The eWrestling Encyclopedia
Shock Value 2K14
Tagline "The Last Night of Extreme"
Promotion Extreme Answers Wrestling
Date November 22nd, 2014
Venue US Airways Center
City Phoenix, AZ
Theme Song "Enemy" by Blue Stahl
Last Event EAW House of Glass (2014)
Next Event EAW Dishonorable Justice (2014)


Shock Collar "I Quit" Match for the EAW Championship
Jacob Senn (c) vs. Scott Diamond - Special Referee: Zack Crash

High Voltage Match
Ragnarok (Lannister, Norman Hellion, & Psycho Brody) vs. ELITE (StarrStan, Devan Dubian, & Brian Daniels)

Electric Death Mach for the Cash in the Vault Briefcase
Xavier Williams vs. Diamond Cage

Blackout Match
Cameron Ella Ava vs. Tarah Nova

Electric Ropes Match for the EAW New Breed Championship
Jamie O'Hara (c) vs. Lochlan Rossdale

EAW Pure Championship; If Savage is Disqualified, he will be fired
Ryan Savage vs. Sephiroth

EAW New Breed Championship #1 Contender's Shock Collar Battle Royal
Chris DeLion vs. Randy Reaume vs. Happy Manny vs. The Nas vs. J.P. Caliban vs. James Knight vs. Zach Genesis vs. Alexander Zeus vs. Troy Archello vs. Jordan Ciserano vs. Lukka Avetisyan vs. Pantera Negra vs. Kaol Wake III vs. Hannibal Krane vs. Bryan Rodgers


# Result Stipulation
1 Jamie O'Hara (c) def. Lochlan Rossdale Electric Ropes Match for the EAW New Breed Championship
2 The Nas won last eliminating Pantera Negra EAW New Breed Championship Contenders Shock Collar Battle Royal
3 Tarah Nova def. Cameron Ella Ava Blackout Match
4 Ryan Savage def. Sephiroth Singles Match for the vacant EAW Pure Championship; If Savage was disqualified, he would have lost.
5 Xavier Williams def. Diamond Cage Electric Deathmatch for the Cash In The Vault Contact
6 RAGNAROK (Lannister, Norman Hellion, & Psycho Brody) def. ELITE (StarrStan, Devan Dubian, & Brian Daniels) High Voltage Match
7 Jacob Senn def. Scott Diamond Shock Collar "I Quit" Match for the vacant EAW Championship (Special Referee: Zack Crash)
  • 2. Other participants of the match included Chris DeLion, Randy Reaume, Happy Manny, J.P. Caliban, James Knight, Zach Genesis, Alexander Zeus, Troy Archello, Jordan Ciserano, Lukka Avetisyan, Kaol Wake III, Hannibal Krane and Bryan Rodgers