EAW Showdown
Federation Elite Answers Wrestling
Starring Showdown Roster
Theme music "DNA." by Kendrick Lamar
General manager Hurricane Hawk
Established January 19th, 2008
Episodes ~400 episodes
Booker EAW Board
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EAW Showdown is a weekly television program for Elite Answers Wrestling. As of 2015, it airs on the EAW Network as EAW Saturday Night Showdown. The show's name is also used to refer to the brand, in which EAW employees are assigned to work and perform on that program; the other programs and brands currently being Dynasty and Voltage. It is currently the only television broadcast for the Showdown brand, though it features some Dynasty and Voltage wrestlers on occasion.


Showdown was the first brand made when EAW was resurrected and has since been known as EAW's "flagship brand". There were many brand names being thrown around at the time and originally the brand was going to be named "EAW Anarchy" but it was later changed due to many within the company disagreeing with the name "Anarchy". Showdown had its first show on January 19th 2008 which featured the debuts of stars such as Captain Charisma and RRS, who swept the EAW Awards in 2008 because of their illustrious feud. Many regard Showdown as the turning point of Y!Answers-Based efederations because of its role in creating such a successful feud in RRS vs. Captain Charisma. However, Showdown's success did not stop when its top feud halted. Rather, it showcased veterans as well as continued to push the envelope for new-comers. Showdown has since given birth to some of EAW's biggest stars and served as the home of many. EAW Showdown has had several writers during its long, successful history including Mr. DEDEDE, RRS, MaK, Mister K, and Brian Daniels, and Robbie V. The current head writer and booker is Diamond Cage.


The Showdown set that has been used since the program's inception is the same HD set that is utilized by the other EAW weekly shows. For the opening of the show, blue and white pyrotechnics are used.

Theme music

Song title Written/performed by Dates used
"The Misanthrope" Local H July 14, 2018-April 2019
"DNA." Kendrick Lamar April 2019-Present

On-air personalities

Authority figures

Authority figure Dates Position
Damien Murrow
James Shields
Damien Murrow
Ronn Banks
Hurricane Hawk June 30, 2018- June 2019 General Manager
Jenny Punk July 2019 - Present General Manager


Commentary team Dates
Cuck U. Fena and StarrStan 2011-2012
Hey Yo Chico and ETR 2012-2013
WWEFan and Flashback January-June 2013
WWEFan and Mak 2013-2014
Mak and Masters February-June 2014
ETR and Deadprez July-October 2014
Matt Ryder and Eddie Mack October 2014-June 2015
Matt Ryder and Jake Mercer July 2015-March 2016
Jake Mercer and Masters April-June 2016
Pierre McGuire and Cherish June 2016-June 2017
Pierre McGuire and Drake Jaeger June 2017-January 2018
Pierre McGuire and Deadprez January 2018-December 2018
Deadprez and Eve December 2018-June 2019
Deadprez and Gavin Kirkland July 2019 - September 2019
Deadprez, Eve and Gavin Kirkland September 2019 - Present

Ring announcers

Ring Announcer Dates
Aaron Fitzpatrick 2017-2018
Gina Romano 2018-Present

Backstage correspondents

Correspondent Dates
Eve ???-December 2018
Cori Simmons December 2018- July 2019
Kyra Phillips July 2019 - Present

Championships and accomplishments

Championship Current champion Date won
EAW Answers World Championship Mr. DEDEDE June 23, 2019
EAW Pure Championship Jake Smith October 12, 2019
EAW Unified Tag Team Championship Heavenly Hell (Constance Blevins and Minerva) June 20, 2019


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