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Pain For Pride 10
Pain for Pride X.png
Promotional poster featuring marquee matches as well as prominent faces from EAW's first ten years
Tagline(s) "A Decade in the Making"
Theme song(s) "Endlessness" by Really Slow Motion
"Show Me A Sign" by Modestop
"Let Me Out" by Gorillaz feat. Mavis Staples & Pusha T
"I'll Keep Coming" by Low Roar
"No Limit (Sencit Remix)" by Wiz Khalifa
"Blood Hands by Royal Blood
"Whatever It Takes" by Imagine Dragons
"Legendary" by Welshy Arms
"Some Minds" by Flume feat. Andrew Wyatt
"Bright Lights" by Gary Clark Jr.
"Final Masquerade" by Linkin Park
"Wake Up" by The Arcade Fire
Promotion Elite Answers Wrestling
Brand(s) Dynasty
Date June 24th-25th, 2017
Venue MetLife Stadium
City East Rutherford, New Jersey
Pay-per-view chronology
Terminus (2017) Pain For Pride 10 Dia Del Diablo (2017)
EAW Pain for Pride X chronology
Pain for Pride 9 Pain For Pride 10 Pain for Pride Festival


Pain for Pride X (also written as Pain for Pride 10) features professional wrestling matches with varying storylines from the brands of Elite Answers Wrestling with the elitists of its respective brands, Showdown, Dynasty, Voltage, and Empire.

Following the loss of the EAW Unified Tag Team Championships at Dia Del Diablo, Brian Daniels set out on a mission: to face Robbie V in a match. However, Robbie V had been confined to a wheelchair and left in a catatonic state since his defeat at the hands of Mr. DEDEDE at Pain For Pride 7, as well as being in the care of his controversial son, Ares Vendetta. Daniels’ challenge to Robbie was immediately met with skepticism by most, including Ares, who shot down the offer in place of his father and instead challenged Brian contend for his Answers World Championship. Brian repeatedly declined the offer, but Ares made certain the match happened until it was made official to take place at Territorial Invasion. During the bout, a desperate Ares grabbed his catatonic father at ringside and used him to get the upperhand on Brian before delivering potentially career-ending injuries to Daniels. Following the match, Ares continued his assault on Daniels, but briefly stopped when Robbie moved for the first time in a year, crawling to Brian’s body before an infuriated Ares struck him several times with a chair before delivering a 5 Star Frogsplash onto the chair-wrapped right arm of Brian Daniels. Months later, Brian Daniels would make his return at Road To Redemption, seeking revenge upon Ares and successfully costing Ares the Extreme Elimination Chamber Match, his Answers World Championship, and breaking his arm in the process. The following week at the EAW Awards Show, Ares challenged Brian to a Trial By Combat in which Robbie would be in Brian’s corner. The Trial By Combat proved to be a brutal encounter in which both men violently beat one another until Ares gained the upperhand, wrapping Brian’s wrists behind his back with barbed wire. Before Ares could deliver the finishing blow, Robbie V stood on his feet, ripping the barbed wire baseball bat from Ares’ hands and striking him with it, leading to Brian Daniels miraculously winning when Jaywalker threw in the towel for Ares. The following Showdown, the newly-reunited RoViper stood in the ring together for the first time in seven years, seeking to bring Brian’s goal of a match to fruition. However, they were immediately stopped by Showdown General Manager, Damien Murrow, who instead assured there would be no match between them and instead placed them separately in matches at Reasonable Doubt, in which Robbie V would take on longtime rival, Jaywalker, inside a Hell In A Cell while Brian Daniels would challenge longtime rival, Darth Lannister, for the Answers World Championship inside a Hell In A Cell. At Reasonable Doubt, Robbie V, despite putting up a hard-fought battle, was beaten by Jaywalker while Brian Daniels was defeated by Lannister and injured in the process after attempting a diving headbutt from the top of the Cell structure. Still injured, Robbie was forced to compete against his son, Ares, in a contest at Showdown Supershow: Gold Mine, where he was eventually defeated after taking multiple blows to the skull with a ringbell, followed by a Pedigree Driver from the top turnbuckle. Damien Murrow, hoping to finish off RoViper once and for all, enlisted the help of the EAW Unified Tag Team Champions, The High Rollerz (David Davidson and Jack Ripley), making a deal with them to put their Titles on the line against RoViper at the Grand Rampage in exchange for the chance of ending RoViper’s legendary careers. At the Grand Rampage, RoViper and The High Rollerz brutally beat one another with a variety of weapons, escalating when The High Rollerz hit Robbie V with a spike piledriver onto the exposed cement floor, forcing a motionless Robbie to be stretchered out. However, Robbie would soon return despite his injuries, leading to RoViper managing to beat The High Rollerz and win the Unified Tag Team Championships in the process. Tragedy struck soon after on the following Showdown, where RoViper’s anticipated Championship Celebration was interrupted by a solemn, yet smug Damien Murrow, who informed everyone that, after being tested, Robbie V was forced to retire and relinquish his Unified Tag Title. A stoic Brian Daniels came out to immediately confront Murrow, who insisted Daniels move on and hand over his Tag Title, only to be met with a Caustic Echo and locked into a Fourth Seal by Daniels before security could pull Daniels off. That same night, a livid Damien Murrow instead forced Brian Daniels to defend the Tag Team Championships by himself against the former Champions, The High Rollerz. After a hard fought handicap match, Brian Daniels was defeated, losing the Tag Titles back to The High Rollerz. However, The High Rollerz continued their assault, attempting to hit Brian with a spike piledriver onto the exposed cement floor while Murrow looked on, before Brian’s allies, Stuffed Crust, made the save. The next week, an emotionless Brian Daniels occupied the ring, asking for Murrow. An annoyed Damien Murrow made his way out, along with a team of security, ordering them to escort Daniels out of the arena. Daniels instead threw the gauntlet down and offered Damien Murrow his career in exchange for a match with Robbie V. A smug Damien Murrow accepted the offer, but added further stipulations that the match would take place at Pain For Pride X, but only if both men manage to make it to Pain For Pride X, as he would still have them both competing in matches until then. At Showdown Supershow: Resurrection V, Brian Daniels was forced to face off with his friend, The Pizza Boy, in which if The Pizza Boy lost, he would lose his guaranteed World Championship Match at Pain For Pride X while Robbie V was forced to compete with the man that left him broken after Pain For Pride 7, Mr. DEDEDE. The Pizza Boy would narrowly manage to defeat Brian Daniels after Daniels hesitated to win the match for himself, while Robbie V would defeat Mr. DEDEDE following an interference from Jacob Senn.


No. Results Stipulations
1P Tarah Nova defeated Cleopatra Barbed Wire Deathmatch for the ownership of Empire
2P The High Rollerz (David Davidson & Jack Ripley) (c) defeated Stuffed Crust (Lioncross & Nobi) Tables, Ladders, & Chairs match for the EAW Unified Tag Team Championships
3 Stark defeated Rex McAllister (c) Singles match for the EAW National Elite Championship
4 Theron Nikolas won by last eliminating Sheridan Muller 34-Person Battle Royal for the 24/7 Contract
5 CM Banks, Devan Dubian & Mak defeated Jaywalker, Ares Vendetta & Cage Six-Man Tag Team match
6 Heart Break Gal defeated Y2Impact Loser Leaves EAW match
7 Nico Borg defeated Lars Grier, Scott Oasis, TLA, Keelan Cetinich & Maero Six-Man Cash in the Vault Ladder match
8 Mr. DEDEDE (c) defeated Jacob Senn Singles match for the EAW Interwire Championship
9 Aria Jaxon defeated Cameron Ella Ava (c) & Cailin Dillon Triple Threat match for the EAW Women's Championship
10 Tiberius Jones defeated Drastik (c) Singles match for the EAW Championship
11P Alexis Diemos (capt.), Madison Kaline, Jocelyn Diemos, Savannah Sunshine & April Song defeated Stephanie Matsuda (capt.), Amelie Larrieux, Revy, Mei Hatsukyo & Jessica Quinn [1] Divide and Conquer match, Winner earns a shot at the EAW Women' s Championship
12P Zack Crash defeated Ahren Fournier (c) Hardcore match for the EAW Hardcore Championship
13 Consuela Rosa Ava defeated Brody Sparks (c) Submission match for the EAW Specialists Championship
14 Moongoose McQueen defeated Lucas Johnson (c), Chris Elite & Finnegan Wakefield Ultimate X match for the EAW New Breed Championship
15 Nasir Moore defeated Aren Mstislav 2-1 Iron Man match
16 Eclipse Diemos defeated HDRO The Devil's Pit match
17 Ryan Marx defeated Target Smiles, Solomon Caine & Tarah Nova Extreme Enigma Elimination match for the vacant EAW Openweight Championship
18 The Pizza Boy defeated Lannister (c) Singles match for the EAW Answers World Championship
19 Jamie O'Hara (c) defeated Xavier Williams Singles match for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship
20 Brian Daniels defeated Robbie V Final match
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
P – indicates the match took place on the pre-show

1 ^  Order of elimination: Savannah Sunshine, Jessica Quinn, Jocelyn Diemos, Mei Hatsukyo, Amelie Larrieux, Alexis Diemos, Revy, Cloud Matsuda, April Song.

24/7 Contract Battle Royal match entrances and eliminations

     – Dynasty
     – Showdown
     – Voltage
     – Empire
     – Winner
Entrant Brand Elimination Order Eliminated by Elimination(s)
Tig Kelly Dynasty 21 Kaise Boëtius 1
Anthony Leonhart Dynasty 22 Kaise Boëtius, Jon McAdams & Theadore Hilfiger 0
Mark Michaels Dynasty 20 Darkane 0
Sheridan Muller Dynasty 33 Theron 5
El Ironico Dynasty 8 Theron Nikolas 0
Johnny Nova Dynasty 31 Sheridan Muller 1
Kaise Boëtius Dynasty 26 ONI 6
Shaker Jones Dynasty 12 ONI 0
Ryan Savage Dynasty 19 Kaise Boëtius 2
Sir Killian Charlamange Dynasty 14 ONI 0
Jacob Moore Dynasty 18 Ryan Savage 0
Theron Nikolas Showdown Winner N/A 5
Darkane Showdown 32 Theron Nikolas 3
Cody Marshall Showdown 25 ONI, Johnny Nova, Darkane & Kaise Boëtius 0
Prince of Phenomenal Showdown 4 Kaise Boëtius 0
Jon McAdams Voltage 28 Darkane 5
ONI Voltage 27 Jon McAdams 7
Marco Fedor Voltage 16 Tig Kelly 0
Carson Ramsay Voltage 7 Jon McAdams 0
Lethal Consequences Voltage 24 Kaise Boëtius 0
Scott Diamond Voltage 1 Sheridan Muller 0
Harvey Yorke Voltage 13 ONI 0
Theodore Hilfiger Voltage 23 ONI 1
Khasmin Voltage 17 Ryan Savage 0
Chris Bradshaw Voltage 2 Jon McAdams & Mike Showman 0
Mike Showman Voltage 15 ONI 2
Haruna Sakazaki Empire 29 Theron Nikolas 2
Azumi Goto Empire 30 Sheridan Muller 2
Ryan Lecavalier Empire 3 Azumi Goto & Haruna Sakazaki 0
Arete Silverlance Empire 10 Azumi Goto & Haruna Sakazaki 0
Saiko Hotaru Empire 9 Jon McAdams & Mike Showman 0
La Diva Empire 5 Sheridan Muller 0
Kimi Hendrix Empire 6 Sheridan Muller 0
Megan Raine Empire 11 Theron Nikolas 0
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