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Jose Tavarez
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Billing information
Ring name(s) The True Artist
The Influencer of Innovation
HP Grandmaster
Height 6 ft. 1 in.
Weight 235 lb.
Born {{{born}}}
Hometown Flag of the United States.png Bronx, New York
Theme music "Renegade" by Jay-Z and Eminem
Affiliation(s) Innovative Initiative
Federation(s) Full Metal Wrestling
Brand(s) {{{brand}}}
Previous federations
Wrestling information
Alignment Tweener
Wrestling style Unorthodox/Technical/Lucha/Submission
Finisher(s) {{{finisher}}}
Will • Create moves on the spot
• Be straightedge
• Always try to end a match using one of his finishers
• Hold grudges
Won't • End a match with a roll-up or non-damaging pin move
• Use someone else's finisher
• Use a finisher more more than one after a successful execution
• Trust or tolerate cock-jockeys
Trainer Self Taught
Professional career
Debut October 18, 2006 (FMW 1.2)
Record 18-15-1
Accomplishments Full Metal Champion
FMW C-4 Champion
FMW TNT Champion

Hostyle (born November 7, 1983) is an American professional e-wrestler. He currently wrestles on the Anarchy brand of Full Metal Wrestling (FMW), where he reigns as the current Full Metal Champion. In FMW he is a former 2 time FMW C-4 Champion and FMW TNT Champion.


To put it in the simplest way possible, Hostyle is a show off in the ring. And his way of showing off consists of his innovative, stylish, and always expanding arsenal of moves, which he enjoys revealing to the fans. What he does in the ring he considers an art. He does it all for the roar of the crowd, and feeds off the contentment that they exhibit whenever they come to witness him expose his bag of tricks. He’s always trying to come up w/ new moves to display in his matches, and is very well rounded when it comes to wrestling styles. Because of this and his ability to adjust to any style, it makes him one of the most unpredictable competitors to face. One mistake and you could be in for one hell of a reversal. He has joined the FMW to unleash his “creative juices” on his next guinea pigs.

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The Past


LPW [Formerly: Psychotic Wrestling Alliance]

The Present (FMW)

In wrestling

Primary Finisher

  • "Hostyle Hysteria UNO"- Over-the-Shoulder Back-to-Belly Inverted Bulldog Brainbuster (feint Kryptonite Krunch, toss opponent's legs back and simultaneously fall forward, driving victim's head onto the canvas); "Hostyle Hysteria DOS"- Springboard Backflip Inverted Bulldog Headlock into Inverted Bulldog DDT (for bigger/heavier opponents; modified Shiranui)

Secondary Finishers

  • "Capicu"- Cloverleaf Belly-to-Back Inverted Matslam into Cloverleaf/Leg Wrap Double Chickenwing hybrid (will sometimes hit a Cloverleaf Powerbomb beforehand for added measure)
  • "Creative Impulse"- Pumphandle Floating DDT (Hostyle lifts his opponent up for the Pumphandle Drop, and flips their body over on the wrist clutch side, while still holding onto his/her arm, causing their body to go from a face-up to a face-down position in midair, in which would Hostyle then grab the opponent's head, dropping them into a DDT)
  • "Hostyle Affliction"- Leg-Wrap Double Chickenwing w/ Crossface (sit on the back of a face-down opponent, wrap legs around his/her arms [Lotus position], apply Crossface, then roll onto his back w/ hold applied)
  • "Hostyle Asphyxiation"- Bridging Back-to-Back Cobra Clutch (opponent face-down on canvas: Hostyle overhooks the left arm, and grabs the opponent's left wrist to lock in an Arm-trap, then rolls onto the victim's back for the bridge, and pulls, arching the opponent's back)
  • "Hostyle Hemorrhage"- Double Arm Canadian Backbreaker rotated into a Floating Double Arm DDT
  • "Hostyle High Dive"- Imploding Somersault Guillotine Legdrop

Ultraviolent Finishers

  • "Hostyle Humiliation"- Steel Chair Frontpack* Flying Curbstomp (set opponent up in the Shattered Dreams, place opened chair over his/her head in the Frontpack* position, climb the top turnbuckle, pull victim's arms back and place foot behind his/her head, then leap off to complete the flying Curbstomp)

Championships and accomplishments


  • Aside from his wrestling talents, Hostyle also has artistic abilities, as well.
  • On Alchemy 6.2, Hostyle was awarded the vacant TNT Championship by Jaro, making him the first ever dual champ in FMW history.
  • Hostyle destroyed the now defunct TNT title at Alchemy 6.3.
  • Hostyle is the longest reigning C-4 Champion to date.
  • Hostyle became the second ever 2 time C-4 Champion at Lethal Injection 2.
  • Hostyle became the first ever C-4 Champion to successfully defend the title for each one of his reigns at Anarchy 7.1.


  • "Back to the drawing board for you, Cock-Jockey!"
  • "Innovation is my Salvation!"
  • "Innovation over Imitation!"


  • "Cock-Jockey"
  • "Cock-Jockeyitis"
  • "Doperageous/Dopetacular/Dopetastic"
  • "Frumunda-Munch"
  • "Hater Fellater"
  • "Hostyle Highlight"
  • "HP Honor Rollee"
  • "H-Style Points"
  • "OWNation/OWNihilat(ed/ion)"
  • "PWNdiferous"
  • Tard variants: "Cocktard/Cuntard/Douchetard/Fagtard"
  • "Vagi-bond"

Match History

Result Record Partner(s) Opponent(s) Event Date Notes Promo Score
zLoss 18-15-1 Chris Kelson HavOc Anarchy 8.3 May 24, 2009 Tag Team Title match (Normal) 8.37/10
zWin 18-14-1 None The Celt Anarchy 8.2 April 26, 2009 Normal singles match (Gold Card Gauntlet Qualifier) 8.32/10
zWin 17-14-1 Chris Kelson The Fighting Irish & B.U.G.G.E.R.S. Anarchy 8.1 March 20, 2009 #1 Contenders match (Triple Threat Elimination Tag match) 8.32/10
zLoss 16-14-1 None Drew Michaels Catalyst February 9, 2009 C-4 Title match (Maximum C-4) 8.5/10
zLoss 16-13-1 Janus Flare Drew Michaels & Wraith Alchemy 7.4 January 12, 2009 Normal tag match 8.1/10
zLoss 16-12-1 Chris Kelson Hannibal Frost & Chris Austin Anarchy 7.3 November 26, 2008 Normal tag match 8.1/10
zLoss 16-11-1 None 30 other participants Circus Maximus 2 October 16, 2008 Mt. Vesuvius match 8.33/10
zWin 16-10-1 None "Radical" Chris Austin Anarchy 7.1 September 22, 2008 C-4 title match (Normal singles) 8.28/10
zWin 15-10-1 None Hannibal Frost Lethal Injection 2 August 10, 2008 C-4 Title match (Normal singles) 8.12/10
zLoss 14-10-1 None Hannibal Frost (Winner), Neutron Star, Dalby Sound Supremacy July 21, 2008 C-4 title match (Fatal 4-way Elimination) 8.47/10
zWin 14-9-1 None Hannibal Frost Alchemy 6.3 June 13, 2008 Normal singles match 7.88/10
zWin 13-9-1 Neutron Star & Mass Caesar King Guiomar, Hannibal Frost and The Masked Marvel Alchemy 6.2 May 21, 2008 6-Man Tag match 7.4/10
zWin 12-9-1 None King Guiomar & Mass Caesar Alchemy 6.1 April 28, 2008 C-4 Title match (Triple Threat) 8.03/10
zDraw 11-9-1 Neutron Star Various Underground 6.1 April 25, 2008 Tag Team Scramble ?/10
zWin 11-9 None Dalby Sound Death Row 2 March 19, 2008 C-4 Title match (Normal) 7.9/10
zWin 10-9 None Nick Rijkaard Alchemy 5.4 February 19, 2008 Normal singles match 8/10
zWin 9-9 Dr. David Diabolical Janus Flare & King Guiomar Alchemy 5.2 December 30, 2007 Normal tag match 7.8/10
zWin 8-9 None King Guiomar Alchemy 5.1 December 3, 2007 C-4 Title match (Capture the Flag) 7.83/10
zWin 7-9 None Janus Flare Ultimatum 1 November 7, 2007 First Blood match 4.25/5
zLoss 6-9 Neutron Star, SoCal Connection, & Dalby Sound Commedia dell'arte, Janus Flare, King Guiomar, and Sheepster Alchemy 4.4 October 19, 2007 10 Man Tag Team Elimination match 4.25/5
zLoss 6-8 None King Guiomar Alchemy 4.3 September 24, 2007 Normal singles match 4.17/5
zLoss 6-7 None Sheepster No Holds Barred 1 August 28, 2007 Ultimate Cock-Jockey Challenge 4.1/5
zWin 6-6 None Eric Scorpio Ground Zero July 19, 2007 I Quit match 4.15/5
zWin 5-6 None Eric Scorpio Alchemy 3.4 July 1, 2007 Normal singles match 4.18/5
zLoss 4-6 None Prince of Pretty Alchemy 3.3 June 13, 2007 Prince's Farewell match 4.02/5
zLoss 4-5 None 29 other participants Circus Maximus 1 May 14, 2007 Mt. Vesuvius match N/A
zLoss 4-4 None Eric Scorpio (Winner), Prince of Pretty, Korran Halycon, The Sublime, & Robert Lillehammer Alchemy 3.1 April 27, 2007 Battle Royal for the #30 entry spot to the Mt. Vesuvius match at Circus Maximus 4/5
zWin 4-3 Prince of Pretty Significant Others Lethal Injection 1 April 7, 2007 Tag Team rematch 4.03/5
zWin 3-3 None Diddly Fusion Alchemy 2.3 February 13, 2007 Normal singles match 3.97/5
zWin 2-3 Prince of Pretty Significant Others Alchemy 2.2 January 23, 2007 Normal tag match 4/5
zLoss 1-3 Flare SoCal Connection (Winners), Revolution, MWA, Ties of Blood Death Row 1 December 5, 2006 Tag Team Title Crowning match 4.22/5
zLoss 1-2 None cYnical FMW 1.4 November 16, 2006 Second Round of the Full Metal Heavyweight Championship tournament 4.14/5
zLoss 1-1 cYnical Ethan Black & Takeover FMW 1.3 November 2, 2006 Normal tag match 3.95/5
zWin 1-0 None Zuma FMW 1.2 October 18, 2006 First Round of the Full Metal Heavyweight Championship tournament 3.72/5
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