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Global Championship Wrestling began in 2002, founded by Matthew Alan.  The company ran for a little over a year before Alan met up with Dan Herrera, owner of Independent Division of Wrestling, and the two came up with a deal to merge the companies.  GCW temporarily ceased to exist, and lived on under a new name: Global Division of Wrestling.  In 2011 GCW was briefly resurrected as a development league for Global Division of Wrestling and then in 2012, when GDW was nearing bankruptcy, Glory Braddock bought out the GCW shares and reopened GCW as its own global entity.  In 2016 Dr. Henry Van Stanton bought the GCW stock from Glory Braddock and now he continues to run the company. In 2019 Henry Van Stanton put his ownership of GCW on the line against Glory Braddock, who put her wrestling career on the line. Braddock won, regaining ownership of the company.


Owner, CEO, President: Glory Braddock

Shotgun General Manager: Tabitha Silverstone

Livewire General Manager: Francis Taylor

Resident Asshole: Trenton Snow

Director of Production: Elizabeth Banks

Director of Finance: "Mr. Money" Michael D. Collins

Director of Talent Relations: "Cuchulain" Connor O'Connor

Director of Media Relations: Karen Spade

Shotgun Commentary Team: Jim Bishop & Jack Griffith

Livewire Commentary Team: Marty McMahon & Jake "The Heartthrob" Storm

Interviewers: Samuel Price, Roderick Osborn, Janice King, Dexter Russell

Ring Announcer: Robert E. Lee

Referees: Malcolm Stride (senior), Robert Downey, Stephen Snuggs, Jose Diaz

Special Events & Pay Per Views

Civil War: February

Resurrection: May

For Glory & Gold: August

Survival of the Fittest: November

End of the Year Bash: December

Deadly Dreams: Currently Not Used

All Hallow's Eve: Currently Not Used

Game Over: Currently Not Used

Hall of Fame


  • Kayla Jones
  • "The Very Best" Steve Powers
  • Jake "The Heartthrob" Storm
  • "The Outlaw" Jason Redfield


  • "The Crown Jewel of Professional Wrestling" Marie Annabelle Jones
  • "The Silent Symphony" Isaac Bongartz


  • Alexander Midas
  • Janice King


  • Devon Kayl
  • "The British Bombshell" Glory Braddock


  • Angelica Jones
  • Laurel Anne Hardy
  • Allison Lorraine
  • Michael McKay
  • Aphrodite Noel
  • Malcolm Cross


  • Gabriela Austin
  • Hayley Gold
  • Krissy Spencer
  • Victoria Salinas
  • Kurt Logan
  • Jessica Jones-Lasiewicz


  • Neil Newman
  • Kyle Butler
  • Julia Braddock
  • Timothy Myers
  • Jenni Anderson



General Manager: Tabitha Silverstone

Shotgun Commentary Team: Jim Bishop & Jack Griffith


World Heavyweight: Minerva

Heritage: Derek Powers

X Division: Brooklyn Smith

World Tag Team: Fame & Fortune


Face Neutral Heel
Allison Lorraine Matthew Taylor Rosa Vasquez
Brooklyn Smith Minerva Sierra McBride
Hayley Gold Geneva Alan
Glory Braddock Chantelle Chambers
Mark O'Brian Adrian Waters
Kimberly Williams Derek Powers
Julia Braddock Summer Newman
Hannah Myers Princess Nava Farrin
Cailey Carter Alexander Midas
Darian Andrews Melanie McBride
Sophie O'Brian Karen McBride
Nate Lawson Destiny Skye
Marie Jones Kendra Classic
Kathryn Pearson Saul Benedict
The Enigma Cloudy P
Carmen Diaz Alissa Midas



Livewire General Manager: Francis Taylor

Director of Security: Matthew Taylor

Livewire Commentary Team: Marty McMahon & Jake "The Heartthrob" Storm


Global Heavyweight: Isabella Harker

International: Krissy Sweetheart

North American: Andrew Raynes

Global Tag Team: Scream Machine


Face Neutral Heel
Isabella Harker Randal Williams James R. Knight
Travis Vessey Aubrianna Powers
Katherine Prescott Jenni Anderson
Timothy Myers Frederick Freeman
Steve Powers Whitney Sloane
Kurt Logan Amber Sloane
Olivia Dora War
Queen Mamba Malcolm Cross
Richard Dix Jessica Lasiewicz
Brittany Kayl Angelica Jones
Alan Monroe Kayla Jones
Crystal Swift Anastasia Ivanova
Caitlyn Perry Karina Lysenko
Kenny Perry Krissy Sweetheart
Andrew Raynes
Dustin Adams
Brittany Lohan
Jonathan Scarborough
Aurora Ramsey
Saul Ramsey
Adam Craig
Dominic Baine
Eric Michaels
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