The Global Wrestling Classic is a tournament used to determine the next #1 contender for the GWC World Championship. The final match will take place at Revelation and the title shot will take place at Alpha. The theme song for the Classic is "Becoming the Bull" by Atreyu.


Joe Ragnal won the first ever Global Wrestling Classic.

  First round Second round Semifinals Finals
11  Joe Ragnal Pin  
28  The Emperor  
  12  Joe Ragnal  
  5  Bye  
11  Shannon Skyfire No
21  Mark Evil Contest  
  12  Joe Ragnal Pin  
  12  Zak Warner  
11  Zak Warner Pin  
28  Kid Hollywood  
  12  Zak Warner Pin
  5  Synthy Eris  
11  Synthy Eris Sub
21  Sammie Rene  
  12  Joe Ragnal Pin
  19  Reckless Jack
11  Derek Sitar  
28  Bobby Cairo Sub  
  12  Bobby Cairo
  5  Christian Striker Sub  
11  Felipe Salarose
21  Christian Striker Pin  
  12  Christian Striker
  12  Reckless Jack KO  
11  Xavier Cross  
28  Reckless Jack KO  
  12  Reckless Jack KO
  5  The Stargazer  
11  The Stargazer Pin
21  Brian Benson  

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