be met with a slap to the face that ultimately led to Brian Daniels left lying in the canvas from a Shadow Step. At the end of the event, Jacob Senn would fail to capture the Omega Heavyweight Championship with current champion The Derelict retaining his title. On the following episode of Olympus, Jacob Senn appeared in the post-match between The Nice Guys (Teddy Mac and Nobi) and GRiME (Tyler Bridges and TJ Burns) as they brutalized Bridges, Burns, and Nobi while leaving Teddy to deal with the destruction left in the ring. On the October 9th, 2020 episode of Olympus, Jacob Senn would meet his former rival in Noah Reigner from Strong Style Wrestling in singles competition, losing by disqualification after Phantom Troupe member Darkane bashing the shovel into his back. On the next episode of Olympus, John Doe and Jacob Senn would introduce the newest member of The Phantom Troupe with Matt Miles joining forces with them on October 27th, 2020. Later into the night during the main event match for the Omega Heavyweight Championship between the champion The Derelict and challenger Graham Baker, Jacob along with the other members of The Phantom Troupe interfered and cost Graham Baker the championship. As they continued to attack Baba Yaga and Noah Reigner along with Baker, Brian Daniels made his debut to OWA to fight off The Phantom Troupe. Eventually after the show, it was announced at the OWA Resistance of Baba Yaga, Graham Baker, Noah Reigner, and Nobi would fight against The Phantom Troupe's John Doe, Jacob Senn, Darkane, Matt Miles, and newest member Teddy Mac who had turned against Nobi earlier in the show at OWA Civil War inside War Games. In the match itself at Civil War, The Phantom Troupe was able to prevail and defeat the OWA Resistance that was formed against him.

Personal Life

Jacob Senn resides in Chicago, Illinois. He is an avid fan of video game series such as Fallout and God of War, comic book characters such as The Punisher, and films of the superhero genre, sci-fi/fantasy genre, and more. His music tastes range from hard rock, rap, soul, among others. He was romantically involved with Brody Sparks starting in November of 2016 until her untimely passing on October 26, 2017. For the first time in his life, he decided to receive a tattoo on his rib cage, detailing a signature sparkle that she was known for along with the phrase "Iconic" and the date of which they had first begun being a couple.

In Wrestling/Championships/Accomplishments

In wrestling

Finishing Moves

  • Harmonic Divergence/Gravity Falls/Shadow Step (Curb Stomp) EAW/SSW/OWA: 2014-present
  • Weapon X (Stunner) EAW/SSW/OWA: 2016-present
  • Grim Memento (Surfboard Dragon Sleeper) EAW/SSW/OWA: 2016-present
  • Jacob's Ladder (Styles Clash) AWF/EAW: 2014-2015 (used as a signature thereafter)
  • Willbreaker (Dragon Sleeper Scorpion Crosslock) EAW: 2014-2015
  • The Subjugator (Koji Clutch) AWF/EAW: 2014
  • Judgement/Sensational Kick/Retribution (Superkick) NEWA/ThyWWE/WE/EAW/AWF: 2011-2014
  • Revelation/Sensation of the Nation/Vengeful Plunge (Swantom Bomb) All companies : 2010-2014
  • Lock of Salvation/Hold of the Century/The Subjugator (Horns of Aries/Last Chancery) All companies: 2010-2014
  • Saviour's End (Hart Rate) ThyWWE: 2013
  • Spear SWA: 2008-2010
  • Sharpshooter SWA: 2008-2010
  • Twist of Fate SWA: 2010-2011


  • The Punisher
  • The Iconic One
  • Indestructible
  • The Dark Knight
  • The Fabled Conqueror
  • The Dynastguard
  • The Second City Son
  • The Kingsbane
  • Warden of Dynasty
  • The Crown Jewel
  • The Cornerstone
  • The Bane of Kings
  • The Vengeful Vanquisher
  • The Vengeful One
  • The Great
  • The Sensational
  • The Saviour
  • The Liberator
  • The Messiah
  • The Best on God's Green Earth

Entrance Themes

  • "S.O.A.R." by Devour The Day: EAW, SSW, OWA
  • "Savior" by Skillet: ThyWWE, WE, EAW
  • "Break" by Three Days Grace: SWA, WE
  • "Another Me" by PreoxyWHY?gen: SWA
  • "Dead Bite" by Hollywood Undead: EAW
  • "The Pride" by Five Finger Death Punch: EAW
  • "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage: AWF
  • "My Demons" by Starset: EAW
  • "Punisher" by Fire and Blood: EAW

Championships and accomplishments

  • Shootclub Wrestling Alliance:
    • SCI Hall of Fame (Class of 2011)
    • SCI Tag Team Championship (4 times) - with "The Love King" Raymond Junior
    • SCI Celtic Cross Championship (1 time)
    • SCI Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
    • CWF Television Championship (1 time)
  • Thy World Wrestling Empire
    • ThyWWE Intercontinental Championship (2 times)
    • First Money in the Bank Winner - with "Professor of Thuganomics" Bob Cena
    • First Participant in Hell in a Cell - with Brian Gunn
  • European Wrestling Evolution
    • EWE Ironman Championship (1 time, final)
  • Extreme Answers Wrestling
    • EAW Hall of Fame inductee (2017)
    • 21st EAW Triple Crown Champion
    • EAW World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
    • EAW World Championship (1 time)
    • EAW Elite Championship (1 time)
    • EAW Unified Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Zack Crash
    • 2015 Gold Rush Tournament Winner
    • Dynasty Writer (October 2014 - March 2018)
    • 2013 Rookie of the Year (Won)
    • 2014 EAW World Champion of the Year (Won)
    • 2014 Match of the Year (Nominated)
    • 2014 Promoer of the Year (Nominated)
    • 2014 Extremist of the Year (Nominated)
    • 2015 Feud of the Year (Won)
    • 2015 Match of the Year (Nominated)
    • 2016 Comeback of the Year (Won)
    • 2016 Extreme Moment of the Year (Won)
    • 2016 EAW World Heavyweight Champion of the Year (Nominated)
    • 2016 Return of the Year (Nominated)
    • 2016 Elitist of the Year (Nominated)
    • Most Valuable Extremist/Elitist (4 times)
    • Match of the Week (9 times)
    • Promoer of the Week (3 times)
    • Champion of the Week (2 times)
    • Beef of the Week (12 times)