International Wrestling Federation
Acronym IWF
Formerly called {{{names}}}
Industry Professional E-Wrestling
Headquarters London Flag of England
Area Served Worldwide
Theme Music "Rise Against" by Sattelite
Brand(s) Redemption
Additional Shows Collision
Established September 2010
Chairmen Rick Death
COO Hornet
Vice President Mr.CT
Writer(s) Pook S
Head(s) of GFX Hornet
Founder(s) Rick Death
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International Wrestling Federation (IWF) was a e-federation created in September 2010 by Rick Death.

The Beggining/The Championships

IWF began as a small fed, having only few active members and promoers, but few months after it began to expand and more people were interested and joined it. Redemption was the sole brand and the first PPV Blood and Guts began, along with the first championships. Suicidal D, who was in IWF since its very beginning was the first World Heavyweight Champion (then called IWF World Championship), and the iconic International title was held by The Mizfit. In mid-October the Light Heavyweight championship and the Hardcore Championship were the secondary titles and later came the IWF Tag-Team Championship, the first tag-team title. As IWF expanded, a women's title was necessary. With the introduction of the X-Division championship, the Light Heavyweight title became the first title to get retired, after being held by only three people. Later on, as IWF got recognized as larger e-fed the European championship got introduced, however it lived only four months, and the Hardcore and X-Division Championships got merged into the new X-Treme championship and the Women's title got abandoned and retired. Recently, a second world title, the IWF Championship was introduced and Jesse Hydro defeated J-Killings at the anniversary pay-per-view Inception of Perfection to become the first champion. Today, five active titles exist in IWF, two world titles, two secondary-the International and X-Treme and the IWF Tag-Team titles.



Redemption is the first, probably most recongizable brand in the IWF. Since the beginning it was owned and written by Rick Death, the chairman of IWF. With the new members and the brand expansion, half of the members went to the new brand Sacrifice and with the wave of new members in autumn 2011, a third brand Collision was created. Today, the IWF World Heavyweight Championship and the International Championship are exclusive to Redemption. So far, all of the hall of famer's started on the Monday night show, and has been helped as a brand majorly backstage by IWF President, Hornet.



Sacrifice is the second brand in IWF, founded as there were too many members on Redemption.Initially it was thought Mr. CT would write for it, however it was firstly owned by Jack Zeiggler, then by Warrior V1. Throughout both writer's reigns, Ringo Magnum has been consultant. Today the newly established IWF Championship and the X-Treme Championship are exclusive to Sacrifice. The show airs weekly on a Friday.



Collision first began as a weekly show, featuring random superstars with random matches. After there wasn't much interest the show stopped, but in September/October 2011 many members joined IWF and they were all but on Collision, that's how Collision became a brand. It is owned and written by Kid Roy. There are currently no titles exclusive to Collision. Currently, the Collision roster is constantly growing and shrinking by 2's or 3's at a time, because most of the superstars on the brand are either fired or given an opportunity on a brand so they get promoted to a brand, while the inactive ones are released.

Championships and accomplishments


ChampionshipCurrent Champion(s)Date wonEventDefeated
World Heavyweight Championship Dorin Last Show International Warfare Suicidal V.I.P.
International Championship Pook S Last Show InceInternational Warfare Hass the Viper, Davonte Hoskins, Johnny Awesome
IWF Championship BarcaEdge Last Show International Warfare Collin Lightening
X-Treme Championship Pook S Last show International Warfare Hass the Viper, Davonte Hoskins, Johnny Awesome
IWF European Championship The Enigmatic Creature Last Show International Warfare Jesse Hydro, Liam Catterson
IWF Tag-Team Championship Marcuas Spencer and Xtreme Xfactor Last Show International Warfare

Retired Championships

Championship First champion(s)
Final champion(s)
Light Heavyweight Championship Jimmy Extreme J-Killings Came back for the final show and J-Killings defeated Jimmy Extreme/Krauss to win it.
IWF Women's Championship Cameron Ella Ava Destiny Divine The title was retired after the women's division fell apart.
X-Division Championship Blood Matt (Dorin) Kyle Blaze Title merged with the Hardcore Championship.
Hardcore Championship Kyle Blaze The Hitch Came back for the final show and The Hitch defeated The Hornet to win it.

Other accomplishments

AccomplishmentLatest winnerDate won
Rumble War Dorin 2012
Devil's Ladder BarcaEdge 21 January 2012
Ring King Dorin 2011
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