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Eric Matthews(April 11, 1989) is a profesional wrestler currently working for UWF under the ring name Crazyman

Image of Crazyman
Real name Eric Matthews
Ring Names Crazyman
"Crazyman" Eric Matthews
Height 6'1
Weight 205 lbs
Date of birth April 11, 1989
Place of birth Baltimore, Maryland
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Resides Baltimore, Maryland
Billed from Baltimore Maryland
Trainer Killer Kowalski
Handled by Crazyman
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Debut 2009
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Universial Wrestling Federation(2009-Present)

Eric Matthews debut for the Universal Wrestling Federation under the ring name Crazyman.  His first match was a losing effort in the Braw for it All Match.  Matthews would enter into a brutal feud with Chase Sevenfold, ending in an Ultimate Cell match at WrestleFest, which Matthews would come out vicorious and become the first UWF X-Treme Champion.  He would vacate the belt that night as he would be leaving UWF for the newly restarted Ring of Honor.  During an episode of UWF Underground, Matthews would make his return as a heel, attacking then UWF World Champion Kyle Kross.  He formed an stable with CF Schulze and Mosh Valley.  Matthews would help Schulze in becoming UWF Champion at Kings of Wrestling in a Double Trouble Match.  Soon Jay West would join the group and they revealed that they are The Age of The Fall.

Sudden Impact Wrestling(2009-Present)

On November 5, 2009 Matthews signed a deal to compete with Sudden Impact Wrestling, wrestling under his real name, joining fellow UWF wrestler Kyle Kross.

In Wrestling

 Finishing Moves

  • Crazy Driver (Double Underhook BrainBuster)
  • Last Chancery (Bridging Arm Triangle Choke)
  • Phoenix Splash (Corkscrew 450 Splash)

Signature Moves

  • Standing Shooting Star Press
  • Super Kick
  • Tope Plancha
  • Yakuza Kick in the corner
  • Springboard Tornado DDT
  • Powerbomb/Single Leg Boston Crab combo


  • UWF X-Treme Champion 1x(1st champion)

Entrance Music

  • Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne(2009–Present) - UWF
  • Sargasso Sea - Scale the Summit(2009–Present) - SIW