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EAW Specialists Championship
The Specialists Championship belt
Promotion(s) EAW
Brand Dynasty
Date established October 9, 2015
Current champion(s) Serenity Valdez
Date won May 7, 2022

The EAW Specialists Championship is a professional e-wrestling championship in Elite Answers Wrestling (EAW). It is a mid-card championship that is currently a part of the Voltage brand. It was first established on October 9th, 2015 when EAW created another championship designed to be a complimentary championship to the EAW Vixens Championship given the successful staging of the first Empress of Elite tournament and the massive expansion of the women's roster in the summer and fall of 2015. Unique stipulations, various Specialty matches that it can be defended in, and the rise of the various women who have held the title thus far are the cornerstones of the title’s young legacy. 



The creation of the Specialists Championship was announced October 9, 2015 via press release by EAW.  The belt was created with rules based on experimental titles from other federations, including the CWF Specialists Championship from the now-defunct Classic Wrestling Federation. The title was created with the Champion reserving the right to choose any stipulation/match type for their title defenses as they saw fit, with the exception of certain match types such as Glass Wallz. Since the belt's inception, however, the mandate for a special stipulation for a Specialists Title defense has been lifted. The challengers may be either mandatory challengers appointed by EAW, challengers who earned their status as a top contender, or a Vixens Cup winner wishing to cash in their privilege to compete for a title. This rule does not necessarily apply to “special events” where the title is at stakes such as the Specialists Rampage match or the Specialists Scramble. The title was first competed for at Redemption where women competed in a variation of the Championship Scramble Match, nicknamed the Specialists Scramble, for the right to be named the first champion. Haruna Sakazaki would survive the challenge after she had claimed victory against the likes of Raven Lee, Lumen Gray, Eris LeCava, Maria Gonzales, Cloud Matsuda, and Cailin Dillon.


The Specialists Championship became the second championship for the Vixens division to aspire to attain. The first Free-Per-View where the Specialists Championship was defended was at Road to Redemption, where Cailin Dillon was able to defend her championship against the former champion Haruna Sakazaki. At Triple Threat, Tarah Nova would defeat Stephanie Matsuda, Cailin Dillon, and Haruna Sakazaki to become the first woman in history to hold both the Specialists Championship and the Vixens Championship in the course of their career. In more recent years, the championship has attained far more prestige and a greater level of importance than it had since its introduction. The Specialists Championship has marked the beginning of a successful EAW career for a number of eventual world championship holders in EAW. Andrea Valentine became EAW World Champion a few months after her record-setting Specialists Title reign. The inaugural and current EAW Universal Women's Champion, Serena Bennett, is also a former Specialists Champion.


The inaugural champion was Haruna Sakazaki when she was able to win the Specialists Scramble on the Showdown: Redemption supershow. There have been nine official reigns split between right champions. The longest reigning champions are Brody Sparks and Andrea Valentine who have both the championship for 190 days (Brody - between Road to Redemption and Pain For Pride X; Andrea - between Terminus and an episode of Dynasty). The shortest reigning champion was Haruna Sakazaki, who lost the championship two weeks after she won it on Showdown: Redemption. The current champion is Constance Blevins in her first reign as champion. She defeated then-champion Kasey Kaos at King of Elite.

Title History


Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
# Indicates what number the reign is
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the titles were won
N/A The information is not available or is unknown
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign


Name Span of Time
EAW Specialists Championship October 9, 2015–present


indicates reigns and title changes not recognized by EAW.
# Elitist Reign Event Date Days
1 Haruna Sakazaki 1 Redemption November 7, 2015 14 Won a Specialist Scramber Match to become the first champion. Other participants of the match were Cloud Matsuda, Cailin Dillon, Maria Gonzales, Eris LeCava, Lumen Gray, and Raven Lee.
2 Cailin Dillon 1 Battleground November 21, 2015 161 This match was contested in a Ladder Match.
3 Stephanie Matsuda 1 Grand Rampage April 30, 2016 28 Won first-ever 12-Woman Vixens Rampage match by last eliminating Haruna Sakazaki.
4 Tarah Nova 1 Triple Threat May 28, 2016 91 Nova won the title in a Fatal 4-Way Match by pinning Cloud Matsuda. Haruna Sakazaki and Cailin Dillon were also in the match.
5 Kendra Shamez 1 Showdown August 27, 2016 112
6 Brody Sparks 1 Road to Redemption December 17, 2016 190 Sparks won the title in a Elimination Chamber Match by last eliminating Aria Jaxon. Kendra Shamez, Madison Kaline, Tarah Nova, and Cameron Ella Ava were also in the match.
7 Consuela Rose Ava 1 Pain for Pride X June 25, 2017 25 This match was contested in a Submission Match.
8 April Song 1 Empire July 20, 2017 63 This match was contested as a Street Fight
9 Consuela Rose Ava 2 Manifest Destiny September 21, 2017 108 This match was a Triple Threat Match also involving Brody Sparks.
10 Megan Raine 1 King of Elite January 6, 2018 85
11 Chelsea Crowe 1 Grand Rampage March 31, 2018 84 This was a 20-woman Specialists Rampage Match.
12 Remi Skyfire 1 Pain For Pride Festival June 23, 2018 91 This was a 5-Woman Specialists Scramble Match.
13 Tyler Wolfe 1 Territorial Invasion 2018 September 22, 2018 92
13 Andrea Valentine 1 Road To Redemption December 22, 2018 43 This was a 6-woman Extreme Elimination Chamber match also featuring Serena Bennett, Clara Lovelace, Tyler Wolfe, Constance Blevins, and Daisy Thrash.
14 Serena Bennett 1 King of Elite February 2, 2019 62 This was a chain match.
15 Consuela Rose Ava 3 Empire March 4, 2019 42 This was a submission match. Consuela became the first ever three-time Specialists Champion.
16 Andrea Valentine 2 Terminus May 16, 2019 190 This was a ladder match. Valentine ties Brody Sparks' record as the longest-reigning Specialists Champion in EAW history.
17 Darcy May Morgan 1 Dynasty November 22, 2019 176
18 Sarah Price 1 Gateway to Glory May 16, 2020 125 The title was vacated after Sarah Price was fired by Mr. DEDEDE.
The title was vacated on September 18, 2020 following Sarah Price's release from EAW.
19 Kasey Kaos 1 Wicked Games: Fright Night October 31, 2020 105 Defeated Veena Adams in the final round of the Specialists Tournament.
20 Constance Blevins 1 King of Elite February 13, 2021 98 This match was called Kasey's House of Horrors.
21 Dr. Bethany Blue 1 Battle of Egypt: Clash in Cairo May 22, 2021 115
22 Miku Sakai 1 Territorial Invasion September 18, 2021 87
23 Harper Lee 1 Road To Redemption 15 December 12, 2021 146
24 Ximena Velasquez 1 Grand Rampage May 7, 2022 50
25 Serenity Valdez 1 Pain for Pride XV June 26, 2022 49
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