Reasonable Doubt 2K11
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Promotion Extreme Answers Wrestling
Date February 2011
Venue TD Garden
City Boston, MA
Theme Song "Just A Little Bit" by Adelita's Way
Last Event EAW King of Extreme (2011)
Next Event EAW Reckless Wiring (2011)


Triple Threat Hell In A Cell Match for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship
Hurricane Hawk (c) vs. CM Banks vs. Viper

Robbie V vs. Ashten Cross

EAW Answers World Championship
Y2Impact vs. George Copeland

EAW Elite Championship
Jason Cage vs. Jared Cage

Triple Threat Submission Match
StarrStan vs. Lethal Consequences vs. James Johnson

Vacant EAW InterWire Championship
King Power w/Kawajai vs. ????

Mister K vs. John Alloy

EAW Vixens Championship
Kendra Shamaez (c) vs. SG1

EAW New Breed Championship
Superior Quality 85 (c) vs. Alex Anderson


# Results Stipulation Time
1 Superior Quality 85 (c) w/Mr. Blood def. Alex Anderson Singles Match for the EAW New Breed Championship 13:47
2 SG1 def. Kendra Shamez (c) Singles Match for the EAW Vixens Championship 9:06
3 John Alloy def. Mister K w/Kevin Devastation Singles Match 13:26
4 Kawajai def. Power Singles Match for the Vacant EAW InterWire Championship 0:43
5 Lethal Consequences def. James Johnson and StarrStan Triple Threat Submission Match 15:24
6 Jason Cage def. Jared Cage w/Karen Singles Match to crown the first EAW Elite Champion 13:11
7 Y2Impact def. George Copeland Singles Match to crown the first EAW Answers World Champion 19:04
8 Robbie V def. Ashten Cross Singles Match 16:08
9 Hurricane Hawk (c) def. CM Bank$ and Viper Triple Threat Hell In A Cell Match for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship 21:15
  • 1. Mr. Blood interferes in the match throughout the match. After the match, Drake Blake delivers a Spear to Mr. Blood first then delivers another Spear to a bloody Superior Quality 85.
  • 3. Kevin was try to interfered in the match but failed.
  • 4. Kawajai was revealed as Power's mystery opponent after he nails Power with a steel chair to the back of head.
  • 5. StarrStan almost won the match, but Lethal nailed a Guitar onto Stan's head.
  • 6. Jason unrevealed the championship before the match and announces that the only way to win the title by under normal rules. During the match, Karen delivers a wicked chair shot to Jason's back then followed it up with a low blow as Jason try to get even on Karen. After the match, Jason was laughing at Jared as he raises the title over his head.
  • 7. Impact uses the EAW Answers World Title Belt on Copeland near the end of the match.
  • 9. After the match, Hawk slowly got to his feet, his feet, smiling, blood dripping down his face. He leaves the ring and opens the cell door as he was presented the Championship from the referee. Hawk heads up the ramp, walking backwards with his championship, admiring his work as Banks and Viper lay motionless in the ring. The EAW Copyright information then appears in the bottom left as the hellacious event had finally came to a close.


  • Y2Impact was finishes lacing up his boots as the Rated R Shaman of Sexy appears in the doorway. The two have a serious talk regarding their past and RRS getting what he want and not going away until he put Impact away. Impact then leaves and wish RRS good luck before he pushes RRS out of his way and leaves with a grin.
  • Cyclone wished Hurricane Hawk in his match tonight even Hawk was in his usual broody mood.
  • Rated R Shaman of Sexy wished Robbie V good luck against the man who put Robbie on the shelf months ago.