EAW World Heavyweight Championship
The EAW World Heavyweight Championship belt
Promotion(s) Elite Answers Wrestling
Brand Voltage
Date established January 28, 2008
Current champion(s) Impact
Date won June 22, 2019

The EAW World Heavyweight Championship is a professional e-wrestling world championship in Elite Answers Wrestling (EAW). It is currently part of the Voltage brand and is one of the three major championships, complimenting the Answers World Championship on the Dynasty brand and EAW World Championship on the Showdown brand. The title was first established in January 2008 when EAW extended itself into two distinct brands. With the EAW World Championship going to Showdown originally in 2008, EAW created the EAW World Heavyweight Championship to fill the role of first tier championship on the Dynasty brand. Since then, the EAW World Heavyweight Championship has been held by many notable competitors including Hall of Famers and other notorious extremists.



The first EAW World Heavyweight Championship Match took place on an episode of Dynasty where Jaywalker took on Hardy Boyz to crown an inaugural champion. Jaywalker would defeat his opponent to become the first World Heavyweight Champion in EAW history.


The EAW World Heavyweight Championship has been one, if not the, most sought-after prize in all of EAW history. Most of the Hall of Famers that have been inducted, future stars that have risen to the pinnacle of the industry, and other talented extremists in the company have all held this championship at least once. There have been only three (3) vacancies in the title's prestigious history. The championship began as Dynasty's greatest prize and a response to the EAW World Championship. It wasn't until Mister K won the championship from Jaywalker that the championship was brought over to Showdown. Ever since that night, the title has been a mainstay on the Showdown roster, having the founder CM Banks wins the championship, been with HRDO's retirement, Robbie V becoming the champion just to have it taken away from him, the historic fourth title reign of Jaywalker, and more until the moment Mr. DEDEDE was drafted to Dynasty bringing the championship back to its roots.

When Dynasty was transformed into Dynasty Wrestling due to rebellion against EAW Chairman Zack Crash, Brian Daniels would win the EAW World Heavyweight Championship from Tyler Parker at Midsummer Massacre. Due to this, Dynasty Wrestling would create their own version of the championship, which would be won by Alex Anderson in a fatal four-way match to deem the rightful champion. Brian Daniels would not allow there to be another person claiming to be the World Heavyweight Champion, challenging Alex Anderson to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against his own at Territorial Invasion. Brian Daniels would win Dynasty Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship from Alex Anderson at the event and become the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.



The current World Heavyweight Champion, Impact.

The inaugural champion was Jaywalker when he was able to defeat Hardy Boyz on Dynasty. There have been twenty-five (25) different official champions, with Impact and Jaywalker having the most reigns with four individual reigns respectively. The longest reigning EAW World Heavyweight Champion is Jamie O'Hara, who held the championship for a historic three hundred twenty-three (323) days between Grand Rampage and Brooklyn Heights. O'Hara is also the longest reigning World Champion in the company's history. The shortest reigning World Heavyweight was Mr. Insult who held the championship for twenty-three (23) minutes as he was later cashed-in on by Captain Charisma. The current champion is Impact who is reigning in his fifth tenure as EAW World Heavyweight Champion in his career. He won the championship at EAW Pain for Pride XII by defeating then champion Noah Reigner and fellow challenger Rex McAllister.

Title History


Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
# Indicates what number the reign is
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the titles were won
N/A The information is not available or is unknown
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign


Name Span of Time
EAW World Heavyweight Championship January 28, 2008–present


indicates reigns and title changes not recognized by EAW.
# Elitist Reign Defeated Event Lost to Notes
1 Jaywalker 1 Hardy Boyz Dynasty Jerikewl First EAW World Heavyweight Champion
2 Jerikewl 1 Jaywalker and Knocka Pain For Pride Jaywalker First Pain for Pride Title match
3 Jaywalker 2 Jerikewl Mid-Summer Massacre Vacated
4 Impact 1 Elimination Chamber Road to Redemption RRS
5 RRS 1 Impact Dynasty Impact
6 Impact 2 RRS Dynasty RRS
7 RRS 2 Impact Dynasty The Gawd
8 The Gawd 1 RRS Reckless Wiring Jaywalker
9 Jaywalker 3 The Gawd Dynasty Mister K
10 Mister K 1 Jaywalker Showdown Heart Break Boy The EAW World Heavyweight Championship went from a Dynasty-exclusive title to a Showdown-exclusive title
11 Heart Break Boy 1 Mister K King of Extreme CM Banks
12 CM Banks 1 Heart Break Boy Reasonable Doubt Impact
13 Impact 3 CM Banks Pain For Pride 3 HRDO
14 HRDO 1 Elimination Chamber Road to Redemption Vacated
Vacated HRDO decided to relinquish the EAW World Heavyweight Championship as he retired soon after
15 Hurricane Hawk 1 Impact and RRS King of Extreme RRS Won via Cash in the Vault Cash-in during the match
16 RRS 3 Hurricane Hawk Showdown Robbie V
17 Robbie V 1 RRS Pain 4 Pride Vacated First Grand Rampage winner to win the belt at Pain for Pride
Vacated The EAW World Heavyweight Championship was vacated after Robbie V retired from at Pain 4 Pride
18 Ashten Cross 1 Alexander Da Vinci, StarrStan, Speedy, and Vic Vendetta Showdown Hurricane Hawk
19 Hurricane Hawk 2 Ashten Cross Territorial Invasion Mr. Insult
20 Mr. Insult 1 Elimination Chamber Road to Redemption Captain Charisma
21 Captain Charisma 1 Mr. Insult Road to Redemption Ashten Cross Won via King of Extreme Crown Cash-in after champion's Extreme Elimination Chamber match
22 Ashten Cross 2 Captain Charisma Grand Rampage Dark Demon
23 Dark Demon 1 Ashten Cross Showdown Jaywalker Won via King of Extreme Crown Cash-in
24 Jaywalker 4 Elimination Chamber Road to Redemption Zack Crash During this reign was when Jaywalker had his prestigious undefeated streak
25 Zack Crash 1 Jaywalker Pain For Pride 6 Brian Daniels Won via CITV Cash-in after champion's Hell in a Cell match with "The Legendary" Sekaiichi
26 Brian Daniels 1 No Way Out Match Territorial Invasion Vacated
Vacated The EAW World Heavyweight Championship was vacated after Brian Daniels left the company
27 Tyler Parker 1 Elimination Chamber Road to Redemption Mikado Sekaiichi
28 Mikado Sekaiichi 2 Tyler Parker Reasonable Doubt Mr. DEDEDE Won via King of Extreme Crown Cash-in after champion's match with GI Styles
29 Mr. DEDEDE 2 Mikado Sekaiichi Pain For Pride Seven Tyler Parker The EAW World Heavyweight Championship went from a Showdown-exclusive title to a Dynasty-exclusive title
30 Tyler Parker 2 Mr. DEDEDE King of Elite Brian Daniels Won the championship via making Mr. DEDEDE unconscious and deemed unfit to compete.
31 Brian Daniels 2 Tyler Parker Midsummer Massacre Scott Oasis
32 Scott Oasis 1 Brian Daniels Reckless Wiring Lucian Black This match was a Barbed-Wire Steel Cage match
33 Lucian Black 1 Scott Oasis Pain For Pride 9 Jacob Senn
34 Jacob Senn 1 Lucian Black House of Glass Jamie O'Hara This was a Glass Wallz match
35 Jamie O'Hara 1 Jacob Senn and Xavier Williams Grand Rampage Chris Elite The EAW World Heavyweight Championship went from a Dynasty-exclusive title to a Voltage-exclusive title
Longest reign for the championship
36 Chris Elite 1 Jamie O'Hara Brooklyn Heights Rex McAllister
37 Rex McAllister 1 Chris Elite Voltage: Crossfire Impact
38 Impact 4 Rex McAllister King of Elite Noah Reigner This was a barbed wire massacre.
39 Noah Reigner 1 Impact King of Elite Impact Noah Reigner cashed in his Cash in the Vault briefcase after Impact's victory at King of Elite.
40 Impact 5 Noah Reigner Pain for Pride 12 TLA
41 TLA 1 Impact EAW House of Glass (2019) N/A. This was a Glass Wallz Match with Sienna Jade as the special guest referee.
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