The HiWF International Title is the second most prestigious title of the HiWF Federation. Designated for those who are almost Main Event quality, but not quite there yet. It was created in the year 2002 on the basis of the ideal of the mindset of owner Eric Böhringer.

Current Champion

The current reigning HiWF International Champion is Brandon Thornton. In his first reign as champion, Brandon took the title from the rising star in Troy at the annual event "Jealousy" on July 1, 2007.

Title History

Wrestler: Times: Date: Notes:
X 1 May 18, 2002 X defeated both Smirfey and Jason Arntel to become the first ever HiWF International Champion at Hatred.
Shawn Tryant 1 June 1, 2002 Defeated X at WrestleFest 1 to win his first and only International title.
Brent Gibson 1 July 3, 2002 Defeats Kevin Powers on an episode of Turmoil for his only title reign.
Jason Arntel 2 July 24, 2002 Defeats Gibson at Rage for his first of two reigns. Jason Arntel was the first HiWF Wrestler to have multiple reigns as International Champion
3 October 2, 2002 Scrap Metal becomes the first ever 3 time champion. Retired shortly after the conclusion of the match, therefore making the title vacant.
Lee Diesal 2 October 5, 2002 Captured his second World title defeating X and Jason Arntel to crown a new World champion at Jealousy.
X 1 October 11, 2002 Smallest wrestler to ever be crowned champion. Won the title from Diesal at a taping of Turmoil.
Charles Grayz 1 February 7, 2003 After the closing of the HiWF, the "Invasion" was ended when DiWF superstar Charles Grayz defeated X at DiWF Judgment Day. The HiWF World title is declared dead.
Stevo 1 August 3, 2003 Stevo captures his first and only HiWF World title by winning the second ever Last Man Standing.
Shawn Tryant 1 October 8, 2003 Considered by many as the greatest HiWF Champion ever, Shawn Tryant's first and only reign is the longest in HiWF history. It lasted an unprecedented 37 events.
Wolverine 1 January 25, 2004 DiWF legend Wolverine ended the streak of Tryant and captured his only HiWF World title at the Gauntlet PPV. His reign would only last for one match though.
Michael Harliquin 1 January 25, 2004 Harliquin's fist and only reign was the finals of the HiWF Gauntlet tournament. Considered to be the next great thing of the HiWF, he dethroned legendary Wolverine to walk away with the World title.
Unforgiven Soul 1 February 15, 2004 Soul's first reign as World champion was also his 100th match, the first to reach that mark. He was considered an upset victor in this battle at the first and only St. Valentine's Day Massacre PPV. This is also the third longest reign in HiWF history, 22 events.
Rayne 1 April 26, 2004 The only female wrestler to ever capture the gold. She defeated Soul at the Excessive Force Pay-Per-View, but would eventually depart from the company due to personal issues, therefore making the title once again Vacant.
Solidus 1 June 9, 2004 Solidus' first and only reign as World Champion came in the finals of the Gauntlet PPV. He defeated future champion, at time rookie, Legacy, in the finals.
Unforgiven Soul 2 July 25, 2004 Soul's second reign as champion began when he defeated both Solidus and Kevin Powers at the Last Man Standing PPV.
X 2 August 29, 2004 X's second reign as World Champion began at the Summer Sizzler PPV when he defeated both Soul and Powers.
Josef Himmler 1 September 26, 2004 Himmler's first reign as champion began when he defeated X in the Main Event of WrestleFest 3. It was the second time the title changed hands at the "Granddaddy of the All". The title was shortly after declared Vacant once again when Himmler destroyed the original version of the title.
Kevin Powers 1 October 24, 2004 More of a falsified title reign. Never actually defeating anyone for the title, Powers' reign is considered a mockery of being an actual champion. Seen as a failure as champion, his only reign was short lived.
Brandon Thornton 1 December 12, 2004 The longest reigning champion as far as time elapsed is concerned. Thornton's EIGHT MONTH reign started at the first ever Devil's Playground PPV inside the Pentagram Match.
Cherokee Warrior 2 July 24, 2005 Warrior ended the longest reign in HiWF history with a shocking upset. The victory was at the Michael Williams Memorial Show.
Vincent Faust 1 September 4, 2005 Faust's only reign as champion came the night of WrestleFest IV. In a Double Defense style, the first defense came against Faust where he captured his only reign as champion. It is tied for shortest in HiWF history.
"TNT" Nick Stevenson 1 September 4, 2005 The second World title match of the night came at the end of the night, the Main Event of WrestleFest IV. Stevenson defeated Vincent Faust to begin his first reign as World Champion.
Phil Botwin 1 October 31, 2005 Botwin defeated four other men to capture his only World title reign inside the second ever Pentagram Match at Devil's Playground II.
Legacy 1 January 1, 2006 The oldest World champion ever, Legacy took on Phil Botwin at Hatred and took home his first ever World title.
Brandon Thornton 2 March 26, 2006 Thornton took on his master and trainer in Legacy at Excessive Force. He won in what some called a "Passing of the Torch" for his second World title reign.
"TNT" Nick Stevenson 2 May 7, 2006 Nick's second reign started at the Revenge PPV. He defeated long time rival Thornton for the championship.
Steve Southward 1 June 8, 2006 In the first round of a month long World title gauntlet, Steve Southward captured his first and only long overdue World title reign at the first round match on a weekly episode of Turmoil.
Unforgiven Soul 3 June 15, 2006 Soul's third reign, the second man to ever obtain that feat, started the second week of the month long gauntlet for the title.
Josef Himmler 2 July 2, 2006 Himmler became a two time champion at the Jealousy PPV after defeating Unforgiven Soul. His second reign would actually last this time, as he desired the title rather than wanting to destroy it.
Legacy 2 September 24, 2006 In the Main Event of WrestleFest V the long awaited match that had been building for almost an entire year, Legacy took on Josef Himmler in the Main Event.
Tj Jones 1 October 12, 2006 Tj Jones' only reign, the longest awaited as far as match count goes, was seen as a break through event. He took home the World gold on an episode of Turmoil.
Legacy 3 October 20, 2006 Legacy took back his World title to become the third man for a 3rd World title reign when he defeated Jones at the next televised Turmoil.
Josef Himmler 3 February 25, 2007 In a WrestleFest rematch, long overdue and long awaited, Himmler dethroned Legacy to become the fourth man to hold the HiWF World title for a third time. The event was the PPV, CrimsoN MasK.
"TNT" Nick Stevenson* 3 March 25, 2006 In a Department of Compliance/Fourth Reich full scale war, the newest member of the DoC, Nick Stevenson, took home his 3rd reign as champion, the fifth man and last to become World champion. The victory came at the PPV, Excessive Force.

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