Rest In Peace was the first Pay Per View event in the history of the Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation.


Rest In Peace
Promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation
Date March 11, 2007
Venue Madison Square Garden
City New York City
Pay-per-view chronology
Bound For Glory Rest In Peace NCaged
ECWF Rest In Peace chronology
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The 2007 event took place at Madison Square Garden, in New York City. The theme song was "Crack Addict", by Limp Bizkit.


  • Samoa Joe defeated Rhino (5:33)
    • Samoa Joe pinned Rhino after a Muscle Buster.
  • Big Show defeated Batista (11:51)
    • Big Show pinned Batista after a flapjack.
  • Rey Misterio & Chris Jericho won the ECWF TagTeam Titles in an eight team turmoil match
    • Team 3D was eliminated by DX when Shawn Michaels pinned Brother Devon after Sweet Chin Music
    • DX was eliminated by AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels when Christopher Daniels pinned Shawn Michaels after Angel's Wings
    • Team Bring It was eliminated by AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels when Daniels pinned Osire Meiln after a modified suplex
    • AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels were eliminated by the Impact Players when Lance Storm pinned Styles after a superkick
    • Impact Players were eliminated by Tommy Dreamer and the Sandman when Tommy Dreamer pinned Justin Credible after a Death Valley Driver
    • Tommy Dreamer and the Sandman were eliminated by Rey Misterio and Chris Jericho when Misterio pinned Dreamer after a West Coast Pop
    • Rey Misterio and Chris Jericho won the match when Misterio pinned Chris Benoit after a DDT to eliminate Benoit and Eddie Guerrero
  • Taz and Kurt Angle went to a 0-0 draw in a 30 minute ironman match (30:00)
  • Senshi defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri to retain the XTreme title (13:48)
    • Senshi pinned Tajiri after a Ki Krusher
    • The XTreme Title is now defunct
  • The Undertaker defeated Rob Van Dam in a Buried Alive match to win the ECWF Title (23:14)
    • Shawn Michaels interfered, bulldogging Van Dam into the casket to allow Undertaker the win
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