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EAW Unifed Women's Championship
Promotion(s) EAW
Brand Empire
Date established December 17, 2016
Current champion(s) Sienna Jade
Date won February 2, 2019
Date retired June 22, 2019

The EAW Unifed Women's Championship is a professional e-wrestling world championship in Elite Answers Wrestling (EAW). It is an Empire exclusive championship, able to be competed for on Empire shows and EAW Free-Per-Views. It was first established on December 17th, 2016 when HRDO and Cleopatra introduced the new championship at Road to Redemption. The EAW Women's World Championship has since replaced the EAW Vixens Championship after the latter was retired.

From its inception, it was promoted as EAW's sole women's world championship. An additional title, the REVOLT! Freeweight Championship, was added after EAW's purchase of REVOLT! Pro Combat in early 2018. At the Pain For Pride Festival, the titles were later unified, becoming the EAW Unified Women's Championship.



The title was first competed for on the tenth-annual Road to Redemption show where the reigning EAW Vixens Champion Sheridan Müller would be placed against the 2016 Empress of Elite winner, Cailin Dillon. In the match, Cailin Dillon would be victorious and be crowned the first-ever champion.


The inaugural champion was Cailin Dillon when she was able to defeat Sheridan Müller at Road to Redemption. There have been six official champions, with every holder being tied for the most reigns with 1 each. The most recent EAW Women's Champion is Sienna Jade who won the title in a triple threat match at King of Elite.


Following the announcement of Empire's closing, the future of each Empire housed championship was left uncertain. The Pain for Pride main event match between Sienna Jade and Serena Bennett had already been set and the women continued to promote the match and engage in a back and forth for the championship. On the June 6th edition of Empire, Veena Adams interrupted a promo war between the two declaring the end of the Unified Women's World Championship to go along with Empire's closing, effectively vacating the championship at the conclusion of Season 12. She cited the tainted history of most title holders who all but two out of six are no longer in the company and on bad standing with it. In result, she introduced a new world championship that women will be able to compete for in Season 13 and beyond, the EAW Universal Women's Championship. The inaugural holder would be crowned at the conclusion of Sienna Jade vs Serena Bennett at Pain for Pride.

Title history


Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
# Indicates what number the reign is
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the titles were won
N/A The information is not available or is unknown
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign


Name Span of Time
EAW Women's World Championship December 17, 2016–June 23, 2018
EAW Unified Women's Championship June 23, 2018–June 22, 2019

Final Women's World Champion Sienna Jade


indicates reigns and title changes not recognized by EAW.
# Elitist Reign Event Date Days
Cailin Dillon 1 Road to Redemption December 17, 2016 119 Defeated Sheridan Müller to become the first ever EAW Women's World Champion
Cameron Ella Ava 1 Grand Rampage April 15, 2017 70
Aria Jaxon 1 Pain For Pride X June 24, 2017 274 This was a Triple Threat match also featuring Cailin Dillon
4 Stephanie Matsuda 1 Grand Rampage March 31, 2018 222 Cashed in the Iconic Cup on April Song and Consuela Rose Ava during a Final Submission match
5 Madison Kaline 1 Empire November 8, 2018 86 Steel cage match during the Empire main event
6 Sienna Jade 1 King of Elite February 2, 2019 140 This was a triple threat match also featuring Astraea Jordan
Retired Championship to be retired at the conclusion of Season 12 due to the closing of Empire
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