Justified Reckoning
EAW Justified Reckoning
Theme song(s) "Why Try?" by Limp Bizkit
Promotion Extreme Answers Wrestling
Date November 2011
Venue Quicken Loans Arena
City Cleveland, OH
Pay-per-view chronology
EAW House of Glass (2011) Justified Reckoning EAW Road to Redemption (2011)
EAW Justified Reckoning (2011) chronology
{{{lastevent2}}} Justified Reckoning EAW Justified Reckoning (2012)

Justified Prison Match for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship
Hurricane Hawk (c) vs. Ashten Cross vs. Mr. Insult vs. Matt Ryder

Steel Cage Match; If Scott Diamond wins, WWEFan must step down as Vice President of EAW. If Chris Hessian wins, Matt Daniels must step down as CEO of EAW.
Scott Diamond vs. Chris Hessian

EAW InterWire Championship
Erik Yung (c) vs. Colin Kaline

Triple Threat Match for the EAW Vixens Championship
Cameron Ella Ava (c) vs. Carrie vs. Heart Break Gal

EAW Unified Tag Team Championships
Mutiny (King Cliff & Moses X) (c) vs. Team Burial (CM Banks & Alexander Da Vinci)

EAW New Breed Championship
Dark Demon (c) vs. Pyrite


# Result Stipulation
1 Dark Demon (c) defeated Pyrite Singles Match for the EAW New Breed Championship
2 Team Burial (CM Banks & Alexander Da Vinci) defeated Mutiny (King Cliff & Moses X) (c) Tag Team Match for the EAW Unified Tag Team Championships
3 Cameron Ella Ava (c) defeated Carrie and Heart Break Gal Triple Threat Match for the EAW Vixens Championship
4 Erik Yung (c) defeated Colin Kaline Singles Match for the EAW InterWire Championship
5 Chris Hessian defeated Scott Diamond Steel Cage Match; Chris Hessian wins, Matt Daniels step down as CEO of EAW.
6 Hurricane Hawk (c) defeated Ashten Cross, Mr. Insult, and Matt Ryder Justified Prison Match for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
  • 3. Cameron smashes the title onto Carrie's head as Carrie had Heart Break Gal in the Torture Rack.
  • 4. Colin uses the InterWire Title Belt onto Erik during the match. At the ending of the match, Colin was going for the Midnight Special (Celtic Cross) but Erik counters with a Crucifix Driver Pin as Colin's legs were close to the ropes as the referee did the pin count. After the match, replay shows Colin's legs were on the middle rope but the referee didn't see them. Once the replay was ended, Colin was arguing with the referee of what happened in the final moments of the contest.
  • 6. At the end of the match, Mr. Insult was going for the Ultimate Insult onto Hawk but Hawk counters with a hard right hand as Mr. Insult plunges onto a table as cameras revealed that Hawk had on brass knuckles for that right hand. Hawk drops the brass knuckles down to the floor beneath as he proceeds to climb over the top. Hawk then slips down further and jumps off landing on the floor thus winning the match and retaining the championship. After the match, Hawk was being supported by Cameron Ella Ava as he holds up his EAW World Heavyweight Championship and the camera fades to black.


  • Hurricane Hawk was about to get something for Cameron Ela Ava before her match until he's stopped by Max A. Million. Max told Hawk that the present he'd gotten for Cameron was found being vandalized. Hawk was pissed so he went back to where Cameron was and told her to focus on her match as he gonna figure things out.
  • Erik Yung was looking around backstage in the catering area as he walks up to a stage crew member. Erik asks the member to where his car keys as the Stage Crew Member say no. Erik told the member that he gave his car keys to another member earlier even he didn't see his face due to being pretty cold and covered up by a ski mask. The Crew Member than tells Erik to take a look inside the trailer as the member guarantee that no one had Erik's car keys. Erik looks inside the trailer shaking his head with an upset expression on his face not seeing the man. Erik was to do something until he heard a loud boom on the outside of the trailer as Erik and the rest of the stage crew members approach as a Convertible Viper was shown crashing into a large wall and pipe. Erik was in total shock and enraged that his car got smashed as he looks inside the window and sees a dummy sitting inside of the car in the driver seat as Erik Yung looks on pissed. Erik shove multiple Stage Crew Members until he sees Colin Kaline standing on the other side of the hall with a ski mask in his hand as Colin smirks down at Erik and continues walking as he said to Colin "You son of a bitch! You just better hope you'll be able to even WALK out of this arena because I will lie your silly little career to rest after this night is over." Colin responded to Erik by telling him " I'd like to see you try Erik Yung and your car isn't going to be the only thing I'm taking from you, but that EAW Interwire Championship will be in my possession just very soon. Have a nice night...Erik" before he walked away.
  • Mutiny (King Cliff & Moses X) tried to explain to their boss, Matt Daniels but it was no avail because Daniels was busy thinking ways to keep his position as CEO of EAW later tonight. Then a loud knock can be heard on the door as Moses X answers the door with a mailman stares at Moses X with two long and large packages by his side. The mailman told them that the packages came from an anonymous source as Moses X signs off on the sheet of paper as the mailman walks off and Moses X and King Cliff bring in the huge packages. Moses X wonder who sends him and King Cliff open his packages to reveal a shovel with a Team Burial t-shirt wedged in between the handles. Mutiny got pissed off due to the funny presents from Team Burial and Daniels ask them to leave before they ruin his new Vuitton carpets. Moses X and King Cliff storm out of Daniels' office as he smirks looking down at some paperwork.
  • Hurricane Hawk almost had his locker room keys until Matt Daniels forced him to play "Guess The Tranny".
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