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EAW New Breed Championship
The EAW New Breed Championship
Promotion(s) EAW
Brand Dynasty
Date established 2009
Current champion(s) Jon Kelton
Date won November 27th 2021

The EAW New Breed Championship, formerly the Alternative X Championship, is a professional e-wrestling mid-card championship in Elite Answers Wrestling (EAW). It is an interbranded championship whose home brand depends on the holder at the time. It is currently part of the Dynasty brand and is one of the five mid-card championships, complimenting the EAW Specialists Championship on the same brand, the EAW Interwire Championship on the Showdown brand, the EAW National Elite Championship on the Voltage brand and the EAW Pure Championship on the Dynasty brand. The history of the title is to showcase the best of the newest talents that are on the roster or of those who want to show that they are still able to fight with the best and brightest. The New Breed Championship has been held by some of the best competitors in the mid-card, eventual world champions, and Hall of Famers.



The New Breed Championship was created for the up and coming fighters in EAW. The steadily growing history of the championship already established competitors, but majority of the champions are rising stars in EAW. The New Breed Championship is often seen by the fans and the roster as a gateway to future success and glory in EAW for their careers.


The EAW New Breed Championship has become a very coveted in the company as many future world champions and Hall of Famers have claimed the championship in their quest for eternal greatness. The fifth champion, Hurricane Hawk, is a prime example of why the championship is highly desired by the roster. Hurricane Hawk is the one of the most acclaimed stars to hold the New Breed Championship in EAW as he is a World champion and Hall of Famer who has held many other accolades in his career. Many other World champions like Alexander Da Vinci, CM Banks, Rex McAllister, Mister K and Jamie O'Hara have won the title to bring more prestige to the belt in their career.


The EAW New Breed Championship was introduced 2009. The inaugural champion was Johnny Badd Blood. There have over 40 different official champions, with Alexander Da Vinci and JC Styles having the most reigns with two each. The longest reigning EAW New Breed Champion is Andre Walker who has held the championship for approximately eight months (244 days). The shortest reigning EAW New Breed Champion was Dorin, who held the championship for one one day as he left the company the day after he won it. The last champion before the title was vacated is Andre Walker who is in his first tenure as champion. He captured the championship by defeating then champion Bronson Daniels and SEBAS at Territorial Invasion. Other prominent New Breed Championship reigns include the second, third and fourth longest reigns in EAW history such as Jamie O'Hara, who held the championship for 240 days, TLA who held the championship for 175 days and Alex Anderson who held it for at least 171 days.

Title history


Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
# Indicates what number the reign is
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the titles were won
N/A The information is not available or is unknown
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign


Name Span of Time
EAW Alternative X Championship 2009–2011
EAW New Breed Championship 2011–present


indicates reigns and title changes not recognized by EAW.
# Extremist Reign Defeated Event Lost to Notes
1 Johnny Badd Blood 1 N/A Dynasty Adam First EAW New Breed Champion
2 Adam 1 Johnny Badd Blood Dynasty Speedy
3 Speedy 1 Adam Turbo JC Styles
4 JC Styles 1 Speedy Dynasty Hurricane Hawk
5 Hurricane Hawk 1 JC Styles Territorial Invasion JC Styles First Free-Per-View title change
6 JC Styles 2 Hurricane Hawk Road to Redemption Alexander Da Vinci
7 Alexander Da Vinci 1 JC Styles Turbo Jon Kelton
8 Jon Kelton 1 Alexander Da Vinci Reasonable Doubt CM Banks
9 CM Banks 1 Jon Kelton Showdown Cyclone
10 Cyclone 1 Battle Royal Showdown Alexander Da Vinci
11 Alexander Da Vinci 2 Cyclone Showdown Mister K
12 Mister K 1 Alexander Da Vinci Pain for Pride George Copeland First Pain for Pride title change
13 George Copeland 1 Mister K Midsummer Massacre II Vic Vendetta
14 Vic Vendetta 1 George Copeland Dynasty Superior Quality 85
15 Superior Quality 85 1 Vic Vendetta Voltage Devan Dubian and Chris Hessian Superior Quality 85 is the first champion to hold the championship under the name "EAW New Breed Championship"
16 Devan Dubian and Chris Hessian 1 Five-Way Match Voltage Chris Hessian
17 Chris Hessian 1 Devan Dubian Midsummer Massacre Dark Demon
18 Dark Demon 1 Chris Hessian Showdown Hass Johnson
19 Hass Johnson 1 Dark Demon Showdown Johnny Nova
20 Johnny Nova 1 Hass Johnson Showdown Liam Catterson
21 Liam Catterson 1 Johnny Nova Dynasty Dorin
22 Dorin 1 Liam Catterson Dynasty Vacated Shortest reigning EAW New Breed Champion
Vacated Title was vacated due to the departure of Dorin from the company
23 Brian Daniels 1 Tyler Parker Reckless Wiring Alex Anderson
24 Alex Anderson 1 Brian Daniels Dynasty Xavier Williams
25 Xavier Williams 1 Alex Anderson Dynasty Ryan Savage
26 Ryan Savage 1 Xavier Williams and Aren Mstislav Reckless Wiring Jamie O'Hara
27 Jamie O'Hara 1 Ryan Savage Voltage N/A Longest reigning EAW New Breed Champion
28 Stark 1 Jamie O'Hara and Clark Duncan Grand Rampage TLA
29 TLA 1 Stark, J.D. Damon, and Charles Scene Pain for Pride Clark Duncan
30 Clark Duncan 1 TLA Road to Redemption Vacated
Vacant The championship was vacated when Clark Duncan was fired from EAW
31 Maxwell Dachs 1 Mark Micheals and Phoenix Winterborn Reckless Wiring Piff Fumador
32 Piff Fumador 1 Maxwell Dachs and Brayden Cruise Showdown JJ Silva
33 JJ Silva 1 Piff Fumador Battleground Chris Elite
34 Chris Elite 1 JJ Silva Dia Del Diablo Rex McAllister This was in the first-ever Scorched Ropes match
35 Rex McAllister 1 Chris Elite, Nick Angel, Ryan Savage, Nobi, and Terry Chambers Showdown: Rite of Passage Ryan Marx This was in a Championship Scramble match
36 Ryan Marx 1 Rex McAllister Road to Redemption Cody Marshall
37 Cody Marshall 1 Ryan Marx Reasonable Doubt Lucas Johnson
38 Lucas Johnson 1 Cody Marshall Reckless Wiring Moongoose McQueen This was a Hell's Warpath match
39 Moongoose McQueen 1 Lucas Johnson, Finnegan Wakefield, and Chris Elite Pain for Pride Finnegan Wakefield This was an Ultimate X match
40 Finnegan Wakefield 1 Moongoose McQueen Ground Zero Nathan Fiora This was a Ladder match
41 Nathan Fiora 1 Finnegan Wakefield Brooklyn Heights The Revenant
42 The Revenant 1 Nathan Fiora Voltage Xander Payne
43 Xander Payne 1 Alex Bowden, The Revenant, Damon Diesel Pain for Pride Festival Raven Roberts
This was a Fatal 4-Way match
44 Raven Roberts 1 Xander Payne, Drake King, Andy Lush EAW Territorial Invasion (2018) Visual Prophet This was a Fatal 4-Way match. Raven Roberts won to become the first female EAW New Breed Champion
45 Visual Prophet 1 Raven Roberts, Damon Diesel, Crosby Carter King of Elite SOSA Henderson This was a Fatal 4-Way match
46 SOSA Henderson 1 Visual Prophet Grand Rampage Felix Hartley This was a cage match
47 Felix Hartley 1 SOSA Henderson Pain for Pride 12 Vacated
48 Jenny Cien 1 Various Elitists Territorial Invasion Justin Windgate Won a 14 person Divide & Conquer match
49 Justin Windgate 1 Jenny Cien EAW Dynasty Jalyn Garcia
50 Jalyn Garcia 1 Justin Windgate Grand Rampage Bronson Daniels
51 Bronson Daniels 1 Jalyn Garcia Pain for Pride XIII Andre Walker This was a Fatal 4-Way match also involving Shawn Sturgis and Andre Walker.
52 Andre Walker 1 Bronson Daniels Territorial Invasion Vacated This was a triple threat match also involving SEBAS.
The title was vacated on May 28, 2021 after Andre Walker broke the record for the longest reigning New Breed Champion.
53 Ryan Wilson 1 Ronan Malosi Pain for Pride 14 N/A This was a Chained Fury II match.
54 Amir Yusuf 1 Ryan Wilson Clash of Kingdoms II: Shores of Gold Jon Kelton
55 Jon Kelton 2 Amir Yusuf Showdown
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