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Gateway Wrestling Organization
Federation Name Gateway Wrestling Organization
Abbreviation GWO
Weekly shows Rampage TV


Major PPV Megaslam
Time open April 2002 - 2008
Owner John E. Dolla
Commentators Roger Robertson, Bobby McQueen
Federation type Roleplay based
Pay-per-views Monthly

The Gateway Wrestling Organization, or GWO, was an eWrestling federation based out of Gateway Valley, GW. It was founded by the late Bill Bardem in September 1st 2002 and became a wresting power until its closing in 2004. After a short revival in 2005, the GWO later returned in March 2008, based in the Project as part of the Popshock network. It shut down in 2008.


Mark I (The Original Run)

The predecessor of GWO was the Wrestle Media Wrestling Federation, part of then influential WrestleMedia Network. When the Federation fell apart, founder Bill Bardem spun off from the network and formed the Gateway Wrestling Organization, naming after it as its home city Gateway Valley.

Mark II (The 2005 Revival)

Following the initial demise of the GwO in early 2004, rumors began circulating of a possible return. In late 2004, displayed a new logo featuring the trademark 'G', confirming the rumors. In 2005 the Gateway Wrestling Organization re opened it's doors under the management of John E. Dolla.

Mark III (The 2008 Revival)

Shows and Media

GWO Rampage

GWO Rampage is the Gateway Wrestling's flagship television show. It's current theme song is "Gloves" by The Horrors. During the 2005 revival, it was rebranded as GWO on GNN.


GWO Live

GWO Live Radio

Current Title Holders


World Championship


North American Championship (formerly Regional championship)

Alexis Morningstar

Xtreme Championship

Chris Hunter

Television Championship

Psycho Soldier

Tag Team Championships

Tj Jones


Current Singles Roster

Tag Teams

  • disOrder
  • Divergent Calamity
  • The Great White North


None Currently.




  • John E. Dolla - Owner


  • Roger Robertson - Main Commentator
  • Bobby McQueen - Color Analyst
  • Leticia Rocca - Interviewer and host of GWO Live
  • Mack Thomas - Interviewer
  • Mike Andrews - Co-Host of GWO Live Radio
  • Ron Jacobs - Co-Host of GWO Live Radio


  • Chaz Bryant (GWU)
  • "The Icon" Matt Kamakazee (GWU)
  • Damien
  • Jaizen
  • Jeeves
  • Kasey Krimson
  • Trent Larson
  • Mike Mitchell
  • Tommy Rave
  • Trainer Jim
  • Lyon Xile
  • Zepplin
  • Nick Smyth
  • Game
  • B0nes
  • Jacinthebox
  • Chris Dawson
  • Raine Clark
  • Acid Burn
  • Vincent Luthren
  • Tyler Frost
  • Razor
  • The Gorgeous Antwon Young
  • Mr. Showtime
  • Ghetto Munky
  • Katrina Rave
  • Denise
  • Darius
  • Eric Swanson
  • Arch Angel
  • Stinger
  • Mr. P
  • R-15
  • Mad Dog
  • HEAT (Joined In 2003/Only Lost To Trent Larson)

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