The eWrestling Encyclopedia
Shock Value (2016)
Promotion Elite Answers Wrestling
Date November 19, 2016
Venue Cheseapeake Energy Arena
City Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Theme Song "Crossfire" by Stephen
"This Time" by Axwell /\ Ingrosso
Last Event EAW House of Glass (2016)
Next Event EAW Road to Redemption (2016)

Shock Value features professional wrestling matches with varying storylines from the brands of Elite Answers Wrestling with the elitists of its respective brands, Voltage. It also features matches that are centered around the stipulation of electricity.

After Aren Mstislav was able to defend the EAW Championship against Nasir Capitani at Territorial Invasion, it would be announced that Aren Mstislav would be put up against Y2Impact to defend his championship in a No Holds Barred Match. A week prior to this match, Matt Miles competed in a match with Kenny Drake for a chance to be given a "gift" from Voltage GM Carlos Rosso. Once Matt met with Carlos, the gift would be revealed to be an EAW Championship opportunity. Matt would be grateful for the opportunity, stating that he will not fail like his past attempts, and he would challenge whoever won the championship at Shock Value. During the match, Nasir would interfere in the main event, causing a no-contest between Aren Mstislav and Y2Impact. After the fact, Matt Miles would be put in an interview with Flannery McCoy backstage to talk about the EAW Championship situation. However, Y2Impact would interrupt his interview to mention that he would have been champion if it wasn't for Nasir, but Matt would just laugh it off and both men would come close to blows. However, Carlos would decide to make both men the number one contender to the EAW Championship and how it would be money. During a match on the following show between Voin (Aren's alter ego) and El Landerson, it would be announced that Aren Mstislav, Y2Impact, and Matt Miles would be competing at Shock Value in a triple threat match for the EAW Championship. In the main event of the night, Matt Miles would defeat Y2Impact by count-out after forcing him out of the ring after escaping a Walls of Impact.

Carson Ramsay and Kenny Drake have went through the months in a storied rivalry against one another, but Carson decided he wanted to bring an end of the rivalry between the two with an Electric Deathmatch at Shock Value. Kenny Drake would accept the challenge, leaving the tension at a high. The following week, Carson Ramsay would come to sign the contract for the match in front of the fans, but there was no presence of Kenny Drake, but with a member of The Wolvesden named "Soldier Wolf". The two would have a heated discussion with Carson signing the contract, only for Kenny Drake and The Wolvesden to arrive and attack Carson after the blackout attack. After the attack, Kenny Drake would sign his name on the contract to make the match official.


Match Stipulation Time
Keelan Cetinich def. Marco Fedor Shock Collar "I Quit" Match 24:31
Azumi Goto def. Cleopatra , Amy Jayne, Erica Ford, Brody Sparks, Nicole Fyre, Madison Kaline, La Diva, Alexis Diemos and Autumn Raven Control In The Vault Open Invitation Shock Collar Battle Royal: Winner Earns Complete Control of Empire for 24 Hours 29:48
Carson Ramsay and Kenny Drake fought to a no-contest Electric Deathmatch 40:12
Maero def. Alonzo Clarrissian, Jon McAdams, Solomon Caine, J.D. Damon, Jakob DeLion, Danny Noxx, Ahren Fournier and Mike Showman Top Prospect Scramble Match 15:12
Nasir Capitani def. Carlos Rosso Singles Match 2:38
Drastik def. Nathan Fiora (c) EAW Hardcore Championship Match 17:19
Eclipse Diemos def. Zack Crash High Voltage Match 22:32
Team OG (Kendra Shamez, Cameron Ella Ava, The Heart Break Gal, Stephanie Matsuda and Veena Adams) def. Team Sirens (Tarah Nova, Aria Jaxon, Cailin Dillon, Sheridan Muller and Haruna Sakazaki) 5-on-5 Elimination Tag Team Match 35:31
Y2Impact def. Aren Mstislav (c) and Matt Miles EAW Championship High Voltage Match 39:04