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Extreme Wrestlecrap Threaderation (or EWT for short) is the official Wrestlecrap e-fed located at the Official Wrestlecrap Forums. It was founded on June 10th, 2004 on the EZ Proboards link, which sadly, does not work. It was spawned from a joke thread about a Wrestlecrap Forum stable called the New Board Order(or nBo for short).

The Original Promo That Started It All

*Toomiguci enters a building & has a vision* This is where it begins anew. The nBo likes to swerve & change whatever they wish because they are afraid of the true outcome. So now, I, Toomiguci, will build my own thread. A thread with no rules, no holes barred, no count outs, no dq's, nothing. Hopefully I can get the backing I need. And that I won't bounce any checks. A revolutionary thread is coming. And it starts right here in this Bingo Hall. *Toomiguci walks up to a platform & grabs the Bingo Callers mic* Get the hell out of my building B4 I call security on your asses. This is now the EWT!!!! Old Lady: B4? I GOT BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!! *A small chant starts to break out of the rest of the old folks* EWT!!! EWT!!! EWT!!! EWT!!! "Extreme Wrestlecrap Thread"

Infamous Mass Carboard Incident

*Toomiguci walks to the center of the ring with cardboard Russo* Slim, Slim, Slim, it's nothing personal. It's all about the mighty dollar. And, well, here's what I think of your gift. *Toom E takes a chainsaw & starts slicing Cardboard Russo* Now excuse me, while I build a bonfire. *New Jack runs out from the back with his trashcan & a can of lighter fluid. New Jack proceeds to douse Russo in lighter fluid & tosses him into the trash can* Anybody got a light? *sievetronix walks out of the back with a flame thrower & aims it into the trash can, where he proceeds to burn Cardboard Russo* That, my friend, is what I like to call the Mass Cardboard Incident. Afterall, this is EXTREME!!!

Popular PPV Events

Crap-a-Mania - 5 are now in existence.

Royal Pain In The Ass Rumble - Three exist. Dorf won the second one and Ultimo Chocula won the third (subsequently changed his name to King Choculon as a result)

Seasons Beatings (EWT) - EWT Superstars go to Iraq around Christmas time.

Toomi's House Party - Annual PPV held on Toomi's birthday, January 8. Except the third installment was shown on June 3, 2007.

To see about more EWT PPVs go to Official EWT PPVs List


Commissioner: Toom E. Dangerously

Curly Long


Mr. Big

Mr. Bad


Christopher Indigo



Team Ireland (members are Sean McCann, Aidan Donnelly,"Celtic Giant" Shane Malone, and Coach Pat O'Hare

TJT: Jimmy Thunder, Jason Jupiter, & Terina

Jack Jupiter

Synthy Eris

Andy "The Eagle" Davidson


"Sexually Suggestive" Ivy Rosepine

John "The Lion" Valentine AKA Viper

Veronica De Marco (John Valentine’s MANAGER)

Joe One

Richard Clay

"The Suicidal" Chad Michaels

“The Prophecy” Mike Corral


Mahavir Abha


Danny Ashley




"Rebelious" Darren Matthews

Sajoa Moe

Crash Johannson


Callie Shaw (Bullz-I’s Valet)

"The Highland Horror" Angus MacAngus

(The) Emerald Warrior

Ghost Face

Mike Zephyr

Mark Zephyr

Dave Davies

Brian Gold

"The One Armed Bandit" Sammy Stardust

Andy Duke

Hardcore Hensley

Marcus Trunk

Koda Kazar

Poe Moe Foe

Trik Turner

Lance Sterling

Bosco Barracus

Archie Barracus

"The Mightiest Gladiator" Jason Raid

Mick Badamle(Jason Raid's Manager)

Chance Confidence

The Platinum Punisher



Jason White

Justin White

Benjamin Bannock

Antonio "Tony" Colon

Rita Perez

Marie Martinique

Cassius Money(Manager)

"Team Captain" Scott Mason

Sam Johnson

Randy Stratton


Tag Teams and Stables

The Highland Diamonds: Angus MacAngus and The Emerald Warrior

TJT (Jimmy Thunder, Jason Jupiter, Terina(Valet)

Team Ireland

Minipax (Joe One and Richard Clay)

Rated X (Chad Michaels and Mike Corral)

The Guardinals (Andy Davidson and John Valentine)

Team Domination (Danny Ashley, Titan, and Houston)

The Zephyr Brothers (Mike and Mark Zephyr)

De Whizbang (Brian Gold and Dave Davies)

The Barracus Cousins (Osco and Archie Barracus)

The New Class Varsity Tigers ("Captain" Scott Mason, Sam Johnson, and Randy Stratton)

EWT Alumni

Merc/Outlaw (Couldn't comit to contract terms)

Mystery (fired for no showing a PPV and a title match)

Noah/Redface Rodgers (Let go)

Sensational Cherry (retired)

Dr. Vivian Anemone (freedom leave)

Queen Rosa (retired)

"HeartBreak Hitman" Brett Micheals (retired)

Heidendorf (forced to retire due to psychoapeguy making him a paraplegic) The Ragnals

Chrysta (Backstage issues forced her to quit)

DSR (Retired)

Gasoline (Retired)

Limey (temporary leave)

Spaz (Shoulder injury forced retirement)

Carla O. Woe (temporary leave)

The Daryl Dragon

PsyToni Tennille

King Choculon (Career ending injury suffered at Crap A Mania !!!!)

Flex Magnificent (Retired)

Deamon Cohln

Rachael Leigh Cook (temporary leave)



Jonathan Doe(Granted release)


Ape Love


Chris Evans

Singapore Caine

Marcus "Stylez" Saxton

Christian Starr

Spyke Johannson





Eddie Omega

Ivy Rosepine

Rick Raskall

Melissa Cameron

"The Wrestle Posse" Tenacious J & A: Jobby McJobberston & Axel Halaway

The Midnight Mystery

"The Comedian" Bobby Riggs

Madison The Clown Girl

Ferhago Crow

Coming Attraction Productions: Tim Cruis, Lull Songstra, and Mella Drom Attoc (with Zed Pine).

Alexa King(Wellness violation)

Exner(Vanished, then was released)

Team Raft-Shack (Zeleke Injured.)

BR Juri Sadamoto

EWT Hall Of Fame

Original Class


You Gene Lesnar

Wonderful Wally Washington

Na$ure Boy

Geraldo Riveria

William Hung

Class Of 2005


The Variable

Double D Dudley

Richard Simmons

Tim McGraw



Miss Redneck Woman


Class Of 2006


Clettus Quin



Stevie Richards

Danny Tanner


Carla O Woe


Flex Magnificent

Class Of 2007

Billy “the Virgin” Ubermark

HeartBreak Hitman Brett Micheals


Queen Rosa


Linda Ragnal


Ms. White

Sensational Cherry



Current Champions

Promotion Championship
Current champion(s) Held since
Extreme Wrestlecrap Threaderation EWT World Champion Dave Davies April 27, 2008 (Royal Pain In The Ass Rumble)
EWT Tri-State Champion Virus April 9, 2008 (Regular EWT programming)
EWT Ox Division Champion Hardcore Hensley March 31, 2008 (No Holds Barred)
EWT World Tag-Team Champions The Highland Diamonds (Angus MacAngus and The Emerald Warrior) June 1, 2008 (Crap-a-Mania Cinco)
EWT Toolshed Champion John "The Lion" Valentine February 18, 2008 (Common Ground)
EWT Girl Next Door Champion D'Zee June 1, 2008 (Crap-a-Mania Cinco)
EWT Stable Champions Retired March 2008