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IPW Heavyweight Championship belt (July 10-25, 2000; February 25, 2007-Present).

The IPW Heavyweight Championship (formerly the IPW World Heavyweight Championship) was the highest-ranked title in the short-lived Internet Pro Wrestling promotion in July 2000. In February 2007 it was resurrected (without "world" status) by Captain Jeff Silvers to be defended in MFGG Wrestling.


Internet Pro Wrestling

When Silvers created Internet Pro Wrestling in July 2000, he declared himself the first World Heavyweight Champion of the promotion. He would go on to lose the title one day later without having ever successfully defended it. Internet Pro Wrestling would prove to be an extremely short-lived promotion, closing within two weeks of its opening. With the closing of IPW, the IPW World Heavyweight Championship was abandoned. While some records of the title's history (such as the dates of all three reigns) have been found, much of it has been lost to time, and the history of the title before this point is therefore not entirely clear.

Plans were announced in March 2001 to resurrect IPW, and a tournament to declare a new IPW World Heavyweight Champion was announced. These plans never materialized--the resurrection of the e-fed never occurred, and the title remained abandoned.

MFGG Wrestling

On February 21, 2007, Silvers announced that the title would be reactivated and defended in MFGG Wrestling as an auxiliary title. The new champion, Nightwing, was crowned in an Elimination Chamber Match at MFGG Last Chance.

Though the main purpose of the title was to serve as an "auxiliary" championship with no specified rank, it has recently been treated as ranking between the MFGG Internet Championship and the Undisputed World Championship.


Record: Record holder: Record number: Notes:
Most reigns Captain Jeff Silvers Three Captain Jeff Silvers awarded himself the IPW World Heavyweight Championship upon the creation of Internet Pro Wrestling on July 10, 2000. More than six and a half years later, he would hold the title again (this time as the IPW Heavyweight Championship) in MFGG Wrestling when he won it on March 25, 2007. He awarded the title to himself at FGW and became three times champion.
Longest reign DarkRecon Twenty-eight days DarkRecon won the title at April 29, and lost it to Press Start four weeks later.
Shortest reign Captain Jeff Silvers One day Silvers awarded himself the title when he started Internet Pro Wrestling on July 10, 2000. He would lose it the next day to Sargent Dare Bear.


  • Captain Jeff Silvers is the only person to have held the title during its time in IPW and its time in MFGG.
  • The IPW Heavyweight Championship is the only MFGG title to have been defended at shows promoted by Internet Pro Wrestling, MFGG Wrestling, AWN Wrestling (technically an MFGG/AWN interpromotional event), and X-Degeneration.
  • The IPW Heavyweight Championship is the third title officially recognized by MFGG Wrestling without featuring the MFGG initials in its name (the first two being the XD Championship and the Undisputed World Championship).
  • Silvers had originally designed a brand new belt for the reactivation of the IPW Heavyweight Championship in February 2007. The belt was to be presented to the winner of the Elimination Chamber Match, with the old belt never being used. The new belt, which was fully designed before being scrapped, featured a new IPW logo. At the last minute, Silvers decided not to use the new design and instead kept the traditional belt.
  • On the Internet Pro Wrestling website, the IPW World Heavyweight Championship was represented by a photograph of the "Big Gold" WCW World Heavyweight Championship belt with the IPW logo digitally pasted at the top. This image has since been lost, but was reproduced after the MFGG reactivation in the style of other MFGG title belts.

List of champions

Wrestler Date Won Date lost Days as champion Event Notes
Big Daddy Cool (Captain Jeff Silvers) 7.10.00 7.11.00 1 IPW Monday Mayhem #1 As the founder and first wrestler of Internet Pro Wrestling, Silvers declares himself the inaugural IPW World Heavyweight Champion.
Sgt. Dare Bear 7.11.00 7.17.00 6 IPW Deathrow
Psycho 7.17.00 7.25.00 8 IPW Monday Mayhem #2 Internet Pro Wrestling closes on July 25, 2000. It's announced on March 25, 2001 that IPW is being revived with a tournament to be held to crown a new IPW World Heavyweight Champion. The revival never actually occurs, and the title remains vacant and abandoned.
Nightwing 2.25.07 3.11.07 14 MFGG Last Chance On February 21, 2007, MFGG Wrestling booker Captain Jeff Silvers announces that the IPW World Heavyweight Championship will be resurrected (without "world" status) to be defended in MFGG. Nightwing wins an Elimination Chamber Match on February 25 to win the title. The match also includes Captain Jeff Silvers, CloakBass XIII, Dark Yoshi, Julio Cesar F, and Mochant. Beginning March 11, Nightwing is also an MFGG Tag Team Champion (with Press Start).
Dark Yoshi 3.11.07 3.25.07 14 MFGG Aftermath This is an Inferno Match. Dark Yoshi is also an MFGG United States Tag Team Champion (with Suigi) until March 16. Beginning March 16, Dark Yoshi is also the AWN Intercontinental Champion. Beginning March 25, Dark Yoshi is also an MFGG Tag Team Champion (with Suigi). Though he loses the IPW Heavyweight Championship later in the night, he becomes the first person to simultaneously hold an MFGG, AWN, and IPW title.
Captain Jeff Silvers [2] 3.25.07 4.8.07 14 MFGG Explicit Content This is a Buckets of Blood Deathmatch. On March 30, Captain Jeff Silvers becomes an AWN Tag Team Champion (with The Magical Gamer); the titles are retired later that night when AWN Wrestling closes.
Nightwing [2] 4.8.07 4.18.07 10 XD Addiction
Julio Cesar F 4.18.07 4.22.07 4 XD Wednesday Night Sin #2 Julio Cesar F is also an MFGG United States Tag Team Champion (with Suigi) until March 22.
Mochant 4.22.07 4.29.07 7 MFGG Malevolence Mochant is also an MFGG United States Tag Team Champion (with Bolt) until April 26.
DarkRecon 4.29.07 5.27.07 28 MFGG Error 404 3.0 DarkRecon is also an MFGG Tag Team Champion (with Smans Smansy Rodriguez) until May 16.
Press Start 5.27.07 5.30.07 3 MFGG Bloodfare
Dark Yoshi [2] 5.30.07 6.17.07 18 XD Wednesday Night Sin #8 Beginning June 10 Dark Yoshi is also an MFGG United States Tag Team Champion (with DarkRecon) and an MFGG Tag Team Champion (with Suigi).
Smoke 6.17.07 7.1.07 14 MFGG Forsaken Crusade
Über n00ber 7.1.07 7.14.07 13 MFGG Blind Rage This is a Six-Man Ladder Match also featuring Smoke, DarkRecon, Luigiman, Nightwing, and Smans Smansy Rodriguez. n00ber is also an MFGG Tag Team Champion (with Nightwing) until July 14..
Esteban 7.14.07 7.26.07 12 MFGG Hell on Earth This is a Ladder Match. The IPW Heavyweight Championship is retired on July 26, 2007, when MFGG booker Captain Jeff Silvers officially closes MFGG Wrestling.
Captain Jeff Silvers [3] 12.18.07 ? ? FGW Full Throttle #13 After being "screwed" twice out of matches for the FGW World Heavyweight Championship (with the second match resulting in Silvers' being barred from a title match as long as Kid Koopa remained champion), Silvers re-activated the IPW World Heavyweight Championship in Forum Games Wrestling, calling the IPW Title the only "legitimate" world championship and calling Kid Koopa a "pretender to the throne." The previous night, the championship belt had been reported as "stolen" from the MFGG Wrestling Museum. It should be noted that the IPW World Heavyweight Championship is not officially recognized by FGW. There is no information when Silvers lost it.

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