An Interfederation is a community or network of e-federations in affiliation. These networks form, usually by an agreement by the parties or by a pledged vote from a federation's roster, to unite with and unify the e-wrestling world and serve to bring solidification to the overall online community.

Operating also as a league, Interfederations run several multi-federation schedules for tournaments and events involving some members of each organization, and because of much of the interaction involved, it is believed to maintain higher community activity over other kinds of federations.


The first sign of existence of Interfederations became known beginning around the late 90's in the foundation of communities renowned as The Experts, and in the early 2000s, Roughkut and Primetime Central. Such kind of sites obtained more popularity after the new millennium as before that, accordingly to a blog by long-time retired roleplayer Steven "Rough Kut" Hanson, owner of Roughkut, no e-wrestling database type sites were spotted by him in the community before opening his.

Roughkut grew to prominence quickly and revolutionized the entire e-wrestling world and standardized the way it was conducted and presented by offering advice to e-federations and roleplayers in developing their writing skills. As a subsequent result, they have become a household name in e-fedding.

Aside from the aforementioned, other Interfederations have surfaced like Championship Wrestling Council, E-Fed Knights, National e-Wrestling Alliance and the World Fantasy Wrestling Alliance.

Tournaments and Invitationals

As a competition catered to the e-wrestlers, Interfederations sanction tournaments and invitationals that involve members of different federations signing up to fill a certain permitted capacity of participants, and competing to scale the ranks by advancing through rounds for the ultimate prize of winning usually a championship title, seen in arguably the most interactive roleplaying tournament today, The Experts Extreme Tournament. Others that hold tournaments and invitationals are CWC and Roughkut Wrestling.

List of Some Infederations

Interfederations Notes
The Experts Running on and off since 1999, and currently active within E-Fed Knights.
Roughkut Running on and off since 2000, and currently active.
Primetime Central Founded in 2001, and defunct as of 2011.
E-Fed Knights Running since 2008, and currently active.
Championship Wrestling Council Running since 2008, and currently active.
E-Wrestling Magazine Running since 2000, and currently active.
National e-Wrestling Alliance
World Fantasy Wrestling Alliance

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