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EAW Universal Women's Championship
Promotion(s) EAW
Brand Showdown
Date established June 22, 2019
Current champion(s) Ms. Extreme
Date won June 25, 2021

The EAW Universal Women's Championship is a professional e-wrestling world championship in Elite Answers Wrestling (EAW). It is a tri-branded championship, able to be competed for on any brand's shows and EAW Free-Per-Views. It was first established on June 6th, 2019 when Veena Adams announced the new championship during an episode of Empire. The inaugural holder of the championship was Serena Bennett, who won the title at Pain for Pride 12. The EAW Universal Women's Championship was introduced to replace the EAW Unified Women's Championship which was retired.

The championship is promoted as EAW's sole women's exclusive world championship, giving women from all brands a chance to compete for the title. This is the only women's exclusive world championship but this will not be the only world championship that women will be able to compete for. Following the EAW Draft and Empire's closing, women in EAW will once again become brand exclusive for the first time in three years thus opening many doors. Several women who were considered top players on Empire will be considered legitimate contenders for EAW's other three world championships, however, this title gives them even more options.



The title was first competed for on the twelfth-annual Pain for Pride show where the reigning EAW Unified Women's Champion Sienna Jade would be placed against the 2019 Grand Rampage winner, Serena Bennett. In the match, Serena Bennett emerged victorious to be crowned the first-ever champion. Immediately following her win, the 2019 Iconic Cup winner, Kassidy Heart, invoked her cash-in clause in an unexpected run-in where she defeated Serena to capture the championship.


The inaugural champion was Serena Bennett after defeating Sienna Jade at EAW Pain for Pride XII.

There have been six official champion reigns with Serena Bennett holding the record for the most reigns at two. The current champion is Ms. Extreme. She won after defeating Darcy May Morgan at EAW Pain for Pride XIV.

Title history


Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
# Indicates what number the reign is
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the titles were won
N/A The information is not available or is unknown
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign


indicates reigns and title changes not recognized by EAW.
# Elitist Reign Event Date Days
Serena Bennett 1 Pain for Pride June 22, 2019 1 Defeated Sienna Jade to become the first ever EAW Universal Women's Champion
Kassidy Heart 1 Pain for Pride June 22, 2019 112 Cashed in the Iconic Cup on Serena Bennett immediately following her win
3 Raven Roberts 1 Battle of Egypt October 12, 2019 155 Cashed in the Cash in the Vault Briefcase after her title match.
4 Minerva 1 Under Siege March 14, 2020 154 Cashed in the Cash in the Iconic Cup trophy after her title match.
5 Serena Bennett 2 Bloodsport August 15, 2020 183 Won two out of three falls in Three Stages of Hardcore Hell.
6 Darcy May Morgan 1 King of Elite February 13, 2021 132 Cashed in the Cash in the Vault briefcase during Serena's title match.
7 Ms. Extreme 1 Pain for Pride XIV June 25, 2021 225 Won the Women's No Way Out Match at Battle of Egypt to get a shot at the title.
8 Andrea Valentine 1 King of Elite February 5, 2022 109
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