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Under Siege (2020)
Under Siege 2020.jpg
Theme song(s) "Upside Down" by Hollywood Undead feat. Kellin Quinn
Promotion Elite Answers Wrestling
Brand(s) Showdown
Date March 14, 2020
Venue DirectTV Arena
City Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pay-per-view chronology
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EAW Under Siege (2020) chronology
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Under Siege (2020) is a professional wrestling free-per-view (FPV) featuring professional wrestling matches with varying storylines from the Showdown brand of Elite Answers Wrestling. The event will take place on March 14, 2020 at the DirectTV Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is the second event in the Under Siege chronology.




After falling short in earning themselves a future opportunity at the Unified Tag Team Championships at King of Elite, Showdown General Manager, Jenny Punk informs The ILLIONAIRES (Chris Elite and Ahren Fournier) that they won't be getting any sort of opportunities for the titles. If Elite considers using the Gawd Contract, she'll overrule it. Cameron Ella Ava walks in with an appointment with Punk about her next title defense. This is when Elite interjects himself into the conversation and tries to get himself a shot at Ava's title. Punk denies him of that idea, but Ava seems more than fine to give Elite a shot at the Answers World Championship since he technically did help her back in December with helping her qualify for the Extreme Elimination Chamber. This would be Ava "owing" him one. Fournier complains about having nothing to do about the Under Siege event, so Elite Gawd Contracts Fournier into the match, making it a Triple Threat.

At Road to Redemption, Xander Payne found himself eliminated second in the match thanks to Mr. DEDEDE. Payne would return later in the match with a sledgehammer and attack DEDEDE with it, leaving DEDEDE as easy pickings for Jamie O'Hara to eliminate DEDEDE and end his reign as Answers World Champion. At Christmas in Dubai, Payne attacked DEDEDE after his match with Malcolm Jones. At the first Showdown of 2020, Payne would attack DEDEDE following his rematch against Cameron Ella Ava. He would drive DEDEDE's head through cinderblocks, leaving him out of action. This would provide Payne with a clear path to challenge Ava for the Answers World Championship at King of Elite. At King of Elite, Payne failed to capture the Answers World Championship. Following the match, DEDEDE returned, attacked Payne before connecting with Wings of Hell through the announcer's table. On the February 22 edition of Showdown, DEDEDE would cut a promo on Payne and booking him against Payne for Under Siege.

On the February 22 edition of Showdown, Harper Lee goes to Jenny Punk wanting an opportunity at the Universal Women's Championship. Soon after, Alexis Chambers would go to Punk, asking for the same thing. Punk books Lee versus Chambers next week. On the February 29 episode of Showdown, Lee and Chambers clashed with each other in a highly competitive match, which would result in a draw. After much discussion, Punk decides to make the Universal Women's Championship at Under Siege a Triple Threat.

Following his heartbreaking loss at King of Elite, Jamie O'Hara cuts a promo on his season so far. He claims that the only thing that he needs to do is to rebuild himself and vows that the next time he gets a huge opportunity, he won't lose. A returning Candice Blair comes out and cuts a promo, praising O'Hara and calling him her influence for getting back into wrestling; however, with his loss at King of Elite and how his season has been so far, she doesn't think that he is worthy of the title "Ace." Blair claims that if O'Hara wants to prove that he's still The Ace, that he should face her at Under Siege. O'Hara believes that Blair is crazy and claims that he'd wipe the floor with her in a match. Blair claims that she doesn't shy away from challenges and after much thought, O'Hara accepts her challenge. Blair ends up connecting with a Candy Destroyer on O'Hara, making a statement there.

Celebrating Minerva's huge Iconic Cup win, Heavenly Hell vows that they are still united as ever. They recognized that the Unified Tag Team Championships had taken a backseat due to the Iconic Cup and call out any team to step up to them and face them at Under Siege. The King of Elite, The Visual Prophet steps up to the plate and says that he wants those titles. Constance Blevins wonders who would team with Viz, but Viz introduces the newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion, Drake King out with him. King claims that he and Viz have a common interest in the Unified Tag Team Championships. He claims that he and Viz will be Heavenly Hell's biggest challenges to date.

Ever since winning the title back at Road to Redemption, PURE Champion Harlow Reichert has vowed to be a fighting champion and never deny anyone of the match for the title. She begins the Open Invitational for the PURE Championship. Elitists such as Shane Gates, Harper Lee and Shaker Jones took part in the challenge but failed to take the title from Reichert. At King of Elite, Reichert successfully defended the title against former champion, Jake Smith. On the February 22 edition of Showdown, Jenny Punk announced that the PURE Championship will be defended against the PURE Gauntlet against five other competitors. Reichert and Johnson will be the two competitors in the Gauntlet. The winner of Reichert and Johnson will begin the Gauntlet off at Under Siege. Reichert would end up retaining the title and would start off the match at Under Siege. On the February 29 episode of Showdown, Lance Blackfyre would announce that he went to Punk about being part of the Gauntlet. On the March 8 edition of Showdown, it was announced that Smith, Gates and Santo Muerte will be taking part in the match.

Following his match against Cage at Christmas in Dubai, Ryan Wilson introduced the EAW Universe to the "Wildside" version of himself. Someone who loves being in pain as much as inflicting the pain. Someone who is not afraid to get all brutal and hardcore. On the January 11 episode of Showdown, Wilson faces The Ring Master in a match, but it results in a double count-out due to both competitors continuing to brawl to the outside. On the January 18 episode of Showdown, Wilson and the Ring Master teamed up to face The ILLIONAIRES. After their victory, Wilson would turn on the Ring Master and leave him beaten. On the January 25 episode of Showdown, Ring Master would be one of the men in a Triple Threat Match and the winner would move on to face Harlow Reichert at King of Elite. Before Ring Master could get the pin, Wilson would pull him out of the ring and wack him with the steel chair, leaving him beaten again. On the February 1 episode of Showdown, Ring Master would make his presence felt when Wilson tried to leave the ring during his match against Xander Payne, causing Wilson the win. On the February 22 episode of Showdown, Wilson would attack Ring Master after his victory over Oliver Queen, and announcing that Ring Master will face him at Under Siege in a Hardcore Match.

No. Results Stipulations
1 Cameron Ella Ava (c) def. Chris Elite & Ahren Fournier Triple Threat for the EAW Answers World Championship
2 Xander Payne def. Mr. DEDEDE Singles Match
3 Raven Roberts (c) def. Harper Lee & Alexis Chambers Triple Threat for the EAW Universal Women's Championship
4 Jamie O'Hara def. Candice Blair Singles Match
5 Drizzy & Vizzy def. Heavenly Hell (Constance Blevins and Minerva) (c) Tag Team Match for the EAW Unified Tag Team Championships
6 Jake Smith def. Harlow Reichert (c), Lucas Johnson, Lance Blackfyre, Shane Gates & Santo Muerte Gauntlet Match for the EAW PURE Championship
7 Ryan Wilson def. The Ring Master Hardcore Match
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
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