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Not to be confused with "Extreme Answers Wrestling World Championship"

The EAW World Champion is the former primary championship of the now defunct Extreme Ameteur Wrestling, a wrestling organization. It was created in June 2004, it was retired once it was unified with the BCW World Championship on August 21 of 2007. The title is now part of Backstream Championship Wrestling



The EAW World Championship aka. EAW Championship was created in June of 2004 by Extreme Ameteur Wrestling. Commander D was the first champion when he defeated Killer K in the first show tournament to become champion. The EAW Title has seen only two superstars win it twice or more that being King, with two, and Commander D with a record four. King was the last champion under the EAW Banner but Commander D was the last official champion defeating StingRay in a ladder match to win the title and hold onto it until Augst Thunder of 2007 to unify it.

Championship Reign by Length

Wrestler: Date won: Date lost: Note:

Commander D June 3, 2004 August 21st, 2004 Defeated Killer K to become first champion
Killer K August 21, 2004 November 14th, 2004 won a triple threat match
Commander D November 14, 2004 January 22nd, 2005 Commander D defeated Killer K in a 4 man street fight which included King and Crusher
Triple X January 22, 2005 May 3rd, 2005 After months of assaulting, Triple X beats Commander D and in the process breaks his arm
King (BCW) May 3, 2005 January 31st, 2006 King avenges his friends loss and beats Triple X 1-0 in a 30 mins Iron Man Match
K-Stevens January 31, 2006 February 1st, 2006 K-Stevens defeats King with some help from the A-Squad to steal the World title
Commander D February 1, 2006 May 27th, 2006 K-Stevens is stripped of the title following the show. Commander D returned and defeated K-Stevens to win the title for a third time
King (BCW) May 27, 2006 September 4th, 2006 King defeated Commander D in a best of 3 falls match for his second world title
Alex Austin September 4, 2006 December 14th, 2006 BCW is created and the World title went with it. Alex Austin became first EAW Champion in BCW at "BCW Back to School Bash"
StingRay December 14, 2006 April 1st, 2007 StingRay climbed the BCW Ranking system and with a 7-1-1 record and beat Austin for the title
Commander D April 1, 2007 August 21st, 2007 Defeated StingRay in a ladder match. He hold hold the title until August Thunder winninga fatal 4 way unification match ot become undisputed champion