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Frances Rayne
Image of Frances Rayne
Real name Frances Jones
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Height 5'4”
Weight 127 pounds
Date of birth April 4, 1985 (Age 23)
Place of birth Seattle, WA Flag of the United States.png
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Debut August 2008
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Frances Rayne is an inactive American professional wrestler currently working for Next Generation Wrestling.


Before making her way to the professional wrestling circuit, Frances Rayne had trained and competed in mixed martial arts as well as savate and amateur wrestling, giving her a distinctive style of stiff strikes and throws. However, after she punctured a lung during a shoot fight, she took a hiatus from MMA to recuperate from the surgical procedure, which turned out to be permanent. During the latter half of 2007, Frances Rayne underwent professional wrestling training under Seattle Bump School's Thomas Redman.

Next Generation Wrestling

Frances Rayne got her pro debut in Next Generation Wrestling during August 2008 as the accomplace and tag team partner of Charlie the Bloody within the Suicide Freakshow stable, where she is currently managed by The Ringmaster. Initially, a feud was sparked between Frances and former NGW World Champion Mark Frenzy's valet, Alley. Following her departure from NGW along with the rest of Team Epic, Frances ripped into Dawn Fraiser and managed to secure the NGW Diamond's title by defeating both Fraiser and then-champion Queen during NGW's Satan's Play Yard PPV. Following the dissolution of NGW, Rayne has made herself inactive, taking an extended hiatus until she is 'ready to compete once again'.

Wrestling information

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • The Torrent (Standing Front Flip Stunner)
  • The Diet Pill (Gutwrench Powerbomb)
  • Suplex Variations
  • The Rattle from Seattle (Savate Kick)
  • Dynamite Headbutt (Top Rope Swandive Headbutt)
  • Last Gast DDT (Spike DDT)
  • Various weapon shots

Frances Rayne's current entrance theme is 'One More Thing' by L7. She also uses 'Paper Cuts' by Nirvana when wrestling as part of Suicide Freakshow.

Titles and Accomplishments

  • NGW Diamond Champion

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