EAW Openweight Championship
The current Openweight Championship belt with default strap
Promotion(s) EAW
Brand Showdown
Date established June 25, 2017
Current champion(s) TLA
Date won November 3, 2018

The EAW Openweight Championship is a professional e-wrestling championship in Elite Answers Wrestling (EAW). It is currently part of the Showdown brand and is an interbranded championship. It was first established on Showdown when it was announced that the Extreme Enigma Elimination Match competitors would compete for the championship at Pain for Pride X.



The first match to decide the EAW Openweight Champion happened at Pain for Pride X, announced to be defended inside of the Extreme Enigma Elimination Match for that year. The match would result in Ryan Marx being crowned as the first champion, defeating Target Smiles, Solomon Caine and Tarah Nova, in the match.


Unlike many of the championship that are included in EAW, The EAW Openweight Championship has a set of rules and regulations for the its division. The Openweight Championship can only be defended against a representative from one brand at a given time, moving towards the next brand to be unable to challenge for the championship, until all brands have been challenged. Each match will be contested under singles match rules, with No Count-Outs with the championship able to change hands via disqualification, but an intentional disqualification is used at the referee's discretion. The defense of the championship can be done on a weekly show or at an exclusive Free-Per-View, unless they decide for it to be at an interbranded FPV. If the champion is able to defend his championship against each of the opposing brand's representatives, he is allowed the relinquish the championship for a chance to face their brand's world champion in a title match. If the champion chooses not to relinquish the championship after the necessary defenses, he will continue to defend his championship against new representatives. With each defense, he could still use the opportunity to relinquish the championship for the world championship match but loses the opportunity once he has lost the championship. When a champion has relinquished the championship for the title shot, each brand will select a representative to compete in a Three-Way Dance Match to crown a new champion and order for future challenges to be made.


The inaugural champion was Ryan Marx after he defeated Target Smiles, Solomon Caine and Tarah Nova at Pain for Pride. The longest reigning champion is Ryan Marx, who held the title for 160 days between Pain for Pride and Kingsroad. The title was left vacant until King of Elite, where Cameron Ella Ava defeated Stark and Sheridan Müller to become the second champion. Ava relinquished the championship so she could challenge for the EAW Championship at Wrath of the Dragon. The title was once again vacated until a Fatal 4-Way match was announced for the Pain for Pride Festival. The current champion is Lars Grier, who is in his first reign as champion. He won the championship on September 23, 2018 at Territorial Invasion after defeating then champion, Andrea Valentine.

Title history


Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
# Indicates what number the reign is
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the titles were won
N/A The information is not available or is unknown
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Name Span of Time
EAW Openweight Championship June 25, 2017–present


As of May 21, 2019.

indicates reigns and title changes not recognized by EAW.
# Wrestler Reign Event Date Days
Ryan Marx 1 Pain for Pride June 25, 2017 160 Defeated Target Smiles, Tarah Nova and Solomon Caine in the Extreme Enigma Elimination Match to become inaugural champion.
Ryan Marx chose to relinquish the championship on November 9, 2017 so he could insert himself into the EAW Championship match at Kingsroad.
Cameron Ella Ava 1 King of Elite January 6, 2018 120 Defeated Stark and Sheridan Müller for the vacant championship.
Cameron Ella Ava chose to relinquish the championship on April 14, 2018 so she could challenge Rex McAllister for the EAW Championship at Wrath of the Dragon.
3 Andrea Valentine 1 Pain for Pride Festival June 21, 2018 93 Defeated TLA, Andrei Sokolova and Hurricane Hawk in a Fatal 4-Way for the vacant championship
4 Lars Grier 1 Territorial Invasion September 23, 2018 27 Defeated Andrea Valentine at Territorial Invasion. This marks the first time a Champion was unable to retain their title.
5 Kevin Hunter 1 Operation: Doomsday October 20, 2018 13 Defeated Lars Grier at Operation: Doomsday in a Taipei Deathmatch.
6 TLA 1 Showdown November 3, 2018 199
Defeated Kevin Hunter on Showdown.
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