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Giovanna Bartuzzinni
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Giovanna Bartuzzinni]]
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Ring Names Mafia Princess, Sicilian Goddess, Sweet Italian Angel, Gia, Golden Goddess
Height 5'8"
Weight 140 lbs
Date of birth March 17, 1978
Place of birth Catania Sicily
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Miami Florida
Billed from Catania Sicily Italy
Ring of Beauty, Championship Wrestling Federation, Blood Alliance Championship Wrestling,
International Female Wrestling Federation, Ladies International Wrestling Alliance, World Womens Wrestling League
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Giovanna Bartuzzinni is a Sicilian born female pro wrestler. She has wrestled in several all women's feds as well as some mixed feds since 1998.


Giovanna Chiara Bartuzzinni was born March 17, 1978 in Catania Sicily Italy. She has a younger sister Santina, who also wrestles and is part of the tag team Bartuzzinni sisters as well as an older half sister Allessia Bartuzzinni Di'Angelo on her father's side, who also recently started wrestling. Giovanna's mother died when she was very young and her father died when she was 16, leaving herself and her younger sister to fend for themselves. They were very financially secure as their father owned several businesses. Their father was a suspected Mob Boss in Catania, however it was never proven. Giovanna dropped out of highschool after her father passed in 1994. She finally completed her GED in America in 2002. Giovanna has inherited a few of her father's businesses, she has not gone into any detail on which businesses or what they are. She also co-owns a chain of gyms in the Northeastern United States and a few restaurants with her mentor and trainer, who goes by the name Ms. Bellucci.

early career

Shortly after her move from Sicily to Brooklyn New York in 1997, Giovanna was introduced to wrestling by a family friend named Ms. Bellucci. Giovanna trained for a half a year before joining the Brooklyn Wrestling Federation.

International Female Wrestling Federation (2000, 2001, 2003)

Giovanna's first pro wrestling and international gig. The IFWF was Amsterdam Netherlands based, however it held most of its matches in the United States. The IFWF had many reincarnations as it frequently either ran out of money or its owner lost interest in keeping it afloat.


Giovanna was known simply as The Mafia Princess at first, before adding her full name to her nickname later. Giovanna was a very "bad to the bone" character, sort of a female undertaker but with a very sexy edge to her that liked to punish and hurt her opponents. She was undefeated in IFWF until she met the 6'2" 230 lb Holly Ryder. Holly handed Giovanna her first defeat in IFWF in a very one sided match finishing Giovanna off with "The Lonely Ride", which was a top rope version of Undertaker's Last Ride. During her whole IFWF career, she was a heel. She had a valet named Alexandra Capone, who only spoke Italian in interviews and needed a translator. Giovanna didn't speak at all in interviews, just stood in the background while Alexandra did the talking similar to Paul Bearer and the Undertaker. This was also because Giovanna did not know too much English at the time. She often dressed in stereotype Mafia outfits coming to the ring, a black trench coat, fedora and sunglasses. She would wrestle in a halter top and thong combo, usually black leather or black with white pinstripe. Her now famous Italian flag color top and thong combo was debuted in her match against Holly Ryder. This was the start of her infamous history of wearing thongs to her matches.

Titles Held

IFWF World Championship (March 2003 - June 2003)- Won a 30 woman battle royal to win the belt. Giovanna lost the belt to Lisa Dream via Headscissors DDT and pinfall

IFWF Tag titles (July 2003 - retired)- Giovanna and Santina Bartuzzinni won the tag titles from the Sexy Ladies. The Fed folded a final time during their reign. They still possess the IFWF titles.

Notable Feuds

Mitzi and Sunny McKay,Holly Ryder,&nbsp Jeanette Lansdale Lisa Dream

SWEET (2000-2001)

Short Lived Fed for Giovanna. During the three months it was open, Giovanna and her sister held the tag titles twice, each once with different partners.

Championship Wrestling Federation (2000-2005, 2006, 2008-present)

Giovanna's first major league mixed wrestling federation. She is often regarded to as one of the CWF originals along with her sister, Jenna Levinsky, Jennifer Noetzel, Jenny and Linda Anderson and Lexxy Draiven. Giovanna and Santina joined in December 2000, when IFWF closed its doors the first time and the CWF mass recruited from there. They wrestled in CWF until summer 2005 after contract negotiations failed. Giovanna returned in August 2006 as a wrestler briefly, before wrestling her last match in the Infamous Showgirl match incident. Giovanna would valet for Grant Ralton after that until she mysteriously disappeared in late 2006. Santina did not join her in 2006. Giovanna and Santina finally returned to the CWF in July 2008 holding the tag team titles two more times

Gimmicks and History

When Giovanna and Santina first joined the CWF in December 2000, they once again played out the Mafia angle. At the time the CWF took over two smaller wrestling federations and the angle was played out that CWF owner Joe Levinsky borrowed money from the "Bartuzzinni Family" Mafia Organization to buy these federations. They first appeared as mysterious women handing Joe Levinsky money from a limo before they began making appearances backstage at events. Both Bartuzzinnis were having an onscreen only affair with the much older Levinsky and had battles with Joe Levinsky's daughter Jenna. Giovanna would hold the world title for a few weeks then

The Mafia angle lasted until September 2001. Right after 9/11 the Bartuzzinnis made a babyface turn and jumped on the Patriotic bandwagon as honest hard working Sicilian Americans that loved their new adopted country.

Giovanna was more popular as a badgirl and her babyface run did not last. She also proved that she could not be trusted and turned on her sister in December 2001 starting a feud between the Bartuzzinni sisters. In a bigger shocking turn, Giovanna began teaming with her long time enemy Jenna Levinsky to form Women Inc. Giovanna's popularity blossomed in CWF at this time as she was now a top heel and main eventing at times over the men's matches. Her sister began to fade in popularity as she fell to low card status in a similar comparison to Shawn Michaels and Marty Janetty. Giovanna's new angle with Jenna was that they were closet lesbians. Little hints were dropped in the ring and vignettes that showed that they were lesbians. Giovanna would run this storyline of Women Inc from December 2001 until April 2003, when Giovanna had to take time off from the CWF for back problems. Giovanna would hold the world title twice during this time and the tag titles with Jenna Levinsky.

When Giovanna returned to the CWF in August 2003, she had reunited with her sister. They both made their reappearance in Jenna Levinsky's match dressed like ninjas and aiding Jenna to victory. Jenna had made her face turn prior to the Bartuzzinnis returning and Bartuzzinnis would also attempt a face run again. This time it would be more successful. In this storyline, Giovanna and Jenna came out of the closet about their love for each other and had a lesbian wedding at a CWF Pay Per View event. They changed their name from Women Inc to Goddess Inc at this time as a powerful three woman stable. This storyline lasted until April 2004 when Bartuzzinnis both had to take a leave of absence for a couple months for separate nagging injuries. Giovanna and Santina would hold their first tag title reign during this time.

When Bartuzzinni sisters returned to the CWF again in July 2004, they would once again fall to the dark side and turn on Jenna Levinsky. Giovanna would say that the Lesbian wedding was just a publicity stunt and then began being seen around Jenna's ex-husband (still real husband at the time) and openly having an affair onstage. This started a major feud with Jenna Levinsky once again. The feud with Jenna continued on until June 2005. Giovanna's new gimmick was that of an evil backstabber. The Bartuzzinnis would feud with Jenna and her new found lover Sarah Glory, another onscreen ex lover of Grant Ralton and Andrea Chandler, a muscular Amazon woman, who is said to be Jenna's real life lover. Due to a contract dispute, Giovanna and Santina decided that they needed time off, not only from the CWF but from wrestling in general. Giovanna and Santina would have another tag title reign before they left dropping the belts to Jenna Levinsky and Sarah Glory. They then agreed to give rising star Andrea Chandler a big push by (squash) jobbing to her in a handicap match. The two sisters would be woman handled then stacked for a pin. The last that was seen of them was the two of them being hauled off on the same stretcher still stacked.

In July 2006, Giovanna made a comeback to the CWF, while Santina did not. However Giovanna only wrestled a couple matches in the CWF in 2006 leading up to the Infamous Showgirl match to be explained later. After this match Giovanna returned to being Grant Ralton's girlfriend and valet. In December 2006 Giovanna mysteriously disappeared as other CWF wrestlers claimed to have witnessed a major real altercation between Giovanna and Jenna backstage. The CWF office denies these allegations, however Giovanna would not be seen in a CWF ring or even mentioned until July 2008.

In July 2008 the Bartuzzinnis made their return in a big way. Not only did Giovanna and Santina return, but they brought along three new Italian women. One, which is their real life half sister Allessia Bartuzzinni DiAngelo, who made her American debut in the CWF ring as well as her cousin Francesca Peretti, who also had her American debut in the CWF. The fifth woman, Giulianna Pellegrino also was new to the CWF, however had been wrestling for a year in Seattle based league called the Blood Alliance Championship Wrestling that the Bartuzzinnis belonged to. The Bartuzzinnis brought back the Mafia gimmick and look (Giovanna's famous black leather halter top with Mafia Princess on it and matching thong).

The CWF Jenna feud and 'kayfabe' issues-

Giovanna and Jenna Levinsky have been top rivals in the CWF since Giovanna joined in 2000. Many wrestling circles believe that this is the top women's feud of all time. However, it was not until recent that it was known that there were some serious real life issues between Giovanna and Jenna. Former CWF talent agent Bill Elton's book "Sirens of Scandal, The True Story of the Most Successful Women's Division in Wrestling" discusses a lot of the stuff that the fans didn't see between Giovanna and Jenna.

Giovanna and Jenna had too many matches to count over the years from 2000-2009. Some matches took place with both women as heels, some with Giovanna as the face and Jenna as the heel or vice versa. Giovanna and Jenna even teamed up or were allies from the end of 2001 until mid 2004. The feud at first was a normal feud with the two women putting on a great match in the ring. Being as popular as their matches were, Giovanna and Jenna then teamed up creating one of the most powerful women's tag teams and stables known as Women Inc. At first there were subtle hints of lesbianism between the two, then the hints became less subtle, until they had a Lesbian marriage on Pay Per View. Jenna Levinsky is Bi in real life, while Giovanna is straight. Elton discusses how Giovanna was very uncomfortable with the angle. From mid 2004 to mid 2005, the Jenna and Giovanna feud started up again, this time there was some real bad blood between them. Most of the matches were shoot matches, both using some very stiff hits between them. The tag titles changed hands on a couple of occasions between the Bartuzzinni Sisters and the team of Jenna and Sarah Glory. Giovanna and Santina took time off from the CWF due to contract disputes in 2005, but Giovanna returned by herself during the summer of 2006 as a valet for Jenna's ex-husband Grant Ralton. Giovanna only wrestled a couple matches, one of those being the infamous show girl match that Giovanna to this day regrets doing. Many believe that the showgirl match was the reason she disappeared again from the CWF with no notice of leaving, but there are a few others that claim that there was a real backstage confrontation between Giovanna and Jenna that got out of hand. Giovanna returned in Fall of 2008, once again had a few matches with Jenna but the feud this time did not take off. Some believe that the two are not allowed in the ring together due to their real life hatred for each other and the risk of liabilities should those two meet. Giovanna has also been busy with a feud since with Lexxy Draiven and the infamous hair vs hair match with Jezebel Fyre.

Other notable fueds

Lexxy Draiven, Sarah Glory, Jennifer Noetzel, Jenny and Linda Anderson, Andrea Chandler, Sasha Hopkins, Mary Jane aka Jezebel Fyre, Salameh Ali

CWF title reigns

CWF Women's World Title: Won the Women's title Feb 2001 in a women's battle royal when Jenny Anderson celebrated prematurely and stepped out over the top rope eliminating herself while Giovanna was still in the ring having been put in the tree of woe earlier by Jenna Levinsky. Giovanna lost women's title in a falls count anywhere match to Jenna Levinsky.

CWF Women's World Title: Giovanna beat Wildcat Jennifer Noetzel in December 2001 via Sicilian Sunset backflip moonsault. Giovanna lost the women's title in July 2002 to Alexis Fairchild in a cage match via piledriver through cage.

CWF Women's World Title: Beat Alexis Fairchild in a ladder match via "Concrete Overcoat" off of ladder in August 2002. Lost to Sasha Hopkins in ladder match when Sasha gorilla pressed Giovanna off of ladder and threw her out of the ring and grabbed the belt in April 2003.

CWF Women's Tag Title (with Jenna Levinsky): Beat Sasha and Amber in February 2001 via brass knuckles hidden in Giovanna's thong. Lost to:

CWF Women's Tag Title (with Santina) Beat Salameh Ali and Mary Jane in December 2003 with outside help from Jenna Levinsky. Lost to:

CWF Women's Tag Title (with Santina) Beat Jenna Levinsky and Sarah Glory in tournamen in December 2004 via brass knuckles in Giovanna's thong on Sarah Glory. Lost to Jenna Levinsky and Sarah Glory May 2005 via Sarah's "Wedgie Bomb" (Last Ride Powerbomb) on Giovanna.

CWF Women's Tag Title (with Santina) Beat Melissa Daniels and Heather Burnside with Giovanna hitting Sicilian Sunset on Heather in August 2008. They lost the belts to Linda and Jenny Anderson May 2009 via double "Twin Booby Splashes"

CWF Women's Tag Title (with Santina) beat the Andersons via cheating methods in February 2010, they lost the belts to Jessica and Tiffany Anderson via small package.

EFWO (2001-2002)

Giovanna and Santina Bartuzzinni joined the EFWO, known as the E Federation World Order in March 2001. They seemed to struggle a lot in getting wins against the established wrestlers and even lost a handicap match against Baby Doll Bradley, which ended with them getting "deported" in April 2001. In reality, the Bartuzzinnis were having problems with their greencards, but that was taken care of and they returned to the EFWO by May. Again they struggled to get wins, but as a surprise angle they would become tag title holders after they melted down the J Cup, after the women's tag team J Cup tournament and made them into the belts. They would be the first women's tag team title holders there. They would later take part in a tag team women's gauntlet and drop the tag team titles to the Kliq (Baby Doll Bradley and Mercedes). After a couple failed attempts to win the TV title, Giovanna did win the U.S. title, but then lost it a few weeks later to Kemina Estella. Giovanna remained face in the EFWO, while Santina was made into a heel but underused and did not face Giovanna. Giovanna would win the Intercontinental belt from the Heart Break Chick and lose it to Star Shine Down in a pay per view. Shortly after that Giovanna and her sister would have many problems with EFWO management, however so would many of the other women in EFWO. Many women viewed the EFWO as sexist as there were cases of sexual harassment with the owner of EFWO. Giovanna, Santina along with her long time rivals Babydoll Bradley and Mercedes, which became known as the backstage KLIQ formed an all women's league LIWA in 2002.


Started out as stuck up models from Sicily, with some mobster overtones. The Mafia gimmick got a little stronger after the "Green Card" angle before Giovanna made a face turn shortly after 9-11. Once again like her CWF angle after 9-11, she was portrayed as a hard working Italian trying hard to fit in the USA along with the becoming a citizen. Giovanna kept that gimmick the rest of her duration with EFWO and into her moving to the LIWA.

title reigns

EFWO women's tag titles (July 2001 - Sept 2001) The Bartuzzinnis were the first official holders as the belts were pretty much given to them to start. The Bartuzzinnis would drop the tag titles in a 7 tag team gauntlet match when they faced Babydoll Bradley and Mercedes. Mercedes hit a Diamond Cutter on Santina off of Babydoll's shoulders and pinned her while Giovanna was trapped in the tree of woe.

EFWO Women's U.S. Title(December 2001 - February 2002) - Beat Tali with the Senzafine. She lost the belt to Kemina Estella after a powerbomb

EFWO Women's Intercontinental Title (March 2002 - May 2002) - Beat Heartbreak Chick with the Sicilian Sunset. Lost to Star Shine Down after being tombstoned from a ladder in a ladder match

notable fueds

Jessica, Babydoll Bradley, Mercedes, Tali

Ladies International Wrestling Alliance (2002-2004)

Formed by Giovanna, Babydoll Bradley and Mercedes as well as several of the other women that left EFWO together disgusted with the sexist management. Santina had taken the last few months off in EFWO and didn't join LIWA until a couple months after LIWA started while she was wrestling in Japan. The LIWA lasted until mid 2005 before closing its doors with Santina the last world title holder and Giovanna's cousins Lisa and Maria Cazzenotti the last tag title holders. Giovanna teamed with Carmen D as the Italian Stallionettes when LIWA started in Auguest 2002, briefly wearing a luchadore type mask. A feud with the Daughters of Darkness (Devilish Dame,Vampyre Vixen) led to a kidnapping angle, where Giovanna escaped her captors but Carmen D had Stockholm Syndrome and became one of them changing her name to Sinful Senorita. Giovanna and her two (real life) identical twin cousins) Lisa and Maria Cazzenotti (debuted in the EFWO but were jobbers there) took on the three woman Daughters of Darkness stable. About this time Santina returned, but both were more focused on singles career. Giovanna won the TV title in an October pay per view battle royal. She lost it the following pay per view. In a December Pay Per View she beat Hanmiko Xaiyo for the world title. Giovanna after winning made a slow heel turn and took on the arrogant persona of the Golden Goddess. She lost the world title to Shelly the Bod in a fatal fourway falls count anywhere match in February 2003. Santina made a heel turn and the Bartuzzinni tag team won the tag titles from Eliza and Random Vrsaik in a ladder match. Giovanna was suffering from back problems in Spring 2003 and needed time off, she and Santina dropped the tag titles a second time to old nemeses the KLIQ Babydoll and Mercedes. Giovanna and Santina took some time off from the LIWA while they helped build LIWA sister fed 3WL. The Bartuzzinnis returned to the LIWA and dominated a tag team gauntlet match winning the tag titles yet again. The Bartuzzinnis were tag champs in three of the four leagues that they were participating at the same time (LIWA, 3WL, IFWF). They were still heel and dropped the titles to Carmen D. and Lupe H. This was a weird storyline as Carmen and Lupe were allies of the Bartuzzinnis and Carmen tried to lay down, but with outside interference Carmen accidentally pinned Giovanna. Giovanna would win the world title a second time in October 2003 in a three way match with Mercedes and Tory Blaze. Giovanna made a face turn before losing the belt to Brandi Cannondale, starting an in ring and some say real life feud. Giovanna would win her third world championship, winning the world title back from Brandi in February 2004. Giovanna would hold the belt until April 2004 when she would lose to Tory Blaze. Giovanna was injured in that match by Tory's submission hold. Giovanna refused to tap and passed out instead. Tory and Giovanna matches were known to be very stiff, some wrestle sites claim that Tory intentionally injured Giovanna. Giovanna took time off concentrating only on CWF at the moment and wrestled in a few small leagues. This allowed Santina to get some push in the LIWA as many say she was always in the shadow of her older sister. Giovanna was preparing to return in early 2005, but LIWA shut its doors for good.


Giovanna was a very big name by the time she was in LIWA, she didn't need much in the way of a gimmick. She started out wearing a mask for a couple weeks when teaming with Carmen D., when they were a mystery team. They dropped the masks and were the Italian Stallionettes. Giovanna left off with her babyface persona from the EFWO. After Giovanna won her first LIWA world title, she began the "Golden Goddess" angle. She dressed in a liquid gold top that said Goddess on it with a matching thong bikini bottom. She got progressively more cocky as time went on until she made a complete heel turn. After losing her belt, she began obsessing about destroying Babydoll Bradley, giving her sort of a crazy girl gimmick. Once the Babydoll angle was done, she went back to being the arrogant "Golden Goddess" with two more tag title reigns. Surprisingly after she won the world title a second time, she slowly made a face turn. Perhaps as she progressively turned more tweener, people felt sorry for her after being attacked by Brandy Cannondale during an LIWA. With Babydoll taking some time off from the LIWA, Giovanna became the top face in LIWA as she held the world title. She would remain the top face until losing her belt (third reign) to Tory Blaze and retiring from the LIWA.


Not to be confused with the EFWO stable "The KLIQ" (Babydoll Bradley, Mercedes, Heart Break Chick, Fyre) despite it containing two members and coming first. The EFWO KLIQ was a baby face stable, while the LIWA KLIQ was a group of four women that helped build the LIWA. The members of the LIWA KLIQ were Babydoll, Mercedes, Giovanna and Santina. This was basically kayfabe in a similar, but not parody move to Shawn Michaels, HHH, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. It was originally three women Babydoll, Mercedes and Giovanna who first pushed to break away from the EWFO. The EFWO-LIWA as it was called was almost a separate entity at first from the EFWO as Babydoll headed the women's division of the EFWO. However the EFWO owner fired Babydoll. In a show of unity, Giovanna and Mercedes were the first to drop from the EFWO-LIWA followed by several other women including Giovanna's cousins the Cazzenottis, Daughters of Darkness, Carmen D. and Heartbreak Chick to name a few. The new all women's fed became the LIWA dropping the EFWO name.

When Giovanna and Santina first joined the EFWO, they did not know much English. Babydoll was there to assist them and welcome them in making them feel at home. When trying to think up a storyline to explain the Bartuzzinnis absence from the EFWO while immigration issues were being resolved in real life, the Bartuzzinnis and Babydoll came up with a plan that would sort of tie in with their real life situation. The story tied in great with a story already happening in the EFWO: Women's Commissioner Jessica having a problem with Babydoll. Jessica hired the Bartuzzinni sisters as "Hit Women" to take out Babydoll in a 2 on one handicap match. Jessica told them if they screw it up, she would have them deported. The match would show Jessica backstage watching the match smiling when she saw the sisters pounding on Babydoll, however her smile changed to anger when Giovanna botched a moonsault and ended up in the tree of woe, with Santina being put in the tree of woe in another corner. Jessica could be seen throwing things backstage whenever Bartuzzinnis goofed up and Babydoll took control. In the end Giovanna received the "Cradle Robber" (Cradle Piledriver) from Babydoll and Santina got "Babybombed" (Sit Down Powerbomb) onto Giovanna and were standing pinned while stacked. Jessica was seen coming down to the ring followed by a half dozen INS agents as they handcuffed the still unconscious and piled up Bartuzzinni Sisters.

The next example of the LIWA KLIQ working together in the EFWO was the tag team title match. The Bartuzzinnis jobbed their EFWO tag team titles to the KLIQ. The Bartuzzinnis were originally supposed to win the match, but at the last second Giovanna and Santina decided to drop the belts with Santina taking a Mercedes Cutter while sitting on Babydoll's shoulders as Giovanna hung in the tree of woe.

KLIQ members would not face each other in the ring again until they got in the LIWA, where they would often steal the show. There were some single's matches during weekly cards either between one of the Bartuzzinnis and either Mercedes or Babydoll. In April 2003, the Bartuzzinnis once again would defend their tag team titles against Mercedes and Babydoll (or where that tag team would be sometimes known as the KLIQ also). Giovanna, suffering from a back problem needed time off. Mercedes and Babydoll had not really even been teaming up at the time, but Giovanna refused to drop the belts to anyone other than Babydoll and Mercedes. In this pay per view match, Mercedes and Babydoll would pin the Bartuzzinnis after dual Rock a Bye splashes (frog splashes).

Babydoll and the Bartuzzinnis would not face each other again in the LIWA as Babydoll went more to front office work despite her part-time appearances as "La Bitche". Mercedes would continue to wrestle and face Giovanna in a very important match. Mercedes returned the favor of the tag title wins by dropping her world title to Giovanna for her second world title win. However, a lot of controversy came up in this match. It was not just Giovanna and Mercedes, but this was a three way match also involving Tory Blaze. Tory Blaze felt that she got the Bret Hart in Montreal treatment when it was her that got pinned instead of Mercedes by Giovanna for the world title. Tory was one of the first that began hinting about the conspiracies of the KLIQ in the LIWA.

Title Reigns

LIWA TV Title: Won October 2002 in battle royal Lost (unknown)

LIWA World Title: Won December 2002 when Giovanna beat Hanmiko Xaiyou with a Sicilian Sunset. Lost February 2003 to Shelly the Bod in a 4 way Falls Count Anywhere match in a Casino

LIWA World Title: Won October 2003 in three way women's match when Giovanna hit Sicilian Suplex on Tory Blaze. This match was considered controversial (see the KLIQ). Lost to Brandy Cannondale via Broken Bow - Over the Shoulder Backbreaker December 2003

LIWA World Title: Won February 2004 in Throw in the Towel match against Brandy Cannondale when Brandy's manager Sydney threw in the towel. Lost April 2004 to Tory Blaze via passing out to Blazing Submission.

LIWA Tag Titles: Won February 2003 against Random Vrmancek and Eliza Bastarde in ladder match. Lost April 2003 to Babydoll and Mercedes to dual Rockabye Splashes

LIWA Tag Titles: Won August 2003 in tag title tournament, lost October 2003 to Carmen D. and Lupe Hernandez when Carmen accidentally pinned Giovanna.

Notable Feuds

Babydoll Bradley, Mercedes, Daughters of Darkness, Shelly the Bod, Tory Blaze, Brandy Cannondale, Irena Malenakova

World Women's Wrestling League (2003-2004, 2005-2006, 2010 - present)

Giovanna and Santina took time off from the LIWA after Giovanna went out for injury from her back. Santina wrestled in Japan during that time. The Bartuzzinnis were brought into 3WL in May 2003 to help grow the LIWA's sister fed. Giovanna entered a world title tournament against Jordan Divine for her first match, but lost a practically one sided match to the much larger Jordan Divine when Jordan hit the "Divine Intervention" (piledriver) on her leaving her awkwardly folded up and needing help from the ring. The Bartuzzinnis began tagging up again and soon won the tag team titles from the Wild Orchids. They held the tag titles for 6 months before dropping them to the Daughters of Darkness. The Bartuzzinnis made a face turn and this time Santina got some push winning a couple singles titles. Both times Santina lost the belt, she was never pinned in the fatal fourway matches. The Bartuzzinnis dropped out in 2004 when the 3WL began to struggle. The Bartuzzinnis returned to the 3WL in December 2005 for the third anniversary show and to be elected into the 3WL hall of fame. While they were attending the Hall of Fame and accepting their nomination, the Bartuzzinnis were brutally attacked by Jordan Divine, Wanda Santiago and Tory Blaze. Wanda soon dropped afterwards and this started the feud with Tory Blaze and Jordan Divine setting up several matches either in singles or in tag. In one match that is said to be a classic, Giovanna took on Tory Blaze in March 2006 in an electrified barbwire match, in which Giovanna won. Many criticized Giovanna that she could not wrestle or handle a hardcore match, she proved many wrong as this match is often regarded as one of the best matches in 3WL history. Giovanna won the match and many hardcore fans when she proved she could take some crazy bumps. Some noteworthy spots were Tory pressing Giovanna onto an electrified barbwire platform outside the ring. Another proved how hardcore she could be when she wrestled half of her match while wearing just her usual gear of a halter top and thong (blue vinyl in color in dedication to the colors of the Italian soccer team winning the world cup a week before) when her vinyl pants caught on fire and she was forced to get out of them before serious burns. Another crazy spot was when Giovanna, in just her halter top and thong, was tied in a tree of woe by Blaze and wrapped in barbwire. The upside down Giovanna was subject to the end of the barbwire being touched against the electrified portion shocking her repeatedly. Later, while still in the tree of woe, had flourescant lightbulb tubes stacked on the turnbuckle in front of her with Tory hitting baseball slides and dropkicks into the trapped Bartuzzinni breaking glass and powder all over her. Giovanna would win the match giving Tory the "Sleep Wit Da Fishes" onto the electrified barbwire. Giovanna once again started developing an ego and made a heel turn. She beat Eva Rodriguez for the world title in March 2006, but Eva won it back in April. The Bartuzzinnis last ever match in 3WL was in July 2006 against Babydoll and Mercedes in a KLIQ reunion. This was a great back and forth match with Babydoll and Mercedes getting great face push giving Bartuzzinnis simultaneous press slams before Babydoll KO'd Giovanna with a top rope Cradle Robber (Cradle Piledriver) and Mercedes hitting a Mercedes Cutter (Diamond Cutter) on Santina pinning them together stacked. With the 3WL in dire straits at the time, many wrestlers no showed to a pay per view due to not receiving checks, the Bartuzzinnis and the KLIQ stole the show main eventing it giving the fans their money's worth in one of the greatest tag matches ever. The 3WL attempted twice to restart between 2006 and 2009, both times the Bartuzzinnis declined invitations to rejoin. However, the 3WL restarted again in mid 2009 and was an active fed again. Giovanna made a guest appearance at the 7th Anniversary show in a contract on a pole match along with other 3WL alumni like Tory Blaze, Trish Newborn and Caliber Hatanaka. Giovanna attacked Tory Blaze after shaking her hand. Seeing Tory down, Giovanna climbed the turnbuckle to grab the contract but Tory tripped Giovanna and put her in the tree of woe before Wendy House tossed Tory from the ring and climbed up the inverted Giovanna and grabbed the contract. Giovanna returned to the ring in 3WL in Summer 2010 followed soon after by Santina joining her student Giulianna Pellegrino. They became La Famiglia and wrestle under the Freebird Rule in tag matches meaning opponents never know which two members they are going to face. La Famiglia consisting of Giovanna and Santina beat the Blackout Fight Club but lost the belts one show later to a team consisting of Tory Blaze and Eva Rodriguez in a 2 out of 3 falls match. The team of Giovanna and Giulianna beat Tory and Eva in the first fall due to outside interference by Santina. The second fall consisted of Giulianna and Santina as a team, but Giulianna was given a BKO in the second fall and pinned. The third fall was a very interesting fall. The team consisted of Giovanna and Santina for this, but being it was a no DQ match Giulianna stuck her nose in a lot also pretty much causing the match to degrade into a handicap match. The ref lost track of who the legal members were so once Tory and Eva were in control, each of them did a finisher on their respective Bartuzzinni sister and went for various pin combinations i.e. Tory pinning Santina while Eva pinning Giovanna, followed by Eva making Santina submit while Tory hit an impressive BKO off the ropes on a knocked out Giovanna pinning her.


No real gimmick due to her name being established

The Tory Story

Despite all the tabloid sounding rumors about Giovanna and Tory Blaze having a real life feud, there was mutual respect between the two of them. The two of them also had some classic matches in both the LIWA and the WWWL. Tory on a couple of occasions criticized the LIWA by pushing KLIQ members Mercedes and Giovanna, and was upset about how Giovanna won her second world title at Tory's expense. Despite the stories on various wrestling websites, Giovanna does not accuse Tory of trying to injure her in Giovanna's last LIWA match. Giovanna came to WWWL, Tory's league and the bad blood was played up again with Tory attacking Giovanna as she was accepting her WWWL Hall of Fame award. This of course led to a great tag team match between the Bartuzzinni Sisters and Tory and Jordan Divine. This then led to a few other matches in singles before the big electrified barbed wire match that Giovanna won and proved that she could be hardcore despite many critics saying she is soft and only wrestles technical matches. The Tory Feud came alive again, this time Tory teaming up with one of her long time rival's Eva Rodriguez beating the team of La Famiglia - Giovanna, Santina and Giulianna Pellegrino for the 3WL tag titles

Title Reigns

WWWL Women's Tag Titles: Beat Wild Orchids June 2003 lost to Daughters of Darkness December 2003

WWWL Women's Tag Titles: Beat Blackout Fight Club November 2010 lost to Eva Rodriguez and Tory Blaze December 2010.

WWWL Women's World Title: Beat Eva Rodriguez May 2006 lost to Eva Rodriguez June 2006.

Notable Feuds

Tory Blaze, Jordan Divine, Shelly the Bod, Eva Rodriguez

Blood Alliance Championship Wrestling (2006-2008)

The Bartuzzinnis joined the Blood Alliance Championship Wrestling league in March 2006. The Fed folded in September 2008. No notable accomplishments as Giovanna mainly played the role of a jobber there. Her most notable feuds were with Raveness and Elysia. There was a feud brewing between Giovanna and Ivana Matatanko, but they never had a match other than Ivana coming out to the ring and chokeslamming Giovanna. There was a singles and tag team feud with the Bartuzzinnis against Raveness and her partner Misery. The Bartuzzinnis beat the gothic tag team twice before Giovanna lost a pretty much one sided match to Raveness at a pay per view in singles competition via a tombstone piledriver. Giovanna normally feuded with Raveness while Santina feuded with Misery, however the two of them switched opponents one night with Giovanna beating Misery albeit by cheating. The feud started when Giovanna was suspected as having an affair with Raveness's husband Mark, who was also a wrestler in that organization. After beating Misery, Giovanna would be seen entering Mark's dressing room only to have Raveness meet her there. Raveness attacked her in the locker room, knocked her out and stripped her - unfortunately for the fans, it happened behind closed doors. However, later that night Raveness would wrestle Santina, which turned out to be a more one sided beating. After decimating Santina with a tombstone piledriver, Raveness further humiliated Santina by pulling out Giovanna's wrestling thong (taken from after the fight in the locker room) from a paper bag and stuffed the sweaty wrestled in garment into the unconscious Santina's mouth. Bartuzzinnis shortly after made a face turn as the affairs were just a set up to Mark and Raveness's pleasure. The Bartuzzinnis in the final tag match would beat Misery and Raveness, but a new feud would start after Elysia attacked Giovanna post match for no reason.

Giovanna resurrected her Angela Dolce masked character and faced Elysia in the first round of a women's championship tournament. Elysia destroyed Angela Dolce in a completely one sided match. Giovanna had wrestled in the first round as herself earlier that night against a jobber and would advance to the second round the following week. Giovanna would face Elysia in the second round, but lost in a rather one sided match. A lot of the spots in the match were eerily similar to Elysia's match against Angela - i.e. both getting a cross corner whip into the turnbuckle landing them in the tree of woe, getting caught on top rope crossbody blocks and landing outside the ring after a fallaway slam, 360 on Elysia's running lariats. Of course the announcers for kayfabe reasons didn't connect that Giovanna and Angela were the same, but the smart mark fans knew and posted on various blogs that they were. This was even most evident when Elysia hit her finisher "Elysian Fields" (running crucifix powerbomb) both on Angela, then on Giovanna leaving both folded up unconscious in a matchbook position, where they remained after being pinned.

Ring of Beauty (2008 - present)

Giovanna and Santina came into Ring Of Beauty in September 2008. The intention was just to bring them in as over cocky, but rusty veterans and have them lose a lot to help push a lot of the newer generation of younger superstars in Ring of Beauty. The Bartuzzinnis come in week after week bragging about their championship history, but lose often. They even lost to the team 3S twice, which is a team regarded as having one of the worst records in Ring of Beauty. According to the Ring of Beauty Wiki Page, Stephanie Sullivan of 3S holds the worst record, yet she knocked out Santina Bartuzzinni with her "Sullyvin" (Widow's Peak) one week, then knocked out Giovanna with it at a later show. The Bartuzzinnis also suffered a very humiliating loss to a young up and coming team called Intolerable Cruelty. Intolerable Cruelty members Kat Rohling and Miss Evangelista are both 19 years old, but beat the far more experienced Bartuzzinnis in nearly a one sided maner. The Bartuzzinnis go on a winning streak beating some top wrestlers and tag teams. This elevated the Bartuzzinni Sisters to #1 contenders. However, once again they would lose in a three way #1 contenders match to Intolerable Cruelty and 3S. Giovanna had knocked out the Rose Girl Crystal Hilton and was going for the pin, when Miss Evangelista entered the ring, through Giovanna out of the ring and pinned Crystal herself. Right after that match, Giovanna and Santina decided it was time to leave the Ring of Beauty early before their contract was up. It is undisclosed as to why. For a grand finale, Giovanna set it up by kidnapping a Ring of Beauty referee and threatening to have him "sleep wit da fishes". Ring of Beauty head Christian Gardner "called her bluff" and put the Bartuzzinnis in a gauntlet match against two of the toughest that the ROB had to offer, if they lost they would be fired. Santina teamed up with Allessia against Kat Rohling in the first match. Despite the numbers game, Kat dominated Giovanna's two sisters and they were fired after the match and then as part of the angle also arrested by the police for the kidnapping. Giovanna then came out and attacked Kat, but Kat quickly took control and it looked like Giovanna would meet the same fate as her sisters until Giovanna pulled out some brass knuckles from the front of her thong as Kat was about to finish her off and used them on Kat and got the pin. Giovanna did not want to face her next opponent, she didn't even care at this point if she got counted out and fired, she wanted to escape the arena so she didn't end up in handcuffs like her sisters. However, as she tried to escape, her next opponent Felicia Fury met her backstage. Felicia pounded Giovanna in a quite one sided matter and knocked Giovanna out pinning her for a ten count. After beating her, Felicia carried Giovanna back to the backstage area delivering Giovanna to the police after pounding Giovanna's sisters just for the hell of it too. The three Bartuzzinnis era in Ring of Beauty ended after this.

Other Feds

Brooklyn Wrestling Federation as Angela Dolce (jobber in 1998-1999)

various other feds such as Vixens of Wrestling as Gina Corleone (jobber) with her sister Tina Corleone played by Santina.

Giovanna got her wrestling start in this small New York company as a babyface Jobber known as the Sweet Italian Angel aka Angela Dolce

In Wrestling

Wrestling Style

Although Giovanna started out in the Brooklyn Wrestling League as a jobber, she was a far different style of wrestler in the IFWF for most of her career there. Due to her size at nearly 6 foot and 150 lbs and mysterious sort of character, she was used as a brawler/powerhouse style wrestler. With most of the women being under 125 lbs in the IFWF, this was easily accomplished with Giovanna able to perform powermoves. She also did a lot of no selling, in other words pretty much ignoring her opponent's offense against her as if nothing had hit her (like Undertaker's sitting up, or not falling to a clothesline hit). She would often finish her opponent off with her 2nd rope tombstone style piledriver known as the "Concrete Overcoat". She would carry the role of badass heel in IFWF, even in later years in IFWF attempted restarts as most of her opponents would be smaller than her. However, after a somewhat impressive undefeated streak in IFWF against smaller opponents, including beating the Andersons in a handicap match (the same Andersons that 9 years later would beat Bartuzzinnis for tag titles in CWF), the Mafia Princess would meet a much different type of opponent, one that weighed 75 lbs more and a good four inches taller named Holly Ryder. Mafia Princess would not be able to use her brawling/power skills against this much stronger woman. Here we saw Giovanna returning to her BWL jobber roots and was tossed around by Holly the whole match introducing a lot of her selling that would be seen in future leagues to come. Giovanna carried on her power and brawler style of wrestling into the EFWO and early CWF, but while wrestling as a heel she would drop the Undertaker like no-selling and began to sell against her face opponents making them look stronger than her even if they were smaller - this varied on how much crowd pop the face opponent got. In the LIWA, 3WL and later CWF, Giovanna's wrestling style changed drastically. She limited the powermoves and moved to a more technical and submission based wrestling style, but threw in a lot of suplexes. Her finishers would become a top rope backflip moonsault instead of the tombstone off of the ropes as well as a Michinoku Driver off of the ropes, only seen in some leagues. Her selling greatly increased and became overselling, sometimes quite comical


Sicilian Sunset ( all feds except early IFWF and early CWF - sometimes called Sicilian Sunrise) - Top rope backflip moonsault

Concrete Overcoat (IFWF, early CWF) - 2nd rope Tombstone

Sleep Wit Da Fishes (CWF, recent 3WL, BACW, ROB) - Michinoku Driver off the ropes into schoolgirl pin

Senzafine (EFWO, LIWA, 3WL, early CWF) - torture rack into TKO

trademark moves

common moves

Interesting facts and other things

Although Giovanna's height varies between 5'8" and 5'9" depending on the source and her weight is between 135 and 140, she is often listed larger. Most of the time she is listed as 5'10" 150 lbs. She did weigh 150 lbs in her early IFWF years, but she has toned down in strength since her first stint in IFWF. Part of the reason she lists higher to make her opponent's look strong as part of her in ring "selling"

Like Ric Flair, you rarely see Giovanna Bartuzzinni hit a successful top rope move if she has to leave the ring to climb the turnbuckle. Usually she stalls enough jawing at or showboating to the fans that her opponent recovers once she gets to the top rope. Her typical top rope move attempts are crossbody blocks or splashes. If the opponent is larger, Giovanna attempts a crossbody but usually ends up getting caught in air and slammed. If she attempts a splash, opponent rolls out of the way. Opponents may also shake ropes on her or toss her off the ropes. However, Giovanna's finisher is a top rope back flip moonsault. She does manage to land this move sometimes, but rarely is able to pin her opponent with it. Most of the time the move is countered or prevented before she even tries to land it. Again, Giovanna stalls when climbing the turnbuckle from the inside the ring and jaws at fans allowing her opponent to recover and shake ropes while she standing on the top rope. This usually is a transitioning point as opponent puts Giovanna in the tree of woe and takes control of the match.

Giovanna's, for the most part, wrestling outfits consist of thongs. This is a tradition she started in the IFWF. Before that, in the minor leagues like the Brooklyn Wrestling League she often wore spandex shorts or pants. She occasionally wears regular bikini type bottoms or short shorts, or in hardcore matches wears leather pants or jeans.

As Angela Dolce she wore an all white semi transparent short gown with a white thong underneath. As Mafia Princess she wears a black leather halter top with a black leather thong bikini bottom. As the Golden Goddess she wears a gold vinyl halter top that says "GODDESS" and gold thong bikini bottom, this outfit is worn while she is defending a title or tag team titles with her sister in a matching outfit. She will often wear other various thongs to matches, but one of her most popular outfit is her Italian flag outfit that consists of a green, white and red colored top with either her first or last name on it (depending if singles or tag), or "MAFIA PRINCESS" or even "ITALIA" or "SICILIA" on it with a green white and red colored thong. It is unknown if this is a coincidence or if it is preplanned as kayfabe, but many occasions where Giovanna wore the Italian flag thong to the ring, she jobbed a match, often in a one sided manor. This was first seen in the outfit's debut in the IFWF in 2000, when she lost a very one sided squash match to Holly Ryder. Other notable (one sided) losses in that outfit occurred against Jordan Divine (3WL), Kemina Estella (EFWO), Raveness, Elysia (BACW), Felicia Fury (ROB), Babydoll (LIWA), Lexxy Draiven, Jenna Levinsky and Salemeh Ali (CWF), as well as some handicap losses teamed with her sister in similar outfit to Lexxy Draiven, Andrea Chandler and Jezebel Fyre (CWF).

Giovanna takes a very old school style of wrestling to the ring when it comes to her selling moves. She is often seen overselling moves similar to Shawn Michaels, Mr. Perfect, Ric Flair and other 70s and 80s era wrestlers. This has made her one of the most popular in the ring and is often referred to as the best female seller in wrestling.

Some interesting sells:

The 270, later 450 flip after a big clothesline, spear or lariat. While most people may oversell a clothesline by flipping in a 270 and landing on their stomach, Giovanna will flip completely over and land on her back. In some organizations such as IFWF and CWF that weren't censored this often included a top wardrobe malfunction. This was debuted in IFWF 2000 vs. Holly Ryder after Giovanna (then known as Mafia Princess) sold a clothesline 270 with a wardrobe malfunction. Giovanna's first wardrobe malfunction with a 450 degree sell was believed to occur (unverified) vs. Jenna Levinsky in CWF.

Matchbook pin sell: If Giovanna is hit with a knock out blow and pinned, usually a move that positions her easily for a matchbook pin such as a piledriver, various powerbombs or other moves that land her on her head - she will often fold up in a matchbook with or without opponent's assistance. Once she is pinned, she really sells the knockout blow by remaining folded up with her head and neck on the mat, upper body vertical to the mat, rear end in the air and legs folded over so her feet touch the mat behind her head. She often remains this way for an extended period of time until she is unfolded by her tag partner, opponent or ref/medical personnel. This was also debuted in her IFWF 2000 match vs. Holly Ryder after Holly gave her a top rope Last Ride type powerbomb. Holly pinned her and left her in that position until Holly unfolded her a few minutes later before some post match humiliation on her. Other notable matches where Giovanna sold the matchbook pin - vs. Jordan Devine 3WL after Jordan's Divine Lightning piledriver, Giovanna was unfolded by ref. Giovanna vs. Elysia BACW after Elysian Fields Crucifix powerbomb, Giovanna was unfolded by ref. Tag match featuring Giovanna and Santina vs. Miss Evangelista and Kat Rohling after Miss Evangelista hit the Downward Spiral (inverted Gory Special) and Kat Rohling landed a top rope double doot stomp on the already folded up Giovanna, Giovanna unfolded by ref. Giovanna vs. Lexxy Draiven multiple times after getting a tombstone by Lexxy.

Upside down flip into turnbuckle - This was learned after watching Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels in various matches over the years. It is unknown as to when exactly Giovanna started selling a hard Irish whip into the corner by flipping into a turnbuckle upside down. Giovanna sometimes takes a hard Irish whip into the corner and flips upside down and lands outside the ring on the floor, not on the Apron like Flair. There are other times that she flips into the corner and lands back in the ring like Michaels. However, more famous were her whips into the corner where she ends up tied to the tree of woe. The first occurrence is believed to have happened in CWF in a tag match with Santina vs. Lexxy Draiven and Wildcat Jennifer Noetzel in early 2001 when Lexxy whipped her into the corner where Giovanna flipped upside down and rolled up onto the top turnbuckle where she was seated facing the crowd then punched in the face by Wildcat causing her to fall in the tree of woe. This has been less frequent as of late as Giovanna with age isn't as agile as she was in her early years, but it still occurs occasionally in CWF but it hasn't been seen elsewhere in a few years. Santina also occasionally flips upside down into the corner, but usually lands outside the ring. In the past in CWF, LIWA and EFWO during tag matches, both would get whipped simultaneously into the corner where both would flip into the tree of woe.

Tree of woe spots- Although not necessarilly an oversell, this has become almost a trademark of any Bartuzzinni Sister match as well as her students Allessia Bartuzzinni, Giulianna Pellegrino, Lisa and Maria Cazzenotti, Carmen D. etc. The CWF has even nicknamed it the "Tree of Ho" whenever Giovanna is put in it. Most of the time Giovanna ends up in it due to a botched move such as a top rope moonsault or a missed top rope bronco bust. In the 12 years that Giovanna has been active, it is believed that no other wrestler has frequented this move done to them as much.

Ironically when Giovanna started in the IFWF as the dominant Mafia Princess, she would frequently put her opponents in the tree of woe. However, it was her turn when she faced Holly Ryder, a much bigger wrestler that gave Giovanna her first ever defeat in IFWF after a dominating run, but also a one sided squash. In that Giovanna was put in her first known tree of woe, a trend that would continue to today. Half of the time the trees of woe are self-inflicted such as when she attempts a top rope moonsault and an opponent recovers and trips her, or when opponent moves out of the way when she goes for a leap into the corner for the top rope bronco bust. As mentioned previously, she frequently would land in the tree of woe after a hard Irish whip. She would often sell the tree of woe in style, with opponents doing just about everything imaginable to her while she was at their mercy, whether it would be hits to all over her body, chokes,spears, baseball slides, belly and crotch claws, stomps, standing on her crotch to even wedgies. Often during tag matches, both Bartuzzinni Sisters would end up in the tree of woe across the ring from each other, or even stacked upside down on the same turnbuckle such as in their handicap matches against Andrea Chandler and later Lexxy Draiven. Some of Giovanna's more memorable tree of woe spots:

vs. Lexxy Draiven during a CWF hardcore match 2001, Giovanna was in a tree of woe inside of a trash can while Lexxy dropkicked the trash can

CWF Women's Battle Royal 2001. Jenna Levinsky placed Giovanna in the tree of woe. Several wrestlers came by to pound her during the battle royal, but this ended up benefiting Giovanna as she was pretty much forgotten about. Giovanna hung upside down for a good ten minutes as other women eliminated each other. The last woman standing in the ring was Jenny Anderson who celebrated prematurely after eliminating Jenna Levinsky by jumping over the top rope eliminating herself. Giovanna, who was still technically in the ring, while in the tree of woe was handed her first CWF World title.

vs. Andrea Chandler CWF 2005, while teaming with her sister during one of the biggest squashes of their career Andrea hung Giovanna in the tree of woe, then placed Santina on top of her in the tree of woe for a double pounding.

vs. Tory Blaze WWWL 2006 electrified barbed wire match- Giovanna not only proved she was one of the toughest women to take a major hardcore pounding, half of the match while only wearing her blue vinyl thong outfit, but coming back and winning. However one of the most memorable spots of all time in the match was when Tory hung Giovanna in the tree of woe (at this point in just a vinyl blue halter top and thong), wrapped her upside down body in barbed wire and touched it against the electrified barbed wire giving Giovanna several shocks. This was followed by stacking several fluorescent light tubes in front of the still upside down Giovanna and dropkicking them.