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eXtreme World Championship Wrestling Federation
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Company Profile
Acronym XWCWF
Company Slogan
Owners Craig Hodgson
Founded 1998, 2008
Dissolved 2001
Formerly {{{formerly}}}
HeadQuarters Canada
Area Served United States, Canada, Europe
Style Roleplay
Key People
Brands Adrenaline
Sister Companies AWA

eXtreme World Championship Wrestling Federation (XWCWF) is an e-federation owned by Craig Hodgson and ran by General Manager Nathan Reid. It was originally opened from 1998-2001, and then reopened in the summer of 2008.

History of XWCWF


Current title holders

Current champions

Championship Current
Times Held Date Won # of Defenses Location/Event
XWCWF World Champion Jayson Price 1 06-03-09 2
XWCWF Commonwealth Champion The Legendary Low 1 06-10-09 0
XWCWF Tag Team Champions Jeff Christianson and X-Rated 1 04-29-09 1
XWCWF Renegade Champion Jay Omega 3 04-29-09 2
XWCWF Hybrid Rules Champion St. Eldor 1 06-03-09 1

Defunct XWCWF Titles

  • XWCWF Cruiserweight Championship
  • XWCWF In Your House Championship
  • XWCWF Hardcore Championship
  • XWCWF Loser’s Championship
  • XWCWF Handicap Championship

Current accomplishments

XWCWF Monthly Awards
Month of November
Award Name Times Won Notes
Best Wrestler Zanatos Kell 1
Best Roleplayer Steve Richtor 1
Best Tag Team The Hostile Saints 2
Best Match War Games Jay Omega: 4, John Michaels: 1, Zanatos: 1, Schulz: 1, Dusty: 1, Eldor 4 Occurred at Blunt Force Trauma November 23 for the World Title
Best Roleplay Jay Omega 3 "Return of the Enforcer"
Best Quote Brian Williams 1 "Man: Eat you vitamins and say your prayer’s brother…. Whatcha gonna do brother….. Clothesline, body slam, big boot and leg drop BROTHER…. Its too bad those four moves that I do, where never good enough to get me into an organization like the AWA BROTHER! Then again, you’re Brian Williams BROTHER…. And I am not allowed to say my name because I am copywritten by an inferior federation BROTHER….." - Brian Williams

Pay-Per-View Schedule

Month Name
January Price of Glory
February Fall From Grace
August Apocalypse Now
September Senseless Violence
October Royal Treatment
November Blunt Force Trauma
December Season's Beatings

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