Global Wrestling Alliance
Official Logo of GWA circa 2018
Founded 2018
Type Angle with original characters
Style Professional wrestling
Sports entertainment
Headquarters Dallas, Texas
Founder(s) James Morgan Sr. Jason Voight
Owner(s) James Morgan Sr. Jason Voight
Parent NLB Inc.

Global Wrestling Alliance (GWA) is an American professional wrestling promotion founded in 2018 by African-American entrepreneur and former United States Senator James Omari Morgan Sr. and Television Executive Jason Voight . The company is ran through Voight's television company Next Level Broadcasting Inc..

The company produces their product via Pay-Per-View style supercards. They host at least one a month and currently have plans to start a two hour television show on September 1, 2018 in primetime.


Businessman and former U.S. Senator to Texas James Morgan Sr. decided to expand his business ventures to include the entertainment industry by choosing to become a wrestling promoter. Failing to find an organization suiting his needs, Morgan chose to create his own company starting with purchasing property in Dallas, Texas to build an appropriate area for the company's headquarters. Morgan then brought former employees from various wrestling promotions including the likes of Jason Voight, who is known for his connections within the wrestling business along with his wealth to help establish a company within professional wrestling. After creating his own production team of writers and cameramen while hiring a bevy of backstage and on-screen employees, Morgan finally built his roster after consulting with Luis Rodriguez, who was also a trainer operating his own developmental school.

Initially, the working title of the company's name was going to be Worldwide Wrestling Association as neither Morgan nor Voight had thought of creating the promotion's epithet. But after reconsidering, he chose to brand his newly operated wrestling company as Global Wrestling Alliace. The art logo was created by a local artist upon the commissioning of Morgan.

On July 29, 2018 GWA will host its first supercard event entitled Start of A Revolution, which the show will include the crowning of the inaugural titleholder for all of the championships.



GWA will begin airing Adrenaline on September 1, 2018 through Next Level Broadcasting Channels. The promotion broadcasts each two-hour show every Saturday evening at 7pm ET/ 6pm CT. The broadcast team of Adrenaline includes Cyrus Fees and Kevin Kelly as the show's commentating duo, Emily Cole as the interviewer and Mitch MaCoy as the ring announcer.


Month Event Name Main Event
July GWA Start of A Revolution Austin Aries vs. Adam Page for GWA Global Heavyweight Championship
August GWA Vendetta
August GWA Stacked
September GWA Glory Road
October GWA Live and Let Die
November GWA Day of Reckoning
December GWA Final Fight

Championships and accomplishments

Current champions

Championship Current champion(s) Event Previous champion(s)
GWA Global Heavyweight Championship Austin Aries Start of A Revolution Vacant
GWA Global Tag Team Championship Bullet Club Start of A Revolution Vacant
GWA Womens Championship Barbi Hayden Start of A Revolution Vacant

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