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James Montell Johnson
Real name John Sila
Nicknames The Essence of Excellence, The Alpha Male, King of the Serengeti, The Wrestling God.
Height 6'5"
Weight 280 lbs.
Date of birthJune 7, 1993
Place of birthFalmout, Ma
Date of death
Place of death
Billed from Wall Street

Rocky Johnson, Dory Funk Jr.

Wrestling Style Technical, Powerhouse, Brawler
Extreme Answerz Wrestling
Handled by Joe
In-ring debut November 12, 2008

John Silva(Born on June 7, 1993) Better known as Montell Smooth is an active, American e-fed Wrestler who is currently signed to Extreme Answerz Wrestling as a Midcarder.

Personal Life/Early Career

John Silva was born in Ur Mom's Hospital. At the age of 13 Montell began his training at the Funk Conservator, After about a year and a half in the Indy Circuit, John Silva signed a 2 year contract with EAW.

Extreme Answers Wrestling

Championship Titles

  • EAW Hardcore Championship(2 times)
  • EAW Inter-Branded Champion
  • EAW Interwire Champion
  • EAW Champion



  • Clothesline from hell
  • Pounce

Signature Moves

  • Last Call
  • Powerslam
  • Big Boot
  • Running Shoulder Block
  • Alpha Bomb


  • Mr. DeDeDe
  • Mak
  • Mister K
  • Sabina
  • Captain Charisma
  • Nik-e-G
  • Hey yo Chico
  • Derrick Sims

Notable Matches and Results

  • [Burnout] "The Essence of Excellence" vs. Cole Smith; Result: win
  • [Dynasty] "The Essence of Excellence" vs Jaywalker; Result: loss
  • [Turbo] "The Essence of Excellence" vs. Heart Break Boy; Result: Won
  • [EAW's second Anniversary] Team Showdown vs. Team Dynasty; Result: Won
  • [Showdown] Montell Smooth vs. Heart Break Boy; Result: Won
  • [Turbo] Montell Smooth vs. Heart Break Boy; Result: No Contest
  • [Turbo] Montell Smooth vs. Extreme Enigma; Result: Won
  • [Turbo] Montell Smooth vs Y2Impact; Result: Won
  • [Showdown] Montell Smooth vs. Cole Smith; Result: Won
  • [Pain for Pride 2] Montell Smooth vs. CM Ronn
  • [Territorial Invasion] Montell Smooth vs. Nik-e-G
  • [Road to Redemption III] James Montell Johnson vs. Y2Impact vs. CB Cool vs. Cole Smith; Result: Loss