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EAW Hardcore Championship
The EAW Hardcore Championship belt
Promotion(s) EAW
Brand Dynasty
Date established 2007
Current champion(s) Limmy Monaghan
Date won June 25, 2021
Date retired n/a.

The EAW Hardcore Championship is a professional e-wrestling championship in Elite Answers Wrestling (EAW). It was brought back by Mr. DEDEDE to replace the PURE Championship



The Hardcore Championship first debuted in Elite Answers Wrestling while it was still a brand on AWF. When EAW became an independent company, the Hardcore Championship skyrocketed in prestige, showcasing some of the greatest matches of its era. The championship was contested under 24/7 Rules, meaning a match for the championship could take place anywhere, with the standing stipulation being a referee must be present at the time. However, due to the various amount of matches that would ensue because of this rule, the championship would lose prestige and it would be retired.


After the retirement of the EAW Pure Championship, Voltage needed a new mid-card championship to take its place. Carlos Rosso would announce that the new championship to be created would be the Hardcore Championship. In a seven-way Hardcore Match to find a new champion, Nathan Fiora would be crowned the new champion by defeating Marco Fedor, J.D. Damon, Phoenix Winterborn, Maero, and Scott Diamond. This incarnation of the championship, however, would not hold the 24/7 Rules and would be contested like a normal championship.


The inaugural champion was Killswitch after he won a battle royal on the EAW as an AWF brand. There have been 27 different official champions, with Captain Charisma having the most reigns with 5 reigns. The final champion was Jack Ripley who won it at Territorial Invasion 2018 by cashing in his 24/7 Contract against Johnny Ventura & Ryan Wilson. The championship was then retired on the following Dynasty as Jack Ripley was rewarded the returning Pure Championship.

Title History


Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
# Indicates what number the reign is
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the titles were won
N/A The information is not available or is unknown
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign


indicates reigns and title changes not recognized by EAW.
# Extremist Reign Defeated Event Lost to Notes
1 Killswitch 1 Battle Royal EAW (AWF Brand) Master of Puppets
2 Master of Puppets 1 Killswitch Road to Redemption HIG
3 HIG 1 Master of Puppets Road to Redemption Captain Charisma
4 Captain Charisma 1 HIG Showdown Latino Game
5 Latino Game 1 Captain Charisma Showdown Captain Charisma
6 Captain Charisma 2 Latino Game Showdown MVP
7 MVP 1 Captain Charisma Showdown Captain Charisma
8 Captain Charisma 3 MVP Showdown RRS
9 Rated R Shaman of Sexy 1 Captain Charisma, MVP, and HYC Showdown Captain Charisma
10 Captain Charisma 4 RRS Showdown RRS
11 Rated R Shaman of Sexy 2 Captain Charisma Pain for Pride Captain Charisma First Pain for Pride title match and change
12 Captain Charisma 5 RRS Showdown Mr. DEDEDE
13 Mr. DEDEDE 1 Captain Charisma Midsummer Massacre Latino Game
14 Latino Game 2 Mr. DEDEDE Showdown Mr. DEDEDE
15 Mr. DEDEDE 2 Latino Game Showdown The Heart Break Boy
16 The Heart Break Boy 1 Lethal Consequences Dynasty Jaywalker
17 Jaywalker 1 The Heart Break Boy Dynasty The Heart Break Boy
18 The Heart Break Boy 2 Jaywalker Dynasty MaK
19 MaK 1 The Heart Break Boy Showdown The Heart Break Boy
20 The Heart Break Boy 3 MaK Showdown EOE
21 Essence of Excellence 1 The Heart Break Boy Showdown Robbie V
22 Robbie V 1 EOE Showdown Nik-E-G
23 Nik-e-G 1 Robbie V Grand Rampage Speedy
24 Speedy 1 Nik-E-G Showdown Nike-E-G
25 Nik-e-G 2 Speedy Showdown Cole Smith
26 Cole Smith 1 Nik-E-G Showdown Speedy
27 Speedy 2 Cole Smith Showdown Cole Smith
28 Cole Smith 2 Speedy Showdown EOE
29 Essence of Excellence 2 Cole Smith Showdown Vacated
30 Latino Game 3 Hardcore Gauntlet Pain for Pride Mike Vandal
31 Mike Vandal 1 Hardcore Gauntlet Pain for Pride Matt Ryder
32 Matt Ryder 1 Hardcore Gauntlet Pain for Pride The Fallen Angel
33 The Fallen Angel 1 Hardcore Gauntlet Pain for Pride Latino Game
34 Latino Game 4 Hardcore Gauntlet Pain for Pride JC Styles
35 JC Styles 1 Hardcore Gauntlet Pain for Pride Hurricane Hawk
36 Hurricane Hawk 1 JC Styles Turbo Retired
37 Nathan Fiora 1 Marco Fedor, J.D. Damon, Pheonix Winterborn, Maero, and Scott Diamond Voltage Drastik
38 Drastik 3 Nathan Fiora Shock Value Jon McAdams
39 Jon McAdams 1 Drastik Voltage Maero
40 Maero 1 Jon McAdams Voltage Ahren Fournier
41 Ahren Fournier 1 Maero Voltage Zack Crash
42 Zack Crash 1 Ahren Fournier Pain for Pride Scott Diamond
43 Scott Diamond 1 Zack Crash and Lethal Consequences Dynasty Darkane
44 Darkane 1 Scott Diamond House of Glass Scott Diamond This was a Glass Rules Match
45 Jon McAdams 2 Darkane Reckless Wiring Cody Marshall
46 Cody Marshall 1 Jon McAdams Grand Rampage Johnny Ventura
47 Johnny Ventura 1 Cody Marshall Pain for Pride Festival Jack Ripley
48 Jack Ripley 1 Johnny Ventura Territorial Invasion Retired 24/7 Cash In. The title was retired and exchanged for the Pure Championship the following week
49 Adam Lucas 1 Mr. DEDEDE Pain for Pride XIV Limmy Monaghan This title was brought back from retirement and replaced the PURE Championship.
50 Limmy Monaghan 1 Adam Lucas Reasonable Doubt Charlie Marr
51 Charlie Marr 1 Limmy Monaghan Dia Del Diablo
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