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Happy Sunshine Wrestling Federation is the current developmental territory for the Omega Wrestling Alliance and United Wrestling Federation.


The Happy Sunshine Wrestling Federation or HSWF was a federation created by IWO handlers to prepare upcoming wrestlers for the Omega Wrestling Alliance. The HSWF was briefly brought in by IWO writers in what was considered to be one of the IWO's better angles of that year.

HSWF in review


As of 2008 the HSWF serves as a developmental territory for the Omega Wrestling Alliance and the United Wrestling Federation. With wrestlers weekly appearing in OWA's and UWF's dark matches and House shows. Starting in 2009, both the Happy Sunshine Wrestling Federation and the Omega Wrestling Alliance will cease partnership as developmental territory agreements and becomes the second and third developmental territories for the United Wrestling Federation.


In January 2009, the United Wrestling Federation, drafted itself for its' three brands and three developmental territories.

Wait. No, it's not.

HSWF is not a developmental territory for OWA or whatever. No one even knows what OWA or whatever is. It's probably run by Joe Mielo or Dan Kordic. REMEMBER DAN KORDIC?! HSWF 4 EVA. OW OW!