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EAW Unified Tag Team Championship
EAW UTT Title.png
The EAW Unified Tag Team Championship belt
Promotion(s) EAW
Brand Showdown
Date established July 24, 2009
Current champion(s) Xavier Williams and Harlow Reichert
Date won June 26, 2021

The EAW Unified Tag Team Championships are professional e-wrestling championships in Elite Answers Wrestling. It is currently used as an inter-branded championship between all three brands in EAW. It was first established in July 2009 when RoViper defeated La Secta Apocolyptica to unify the EAW Tag Team Championships and the EAW World Tag Team Championships.



The Unified Tag Team Championships were created when EAW Management decided to combine the EAW World Tag Team Championships (held by RoViper) and the EAW Tag Team Championships (held by La Secta Apocolyptica). Since the two teams had already been feuding and the pinnacle of e-federations was coming up, EAW Management decided to book La Secta Apocolyptica and RoViper in a tag team match at Pain For Pride II to unify the two sets of tag team championships and create the EAW Unified Tag Team Championships. At the time, Kevin Devastation (who was part of La Secta Apocolyptica) was Interwire Champion, while Robbie V (part of RoViper) was National Extreme Champion. Because of this, EAW Management made the tag team match a "Winner Takes All" Championship match, putting all six championships on the line. At the event, RoViper was able to defeat La Secta Apocolyptica and become the first Unified Tag Team Champions.


The EAW Unified Tag Team Championships are the first EAW Championships to have been unified in Extreme Answers Wrestling. The inaugural champions were RoViper (Robbie V & Viper) when they won the championships as a result of a unification match between the two pairs of tag team champions. There have been thirty-one (31) different official champions, with The High Rollerz having the most reigns at three as a team. Mr.DEDEDE and Y2Impact hold a collective amount of three reigns, the most reigns as a singles competitor. The longest reigning EAW Unified Tag Team Champions were Heavenly Hell, Minerva and Constance Blevins, who held the championships for approximately eight (8) months and twenty two (22) days (between Pain for Pride 12 and Under Siege). The shortest reigning EAW Unified Tag Team Champions were RoViper (Robbie V & Brian Daniels) who held the championships for approximately one (1) week. The current reigning champions are Xavier Williams and Harlow Reichert who defeated IDOL-GUN at Pain for Pride 14.

Title History


Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
# Indicates what number the reign is
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the titles were won
N/A The information is not available or is unknown
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign


Name Span of Time
EAW Unified Tag Team Championship Pain For Pride II (July 24, 2011)–present


As of October 28, 2021.

indicates reigns and title changes not recognized by EAW.
# Team Reign Defeated Event Lost to Notes
1 RoViper
(Robbie V & Viper)
1 La Secta Apocolytpica Pain For Pride II Order of the Angels Won the EAW Tag Team Championships and combined them with their EAW Tag Team Championships.
2 Order of the Angels
(Y2Impact & St. Anger)
1 RoViper King of Extreme II MC Squared
3 MC Squared
(Mr. DEDEDE & Captain Charisma)
1 Order of the Angels Showdown vs. Dynasty V Ryding Regulationz
4 Ryding Regulationz
(Regulator & Matt Ryder)
1 MC Squared Grand Rampage III SG Generation
5 SG Generation
(SG2 & Drake Blake)
1 Ryding Regulationz Showdown Decipals of Death
6 Decipals of Death
(Mr. Blood & Dark Demon)
1 SG Generation Road to Redemption IV Dynasty X
7 Dynasty X
(Alexander Da Vinci & Heart Break Boy)
1 Decipals of Death EAW: 3 Year Anniversary Sex N' Violence
8 Sex N' Violence 2 Dynasty X Dynasty Channel Zero
9 Channel Zero
(Apollo Calix & Kawajai)
1 Sex N' Violence Showdown Sons of Mayhem This was a Steel Cage match, Channel Zero won after Robbie V hit a concussion on RRS, allowing Channel Zero to exit the cage for the victory.
10 Sons of Mayhem
(Eddie Mack & Smyth)
1 Channel Zero Pain 4 Pride Foreign Prophecy
11 Foreign Prophecy
(Ross Shackleford & Storm Lightning)
1 Sons of Mayhem No Regards Mutiny
12 Mutiny
(King Cliff & Moses X)
1 Foreign Prophecy and Elite Warning House of Glass Team Burial
13 Team Burial
(CM Banks & Alexander Da Vinci (2))
1 Mutiny Justified Reckoning Foreign Prophecy
14 Foreign Prophecy
(Ross Shackleford & Storm Lightning)
2 Team Burial and Mutiny Showdown Sovereigns of Supreme
15 Sovereigns of Supreme
(Austin Lonewolf & Lockdown)
1 Foreign Prophecy Reasonable Doubt James Johnson & Dorin
16 James Johnson & Dorin 1 Sovereigns of Supreme Reckless Wiring Generation Next
17 Generation Next
(Moonlight Predator & Pyrite)
1 James Johnson & Dorin Defiance New Age Bandits
18 New Age Bandits
(Zack Crash & Brian Titus)/Suicidal Adrenaline
(Zack Crash & Suicidal VIP)
1 Generation Next No Regards Diamond Cage & Pyrite During this reign, Brian Titus left EAW. Zack Crash decided to keep the titles and find a new partner, forming a partnership with Suicidal VIP.
19 Diamond Cage & Pyrite (2) 1 Suicidal Adrenaline Reckless Wiring Dynamite Rain
20 Dynamite Rain
(GI Styles & Carlos Rosso)
1 Diamond Cage & Pyrite Showdown Quintessential Trailblazers
21 Quintessential Trailblazers
(Jaywalker & Y2Impact (2))
1 Dynamite Rain No Regards Mr. DEDEDE & Diamond Cage
22 Mr. DEDEDE (2) & Diamond Cage (2) 1 Quintessential Trailblazers Showdown Zack Crash & Jacob Senn
23 Zack Crash (2) & Jacob Senn 1 Mr. DEDEDE & Diamond Cage House of Glass The House of Renegades The House of Renegades would interfere in the match on behalf of Mr. DEDEDE, who would turn his back on Diamond Cage.
24 The House of Renegades
(Hades the Hellraiser & Nick Angel)
1 Zack Crash & Jacob Senn and Superior Quality Y Drastiko Shock Value Vacated
25 Dynamite Rain
(GI Styles & Carlos Rosso)
2 The Lyndivias Showdown: Homecoming The Nas N' Mstislav Connection
26 The Nas N' Mstislav Connection
(The Nas & Aren Mstislav)
1 Dynamite Rain Voltage Draft Show Scott Diamond & James Martin The Nas N' Mstislav Connection would win the titles in a handicap match with GI Styles due to his partner unable to appear.
27 Scott Diamond 1 The Nas N' Mstislav Connection Voltage RAGNAROK Scott Diamond won the titles with James Martin, but would hold them by himself as James Martin would be fired by EAW.
(Lannister & Psycho Brody)
1 Scott Diamond Voltage The Savage Ryans
29 The Savage Ryans
(Mr. DEDEDE (3) & Ryan Savage)
1 RAGNAROK Showdown The Mercenaries
30 The Mercenaries
(Y2Impact (3) & Heart Break Gal)
1 The Savage Ryans Pain For Pride Eight Drake & Jones First Intergender Tag Team Champions.
31 Drake & Jones
(Drake Jaegar & Tiberius Jones)
1 The Mercenaries King of Elite Cerberus
32 Cerberus
(Brian Daniels (2) & Cyclone)
1 Drake and Jones Grand Rampage The Mighty Don't Kneel
33 The Mighty Don't Kneel
(Xavier Williams & Jamie O'Hara)
1 Cerberus Dia Del Diablo Vacant This was a Hellfire No Way Out Match.
Vacant The EAW Tag Team Championships were vacated due to an injury sustained by Xavier Williams at the hands of Jamie O'Hara. They were vacated by Dynasty General Manager Sebastian Monroe himself when Jamie attempted to declare himself the sole champion.
34 Matt Squared
(Matt Ryder (2) & Matt Miles)
1 The Emperium
(Lannister & Heart Break Gal)
Road to Redemption The High Rollerz This was a Tag Team Grand Prix Finals Match.
35 The High Rollerz
(Jack Ripley & David Davidson)
1 Matt Squared King of Elite RoViper
36 RoViper
(Robbie V (2) & Brian Daniels (3))
2 The High Rollerz Grand Rampage The High Rollerz
37 The High Rollerz
(Jack Ripley & David Davidson)
2 Brian Daniels Showdown The Triumvirate The match was contested under handicap match rules.
38 The Triumvirate
(Ares Vandetta & Darth Lannister (2))
1 The High Rollerz Territorial Invasion 2017 The High Rollerz The match was contested under 3-on-3 Winner Takes All No Way Out rules.
39 The High Rollerz
(Jack Ripley & David Davidson)
3 The Triumvirate EAW Road to Redemption 2017 Di Consentes
40 Di Consentes
(Heart Break Gal & Cameron Ella Ava)
1 The High Rollerz EAW Reasonable Doubt 2018 Drillmatic Ava also had Scott Diamond and Mr. DEDEDE as stand-in partners after Heart Break Gal's leave from EAW.
41 Drillmatic
(Astraea Jordan & Malcolm Jones)
1 Cameron Ella Ava & Mr. DEDEDE Showdown MarrKade
42 MarrKade
(Charlie Marr & Daryl Kinkade)
1 Drillmatic Voltage Jaded Hearts
43 Jaded Hearts
(Sienna Jade & Kassidy Heart)
1 MarrKade King of Elite The Wildcards
44 The Wildcards
(Xander Payne & Myles)
1 Jaded Hearts Grand Rampage Heavenly Hell
45 Heavenly Hell
(Constance Blevins & Minerva)
1 The Wildcards Pain for Pride 12 Drizzy & Vizzy This match also marked the further unification of the belt with the absorption of the Empire Tag Team Championship.
46 Drizzy & Vizzy
(Drake King & Visual Prophet)
1 Heavenly Hell Under Siege Fire & Ice
47 Fire & Ice
(Rex McAllister & Raven Roberts)
1 Drizzy & Vizzy Gateway to Glory The Grand Athletes In this match, Rex McAllister achieved the honor of becoming a Grand Slam Champion.
48 The Grand Athletes

(Limmy Monaghan & Mark Macias)

1 Fire & Ice Operation: Doomsday The Realm
49 The Realm

(Sierra Bradford & Harper Lee)

1 The Grand Athletes Territorial Invasion IDOL-GUN This was a Flaming Ladders match.

(Miku Sakai & Hikari Kanno)

1 The Realm King of Elite Xavier Williams & Harlow Reichert This was a 4-way tag match including the Realm, The Maidens of Malpractice, & Chained Fury
51 Xavier Williams (2) and Harlow Reichert 1 IDOL-GUN Pain for Pride XIV n/a
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