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Reckless Wiring 2K15
Reckless Wiring 2015.jpg
Tagline "Our Fate...Is In Your Hands!"
Promotion Elite Answers Wrestling
Date March 21st, 2015
Venue Allianz Arena
City Munich, Germany
Theme Song "The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning" by Smashing Pumpkins
"Down To Earth (Original Mix)" by Celldweller
Last Event EAW Fighting Spirit (2015)
Next Event EAW Grand Rampage (2015)


EAW Championship
Diamond Cage (c) vs. Heart Break Boy

2 Out of 3 Falls Match for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship
Tyler Parker (c) vs. Jacob Senn

EAW Answers World Championship; If Norman wins, Starr can no longer contend for the Answers World Championship
Norman Hellion (c) vs. StarrStan

Winner Takes All Match for the 2014 KOE Crown and EAW Pure Championship
Ares Vendetta (c) vs. Methuselah - Special Referee: Ryan Savage

Triple Threat Match; Winner claims No. 30 Spot at Grand Rampage
Brian Daniels vs. Devan Dubian vs. Scott Oasis

Loser Cannot Contend for the Answers World Championship until after the EAW Draft
Alex Anderson vs. Ventura

"I Quit" Match for EAW Hall of Fame Championship
Cameron Ella Ava (c) vs. Scott Diamond

EAW Vixens Championship; Lethal's Finished banned from use. Lethal will lose the Vixens Title if she used her finisher.
Lethal (c) vs. Tarah Nova

Steel Cage Match; Winner earns a World Heavyweight Title Match @ Grand Rampage and Losers Leaves Dynasty
Xavier Williams vs. Lucian Black

Championship Scramble Match for the EAW National Elite Championship
Christopher Corrupt (c) vs. TLA vs. Aren Mstislav vs. Carlos Rosso vs. Maxwell Dachs


# Results Stipulation Time
1 Lucian Black def. Xavier Williams Steel Cage Match; Winner Earns A World Heavyweight Championship Match AND Loser Leaves Dynasty 26:10
2 Devan Dubian def. Brian Daniels and Scott Oasis Triple Threat Match; Winner Enters Grand Rampage at Number 30 15:48
3 Scott Diamond def. Cameron Ella Ava (c) "I Quit" Match for the EAW Hall of Fame Championship 17:36
4 Alex Anderson def. Ventura Singles Match; Loser Cannot Compete For Answers World Championship Until EAW Draft 10:30
5 Christopher Corrupt (c) def. TLA, Maxwell Dachs, Carlos Rosso and Aren Mstislav Scramble Match for the EAW National Elite Championship 20:00
6 Ares Vendetta (c) def. Methuselah Winner Takes All Match for the EAW Pure Championship and 2014 KOE Crown (Special Referee: Ryan Savage) 35:40
7 Tarah Nova def. Lethal (c) Singles Match for the EAW Vixens Championship; Lethal's Finisher Banned From Use 11:19
8 Xavier Williams def. Diamond Cage (c) and Heart Break Boy Triple Threat Match for the EAW World Championship 14:20
9 Tyler Parker (c) def. Jacob Senn 2-1 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship 28:54
10 StarrStan def. Norman Hellion (c) No Disqualifications Match for the EAW Answers World Championship Match; If StarrStan Lost, He Could No Longer Contend For The Answer World Championship 22:10