EAW Interwire Championship
The EAW Interwire Championship belt
Promotion(s) EAW
Brand Showdown
Date established 2007
Current champion(s) Consuela Rose Ava
Date won April 18, 2020

The EAW Interwire Championship is a professional e-wrestling mid-card championship in Elite Answers Wrestling (EAW). It is currently part of the Showdown brand and is one of the four mid-card championships, complimenting the EAW New Breed Championship on Dynasty, EAW National Elite Championship on the Voltage brand, and the EAW Pure Championship on the Dynasty brand. It was first established when EAW was introduced as a brand within Answers Championship Wrestling as the AWF Interweb Championship. This championship eventually went over to EAW when it became its own federation and the name was changed to the EAW Interwire Championship. Its extensive history is a testament to its distinguishing value to Extreme Answers Wrestling and, most often, its strong mid-card. The Interwire Championship has been held by some of the best competitors in the mid-card, eventual world champions, and Hall of Famers.



The Interwire Championship was a part of AWF before its time in EAW as an independent federation, but the first match to decide an inaugural champion for the EAW Interwire Championship was between Mister K, Lethal Consequences, Partymaniacs, Irish Assassin, Stereoraptor, Erik Benjiman, Kira, and The Great One. At Mid-Summer Massacre, Mister K won by eliminating Lethal Consequences to become the first-ever EAW Interwire Champion in the independent Extreme Answers Wrestling federation.


The EAW Interwire Championship has become a very coveted in the company as many future world champions and Hall of Famers have claimed the championship in their quest for eternal greatness. The first and longest-reigning champion, Mister K, was able to bring much prestige before having it fall in the hands of The Dark Emperor. After his reign with the Interwire Championship, he soon was to become a world champion and make his way towards becoming a Grand Slam Champion and Hall of Famer. For a long time, no man was able to hold the championship more than once until Vic Vendetta won the championship from Norman Hellion, making a record of being a two-time champion. Many other world champions like Brian Daniels, HRDO, Kevin Devastation, Tyler Parker, Kawajai, Scott Diamond and more have also won this championship to bring more prestige to the belt in their career.


The EAW Interwire Championship was introduced 2007 (later in 2008 in the independent EAW). The inaugural champion was Mister K after he defeated Lethal Consequences. There have been thirty-five (35) different official champions, with Vic Vendetta, TLA, and Carlos Rosso all having the most reigns at two each. The longest reigning EAW Interwire Champion was Mister K who held the championship for approximately nine (9) months and twenty-eight (28) days (between Mid-Summer Massacre and Grand Rampage). The shortest reigning EAW Interwire Champion was Drastik, who retired the title the same night he won it, ending his reign. The current champion is Consuela Rose Ava, who is reigning in her first tenure in her career. She won the championship at EAW Grand Rampage (2020) after cashing in during a match between Ms. Extreme & Lars Grier.

Title History


Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
# Indicates what number the reign is
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the titles were won
N/A The information is not available or is unknown
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign


Name Span of Time
AWF Interweb Championship AWF (2007)–Showdown (2008)
EAW Interwire Championship Showdown (2008)–present


indicates reigns and title changes not recognized by EAW.
# Elitist Reign Defeated Event Lost to Notes
1 Mister K 1 Lethal Consequences Mid-Summer Massacre The Dark Emperor This match was a Debut Battle Royal match including Partymaniacs, Irish Assassin, Stereoraptor, Erik Benjiman, Kira, and The Great One; longest reigning EAW Interwire Champion
2 The Dark Emperor 1 Mister K Grand Rampage Viper
3 Viper 1 The Dark Emperor Pain for Pride II Latino Game As part of RoViper, Viper would also win the EAW World Tag Team and Tag Team Championships as well
4 Latino Game 1 Viper Dynasty Vacated
Vacated Vacated due to the departure of Latino Game
5 Adam & Speedy 1 Hurricane Hawk, Robbie V, and Jon Kelton Dynasty Jon Kelton & CB Cool Adam & Speedy won the match with a draw and thus, both men would be co-champion
6 Jon Kelton & CB Cool 1 Adam & Speedy Dynasty James M. Johnson Both men defeated the co-champions, thus becoming co-champions themselves
7 James M. Johnson 1 N/A Dynasty HRDO
8 HRDO 1 James M. Johnson Dynasty Kevin Devastation
9 Kevin Devastation 1 HRDO Dynasty Vacated
Vacated Vacated due to the departure of Kevin Devastation
10 Vic Vendetta 1 Various Extremists Pain for Pride 3 SG2 First Pain for Pride title change
11 SG2 1 Vic Vendetta Mid-Summer Massacre Tyler Parker
12 Tyler Parker 1 SG2, Drake Blake, and Superior Quality 85 No Regards Vacated This was a Fatal 4-Way match
-— Vacated -— -— -—
13 Kawajai 1 Power Reasonable Doubt Power
14 Power 1 Kawajai Grand Rampage IV Scott Diamond
15 Scott Diamond 1 Power Pain 4 Pride Erik Yung
16 Erik Yung 1 Scott Diamond Showdown Colin Kaline Won the championship as a result of cashing in his 24/7 Contract
17 Colin Kaline 1 Erik Yung Road to Redemption Superior Quality 85
18 Superior Quality 85 1 Colin Kaline Showdown Diamond Cage
20 Diamond Cage 1 Superior Quality 85 No Regards Vacated
21 Rami 1 Suicidal VIP Territorial Invasion Hades the Hellraiser
22 Hades the Hellraiser 1 Rami Justified Reckoning Johnny Ventura
23 Johnny Ventura 1 Hades the Hellraiser & Rami Reasonable Doubt Liam Catterson
24 Liam Catterson 1 Johnny Ventura Pain for Pride VI Drastik This match was also contested for the Answers World Championship
25 Drastik 1 Liam Catterson, StarrStan and Johnny Ventura House of Glass Retired Shortest reign due to retiring the title the same night won
Retired Retired due to Drastik leaving the company
26 Carlos Rosso 1 Lucius Creed Dynasty Norman Hellion Won the championship during a tournament
27 Norman Hellion 1 Carlos Rosso Reckless Wiring Vic Vendetta The match was a Falls Count Anywhere match
28 Vic Vendetta 2 Norman Hellion Pain for Pride Matt Miles Won the championship as a result of cashing in his 24/7 Contract
29 Matt Miles 1 Vic Vendetta Showdown SuperShow Scott Oasis The match was a Casket match
30 Scott Oasis 1 Matt Miles Road to Redemption Zach Genesis
31 Zach Genesis 1 Scott Oasis Showdown Vacated This match was a Ladder match
Vacated Showdown Vacated due to the departure of Zach Genesis
32 Chuck Scene 1 Brett Kennedy Showdown Cameron Ella Ava
33 Cameron Ella Ava 1 Chuck Scene Redemption TLA
34 TLA 1 Cameron Ella Ava Showdown Mexican Samurai
35 Mexican Samurai 1 TLA & Merek Blackfyre Showdown TLA
36 TLA 2 Mexican Samurai Pain for Pride Drake Jaeger
37 Drake Jaeger 1 TLA Road to Redemption Mr. DEDEDE This match was a Lumberjack match
38 Mr. DEDEDE 1 Drake Jaeger Grand Rampage Vacated
Vacated EAW Draft Volentarily vacated the championship after becoming CEO
39 Amadeus 1 Harvey Yorke Voltage Carlos Rosso This was a Ladder match
40 Carlos Rosso 2 Amadeus Shock Value Moongoose McQueen This was a Triple Threat High Voltage match which also featured Moongoose McQueen
41 Moongoose McQueen 1 Carlos Rosso King of Elite Ahren Fournier
42 Ahren Fournier 1 Moongoose McQueen Grand Rampage Heart Break Boy
43 Heart Break Boy 1 Ahren Fournier Midsummer Massacre Malcolm Jones This was a 30-minute Iron Man match
44 Malcolm Jones 1 Heart Break Boy No Regards Drake King
45 Drake King 1 Malcolm Jones Under Siege Terry Chambers
46 Terry Chambers 1 Drake King Pain for Pride 12 Dr. Bethany Blue
50 Dr. Bethany Blue 1 Terry Chambers Territorial Invasion Ms. Extreme
51 Ms. Extreme 1 Dr. Bethany Blue EAW King of Elite (2020) Consuela Rose Ava
52 Consuela Rose Ava 1 Ms. Extreme EAW Grand Rampage (2020) N/A
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